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1-30 june 2019
stück 1998 & at no determinate time or place. a familiar instance.

manfred werder's stück 1998 seiten 909-938 & mark so's at no determinate time or place. a familiar instance; act. by manfred werder



28 february 2019
DEATH-SPIRAL 5,0 release

In my weather,
merely local / MARK SO
5 XII 18 - 13 II 19, MARFA - LOS ANGELES
a limited edition of 20 c20 audio cassettes.


13 february 2019
mark so & manfred werder
places, westlake, los angeles

manfred werder's 20160 & 20170 with Mark So's lost cities inside other lost cities, all ambulating; a time and a place,/a syntactic unit.; In my weather,/merely local; in sentences/In the jungle
actualized by mark so & manfred werder


12 february 2019
mark so & manfred werder
places, westlake, los angeles

manfred werder's 20170 with mark so's lost cities inside other lost cities, all ambulating; a time and a place,/a syntactic unit.; In my weather,/merely local; in sentences/In the jungle and lo wie's wind
actualized by mark so & manfred werder



15 december 2018 3pm
lcollective @ the huub
the huub (35 cleveland st, orange, nj)/$0

assaf gidron | bassoon solo
jesse greenberg | scroll
gabriela areal | holsa
evelyn emile | duets
assaf gidron | clarinet & recorder
mark so | spirit wall & impulse of morning [Ashbery series]
performed by assaf gidron, christopher foss, denera james, douglas farrand, jesse greenberg, teodora stepancic


13 december 2018 730p
mark so: readings 37 - girls on the run (other dreams.) [ashbery series]
km28 (karl-marx-straße 28, 12043 berlin)/$0

Vibrant Matter presents a realization of Mark So's Girls on the Run (Other dreams.) (2010) for ten readers, each with an image drawn from a remote experience.
Performers: Esra Altin, Johnny Chang, Joanna Bailie, Jessica Gaynor, Maggie Kammerer, Koen Nutters, Martyna Poznańska, Brett Thompson, Quentin Tolimieri, Monika Zyla


1-7 november 2018 12am-
another week at midnight
1109 s lake st, los angeles/$0

mark so, readings & recordings


15 september 2018 730pm
extradition recital series: music of small means
performance works northwest (4625 se 67th ave, portland, or)/$0

Mark So, (idle.) – 51 THINGS TO DO WITH 2 HANDS. for Eileen Myles (2010)
Matt Hannafin, Post Box Music (2018)
Glenn Sogge, Gestures (2017)
Michael Pisaro, A Drum Acted Upon by Friction, Gravity, and Electricity (2011)
Matthias Kaul, Two Together (2014)
performed by Loren Chasse & Matt Hannafin, solo & duo percussion


1-30 september 2018
20170 & every few hours

manfred werder's 20170 & mark so's every few hours [Ashbery series]; act. manfred werder


1-31 august 2018
20170 & things were going

manfred werder's 20170 & mark so's things were going [Ashbery series]; act. manfred werder


1-31 july 2018
20170 & We have shapes but no power

manfred werder's 20170 & mark so's We have shapes but no power [Ashbery series]; act. manfred werder


1-30 june 2018
20170 & Your face is as white as linen on a board.

manfred werder's 20170 & mark so's Your face is as white as linen on a board. [Ashbery series]; act. manfred werder


28 may 2018 4-6pm
mark so: air castles for joseph kudirka tape release event
studio brookshire, lincoln heights/$0

release on motor image records; mark so, readings & recordings


1-31 may 2018
20170 & "beholding" not to know

manfred werder's 20170 & mark so's "beholding" not to know [Ashbery series]; act. manfred werder


21 april 2018 8pm
dnk days 2018 #3 - collective conceptual composition
de appel (broedplaats lely), schipluidenlaan 12, amsterdam/10 euro

DNK Days presents two new collective compositions for creative musicians by renowned New York based composer / improvisor Lea Bertucci, working with the Berlin-based ensemble The Pitch, and by elusive Californian composer / performer Mark So, actualized by Chilian guitarist Cristián Alvear and Mexican turntablist Gudinni Cortina.


21 april 2018 730pm
extradition series 2018 spring concert
leaven community center (5431 ne 20th ave, portland, or)/$0

Richard Glover, An Imperfect Harmony (2013)
Catherine Lamb, Nodes, Various (2009/2010)
Mark So, a tepid atmosphere (bedroom near the sky) [Ashbery series] (2007)
Jürg Frey, Floating Categories (2015)
Michael Pisaro, Entre-Moments (2005/2006)
performed by the Extradition Ensemble


1-30 april 2018
20170 & ascending emptiness of the afternoon (You have built a mountain of something)

manfred werder's 20170 & mark so's ascending emptiness of the afternoon (You have built a mountain of something) [Ashbery series]; act. manfred werder


30 march 2018
SoapEar Issue 2

including mixtape at no determinate time or place. a familiar instance. by mark so


7 march 2018
lugar amarillo & readings 54
places, times

manfred werder's lugar amarillo & mark so’s readings 54 for Manfred (2016-); act. manfred werder


11 february 2018 (sun) 5pm
Null Point 11: Margins
wash project (593 grant st, buffalo, ny)/$5-10 suggested

Ethan Hayden, Violetear (2017) for solo oboe
Yoko Ono, Pieces for Orchestra (1962)
Mark So, Part of the Moving Wall [Ashbery series] (2010) for bodies and architectural surfaces
Colin Tucker, [new work] (2018) for solo cellist with live ambient sounds

Participatory Jam Session:
Arrow Fitzgibbon, Wind Bleach and Angeldust (2018) for human performers with any or no musical training, DIY harp, and live electronics

Performers: Ethan Hayden (trombone, architecture, electronics), Megan Kyle (oboe, architecture), Colin Tucker (cello, architecture), Arrow Fitzgibbon (electronics)


9 february 2018 (fri) 730
null point at syndicate for the new arts
st. john's church (2600 church st, cleveland, oh)/$10 suggested

Margins: sound works for architecture, bodies, ambient sounds, and reimagined instruments

Ethan Hayden, Violetear (2017) for solo oboe
Yoko Ono, Pieces for Orchestra (1962)
Mark So, Part of the Moving Wall [Ashbery series] (2010) for bodies and architectural surfaces
Colin Tucker, [new work] (2018) for solo cellist with live ambient sounds

performed by Ethan Hayden (trombone, architecture), Megan Kyle (oboe, architecture), Colin Tucker (cello, architecture)


5-8 feb 2018 (mon-thurs)
manfred werder & mark so
places, los angeles

manfred werder's 20170 and mark so’s readings 54 for Manfred, UNDER THE PALMS with Manfred, and (INTO SILENCE); act. mark so & manfred werder


2 February 2018 (fri)
places, miami and miami beach

works by Jorge Gomez Abrante, Robert Blatt, Mark So and Manfred Werder
realized by Jorge Gomez Abrante, Robert Blatt and Manfred Werder



1-2 november 2017 (wed-thurs) 7-10pm
Carmina Escobar : XANTOLO, a Day of the Dead performative installation
character projects (6042 Monte Vista St, la, ca)/$0

Carmina Escobar’s Xantolo

“La memoria sabe de mí más que yo; y ella no pierde lo que merece ser salvado.”
“Memory knows more about me than I do; and she does not lose what deserves to be saved."
Eduardo Galeano

Remembrance is the act of proclaiming memory. It constructs and articulates our personal narrative and that of the collective. In a ritual of representation of the cycle of life and death, in the metaphorical realm as well as in the actual, Xantolo is a performative installation/party around the syncretic Mexican celebration of the Day of the Death. A shout/whisper to our loved departed, but also a space for the remembrance of our own existence, it’s certain future, and the joy that it is to be alive.

This is event is proposed by Carmina Escobar and hosted by Jonathan Silberman at Character Projects. It takes place on the two celebratory dates of Día de los Muertos holiday Wednesday November 1st, Thursday November 2nd, from 7pm to 10pm.

11/1 - construction of the altar; 11/2 performances at the altar (i contributed to the construction and did a small reading of a poem i made in oaxaca, among performances by several local artists)


12 october 2017 (thurs) 6pm
mark so & kate brown :: reading/walking
moca reading room (250 South Grand Ave la,ca)/$0

mark so : readings 54, for manfred (recording-reading period)
kate brown : walking photographs


23 september 2017 (sat) 7-9pm
Null Point and Sotto Voce Vocal Collective Present Out of the Dark
THE CASS PROJECT (500 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY)/$10-20

part of the moving wall [Ashbery series] by Mark So (2010) version 1
Selbstbildnis als Laute by James Weeks (2003)
part of the moving wall [Ashbery series] by Mark So (2010) version 2
Out of the Dark by Pauline Oliveros (1998)
this is a performance about you, not its maker by Colin Tucker (2017)
Sonic Tonic by Pauline Oliveros (1981)


13 september 2017 (wed)
group reading of Flow Chart by John Ashbery
And the Occasion Changed: A Tribute to John Ashbery


8 september 2017 (fri) 8pm
TURREL :: LOTE :: mark so :: readings 55
DIN_399 (Dinamarca 399, Valparaíso, Chile)/$2000 pesos

LOTE is an ensemble dedicated to realizing experimental works, curated and directed by Santiago Astaburuaga and Cristián Alvear. On this occasion, they form an octet comprised of Alvear, Sebastián Jatz, Marcelo Maira, Álvaro Pacheco, Felipe Araya, Álvaro Ortega, Vicente Araya and Christian Delon, performing a piece by composer Mark So: “readings 55” (2017).


