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Home Page of the 2nd Regiment, CS Engineer Corps

Our Areas of Portrayal:

We are the 2nd Regmt, C.S. Engineer Corps. We are a WBTS Reenacting group based in Georgia, but we do Events throughout the South. We portray the Significant Role that the Engineer Corps performed during the War, and we Teach History by Living it. We are striving to tell the virtually-untold Story REALISTICALLY of the Engineer Corps. We are Primarily a Confederate Unit (Department of the Gulf Engineers), but we will Galvanize as Federal when needed, when no Federal Engineers are available. We are looking for New Members if you want to join a Different Area of the Hobby, Muster with the 2nd Regiment of the C.S. Engineer Corps!

Additional Information:

History of the Engineers
Organizational Structure
Uniform & Equipment Guidelines
Duty Positions in the Regiment
Rules and Policies for Regimental Members
Commanders Page
Adjutant's Page
Regimental Photo Album
From the Chaplains Tent
From the Hospital Tent
News and Updates
From the Commissary Section
Regimental Roster
Senior Engineer's Page
Our Yahoo Group Page
Recent Commissions and Promotions
Join the Regiment and Become an Engineer!
Sutler and Reference Links
Other Reenacting Units that we Interact with
The Regiment's Forum Page
Upcoming Proposed Events
GA Volunteer Bn (GVRA)
Palmetto Battalion (SC)
Granbury's Brigade...OUR Parent Organization!