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The mighty oaks of Sherwood surround you...

Blessed be, Traveler

Hello, you have wandered into the Greenwood. Perchance by mistake? But don't worry, its my job to show people around, make sure no harm befalls you, let you have a good time. Do you know how you got here? Well, if you don't let me fill you in. I am Audrey, I'll be your tour guide, and this is Sherwood Forest. Robin of Sherwood was a British television series in the '80's, it ran for three seasons and is still a cult classic. For the first two seasons, Robin of Locksley/Sherwood/Hood was played by Michael Praed. The third season starred Jason Connery (yes, Sean's son) as Robert of Huntington a.k.a Robin Hood.


Robin Hood

Nottingham Alehouse

The Rest of the Gang

Nottingham Castle

The Heart of the Forest

Other Forests

All about the Tourguide

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