26 august 2017 (sat)
rishin singh, lo wei, manfred werder
places, berlin

including pieces by lo wei, manfred werder, and mark so [ashbery series: "you got the whole thing wrong from start to finish.", parallel to the earth, out of the deep business of some dream et al]


9-13 august 2017 (wed-sun)

9-13 august 2017 9am-9pm [extended through october]
mark so :: Ashbery series
kelly studio (300 s kelly street, marfa, tx)/$0

an installation of pieces from mark so's Ashbery series, including traces from month-long realizations by manfred werder

11 august 2017 (fri) 1-4pm
mark so :: Ashbery series :: FLOW CHART

kelly studio (300 s kelly street, marfa, tx)/$0

performance: readings 53 - FLOW CHART [Ashbery series] by mark so

13 august 2017 (sun) 11am-1pm
mark so :: That thicket is already gone. (Some Trees)
Ice Cream University (700 North Fourth Street, marfa, tx)/$0

mark so's That thicket is already gone. (Some Trees) performed with members of the local community


2 august 2017 (wed)
CeReNeM Journal Issue 6 | Editor: Lawrence Dunn
Centre for Research in New Music (University of Huddersfield, UK)/$0

Issue 6 of the CeReNeM Post-Graduate Journal contains articles about and from composers and performers across the UK, Europe and USA engaged with practice-led research. This issue focuses on the work of Christian Wolff, Michael Finnissy, Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion, Mira Benjamin, and Mark So [on the name pieces, with Joseph Kudirka]. Previous issues of the journal can be found at:


11-13 july 2017 (tues-thurs)
htps, ashbery series, traces
places, london

htps (lo wei), we sat together & parallel to the earth (ashbery series, mark so), traces (manfred werder); actualized by lo wei & manfred werder


20 june 2017
at no determinate time or place. a familiar instance.
places, zürich

at no determinate time or place. a familiar instance. (mark so); realized/traced by manfred werder


15 june 2017 8pm
dog star orchestra vol 13 | the mean harpsichord
the wild beast, calarts (valencia, ca)/$0

eva-maria houben : tasten
mark so : arianna (monteverdi)
michael pisaro : shadow earth (two versions in different tunings)
laura steenberge : the oracle at delphi
james saunders : let it go beyond a certain point
antoine beuger : meditations poetiques sur "ma mort future" antoine beuger

sepand shahab, robert holliday & the dog star orchestra


1-30 june 2017
2017/0 & the gravel underfoot

manfred werder - 2017/0 & mark so - the gravel underfoot [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


12-22 may 2017
experiments in the periphery
miami area & florida keys/$0

a series of experimental music events in various private/public situations across south florida, with robert blatt, jorge gomez abrante, and mark so -- website, repertory, full details, and archive here


25 april 2017 8-10pm
Null Point presents Gyre Ensemble
Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (341 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY)/$5-10

Darkness Dissected for trio (2016) by Ruud Roelofsen
tres ciegos for trio (2015, Ed. 2016-17) by Santiago Díez-Fischer
We are Predatory, Air-Breathing: Theme and Variations for trio (2016-17) by Samuel Scranton
remainder for amplified solo percussion and 2-screen live video projection (2013-14) by Colin Tucker
Torpid Smoke for piano and percussion (2016) by Jessie Downs
windrows [Ashbery series] (2007) by Mark So

Gyre Ensemble is: Stefanie Mirwald, Accordion; Alejandro Oliván, Saxophone; Christian Smith, Percussion. Also featuring: Jade Conlee, piano; Leanne Darling, viola; Jessie Downs, clarinet; Ethan Hayden, electronics; John Smigielski, percussion; Colin Tucker, video/cello


24 april 2017 (mon) 8pm
Dead Lion and Toshi Ichiyanagi's "Music for Electric Metronome"
the wulf. @ Coaxial Arts (1815 s main st, la ca)/$0

liam mooney, stephanie smith, andy young and i performed toshi ichiyanagi's 'music for electric metronome' -- followed by daniel fishkin's dead lion


17 april 2017 (mon)
readings 54 (recording-reading period)
royal lake apartments, los angeles


14 april 2017 (fri)
MI03 Joseph Kudirka: kids in sandbox
cassette released on motor image/$10

Joe Kudirka's multitracked realizations of his piece, with sound contributions provided by:
Ryoko Akama, Jorge Boehringer, Madison Brookshire, Jack Callahan, Jack Coleman, Douglas Farrand, Francesco Gagliardi, Maria Gkotzampougiouki, Eva-Maria Houben, Beat Keller, David Kendall, John Lely, Scott Mc Laughlin, Ben Owen, Tim Parkinson, Michael Pisaro, Dean Rosenthal, Marcus Rubio, James Saunders, Sam Sfirri, Mark So, Stefan Thut, Lucie Vítková, Lee Weisert, Michael Winter, Amnon Wolman

Edition of 100, with original cover art by Madison Brookshire on each tape


12 april 2017 (wed)
perspectives (3): mark so
interview (with jennie gottschalk) published at


2 april 2017 (sun)
htps & 2017/0 & We sat together
places, zürich

We sat together [Ashbery series] (mark so), htps (lo wei), 2017/0 (manfred werder); actualized by manfred werder


15 march 2017 (wed)
CA21 mark so - And suddenly from all this there came some horrid music
cdr released on caduc./$12

performed by Cristián Alvear and Gudinni Cortina in Santiago, Chile using acoustic guitar and turntable


4 march 2017 (sat) 3-930pm
MaRS gallery (649 s anderson st, la ca)/$0

mark so

>reading in place of writing in place of taping in place of typing
in the time of taping in the time of writing in the time of reading<

(into silence, 2007/17)

with BEAUTIFUL CLEAR DAY [readings 52], readings 40 - poem in three parts [Ashbery series], and recent readings lists


8 february 2017 (wed) 630-1030pm
Studio LOOS (De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, Den Haag)/€3-10

BEUGER : sandmusik
WERDER : 2009(4)
SO : figures on a beach [ashbery series]
BLATT : beach bums
VERLAAK/BLATT : recordings series (beach bums)

presented by maya verlaak, robert blatt, and leo svirsky


4 february 2017 (sat) 6-830pm
glissando #29--conceptualism issue | release event
errant sound (kollwitzstr. 97, berlin)/$0

1) Introduction to the #29 issue of Glissando – „Conceptualism” (Paweł Szroniak)
2) Lecture: „Impossible music” and Polish conceptual art of the 60’s and 70’s (Antoni Michnik)
3) Label presentation of Altanova Press (Paweł Szroniak, Zorka Wollny)
4) Panel Discussion: Musical Conceptualisms (Sebastian Berweck, Heather Frasch, Joseph Kudirka, Hanne Lippard – moderation: Monika Żyła, Paweł Szroniak)
5) Preview of the issues #30 & #31 (Daniel Brożek, Antoni Michnik)
6) Concert: Post-Music (Lucio Capece, Heather Frasch, Joseph Kudirka, Koen Nutters); pieces by Ryoko Akama - a proposal_five (jimi on assemblage), Allison Knowles - chair Piece for George Brecht, Mark So - GEORGE BRECHT


29 january 2017 (sun)
readings 54 (recording-reading period)
royal lake apartments, los angeles


22 january 2017 (sun) 1pm
At night the states, Day 2
hammer museum, annex (10899 wilshire blvd, la ca)/$0

organized by Shoghig Halajian and Suzy Halajian

Noura Wedell in conversation with Erika Vogt and collaborators Madison Brookshire, Shannon Ebner, Dylan Mira, and Mark So about the Artist Theater Program / performances: Simone Forti news animations & taisha paggett w WXPT and company (stream the event)


16 january 2017 (mon)
readings 54 (recording-reading period)
royal lake apartments, los angeles


15 january 2017 (sun)
mark so - a box of wind: Ashbery Series 2006-2011
published by marfa book co./$85

MBCo is excited to announce the release of Mark So's long-awaited a box of wind: Ashbery Series. This latest effort by MBCo's Impossible Objects presents the first large-scale publication of the Los Angeles based composer's ground-breaking series of performance text scores addressing the work of American poet, John Ashbery. Consisting of more than 200 works composed between 2006 and 2011, each work in the Series provides a a score inspired by or relating to a single poem from the poet's prodigious oeuvre. The works, mostly printed on 8.5 x 11 sheets of ordinary office paper, reveal remarkably innovative relations to contemporary music, lyric and the voice, and can be appreciated as visual compositions by a single reader in addition to the possibilities they present for group performance. Very much a labor of love, box of wind also includes a two-sided letterpress object, a printed transparency sheet, and various folios of multipage works inside an archival box, partially modified to better suit the publication.


5 january 2017 (thurs) 9pm
* sound * words * January 5 * Altadena *
casa krimko (altadena, ca)/$0

readings by Stuart Krimko & Barnett Cohen; i presented readings 54 (recording-reading period) & the tape 'and the raindrops glistening /the forgotten song of the dark'



26 december 2016 (mon)
mark & sepand playing tapes & tones
casa shahab, cypress park, l.a./$0

sepand's tone generator; my tapes 'A PLACE IN THE SUN' & 'and the raindrops glistening /the forgotten song of the dark'; we played my piece 'SEPAND SHAHAB' on harpsichord, 4 hands


11 december 2016 (sun)
readings 54 (recording-reading period)
pinto canyon, tx


10 december 2016 (sat)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery & readings 54 (recording-reading periods)
marfa, tx


1-30 december 2016
2016/0 & two deaths

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - parallel to the earth (In the angles where the grass writing goes on) [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


30 november - 4 december 2016
festival UMBRAL 1 ( ) Categoría Vacía
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca (Macedonio Alcalá #202, Centro, Oaxaca, MX)/$0

the third anniversary of the Mexican-internationalist music space/series UMBRAL was marked by their first festival, comprising a full slate of performances and symposia at MACO and environs in Oaxaca

2 december 2016 (fri) 8pm
Ensamble Negro performs pieces by Sarah Hughes, Mark So, Rishin Singh / solo by Lena Czerniawska

Ensamble Negro (Juan García, Liliana Rodriguez, Carlos Baz, Aarón Escobar, Emilio Gordoa) and i performed a new work of mine commissioned for the festival: That thicket is already gone. (Some Trees) 2006/2016, including readings 54


3 december 2016 (sat) 3pm
symposium: Vicente Rojo Cama/Rossana Lara/Mark So

i presented readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery & readings 54 (recording-reading periods)

full schedule of events


20 november 2016 (sun) 1-6pm
Los Angeles Road Concerts - A Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
along spring & main streets, downtown l.a./$0

my list "mayakovsky in toronto" was available for download during the event


15 november 2016 (tue) 8pm
Audiotheque (924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach 33139)/$0

curated by Robert Blatt

By removing sound as a compulsory component of listening, what is and does listening become?

this presentation included a performance of my piece 'an even larger view of the universe' [Ashbery series]


1-30 november 2016
2016/0 & two deaths

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - two deaths [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


11 october 2016 (tues)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
casa gagliardi-dickie, toronto


9 october 2016 (sun)
readings 54 (recording-reading period)
casa gagliardi-dickie, toronto


1-31 october 2016
2016/0 & tears of materiality, the skin of the birch

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - tears of materiality, the skin of the birch [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


11 september 2016 (sun) 5-10pm
9/11 Fifteen Years
human resources (410 cottage home st, l.a.)/$0

A one-night exhibition happening on the fifteen year anniversary of September 11, 2001.

A paradigm shift. Airplanes as weapons. America attacked. In the immediate aftermath, we saw people rush to hospitals to donate blood, and strangers talking on the street to figure out what was going on. People wanted to help. But, in the months and years that followed, the event was used to incite wars, foster racism and xenophobia, and stoke small-minded, nationalistic thinking.

Some of the works in this show address September 11th specifically, but many do not. The works address isolation, absence, destruction, politics, religion, collapse, terrorism. They depict falling, burning, voids, paper, ash, smoke, skyscrapers, airplanes. The works are smart, sombre, elegiac. And this show is uncomfortable. Often an anniversary is something celebrated, as is the opening of an art show. But not in this case. Is it a commemoration of the event? A memorial?

