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Boy Wonder...

This is the most important, best Steve Carell site...ever!'s the only Steve Carell site ever. Hey, shut up. That only makes us pioneers. Or...or something... yeah, that's the ticket.

Hel-looooooooo! La la la… (That was our little Seinfeldian greeting.) Welcome to the first and – and I don’t think we’re exaggerating, here – best ever Steve Carell site on the net. I’ll warn ya, we aren’t graphics geniuses nor are we HTML savvy. So if you like Stevo enough to stick around, you’ll just have to tough it out. And yes, we call him Stevo even though we don’t know him. Got that? We don’t know him. We’ve never even had the good fortune of meeting the dude. We just think he’s a happenin’ cat who deserves a little spot on the web thrown together in his honor.

So, you may be asking, why Steve Carell? Well, to be honest, this all happened kind of suddenly. Maybe too suddenly. I mean, maybe we’re moving too fast. We never wanted it to get heavy! I mean, we need our space, too, you know! Back off, pal, you don’t own us!

Anyway, the thing is, we dig Stevo ‘cause he’s drop-dead funny, a brilliant performer, totally fun to watch, and he just may be the sweetest thing on the face of the earth. And after checking out this shiny happy little joint, we dare you to argue with us.

Since we noticed that there wasn’t a website dedicated to this super swell guy, we took it upon ourselves to make one. So here it is, Steve Carell: Boy Wonder. Come in, kick off your shoes and click around. If you weren’t a full-on Stevo fan when you came in, you will be when ya leave!


Brought to you as a result of killing
time and the lack of anything better
to do by Kelly H. and Sara J.


The Big Fat Disclaimer:
This website that you are perusing right now was created out of love and respect for Steve Carell. Nothing here will be bought or sold, and any infringements on anything that could get us sued are unintentional and if you will simply notify us they will be promptly removed... and boy, do I mean ASAP. This site is not endorsed or backed by Steve Carell, Comedy Central or any sort of legal entity or conglomerate. This is just simply a fan's dedication to a great man! A great man, by the way, who has been shamefully ignored by the cyber mavens out there! This is our humble tribute.