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F. A. Hayek


Written in 1973 for the Italian Enciclopedia del Novicento where the article appeared in an Italian translation.


Reprinted as Chapter Nine ofá Hayek, F. A., New Studies in Philosophy, Politics,á Economics and the History of Ideas, Routledge & Keagan Paul, London and Henley, 1982 [1978], pp. 119-151 ORDER THIS BOOK








The best accounts of the liberal movement will be found in some of the histories of the major European countries during the nineteenth century, such as 9. HalÚvy, Histoire du peuple anglais au XIX siÚcle, 6 vols, Paris, 1912‑32, trans. as History of the English People, London, 1926, etc.; and F. Schnabel, Deutsche Geschichte im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert, vol. 11, Freiburg, 1933. The fullest survey of the development of the ideals of liberalism is [149] G. de. Ruggiero, Storia dos liberalismo europea, Bari 1925 trans. by R. G. Collingwood as The History of European Liberalism, Oxford 1927, which contains an extensive bibliography to which reference must be made for all the works of an earlier date, including the classical works of the founders of modern liberalism. The following list gives in chronological order the more important works of later date dealing with the history of liberal ideas and movements and the present state of liberal doctrine.


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