Sam Contis, Nikki Darling, Nicole Eisenman, Tony Feher, David Gilbert, Devin Kenny, Mark McKnight, Elieen Myles, John Purtle, Vincent Ramos, Guan Rong, Samantha Roth, Mark So (my tape, BEGINNING OF THE END for Julie, Stosh and Lola, looping throughout the exhibition), Cody Trepte, Rosha Yaghmai, Samira Yamin - Curated by Closing


7 september (wed) 11:59pm
the talking show - mark so
KCHUNG radio / 1630am chinatown, los angeles

i read my long poem "Wolfy" accompanied by my tape FUENTE for Istvàn Zelenka
on the talking show, hosted by steve kado & nicolas g. miller


1-30 september 2016
2016/0 & out of the deep business of some dream

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - out of the deep business of some dream [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


27 august 2016 (sat) 8pm
Works by Harris Wulfson and Alison Knowles with Sleepover :: Last Chance to Dance Series
the wulf (1026 s santa fe ave #203 l.a.)/$0

Harris Wulfson - durations
Alison Knowles - unfurl (i participated in an ensemble realization including casey anderson, liam mooney, stephanie smith, christine tavolacci, melike yersiz, and several others)


26 august 2016 (fri) 8pm
Todd Lerew || Liam Mooney || Party :: Last Chance to Dance Series
the wulf (1026 s santa fe ave #203 l.a.)/$0

new work by todd lerew and liam mooney (i participated in liam's new ensemble piece for nylon fishing line, corded earplugs, percussion mallets, and various suspended silver utensils and springs, with liam, casey anderson, todd lerew, mari, stephanie smith, christine tavolacci, michael winter and others)


15 august 2016 (mon)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery & readings 54 (recording-reading periods)
casa myles, marfa tx


7-30 august 2016
Pleasure Principle exhibition and release
actual size l.a. (741 new high st l.a.)/$0 (limited edition box available for $150)

Sam Bloch, Hailey Loman, Nicolas G Miller, Benjamin Reiss, Ellen Schafer, Mark So (BEAUTIFUL CLEAR DAY cassette, looping in the gallery throughout the exhibition), Tom Trudgeon, and Gray Wielebinski. Organized by Ella Gold.

Pleasure Principle is published by Gold Los Angeles and is produced in an edition of 25 with 10 Artist Proofs.


1-31 august 2016
2016/0 & this is one of those times

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - this is one of those times [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


23 july - 28 august 2016
mark so :: (every room should have a radio) :: Last Chance to Dance Series
the wulf (1026 s santa fe ave #203 l.a.)/$0

an installation
ongoing through the end of august at the wulf.
accessible during all remaining public events, and by appointment


1-31 july 2016
2016/0 & We sat together

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - We sat together [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


10 june 2016 (fri) 630pm
samuel vriezen: panel + books (dog star orchestra 12)
betalevel (963 n hill st l.a.)/$0

samuel vriezen: panel + books (2016) - composed literary panel
with yiannis christofides, mark so, samuel vriezen, julia webster, michael winter


1-30 june 2016
2016/0 & I'll be back in August, when the cherries have left

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - I'll be back in August, when the cherries have left [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


29 may 2016 (sun) 7pm
(The fur of the cat in the sun)
(Sticks, numbers, letters)
mark so : solos
the wulf (1026 s santa fe ave #203 l.a.)/$0

PIANO PIECE 2005, a piece of traffic [Ashbery series], THE ROMAN EMPIRE for Michael Winter, 5 TYPOGRAPHIES for Michael Pisaro, 6 TYPOGRAPHIES for Anni Rossi, all the same color again, to Billy Mintz [Ashbery series], Wolfy, FUENTE for Istvàn Zelenka, PIANO PIECE for Lucky, (The fur of the cat in the sun) /(Sticks, numbers, letters) for Adam Overton [Ashbery series] - perf. heather lockie, liam mooney, sepand shahab, stephanie smith, mark so, michael winter et al


1-31 may 2016
2016/0 & "You got the whole thing wrong /From start to finish."

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - "You got the whole thing wrong /From start to finish." [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


18 april 2016 (mon) 8pm
experiments in the periphery - mark so & robert blatt
inside/outside casa eric gottlieb (5400 pine tree dr, miami beach fl)/$0

inside, music room: manfred werder - 2 ausführende seite 477-8 (using readings 54, etc.), mark so - we paint the word "winter" on the door [Ashbery series] (piano, toy piano), joseph kudirka - paper
outside, simultaneous solo performances: robert blatt - All Go unto One Place (robert blatt, guitar) & mark so - reading "The Recital" [Ashbery series], readings 54 (mark so, reading/tape - incl. manfred werder - 2011/4, 2011/3, 2011/5, 2012/1, 2010/1, 2010/3, 2010/5); with manfred werder - 2009/4


18 april 2016 (mon) afternoon
robert blatt, jorge gomez, mark so
(places) miami beach fl/$0

outside casa gottlieb: manfred werder - 2 ausführende seite 476 perf. robert blatt & mark so (using readings 54, etc.)
north beach: mark so - We were lost just by standing [Ashbery series] & manfred werder - 2009/4, perf. robert blatt, jorge gomez, mark so


15 april 2016 (fri) afternoon
robert blatt & mark so
woodlawn cemetery, little havana/$0

manfred werder - 2 ausführende seite 475 perf. robert blatt & mark so (using readings 54, etc.) & 2009/5


14 april 2016 (thurs) night
robert blatt & mark so
everglades fl/$0

mark so - We were lost just by standing [Ashbery series] & manfred werder - 2 ausführende seite 474, perf. robert blatt & mark so (using readings 54, etc.) & 2009/4


12 april 2016 (tues) afternoon/evening
mark so, jorge gomez, robert blatt
key west, fl/$0

afternoon: mark so - reading "The Recital" [Ashbery series], readings 54 (ongoing flexible reading library with tape-scroll) incl. manfred werder - 2011/4, 2011/3, 2011/5, 2012/1, 2010/1, 2010/3, 2010/5 - perf. mark so on rooftop of el patio motel & other locations

sunset at higgs beach: mark so - readings 54 (incl. manfred werder - 2011/4, 2011/3, 2011/5, 2012/1, 2010/1, 2010/3, 2010/5) & joseph kudirka - paper, perf. mark so; manfred werder - 2009/4 & mark so - We were lost just by standing [Ashbery series], perf. robert blatt, jorge gomez, mark so


10 april 2016 (sun) 5pm
robert blatt, jorge gomez, mark so et al
casa eric gottlieb (5400 pine tree dr, miami beach fl)/$0

robert blatt - Heads in the Clouds; mark so - We, We were lost just by standing, we paint the word "winter" on the door (blatt, so - piano, piano), reading "The Recital" [all Ashbery series] (so, reading/tape); manfred werder - 2009/4, 2010/4; perf. robert blatt, jorge gomez, eric gottlieb, mark so, et al


1-31 march 2016
2016/0 & We were lost just by standing

manfred werder - 2016/0 & mark so - We were lost just by standing [Ashbery series]; perf. manfred werder


18 february 2016 (thurs) 2pm
manfred werder & mark so
los angeles, macarthur park & surroundings/$0

manfred werder - 2016/1, 2 ausführende seite 470 & mark so - We were lost just by standing [Ashbery series], perf. mark so (using my tape 'under the palms') & manfred werder


7 february 2016 (sun) 5pm
mark so - reading "The Recital"
marfa book co. (105 s highland ave, marfa tx)/$0

performing my ongoing self-accompanied recording-reading of John Ashbery's "The Recital"



5 december 2015 (sat) 11pm
Julie Tolentino: The End of the Party, 2015
human resources (410 cottage home st, l.a.)/$0

The End of the Party, 2015
subtitled by my sister, Rita: (I hope she doesn’t) Fall Asleep In The Ocean

Julie Tolentino with the eternal players:
Mark So, Pigpen, Maria Garcia, John Bertel, Patrick Murch, Tamaki aka Banetoriko, Leon Hilton, Ivan Ramos for N.T. and the rest of the worst of us

This performance is part of the group exhibition The Closer I Get to the End… curated by Suzy Halajian and on view until December 13, 2015 at Human Resources.


21 november 2015 (sat) 6pm
the free and natural poetry faire
commonwealth & council (3006 w 7th st #220, l.a.)/$0

reading my long poem "Wolfy" accompanied by my tape FUENTE for Istvàn Zelenka to kick off night 2 of readings... / also featuring readings by Fred Moten, Aaron Kunin, and Feliz Lucia Molina and others...


25 october 2015 (sun) 8pm
LAXART (7000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038)/$0

Doors open 7:30, piece begins promptly at 8:00 pm

Kathleen Johnson - Brainchild part 3
composer: Mark So

Dominique Cox as Brainchild, and Julie Brody, Kate Brown, Mari Garrett, and Gabie Strong as the chorus

Begun in 2008, Brainchild is Johnson’s nine-part, multi-year fiction and sound project. For each successive part of the sci-fi story, she collaborates with a guest composer who creates a choral work for performance. Johnson’s narrative follows a girl, Brainchild, who discovers the abandoned structures of an ancient civilization, and slowly begins to understand her own strange connection to its builders.

Finding musicality within the language of the Brainchild text itself, Mark So has created a score for Part 3 comprised solely of the words on the page, arranged in open fields, dense clusters, and single lines to produce what So calls a “native” reading.


11 october 2015 (sun) 4pm
mars desert research station, utah/$0

Kathleen Johnson & Mark So

Dominique Cox as Brainchild, and Julie Brody, Kate Brown, Mari Garrett, and Gabie Strong as the chorus

presented at HDTS: Epicenter - program, maps, and directions found here


21 august 2015 (fri) 7pm
620 park row dr, la ca 90012/$0

AN EVENING OF WORDS AND MUSIC w/Scott PinkMountain, Sarah Leslie, Mark So, Lainey Racah, Johnnie JungleGuts, Juliana Wisdom, Abra Conn and Heather Lockie – assembled by susanna battin and sepand shahab
(i performed my piece readings 51 - "the recital" by john ashbery, accompanied by my tape SONGS WITHOUT END)


31 july 2015 930pm
liam mooney presents
the wulf./$0

new pieces by liam mooney, with casey anderson, todd lerew, mari, stephanie smith, mark so, mike winter performing


26 july 2015 (sun) 5pm-12am
collages & flows - a convivial framework
the wulf./$0

elaine barkin - five collages (1984-89) 4-track tapemixes
“on the way to becoming...”
Out Back
To Whom It May Concern #2
Anonymous Was A Woman
“past is part of...”

mark so - flow chart (2015) 9 audio cassettes
recorded fields traversing a single reading of the poem “Flow Chart” (1991) by John Ashbery


10 july 2015 9pm (fri)
reading: wanda coleman - native in a strange land
home of stuart krimko, alta dena, ca/$0

a participatory reading (i also performed my piece WANDA COLEMAN)


18 june 2015 (thurs)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
puerto los cabos, mexico


25 may 2015 (mon)
Wolf Notes #8 published
compost and height (west sussex, england)/UK – £7 (£5 + £2 p&p), International – £9 (£5 + £4 p&p)

limited edition of 200

texts by Ryoko Akama, Antoine Beuger, Olivia Block, Seth Cluett, Jane Dickson, Patrick Farmer, Bruno Guastalla, Julia Holter, Sarah Hughes, Jason Kahn, Caroline de Lannoy, Dominic Lash, Joseph Clayton Mills, Tim Parkinson, Gino Robair, James Saunders, Mark So, Adam Sonderberg


24 may 2015 (sun) 530am
dog star orchestra vol 11, no 8 - mike winter, scott cazan, mark so
rattlesnake park, frogtown, los angeles(on the la river, entrance on the corner of fletcher and ripple)/$0

michael winter - just above and/or below the waterline...

scott cazan - Intersection

mark so - reading & tapes & c.


