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Prejudice. An ugly word. A word that stems from hatred and anger. It's been around for centuries. A criminal word that has slipped through the net of justice. Discrimination needs to stop. We will be the ones to do it.

"We" signifies the members of the Youth Against Racism organization, with Founder and President Tracy Bray; Vice President Samantha Barnaik; Vice President and Secretary Kathryn Baludio; and countless volunteers. We are teenagers out to make a difference. Our voices are going to sing out, in a world where children are scarcely heard. We plan to do it peacefully, justly, and honorably. Although our title relates specifically towards racism, we are fighting for peace. Freedom from all prejudice. But we cannot do it alone.

There is little we can do without the help of adults. We are volunteering. We are not doing this for individual funds or publicity. We are doing this for the good of the human population as a whole.

A message from Tracy:

Discrimination- Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality or prejudice.

Reverse- Turned backward in position, direction, or order.

Reverse discrimination- Discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, especially when resulting from policies established to correct discrimination against members of a minority or disadvantaged group.

Definitions from

In my Anthropology class, my professor has taught me the definitions of phrases by breaking the phrases into individual words to define and put them back together at the end. Thus, reverse descrmination should mean tolerance, or lack of prejudice.

It is obvious from the definition in the dictionary that reverse discrimination is discrimination of the majority. Treatment of somebody based on anything but merit is discrimination. Period. There should not be separate terms based on whether you are a majority or a minority.

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