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5th Georgia Cavalry C.S.A.

Charge into Glory! "we need your help in keeping the history of the War Between the States alive." We are a family oriented unit that does 1861-1865 battle reenactments, living history presentations and eduicational programs in Georgia and surrounding states. We are currently recruiting troopers so if you are a person of good morals and would like to ride cavalry or try infantry give us a call. We have mounted and dismounted rifle units. The Georgia 5th Cavalry is a family friendly group where we all camp together. There are fun and educational activities for all ages. Many of the events have Regimental Balls where everyone wears their finery and dances to authentic style music of the civil war days. When we have no scheduled events, we sit around the campfire and chat, tell stories or listen to old time music played by camp members or friends. If you would like to try reenacting, you don't have to buy anything for your first event. Our group can help get you what you need to get into battle, and then we can help you get the right things that you will need. This way you don't make a mistake of buying the wrong things and don't pay to much. When we are not going to battles we like to trail ride and camp out. So if you are a raw recruit or a seasoned veteran give us a call. Capt. Leland Milton 706-296-0732 Sgt. Clayton David 706-474-6018

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