22 may 2015 (fri) 8pm
night of performances...
studios at 1348 venice blvd, los angeles/$0

stuart krimko and i incorporated a mobile scenario for reading (from New complaints. New rewards) and tape into this loose-knit group of performance by various local artists


1 may 2015 (fri) 7pm
Belleza y Felicidad - Gathering and Reading
Veggie Cloud (5210 monte vista st., 1st stidio on left, la, ca 90042)/$0

along with the authors, translator, publisher and others, i participated in this reading to fete the release of Belleza y Felicidad: Selected Writings of Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Pavón, translated by Stuart Krimko, published by Sand Paper Press


8 april 2015 (wed) 730pm
touch of the other - performing the laud humphreys papers
one archives at the usc libraries/$0

i contributed a new tape/reading piece to this collaborative performance conceived by takao kawaguchi, deanna erdmann, and jonathan m hall


4 april 2015 (sat)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
los angeles ca


25 march 2015 (sat)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
los angeles ca


18-24 march 2015
a week at midnight.
locations throughout los angeles/$0

18 march (wed) 11:59pm
KCHUNG radio / 1630am chinatown, los angeles

talking show.

Christoph Girard, Stuart Krimko, Mark So
reading from New complaints. New rewards

19 march (thurs) 11:59pm
Du-Par's / 12036 ventura blvd, studio city, ca 91604

dining room.

20 march (fri) 11:59pm
ventura st, altadena, ca 91001 (home of Stuart Krimko)


An Untimely Visit by Copi, translated by Michaela Kramer
read by Stuark Krimko, Mark So, Mike Winter

21 march (sat) 11:59pm
the wulf. / 1026 s santa fe ave #203, los angeles, ca 90021


Jürg Frey - San Lazaro Bros. (1984)
Mark So - songs without end (dark interiors) (2014)
David Mahler - Children in the Grasses without Knowing Colors (1973)
Joseph Kudirka - sections 53-77 from Solidarity (2007)

mark so, keyboards/tape

22 march (sun) 11:59pm
la loma rd, pasadena, ca 91105 (home of Liz Kotz)

some heaps.

(Mark So - reading "The Recital" [Ashbey series], Manfred Werder, Istvàn Zelenka, et al)

23 march (mon) 11:59pm
curtis berak harpsichord services / 799 towne ave, los angeles, ca 90021 / rsvp for entry

music room.

(Feldman, Houben, Kudirka, Wolff, et al)
Julia Holter, Sepand Shahab, Mark So - pianos/harpsichords/organs

24 march (tues) 11:59pm
1109 s lake st #207, los angeles, ca 90006 / use call box for entry

listening party.

Stuart’s youtube, New complaints. New rewards dvd, Julia Holter, highlights, &c.


28 february 2015 (sat) 6pm
New complaints. New rewards Stuart Krimko & Mark So - performance and book release
david kordansky gallery (5130 w. edgewood pl., la, ca 90019)/$0

David Kordansky Gallery is pleased to announce the release of Stuart Krimko and Mark So's New complaints. New rewards with a performance at 5130 Edgewood Place from 6:00pm to 10:00pm on Saturday, February 28.

New complaints. New rewards is a 418-page book with color images and an accompanying DVD, produced in a limited, hand-numbered edition of 100. This collaboration between Krimko and So is the latest release from DEATH-SPIRAL, So's music- and literature-publishing initiative.

The book is made up of seven chapters, each composed by one of the authors individually; these include appropriated and original texts (correspondence, fragments from poems and novels, e-mail advertisements, screenplays, &c.) and images (mostly travel photographs and Internet disjecta membra). The DVD includes moving images and an audio track with a reading of text from the book by Christoph Girard.

While New complaints. New rewards takes form as a book and an artwork, in truth it is nothing at all but the result of its makers' intention to spend time together. All of DEATH-SPIRAL's releases are born of such personal stakes, brought to fruition with only the urgency of life behind them.

For this event, Krimko and So will read the entirety of the book in an open-ended setting, throughout the gallery space, over the course of several hours.

New complaints. New rewards will be available for purchase. Inquiries can also be directed to


9 february 2015 (mon)
manfred werder & friends
santiago de chile, dpto/$0

stück 1998 seiten 794-798 actualized by Nicolás Carrasco Díaz, next to works by Nicolás Carrasco Díaz, Taku Sugimoto, Mark So, lo wie, Simon Roy Christensen and Antoine Beuger, actualized by Nicolás Carrasco Díaz, Cristián Alvear, Vicente Araya, and Manfred Werder


5 february 2015 (thurs) 8pm
artist practice - book release
the property (440 s broadway - 2nd fl, la, ca 90013)/$0

Artist Practice is a collection of personal essays written by thirteen Los Angeles based artists. Their work ranges from painter to poet, sculptor to filmmaker. The artists were asked to write with a focus on three things: their practice in the sense of how they work and how they make that a part of their life, how they understand the medium in which they work, and their specific creative process. The manner in which this manifested to paper was left up to each individual to approach however they felt most comfortable. The result is a selection of deeply honest and revealing texts written from distinctly different perspectives, providing great insight into the practice and process of the working artist.

Contributing Artists: Sarah Bostwick, Madison Brookshire, Kate Brown, Jay Erker, Corey Fogel, Hannah Greely, Stuart Krimko, John Mills, Mark So, Tucker Stilley, Julie Tolentino, Jon Paul Villegas, Liat Yossifor

Curated and Conceptualized By Clay Dean; Edited By Tuni Chatterji and Clay Dean

Performances/Readings by Corey Fogel, Madison Brookshire, Jay Erker, Stuart Krimko, John Mills, Julie Tolentino & John Birtle, Mark So


1 january 2015 (thurs) 10pm
tapes tapes tapes
sepand shahab's temporary, eagle rock/$0
sepand shahab, mark so, and tapes



20 december 2014 (sat) 4pm
artificial complextion closing - mark so
various small fires (812 n highland ave, la, ca 90038)/$0

2 performances of my ongoing reading/tape piece 'readings 51 - "the recital" by john ashbery'


11 december 2014 (thurs) 10pm
listening party
1109 s lake st #207, la, ca)/$0

sepand shahab & mark so
some space(s) we’ve been sharing…


8-20 december 2014 10am-6pm daily
artificial complexion - sound corridor
various small fires (812 n highland ave, la, ca 90038)/$0

my tape piece 'though we haven't read it, we know there is a script - reading "the end of new england" by eileen myles' was included by in a curated program of sound works by pauline oliveros, alison knowles, dick higgins, ben patterson, lucky dragons and others, playing in rotation in the gallery's outdoor sound corridor


24 october 2014 (fri) 9pm
sinus~ton|soundscape usa - west coast soundings
kunstmuseum kloster unser lieben frauen, magdeburg/10-8€

Musik von James Tenney (Harmonium #1), Laura Steenberge (Waltz), Tashi Wada (Nest), Chris Kallmyer (Between the Rhine and Los Angeles), Mark So (segue), Casey Anderson (possible dust), Quentin Tolimieri (Trio) und Liam Mooney (180 degrees)

Frank Gratkowski | Alt-Saxophon, Bassklarinette, B-Klarinette, Radio, Triangel
Lucia Mense | Sopranino-, Sopran-, Alt-, Tenor-, Bassblockflöte, Radio, Triangel
Anton Lukoszevieze | Violoncello, Triangel, Radio, Stimme
Seth Josel | E-Gitarre, Mandoline, Radio, Triangel
hans w. koch | Elektronik, Radio, Triangel


15 october 2014 (wed) 8pm
Craig Shepard presents...
the wulf. (1026 s. santa fe ave. #203, la, ca)/$0

i performed in shepard's 'coney island, april 15, 2012' with several other musicians, on this program of music from craig's 'on foot' series


4 october 2014 (sat) 7pm
CATACOMB BOMB - Raum e adiacenze | Walking from Scores
RAUM (Via Ca' Selvatica 4/d, Bologna)/$0

collected and conceived by Elena Biserna; with Davide Bartolomei, Nicola Baruzzi, Federico Cataldo, Andrea Lulli, Barbara Matera, Amirabbas Mohammadi, Gabriella Presutto, Laura Ulisse.

Scores and instructions by: G. Douglas Barrett, George Brecht, Stephen Chase, Philip Corner, Bill Dietz, Francesco Gagliardi, Dick Higgins, Christopher Hobbs, James Klopfleisch, Milan Knizak, Alison Knowles, Takehisa Kosugi, Alvin Lucier, Walter Marchetti, Larry Miller, Tim Mitchell, Max Neuhaus, Pauline Oliveros, Yoko Ono, Open City [Andrew Brown, Katie Doubleday and Simone Kenyon] & Emma Cocker, Michael Parsons, Ben Patterson, Paul Sharits, Mark So, Davide Tidoni, Ultra-red, Manfred Werder, La Monte Young.


