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Acoustic duo playing:

THE BAND: Founded in 2001, The Noisemakers have already played at two major summer festivals, hosted a number of open-mic. showcases, and sat in with the likes of John Bletch of Frostbit Blue, JP Shaggy, and Steve Wescott. With an ever-expanding setlist that runs the gamut from '60's and '70's classic rock standards to '80's power ballads, alternative, and modern country, The Noisemakers give most local electrified groups a run for their money in terms of versatility and experimentation. The duo's secret lies in bridging the often narrow gap between musical proficiency and raw power in order to fill a venue with music that is both melodic and edgy. Pitting Angie Roarke's soulful, operatic vocals against the solid, gutsy rhythms and gritty harmonies of guitarist/singer Steve Sutcliffe, The Noisemakers successfully blend the art of music with the art of noise. THE MEMBERS: Angie Roarke - A lifelong resident of Oswego County, NY, she received extensive vocal training under Syracuse Stage director Chuck Brown. In addition to making guest vocal appearances with former local country/classic rock band The Mac Brothers, Angie has also competed at county fairs, landing herself a spot in the 2001 New York State Fair's talent showcase; Steve Sutcliffe - Raised around Syracuse, Steve gained much of his musical experience while in college at New Paltz, playing with funk/rock quartet The Kung-Fu Grip and alternative-rockers Jonas Grumby. Steve studied music for more than a decade under long-standing local instructor Donald Bell, learning, music theory, ear-training, acoustic fingerstyle, and fundamental jazz improvisation. We want to hear from you!!! Contact/Booking Info.: By phone: (315) 468-1979 By Email: (Steve); (Angie) View My Guestbook Free Guestbook by Guestpage Sign My Guestbook
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