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My Automatic Trike Project

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Well I have finally gotten started on the Automatic project. I've had this very basic started frame for about a year now and its time now to get it under way. The way you see it in these first couple photos is the work of a Triker that I had contracted with to build a Trike for me when I first became interested in Trikeing and didn't know I was capable of building oner myself. Shortly after the project got started he folded up shop and stopped work. My money folded up with him so I sued him and got the parts you see here plus a complete running VW that I later used to build my Trike from. I am now ready to tackle this project and build it into the Trike that will be our main ride. Of course I'll keep Trike number 1, number 2 is currently 4 sale. I hope to find a buyer soon. This Trike will be a true labor of love. I had hoped to get a 1776cc pancake motor for this project, but I have found a very good deal on a brand new stock rebuilt 1600. So it looks like we will start with that motor and save several hundred dollars. Today Oct 1st 2002 the project is underway. I needed to wire brush and sand the existing frame as it sat for awhile last winter in the rain before I got possion of it so it was getting pretty rusty. Its clean now and primered to stop the rust. Today I built the head stand and got that welded in place. Also put a bar under the rear area that will be my trailer hitch bar and also got started on the front end forks. I'm waiting for a wheel that I bought on Ebay before I get into the front end construction. Want to get it on three before doing much else. Not much else I can do until I get the items I've ordered. Check back in a week or so and I should have some additional pics of the construction of the front end. I plan to document the building of the front end as best I can for those of you who may be interested in building your own front end. Thanks for looking.