19 september 2014 (fri) 10:05pm
Musikforum - Neue Aufnahmen aus dem Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal
Deutschlandfunk radio broadcast/$0

West Coast Soundings [vol. 1]
Experimental music by Mark So, Michael Winter, Liam Mooney

Lucia Mense, Recorders
Gratkowski, clarinet, bass clarinet
Seth Josel, Electric Guitars
Anton Lukoszevieze, cello
Hans W. Koch, Electronics

Recordings from June 2013


14 august 2014 (thurs) 4pm
ashbery home school - artist presentation: mark so, aki sasamoto
time and space limited (434 columbia st, hudson, ny)/$0

i presented my ongoing reading/tape piece 'readings 51 - "the recital" by john ashbery' & participated in a talk with artist aki sasamoto and poet adam fitzgerald


7 august 2014 (thurs)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
key west fl


7 july 2014 (mon)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
eden roc hi


20 june 2014 (fri)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
berlin, germany


18 june 2014 (wed)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
berlin, germany


16 june 2014 (mon) 8pm
garden concert
drontheimerstr. 25 berlin-wedding, second court/0€

mark so - texts and tape music (reading "The Recital" [Ashbery series], RIO GRANDE HOROWITZ)
olaf hochherz/sagardía - synthesizer and hohner piano
sagardía - sound and scene


15 june 2014 (sun) 10pm
sunday series #018 - activity center & mat pogo; ercklentz/neumann/santos silva; mark so
studio acht (grüntaler 8, berlin-wedding 13357)/3-5€

mark so - tapes, readings, etc. (reading "The Recital" [Ashbery series], SHENANDOAH SUITE)
with present participants bryan eubanks, julia holter, christian kesten, cat lamb, manfred werder, et al


14 june 2014 (sat) 6pm
100 jahre nach john cage - jetzt : abschlusskonzert
campus stadt im dortmunder u/0€

a continuation of projects developed together and apart between participants in the composition workshop (including my ongoing reading/tape piece 'readings 51 - "the recital" by john ashbery')


14 june 2014 (sat)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading period)
westfallen park, dortmund, germany


13 june 2014 (fri)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading periods)
durtmund, germany


12 june 2014 (thurs)
readings 51 - "The Recital" by John Ashbery (recording-reading periods)
durtmund, germany


10-14 june 2014 (tues-sat) 10am-4pm
100 jahre nach john cage - jetzt
technischen universität dortmund/0€

experimental music composition workshop led by prof. dr. eva-maria houben and visiting composers mark so and istvàn zelenka


29 may 2014 (thurs) 11pm
Godbeni Imperializem - radio broadcast
Radio Študent 89.3 FM Ljubljana, Slovenia/$0

Godbeni Imperializem with Luka Zagoričnik

featuring music by catherine lamb, mark so, and tashi wada from the west coast soundings release
(click link above to hear broadcast)


26 april 2014 (sat) 8pm
Fare Thee Well, California (Marcus Rubio & Michael Winter)
the wulf. (1026 s. santa fe ave. #203, la, ca)/$0

joe kudirka-
Fare Thee Well, California (michael winter-ukulele, mark so-piano)
marcus rubio-
may the infinity haunt me - for 4 plucked instruments
new work - for 2-3 vocalists and electric guitars
oooo - for 3 or more iphones
a blues (barleywine) - for voice/banjo/trombone/organ
selections from the duet series
michael winter-
necklaces (mark so-piano, michael winter-ukulele)
partition and gate (casey anderson-saxophone, christine tavolacci-flute, marcus rubio-violin, michael winter-harmonica, andrew young-clarinet)


13 april 2014 (sun) 1-2pm
Uncommon Practice - radio broadcast
WOBC 91.5 FM Oberlin, OH/$0

Uncommon Practice with Sivan Silver-Swartz

radio broadcast:
mark so - reading 'illuminations'
toshiya tsunoda - Scraps / air vibration of elevator motor room in stairwell


12 april 2014 (sat) 1030am-6pm PDT
heaps of language
KCHUNG radio broadcast (1630 AM chinatown, los angeles)/$0

Heaps of Language is an exhibition of contemporary Los Angeles artists using performance and sound art to address language and the human voice.

--including my piece for 2 tapes, Pale plumes of dullness [Ashbery series]

Participating artists include: Albert Samreth, Alison O'Daniel, Andrew Choate, Anna Ialeggio, Augustus Tompson, Candice Lin, Chrysanthe O, Danielle Adair, EJ Hill, Emily Lacy, Eve Fowler, Frau Fiber, Gala Porras-Kim, George Jensen, Guru Rugu, Gustavo Herrera, Jennifer Moon and Malik Gaines, Johnnie Jungleguts, Joseph Mosocni, Julie Tolentino, Karen Adelman, Kate Durbin, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Mark So, Mary Hill, Matias Viegner, Nikki Darling, Steve Kado, Yelena Zhelezov

Heaps of Language is curated by John Bartle

broadcast available in the KCHUNG archive:


11 april 2014 (fri) 8pm
the artist theater - final program
empac, rpi - troy, ny/see website for ticketing

artist Erika Vogt curates the third and final installment in her series of innovative artist theater programs, creating an alternate framework for an exhibition that is presented through time, experimenting with theatrical and cinematic space, architectural framing, and display structure; featuring Math Bass, Shannon Ebner, Lauren Fisher, Mariah Garnett, MPA, Silke Otto-Knapp, Adam Putnam, Mark So and Erika Vogt


22 march 2014 (sat) 8pm
reinier van houdt - piano
the wulf. (1026 s. santa fe ave. #203, la, ca)/$0

andrew young : melody:continuum
casey anderson : radio + piano
mark so : (nichts, das ist)
michael winter : meditation for solo piano
jürg frey : klavierstück
leo svirsky : preludes (selection)
antoine beuger : y todos cuantos vagan
walter marchetti: natura morta


23 feb 2014 (sun) 9pm
shahab / so
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203 la, ca 90021)/$0

collaboration featuring many speakers, tape (my EARTH MEMORY), tones

19 jan 2014 (sun) 7pm
studio of evan holloway, los angeles/$0

my new tape TIMES MIRROR played between two decks in a special 15'x15' dark room Evan Holloway has made in his studio



1 dec 2013 (sun) 3pm
some keyboard miscellany, with tapes + ten lists by istvàn zelenka
the wulf./$0

keyboard music by eva-maria houben (some tunes vol. ii), terry jennings (piano piece), joseph kudirka ('fare thee well, california,' 'bryn harrison,' 'piano solos,' '77 notes,' 'an ever open door,' 'autumn,' from 'solidarity'), christian wolff (from 'keyboard miscellany,' from 'ordinary matter,' 'tilbury 2') - mark so, piano; 6 tapes by mark so on 4 decks; ten lists by istvàn zelenka


20 oct 2013 (sun) 4-6pm
mothlight release party
home of stephanie kern, echo park/$0

8 deck playback of mothlight (c28) by casey anderson; A LAKE and ROOM/ROOM tapes by mark so, a storm cascading across the installation; 'guitar (or)' by casey anderson performed live by josh gerowitz


19 oct 2013 (sat) 7pm
a casual air - brookshire / so collaborative
home of liz kotz, pasadena/$0

a new work between myself and madison brookshire, involving an "installed performance" with madison's slideshow 'the casual drift by mark so,' my tape 'air in my path,' and a tape of layered field recordings inside madison's highland park studio


13 oct 2013 (sun) 2pm
Bluebird Reading Series
Avenue 50 Studios (131 N Ave 50 la ca)/$0

Amanda Yates Garcia and I are putting together a bit of a text/tape collaboration - she writes: I'll be reading from my Incantation for the East, a spirit journey through Chinatown and Highland Park all the way out into the desert. A journey backwards into time. Encounter lovers, cowboys, aliens, and ghosts. See what lies beyond Death Valley. Composer Mark So will be playing a series of field recordings during the reading, a conjuring of eastern sonic ectoplasm.


7 oct 2013 (mon) 8-9pm
VOLUME | Medium - a new performance work by Faith Coloccia, Julie Tolentino & Aaron Turner
night gallery (2276 e 16th st, la ca 90021)/suggested donation $5-15

MEDIUM with Aaron Turner and Faith Coloccia + Pig Pen, EJ Hill, Nick Duran, Mark So & Julie Tolentino


4 oct 2013 (fri) 8pm
music by dean rosenthal
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203 la ca)/$0

dean rosenthal presents his music, i'll be playing in some of it, stay tuned...


1 oct 2013 (tues) 4pm
manfred werder & mark so
macarthur park, los angeles/$0


21 sept 2013 (sat) 8pm
Reading, Writing, Pictures, Sound (oprganized by Madison Brookshire)
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203 la ca)/$0

With readings, comics, images, and/or sounds by:
Guy Benjamin Brookshire, Andrew Choate, Jen Hofer, David Hughes, Danielle Roderick, Mark So, and Adrian Tenney


13 aug 2013 (tues) 8pm
dog star orchestra vol 9, concert 6 - the oboe is an instrument
the wild beast, calarts/$0

kathy pisaro presented a program of experimental music for oboe; i joined her on piano for kunsu shim's "hören"


10 aug 2013 (sat) 12:30-6:45pm
into silence - readings 23
oberlin college, oh/$0

douglas ferrand gave a complete reading of my piece, outdoors


3 aug 2013 (sat) 5pm (group event runs 230-630)
heliogabalus 1: the cradle of sperm @ confusion is sex 3
near sepulveda dam, van nuys/$0

a group event organized by dino dinco, dawn kasper, and oscar santos, featuring over 30 artists; i will perform my opera for one amplified reader at the confluence of the small creek and the l.a. river at 5pm


2 aug 2013 (fri) 730pm
heliogabalus 2: the war of principles
poetic research bureau (951 chung king road, los angeles)/$0

a group reading event featuring adam fitzgerald, stuart krimko and others; dicky bahto and i will perform my opera for 2 amplified readers


1 aug 2013 (thurs) 9pm
heliogabalus 3: anarchy
private event in lincoln heights/$0

dicky bahto, stuart krimko and i will perform my opera for 3 amplified readers


20 july 2013 (sat) 8pm
liam mooney presents: Styrofoam and Vinyl
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0

new and classic works by liam mooney, performed by casey anderson, david kendall, todd lerew, stephanie smith, mark so, mike winter and andrew young


2 june 2013 (sunday) 5:30pm-midnight
mark so - into silence
michael strogoff gallery, 124 e el paso st, marfa tx/$0

Into Silence -- reading & tape pieces by mark so


30 may 2013 (thursday) 8pm
echo park film center, 1200 n alvarado st, los angeles ca/$0

Madison Brookshire presents works detailing his relationship to music, including OPENING (2007), an elliptical landscape film with a live soundtrack of indeterminate music; Five Lines (2012), a digital video that is also a musical score; and Veils (work in progress), hand-made by soaking lengths of 16mm acetate in paint and allowing evaporation, dust, crystallization, mold, and more to inform the image. Live music component performed by Casey Anderson, Ezra Buchla, and Mark So.


13 april - 4 may 2013 (wed-sat 12-6pm)
raised by wolves - julie tolentino
commonwealth & council (3006 w 7th st #220 la, ca)/$0

I am honored to be one of 15 choreographers included in artist julie tolentino's unique performance scenario animating her solo show 'raised by wolves,' with limited engagements at 4, 5, and 6pm wed-sat, by appointment - see website for details (RAISED BY WOLVES artist contributors include: Rafa Esparza, Mark So, Catherine Opie, Taisha Paggett, Stosh Fila, Chloë Flores, Juliana Snapper/Miller Puckett, Jet Clark, Aliza Shvarts, Judie Bamber, A.L. Steiner, Zackary Drucker/Ellen Reid, Cyril Kuhn, and CW&C)


31 march 2013 (sunday) 5am
mike winter & mark so
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0

mike winter - minor third abstract
mark so - mark so - though nobody had read it, you knew there was a script ("The End of New England," Eileen Myles) readings 44


14 march 2013 (thurs) 8pm
Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA presents - Rick Bahto, Julia Holter, and Mark So: we're (still) living
MOCA - grand ave, los angeles/$12 (advance tickets available at; FREE for MOCA and Los Angeles Filmforum members (must present current membership card to claim free tickets)

Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA presents an evening of new work by Rick Bahto, Mark So and Julia Holter. Working at the intersection of art, experimental music, and projector performance, these three artists come together for a unique event in which their distinct, yet related practices share time and space. Predicated upon dynamics that arise simply and incidentally as media combine in real time, the work shares in the pioneering spirit of composer John Cage and others, yet looks, sounds, and feels like nothing else.

