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We need to get the parts we will use to build the Trike

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I like to remove the motor first. Since the body will be of no value when I'm done, I use a sawzall and metal cutting blade in my circular saw and cut away any sheet metal thats in my way in the rear of the car so the motor will just pull stright out once unbolted.Next step is to decide how much of the tunnel you want to save for your project. I didn't want much so I started my cut from inside the car just a few inches in front of the inspection plate where you can open and undo the coupler for the shifter. Move the shift rod out of the way before you cut the tunnel. You will need the rod later for your project. Start the cut using your sawzall or circular saw or even a tourch if you have one. Cut so you will be able to see your cut from under the car. Now roll the car unto its side and finish cutting from under the car. Make your cuts along the tunnel towards the torsion bar. Remove any bolts that might be holding the pan in place that you are cutting out. Also remove the two bolts under each rear fender that hold the torsion bar to the body at the shock towers. Once you have done the cutting, your torsion bar/tranny will just fall out. Not a very big job at all. OK, lets see what we got.