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Many Americans honestly think they know the core truths about America's, "Civil War." How many of you, as a fourth greater learned to recite Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? Millions of Americans "know"
that the South did not have a legal right to secede from the Union,
that the Southern states did not create a nation
that the South started the war,
that the Southern people fought to preserve the institution of slavery,
that the Lincoln and the North fought to abolish slavery, and
that everybody is better off because the South lost the war.


However, if you ask most Americans who Jefferson Davis was or where the Confederate Capital was located, or how many blacks fought for the South, they would not be able to tell you.
In fact the Confederate battle flag that seems to offend so many was never actually an official symbol of the Confederate army or government. You can get away with flying the actual first true national flag of the Confederacy, the true stars and bars, and not even the NAACP would catch on.
No other period in American history or section of the country has suffered more lies, bigotry, misunderstanding, and prejudice than that of South and their history. There is only one very simple reason for that. No, its not because the South fought for slavery, because it didn't, and those at the time knew so. No, Southern history, Southern heroes, and Southern reputation has suffered for so long since the opening shots of the Civil War because it had dared try to leave the United States!
The South and its history has been treated like the rebellious little brother who made the grave mistake of actually wanting to leave his abusive family. Think I'm wrong? How do you think England would have treated the American colonies for years to come if we had not won the Revolution? And even though we won the revolution, the new United States suffered a vengeful England for decades more at the end of the revolution that also included the War of 1812. Exactly.
If we did not win against the British the American Revolution would have been called rather...a Civil War.
The South's secession from the United States was no different than the colonies' secession from England. Both the Colonies and the Confederacy had declared themselves independent. The only difference was that the Southern states had a legal right to secede from the United States. England had never provided a constitution that gave her colonies the right to withdraw and be independent.

The following links will introduce you to the TRUE...second American Revolution. I will not refer to the conflict as the Civil War at any point considering the fact that the term Civil War does not accuratly apply. A Civil War is a conflict where two sections, classes, territories, or religious parties of one country are fighting each other for control of that country.
The Confederacy was an independent nation and it's only goal was to become independent from the U.S. NOT to over throw it.
You will learn the true reasons why the Southern states seceded from the United States.
You will learn how the Southern states had a legal right to withdraw from the Union and form their own government.
You will learn that the cause of slavery never entered the hearts of those who formed the Confederate government or those who defended it...and those who fought against it.
You will learn that thousands of blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Spanish, and immigrants fought freely for the Confederacy.
You will learn exactly why the Union fought against the Confederacy.
You will learn of the many war crimes, evils, and atrocities committed by the Union's army and the Lincoln administration, you will learn the truth.

I will do this by offering proof that cannot be debated or contradicted. Most people learn about the "Civil War" through school text books, biographies written many years following the war, and through media and Hollywood opinion based not on actual history but by myths created by the war's winning side.
However, I will provide you only what history has provided...the words, accounts, and testaments written by those soldiers and citizens who lived during that tragic period. Though these participants, in their postwar memoirs loved to argue about who performed best or worst on the battlefields, they all, at least, seem to agree on the causes of the war. I will provide their words.
No professor, teacher, or historian born in this century has any right or power to contradict those people who actually lived through the war. By providing you the photographs of the veterans and their words, you will receive the exact official truths that you have long been denied!
I will be working on several links surrounding several common misunderstood subjects regarding the Confederacy and her war of independence.
I hope your visits to each of them will be an enjoyable journey. All I ask is that you open your mind. This may be the first chance you ever had to read these quotes and words. It has taken me more than twelve years to collect all the information I will share with you. I have read countless documents, war journals, post war memoirs, speeches, and biographies relating to the conflict. If your childhood history books had provided this true history, much to the dismay of victors of the Civil War, millions of high school graduates would have gone knowing that the South did not fight for slavery and that it had a right to secede. Yet, the facts were denied each of us then. They are offered to you now. Embrace the truth. This is a true history lesson of the so called Civil War!

HISTORY OF THE DAMNYANKEE AND YANKEEDOM As we begin to understand the myths of the War for Confederate Independence, how they are myths, and why they were created it is important to also understand who spun them. The history of the yankee begins with the Mayflower. It is a history that not only started slavery but thrived in the practice for more years than the South had. Their history includes one of torture and murder of men, women, and children charged with witchcraft from Bucksport, Maine to Salem Mass. Their history includes the first and most violent and bloody campaigns against the Native Americans from Plymouth Rock to Wounded Knee on the High Plains. This is a history of the people known as Northerners and their land known to true Southerners as damnyankees. From the 17th century until now, meet the conquers, the myth makers of American history.
(Work here will begin soon!)

THE PARALLEL OF TWO WARS Most students of American history fail to apperciate the signfigance of the comparrisons between the American Revolution and the War between the Confederate States and the United States of America. Determining the countless parallels between the two may very well define which side was right!
I welcome you back to a world of Lee and Washington, King George and President Lincoln where there is much in common. It is no surprise that there are many that call the American "Civil War," the Second American Revolution. Find out why, here!