In their words: there is no picture. there are things going on in the world. it wouldn't cross your mind to improvise. in place of realizing a blueprint, something more like gardening. do we want to make a new kind of pumpkin pie, or do we want to plant pumpkin seeds and pay attention, really see what happens?


10 february 2013 (sun) 9pm
the 8 fest - Bagerooooo, Six! Volume 2 (recent films from around the globe!)
Workman Arts Theatre (651 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON)/$0

I II III IIII IIIII I III III IIII Clint Enns and Francesco Gagliardi 2012 colour silent. 3 min.

The first installment in a series of super 8 translations of performative actions, I II III IIII IIIII I III III IIII is based on Francesco Gagliardi's realization of Los Angeles composer Mark So's score: ascending emptiness of the afternoon (You have built a mountain of something) (2010)



15 december 2012 (sat) 1-4pm
Heliogabalus - a cycle of 3 operas by Mark So
Pomona College Museum of Art (333 n college way, claremont, ca)/$0

1. the cradle of sperm 1pm - performed by julia holter
2. the war of principles 2pm - performed by rick bahto & mark so
3. amarchy 3pm - performed by rick bahto, julia holter & mark so

(taking place within the bureau of experimental speech and holy theses - besht)

18 november 2012 (sun) 8pm
Climate Variations
machine project (1200d n alvaradost - la, ca)/$0
music of todd lerew & liam mooney (i performed with david kendall, mari, casey anderson, todd lerew & liam mooney in liam's 'Dry Ice and Brass Chimes')

2 november 2012 (fri) 8pm
lewis keller & mark so
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0
Mark So: Air in my path ("Fear of Death," John Ashbery) - readings 46 [for Lewis]
Lewis Keller: 74C14*4093/(4093), Ebag, RR41G1BX13

26-27 october 2012 (fri) 1230-345pm / (sat) 2-530pm
Into Silence: reading & tape pieces by Mark So
fsu-warren d. allen music library/lindsay recital hall (tallahassee, fl)/$0

part one (music library - oct 26, 1230-345pm):
Into Silence - readings 23 [for John Cage] -first half-
with tapes: TWICE AROUND / (two hours in san francisco) / LEAVING LAS VEGAS / As You Came from the Holy Land [readings 39]

part two (lindsay hall - oct 27, 2-530pm):
Into Silence - readings 23 [for John Cage] -second half-
with tapes: As You Came from the Holy Land [readings 39] / though nobody had read it, you knew there was a script ("The End of New England," Eileen Myles) - readings 45 / TWO CUTS / HOOVER DAM

(presented as part of The John Cage Festival at The Florida State University, in association with the New Music Collective of Charleston, SC)

7 september 2012 (fri) 8pm
dog star 8: Sign/Symbol/Sound(s)
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0
for anne lebaron - james klopfleisch
juniper foam - gary schultz
almosteverynamepiecemarksohaseverwritten - an attempt to realize all of so's name pieces, synchronously, quietly, and in a most(ly) private way

31 august 2012 (fri) 8pm
dog star 8: almanacs
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0
new works, for no instrumentation or objects, organized around almanacs; performed by various persons; all information will be announced at the show; instigated by casey anderson - includes "scenes" from my MEMORY GARDEN (2012)

26 august 2012 (sun) tba
slides, tapes, piano 4 hands
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0
excerpts from my piece for piano 4 hands, 'where shall i wander' (mark so & julia holter, piano), alongside 40 slides projected by rick bahto; my two newest tapes, HOOVER DAM and LEAVING LAS VEGAS, on the rooftop

21 august 2012 (tues) 730pm
the artists theater: a group show of film and video by visual artists
ucla hammer museum - 10899 wilshire blvd (la, ca)/$0
Organized by Erika Vogt as a community-building effort using the screen as a site for experience, the screening is a chorus of parts: moving parts, speaking parts, skeletal parts, muscle parts, parts for the eyes, parts for the senses, parts for thought, and parts for the imagination. Artists include Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, Alice Könitz, Paul Sietsema, Adam Putnam, James Welling, Madison Brookshire and Tashi Wada, Math Bass, Shannon Ebner, Lucy Raven, W.A.G.E Coalition, and musicians Mark So and Tashi Wada.

13 july 2012 (fri) 8pm
Sounds From Three Cities (2)
betalevel - under full house restaurant, 963 n hill st, chinatown (la, ca)/$0
Brooklyn, Columbus, Los Angeles: The Dream Team, Ran Jewell, Casey Anderson [scott cazan, casey and i performed in a 3-radio realization of casy's 'possible dust']

11 july 2012 (wed) 8pm
314 s alexandria ave #104 (la, ca)/$0
a playback of my new 60' tape 'two hours in san francisco'

7 july 2012 (sat) 8pm
Casual Encounters
Artists' Television Access
 - 992 Valencia Street (sf, ca)/$6
Casey Anderson and Rick Bahto will present a variety of works, including their collaborative Casual Encounters for Super 8 and cassette tape, in which scores of Mark So are seen and heard. Anderson will perform a version of his opera, TALK RADIO. Bahto will also project his film For Paul Clipson, and Paul Clipson will project his film Another Void.

5 july 2012 (thurs) evening
Syros Sound Meetings 2012: Landscape scores/A site-specific summer workshop on verbal & graphic scores
Ano Syros, Cyclades, Greece/150€

on day 3 of the 6 day workshop (3-8 july), participants performed two of my scores: rocks like us (the way back) [Ashbery series] and The world becomes the world goes on; workshop coordinators: Αlexis Porfiriadis, Danae Stefanou; guest participants:  Andrew Raffo Dewar (U.S.A.), Sabu Toyozumi (Japan) 

2 june 2012 (sat) 8pm
Liam Mooney presents
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0
Liam Mooney presents music for brass chimes, assorted triangles, dry ice, plastic bottles, and electric fan.
Performed by Mike Winter, Christine Tavolacci, Mark So, Alan Nakagawa, Mari, Liam Mooney, and Casey Anderson.

2 june 2012 (sat) 730pm
just give me a minute
live arts la - 4210 panamint st (la, ca)/$25
This one-of-a-kind performance event is a benefit for the Garden Co 0p Nursery School and features works inspired by: parenting, time management, birth, death, and sex. You know, the light stuff. We have brought together some of LA's top notch musicians, choreographers and actors to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. Come for the art, and stay for the wine, food, shmoozing and Raffle!! On the bill: Natalie Fender Brejcha (Music), Carmela Hermann Dietrich (Dance Theater), Victoria Marks (Dance Film), Lisa Moncure (Film), Christine Suarez (Dance Theater)
[my piece VIOLA AND was premiered by brejcha with kat nockels as a duet between viola and ukelele]

24 may 2012 (thurs) 7:30-9pm
queer, the space - collaborative exhibition
the centre for creative collaboration (16 acton street, london, uk)/$0
including the music/video collaboration 'a book of palms & shadow/shadows/tomb' (mark so/chris girard)

9 may 2012 (wed) 3pm & 7pm
Julia Holter: Music to Hear Now
WQXR 105.9FM (nyc)/$0
today's mixtape comes courtesy of Los Angeles-based experimental singer/songwriter Julia Holter, whose recent album Ekstasis is itself as much new music as it is indie rock
"Only the pure in heart can make a good soup." - Ludwig van Beethoven"
Playlist --
Olivia Block - Heave To (Part 1) (Heave To, Sedimental, 2006)

Tashi Wada - Gradient (Gradient 7", De Stijl, 2012)

Laura Steenberge - 2 Voices 1 

Mark So - A Book of Palms, 5 ii 2010 (Pages 1-3)

Catherine Lamb - Tone / Noise (Periphery, Engraved Glass, 2012)

Martes Martes - Symphony No. 3 (Rock of Animals, Sleepy Mammal Sound, 2011)

Laura Steenberge - 2 Voices 2

Taylan Susam - Nocturnes

Tashi Wada - Gradient (Gradient 7", De Stijl, 2012)

4 may 2012 (fri) 8pm
some new music videos + more
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0
screening of some new music videos: Julia Holter/Rick Bahto - "Marienbad", Julia Holter/Yelena Zhelezov - "Moni Mon Amie", Heather Lockie/Susanna Battin - "When You're Young"... 
followed by: Rick Bahto, Julia Holter, and Mark So inhabiting studies in topiary (Bahto), some keyboard miscellany (Christian Wolff, Morton Feldman), and a 3-tape reading of John Ashbery's poem "As You Came from the Holy Land" [readings 39] (So)

20 april 2012 (fri) 8pm
Music of Anastassis Philippakopoulos
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (la, ca)/$0
A selection of instrumental Songs and Five Piano Pieces by Anastassis Philippakopoulos. Performed by Mark So (piano), William Powell (clarinet), Kathy Pisaro (oboe/english horn) and Christine Tavolacci (flutes). Also Michael Pisaro will play "24 petits préludes pour la guitare" by Antoine Beuger.

19 april 2012 (thurs) 8pm
highlights from the permanent colleciton
echo park film center - 1200 n alvarado st (la, ca)/$5
The EPFC extended family curates a program of highlights from our permanent collection of neglected and discarded 16mm film prints, featuring cartoons, educational and industrial films, newsreels, nature documentaries and other artifacts from the recent past. Titles include Computers: The Friendly Invasion, which explores the role computers play in everything from our dishwashers to the animations of John Whitney to some really far out multi-media performance; and Discovering Electronic Music, with Moogs, Fairlights, oscilloscopes and sequencers galore. Also, featuring a live performance by composer Casey Anderson! [I performed in two of Casey's recent pieces for radios/performers]

1 april 2012 (sun) 6pm
Julia Holter : EKSTASIS album release event
atwater crossing - 3245 casitas ave, la/$0
rick bahto, julia holter, mark so & yelena zhelezov perform

31 march 2012 (sat) lovely afternoon: piano piece for ben vautier
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203, la/$0
piano piece for ben vautier by joseph kudirka
mark so, piano

23 march 2012 (fri) 6pm
how to continue - Ashbery across the arts
arnhold hall, the new school - 55 w 13th st, nyc/$0
Poets, visual artists, musicians, composers, scholars, filmmakers and choreographers present their own work in conversation with the poetry of John Ashbery. Curated and moderated by Adam Fitzgerald, Emily Skillings, and Robert Polito. With Christian Hawkey, Ben Lerner, Irwin Chen, Beth Fiore, Tom Levine, Jenni Quilter, Karin Roffman, Julie Patton, Ava Lehrer, John Yau, Trevor Winkfield, and Mark So. [I will present several pieces for tape and performers during an open 'gallery' period (6-630pm) as well as a piece for readers during the formal presentation period, all from my Ashbery series.]

