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Welcome to my "Confederate Ally" page. These are web pages that are friendly to the cause of keeping Southron heritage alive with truth, culture, and honor. They range from Confederate Heritage sites to reenactor other history friendly sites. Explore them all and show them grattitude for their hard work by signing their guest books!

Sons of Confederate VeteransThe Sons of Confederate Veterans is the most popular and important Confederate heritage organization in history. It is made of male decedents of Confederate soldiers and sailors. It is one of many groups in America that are made up purley of male decendents of the veterans. Yet, the Sons of Confederate Veterans has the largest membership. Joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans is the best way to honor your Confederate ancestor. For it links you and the world to your heritage of honor. Their web site is very detailed and includes much Southron history insite, information on your ancestory, and Confederate heritage issues reflecting today.

United Daughters of the Confederacy The United Daughters of the Confederacy is the Sons of Confederate Veterans' sister group. The UDC is made up of female decendents of Confederate soldiers and sailors. Over the past century it has been responible for erecting more Confederate monuments, tablets, and head stones than any other organization. Its role in preserving Southern history is just as strong and succesful as the SCV. The United Daughters of the Confederacy also includes within its ranks the Children of the Confederacy which invites children of Confederate ancestory to join the ranks of honoring their Southern heritage. Like the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the UDC has chapters in almost all states and has tens of thousands of members.

League of the SouthThe League of the South is the leading Southron nationalist group in the country. Still unreconstructed in the year 2003, the League of the South provides a positive view point from an educated prespective for a "what if," that has been in the imagination of historians for years...What if the South has won the Civil War? For those who ask that question and for those who still whistle Dixie as if it were the national anthem, this is a great place to look up.

2nd South Carolina String BandNo experience can bring you back to the spirit of 1861 like the 2nd South Carolina String Band. Using authentic instruments, songs, and impressions of the time, this band represents the Confederacy beyond what any text book could hold. I had the pleasure to hear them live at Gettysburg and I hope that you may share that experience if they attend your local reenactment someday. Order their cds or cassettes. Nobody does the Southern National Anthem, Dixie, better than these boys!

Aunt Jimmie Lou's 'Sunny' South I ask you all to visit my dear and beautiful Aunt Jimmie Lou's site. It is filled with a Southron poet's personality and honor to her family. Entertaining as well as very informative, I visit her almost every day, as if returning home to Dixie. Enjoy y'all. I know my Aunt would enjoy if you signed her guest book as well.

DIXIE BROADCASTINGWhat a great find this was. Tired of the liberal, main stream yankeefied radio FM? This is a great station. It has great Confederate music, old country, and new country. But the best part is the news and their politicaly incorrect commentaries. Plus you can meet Confederate Mouse!