22 march 2012 (thurs) 8pm
new works salon
echo park film center - 1200 n alvarado st (la, ca)/$5
Several local artists will present new in-progress or recently completed works. Sean Batton and Kelsey Brain will present a 16mm film comprising footage of Occupy Los Angeles's two-month encampment at City Hall. Marcy Saude presents her in-progress Alternative Strategies #1, in which Filmmaker Robert Nelson talks about the house he and William Wiley built by hand in rural Mendocino County. Mark Toscano will present two recent 16mm films, Rating Dogs on a Scale of 1 to 10 (2011) and Demonstration (2012). Also, Rick Bahto & Casey Anderson will present sketches towards a documentary on the composer Mark So, Pablo Valencia will project a collection of Super 8 miniatures, and Hayley Elliott will present a developing cut of hand-processed Super 8 film.

10 march 2012 (sat) 8pm
Omoi for Japan, "One for All"
the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203, la/$0
A tribute concert dedicated to all the victims and sufferers of 3.11 earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Performed by: Michael Pisaro, Sara Roberts, Ulrich Krieger, Adam Overton, Mark So, Julia Holter, Alex Sramek, Christine Tavalocci, Ezra Buchla, Alan Nakagawa, Carmina Escober, Archie Carey, Paul Fraser, Colin Wambsgans, Chaz Underriner, Stephen Touchton, James Klopfleisch, Ingrid Lee, Donald Gialanella, Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir, Mari and more...

24 february 2012 (fri) 8pm
we're living: rick bahto, julia holter, mark so
jancar jones gallery, 1031 n broadway la/$0
please join us tonight in chinatown for a variety of activities happening more or less together, in various media including rick bahto's official music video for julia holter's song 'marienbad' and mark so's newest ashbery manuscript illuminations

19 february 2012 (sun) 11:59pm
mark so: brite spots [for brian blanchfield]
314 s alexandria ave #104 (la, ca)/$0
a preview of my new 90' tape made over 15 days (accompanied by 15 quick photo snapshots), my part of a forthcoming collaboration with poet brian blanchfield

13 february 2012 - ongoing
FACT mix 316 / julia holter
julia holter's FACT mix features lots of nice things, including side A of my tape 'TWO HOURS' - direct link

10 february 2012 (fri) 2-4pm
middletown duets: jason brogan & mustafa walker
outdoors, wesleyan university (middletown, ct)/$0
George Brecht: selections from Water Yam
Sarah Hughes: For Rilke
Joseph Kudirka: a round
Michael Pisaro: E là fora
Mark So: A waft from a tree branch [ashbery series]
K. C. M. Walker: for emmitt walker junior
Manfred Werder: 2009 (2)

performed by Jason Brogan (e-gtr, varia), Mustafa Walker (harmonium, varia)

27 january 2012 - ongoing
onandonscreen issue 5 - winter 2012$0
the current issue features a collaboration of sorts between myself and poets adam fitzgerald and christoph girard - a unique conjunction of fitzgerald's poem 'mid-harbor', girard's video poem 'shadow/shadows/tomb' and my keyboard notebook 'a book of palms' - direct link


29-30 october 2011 (sat-sun) 9-4 both days & 6pm sat
HWY 62 art tours : feral pop-up gallery & i defy you stars
feral gallery, joshua tree & the palms, wonder valley/$0
free as breath/wind - mark so, piano (between two scores, 9-4 each day); partaking in 'feral gallery' show with over 40 other artists
'i defy you stars' - movement/performance/sound program at the palms, produced by julie tolentino, with stosh fila, mark so, shayna keller, jmy james leary, adam tinkle and tolentino

22 october 2011 (sat) 8pm
Experimental Music Yearbook 2011, #4
the wulf., los angeles/$0
i performed in albert ortega's 'STATUE' with casey anderson, scott cazan, john p. hastings, and liam mooney, and also with an audience group in anderson's 'living room + accoutrements [database]'; the program also had works by hastings and c. spencer yeh

6-7 october 2011 (thurs-fri) 8pm
a x s festival 2011 - ignite / flow
wind tunnel gallery, art center south (950 s raymond, pasadena)/$0 - reservations required
commissioned works by:
mark so: reading illuminations [readings 41] (performed with julia holter)
yann novak & robert crouch: fata morgana
carole kim: scan (with oguri + roxanne steinberg-dance, aaron drake-sound, jesse gilbert-video processing)

2 october 2011 (sun) 8pm
mark so & rick bahto - sounds and images
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca 90021/$0
bahto: donuts & still lifes (2 sets of color slides)
so: a book of palms (notebook for piano); twice around (tape)

23-29 september 2011 (fri-thurs) check listings for showtimes
theatrical screenings | there was once...
laemmle's sunset 5 (l.a.) & ifc center (n.y.)/tickets required
happily, gabor kalman's feature-length documentary 'there was once...' (for which i composed the score) will be going to limited theatrical release this week in new york and los angeles, at the ifc center and laemmle's sunset 5 theaters, respectively -- check your local listings forshowtimes and ticketing

21 september 2011 (wed) 1pm
WORD EVENT a verbal notation symposium - lunchtime concert
Corsham Court Centre, Bath Spa University, UK/$0
G. Douglas Barrett: A Few Silence (2008)
Michael Pisaro: A single charm is doubtful [harmony series no. 14] (2005)
Mark So: Was ever anything so delectable floated across the crescent moon's transparent bay (2010)
--performed by: Angharad Davies, John Lely, Tim Parkinson, James Saunders

14 september 2011 (wed) 1030pm
tba: 11 - new musics | 'color film 6' and 'field organ'
the works, washington h.s. (se stark & 13th, portland, or)/(tickets required)
madison brookshire: color film 6
tashi wada: field organ
madison brookshire - 16mm projection; mark so & tashi wada - field organs)

12 september 2011 (mon) evening; continuing indefinitely
mark so: parallel to the earth (in the angles where the grass writing goes on) [ashbery series] (2011)
locations in silverlake, l.a./$0
dicky bahto initiated a performance of my piece, 'parallel to the earth (in the angles where the grass writying goes on),' in ten outdoor locations throughout the silverlake neighborhood of los angeles, depositing one of ten identical clear frames of 35mm film in each location

4 september 2011 (sun) afternoon
mark so: leave us alone this day [ashbery series] (2010)
headington hill park (oxford, uk)/$0
performed by patrick farmer, daniel jones and sarah hughes

7 august 2011 (sun) 3pm
hedges of understanding [readings 38]
zorthian ranch, altadena/$0
i performed a solo version of my piece 'hedges of understanding [readings 38]' [ashbery series] (2010), moving about the zorthian ranch, alongside the l.a. folk festival

3 july 2011 (sun) 1-4pm
the wulf. @ MOCA sunday studio
moca, los angeles/$0
my new tape '‪END ROAD WORK. NO PARKING. BOB LOVES BETTY.' was installed in the franz kline room; I also participated in performances of mike winter's 'room and seams' and liam mooney's '180 degrees' for triangles and dry ice

--- --- --- ---

The Dog Star Orchestra (Volume 7), June 26 – July 16, 2011, Los Angeles

--- --- --- ---

All events 8pm, except July 10 & 11 (afternoon)

1. Sunday, June 26th at the wulf.
'For Philip Guston' by Morton Feldman

2. Wednesday, June 29th at The Wild Beast
Indigenous and Diasporic Music
Music by Mosko, Corral, Feldman
Curated by Christine Tavolacci

3. Thursday, June 30th at The Wild Beast
Audio Destructinators + The Stylophone Ensemble
Music by Fraser, Sramek, Carey, Wadle, Ingrid Lee and others
Curated by Paul Fraser

4. Friday, July 1st at The Wild Beast
Music For Solo Amplified Violin
Adam Fong, Brent Miller, Lisa Coons, Denise Gilson, John Hastings

5. Saturday, July 2nd at The Wild Beast
Very Quiet Solo And Small Ensemble Music
Michael Pisaro, Sam Sfirri, Jack Callahan, Emi Tamura And Others

6. Tuesday, July 5th at The Wild Beast
'Treatise' by Cornelius Cardew
Ensemble Led by Eric Km Clark And Christine Tavolacci

7. Thursday, July 7th at The Wild Beast
Large Ensemble Concert:
'Robert' by Christian Wolff
'Ascending Series 5' by Michael Pisaro

8. Sunday, July 10th, House/Hill Concert (481 1/2 Ave. 28, Los Angeles, California 90031)
Landscape Music by Ezra Buchla, John Burtle, Jerry Hunt, Cat Lamb, Douglas Wadle

9. Monday, July 11th, A Few Rooms Around Town (6 semi-private interior rooms)
Pieces by Mark So, Madison Brookshire, Jason Brogan, Istvàn Zelenka, and others

10. Wednesday, July 13th at the wulf.
Music For Field Recordings, Sine Tones And Strings
by Sepand Shahab, Scott Cazan And Gary Schultz

Saturday, July 16th at the wulf.
Music With Mathematics by Tom Johnson/Mike Winter

--- --- --- ---

Locations: The Wild Beast, CalArts/24700 McBean Parkway/Valencia, CA 91355
the wulf./1026 South Santa Fe Avenue #203/Los Angeles, CA 90021

--- --- --- ---

5 june 2011 (sun) 1-5pm
the wulf. @ MOCA big family day
moca, los angeles/$0
i participated in casey anderson's 'radio opera' and liam mooney's 'styrofoam orchestra'

2 june 2011 (thurs) 7pm
pieter (420 West Avenue 33, Unit 10 Lincoln Heights, 90031)/$0
notebooks: Moving whole heart - Eileen Myles ~ (idle.) - Mark So

28 may 2011 (sat) 7pm
tex gallery (1012 egan st, denton, tx)/$0
hedges of understanding [readings 38] [ashbery series (2010)
martin back, jon johnson, andrew miller, mark so - readers
poem in three parts [readings 40] [ashbery series] (2011)
martin back, jon johnson, andrew miller - readers

28 may 2011 (sat) 1pm
mark so: hedges of understanding [readings 38]
firefighters memorial park (denton, tx)/$0
hedges of understanding [readings 38] [ashbery series] (2010)
andrew miller, mark so - readers

22 may 2011 (sun) 3pm
Blind Spot Lab & Exhibition / Issue 43 — edited by Moyra Davey & Zoe Leonard
Murray Guy Gallery (453 w 17th st, nyc)/$0
notebooks performance: Moving whole heart - eileen myles ~ (idle.) - mark so
with readings by corrine fitzpatrick, lynne tillman, moyra davey, and zoe leonard

20 may 2011 (fri) 8 & 10 pm
blur: art after dark
speed art museum - chamber gallery (louisville, ky)/$15
mark so: heliogabalus 1. [the cradle of sperm] (2010)
mark so, amplified voice
part of blur: art after dark 7-11pm
with many other performances / activities / enjoyments, including work by Letitia Quesenberry & Tara Jane O'Neil

15 may 2011 (sun) 2:30 pm
crossroads: playback - san francisco cinematheque
145 9th st, san francisco, ca)/$0
dicky bahto's super-8 film 'performing marmarth' - itself both a document and performance of my piece 'marmarth' (2010) - screened at this festival of recent artist-made works in san francisco

12 may - 10 june 2011
this goes out : madison brookshire
presents gallery (64 washington ave, brooklyn)/$0
on view saturday afternoons and by appointment, madison brookshire's second solo show includes 'the casual drift by mark so,' a slide show of 80 images documenting his performance of my piece 'the casual drift' [ashbery series] (2010)

21 april 2011 (thurs) 8 pm
bowerbird presents: music by jason brogan, sam sfirri, mark so and manfred werder
vox populi gallery, 319 n 11th, 3rd fl, philadelphia, pa/$0
sam sfirri, little by little (2010)
jason brogan, ensemble (2011)
mark so, hedges of understanding [readings 38] [ashbery series] (2010)
manfred werder, stück 1998

20 april 2011 (wed) 8 pm
sound series at presents gallery #8 music by jason brogan, sam sfirri, mark so and manfred werder
64 washington ave. brooklyn, ny 11205/$0
sam sfirri, little by little (2010)
jason brogan, ensemble (2011)
mark so, hedges of understanding [readings 38] [ashbery series] (2010)
manfred werder, stück 1998

--- --- --- ---

so / werder project, 15-17 april 2011, charleston, sc

--- --- --- ---

1-2: friday-saturday, 15-16 april 2011, 12-4 pm
hampton park, charleston, sc/$0
two days of performance will take place in the central-southern area of hampton park, near the lake -- various pieces by mark so and manfred werder will be actualized by a quartet of so, werder, jason brogan, and sam sfirri

3: sunday, 17 april 2011, 7 pm
halsey institute of contemporary art, charleston, sc/$0
the quartet of brogan, sfirri, so, and werder will present an overlapping performance of so’s into silence [readings 23] (2007) and werder’s stück 1998

5 april 2011 (tues) 2 pm
mark so: music for one and more readers
marfa book co., 105 s highland ave, marfa, tx 79843/$0
heliogabalus 1. [the cradle of sperm] (2010)
while the distant rumble goes on [readings 35] [ashbery series] (2010)
hedges of understanding [readings 38] [ashbery series] (2010)
performed by mark so, nicolas miller, and tim johnson

13 march 2011 (sun) 4-10 pm
eva-maria houben : some tunes vol. 1-5 (2006-7)
@ the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (at sacramento), los angeles 90021/$0
for one performer
mark so, piano
reading through all five volumes, moving freely between volumes

28 feb 2011 (mon) 8:30 pm
The Artists Theater: A Group Show of Film and Video Work by Visual Artists
@ redcat - 631 w 2nd st, los angeles/$9-7-5
madison brookshire (color film no. 5) alongside tashi wada (untitled - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ)
on a varied program curated by Erika Vogt, including works by Math Bass, Shannon Ebner, Alice Koenitz, Adam Putnam, Lucy Raven and others

24 feb 2011 (thurs) 8:00 pm
fog tropes
@ ata - 992 valencia st, san francisco /$10-6
madison brookshire (color films no. 4 & 5) alongside tashi wada (untitled - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ)
also featuring: En & Paul Clipson; Radiant Husk & Zach Iannazzi; Sean McCann

22 feb 2011 (tues) 8:00 pm
New things by Rick Bahto and Mark So
@ the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (at sacramento), los angeles 90021/$0
*Rick Bahto: Sparse Gardens (2010). Performance for 35 mm Kodachrome slides and cassette tape. two types of gardened spaces common in Phoenix are compared visually and sonically: the fussily landscaped strips and islands of parking lots and driveways, and vacant lots, bulldozed clear of buildings or natural desert that have been re-inhabited by weeds or rogue/remnant landscaping plants.
*Mark So: Girls on the Run (Other dreams.) [readings 37] (2010) [Ashbery series]. Performed by Kate Brown, Tuni Chatterji, Dave Hughes, Dicky Bahto, Julia Holter, Mari, Pablo Valencia, Madison Brookshire, Liam Mooney, Cat Lamb.
*dessert reception.

19 feb 2011 (sat) 8:00 pm
music by casey anderson & mike winter
@ the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203 (at sacramento), los angeles 90021/$0
casey anderson - other cities
michael winter - maximum change (casey anderson, matt cook, laura steenberge, mark so - pitched percussion)

11 feb 2011 (fri) 8pm
sound series : francesco gagliardi presents twelve reconstructions
presents gallery 64 washington ave, brooklyn, ny/$0
mark so: ascending emptiness of the afternoon (You have built a mountain of something) (2010) [ashbery series]
& When the flat table used to result/A match recedes, slowly, into the night. [for Beckett & Francesco] (2010) [Ashbery series]
on a program of short performances, with others by Francesco, Kara Feely, and Doug Barrett

6 feb 2011 (sun) 2pm
little william theater festival of new music - closing celebration
machine project - 1200d n alvarado, los angeles, ca/$0
daniel corral & isaac schankler gave another performance of my piece 'two accordions' at the closing performances celebrating the end of the massive series of miniatures staged at the little william theater

30 jan 2011 (sun) 5:45pm
fleshyfeb : experimental music & massage
mark so: into silence (2007)
w/adam overton: body work

28 jan 2011 (fri) 8pm
the 8 fest : bageroooo, fore! part 1 (recent small-gauge filmmaking)
trash palace (89b niagara st, toronto)/$5
dicky bahto's super-8 film 'performing marmarth' - itself both a document and performance of my piece 'marmarth' (2010) - screened at this small-gauge festival in toronto

20 jan 2011 (thurs) 6pm
collective show : los angeles opening
995 & 997 n hill st, los angeles, ca/$0
I'm taking part in the Los Angeles Collective Show in Chinatown as a member of the Los Angeles Road Concerts contingent. The opening is this Thursday, January 20, 6-9pm (at 995 & 997 N Hill St, Los Angeles 90012). At some point during, in the neighborhood of the galleries, I will perform 'small change,' which was written and first performed for the Washington Boulevard Art Concert on October 11, 2009.

19 jan 2011 (wed) 8pm
artist curated projects presents madison brookshire - nothing is accomplished closing performance
parker jones gallery 8545 washington blvd, culver city, ca/$0
tashi wada : untitled - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ
alongside madison brookshire : color film no. 6

16-19 jan 2011
artist curated projects presents madison brookshire - nothing is accomplished
parker jones gallery 8545 washington blvd, culver city, ca/$0
Madison Brookshire's show, Nothing Is Accomplished, includes among its 3 extraordinary works two which provocatively continue Brookshire's engagement with experimental music: a set of field recordings taped in his backyard studio, conceived as an extensive realization of James Tenney's 'For percussion perhaps, or ... ,' and (to my great honor) a slideshow of 80 stunning color images taken over the course of his months-long realization of my piece 'the casual drift' [Ashbery series]. The centerpiece of the show is a starkly lyrical accumulation loop of 16 mm leader, which gradually presents its history in the finest terms of dust and streaking while the sound of the projector in operation is amplified to the point of not quite feeding back.

13 jan 2011 (thurs) 6pm
studio apartment series
mark's apt - 314 s alexandria ave #104, los angeles, ca/$0
casey anderson : the argument
james klopfleisch : new piece for ipod, bowed milk carton & performer
mark so : while the distant rumble goes on [readings 35] [to james klopfleisch]
& hedges of understanding [readings 38] [for istvàn zelenka] [both ashbery series]
istvàn zelenka : so what to do with these? & how to get rid of binarity?
realized by casey anderson, dicky bahto, meghan gaynor, james klopfleisch & mark so


12.18.10 (sat) 8pm
sound series : lamb, overton, pisaro & so
presents gallery 64 washington ave, brooklyn, ny/$0
Cat Lamb - nodes, various
Mark So - Color of the sound of waves [Ashbery series]
Michael Pisaro - fields have ears (4)
and something by Adam Overton.

12.10.10 8:00 pm
the yggdrasil soli
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, los angeles)/$0
a project conceived and curated by ulrich krieger
composed by: antoine beuger, radu malfatti, carter williams, aniela perry, michael pisaro, julia holter, mark so, ulrich krieger
performed by: christine tavolacci-flute, ulrich krieger-alto sax, doug wadle-trombone, eric clark-violin, aniela perry-cello, michael pisaro-guitar, julia holter-percussion, mark so-piano, scott cazan-laptop
(9 solos by 8 composers, which can be performed simultaneously; yggdrasil is the world tree from nordic/germanic mythology, which reaches all nine nordic worlds)

12.04.10 (sat) 8pm
An Evening of Minimal and Abstract Sounds and Film
the lab san francisco, ca/$15-8
John Krausbauer and Agnes Szelag
Madison Brookshire (color film no. 6) alongside Tashi Wada (untitled - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ)
Joshua Churchill and Paul Clipson

12.03.10 (fri) 9pm
tashi wada & john krausbauer & rick bahto
life changing ministries, 1629 8th st, oakland, ca/$0
Madison Brookshire (color film no. 6) alongside Tashi Wada (untitled - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ)
rick bahto: some places - rick bahto, super 8 projector; mark so, tapes
w/john krausbauer

12.01.10 (wed) 8pm
contemporary chamber players
staller center recital hall, stony brook university, long island, ny/$0
mark so : horn and bassoon - jon stehney, bassoon; amanda tabor, french horn
on a program with other works by berio, crumb, nancarrow, pritske & ran

11.30.10 (tues) 8pm
John Krausbauer, Laura Steenberge & Julia Holter, Tashi Wada & Mark So
@ dem passwords - 7914b santa monica blvd, west hollywood, ca/$0
tashi wada: untitiled - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ
laura steenberge & julia holter
john krausbauer

11.28.10 8:00 pm
John Krausbauer w Ezra Buchla & Julia Holter / Madison Brookshire and Tashi Wada w Mark So
@ the wulf. - 1026 s santa fe #203, los angeles, ca/$0
madison brookshire (color film no. 6) alongside tashi wada (untitled - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ)
& john krausbauer w/ezra buchla & julia holter

11.24.10 (wed) 10pm
tashi wada & aures tour
gallery 1412 seattle, wa/$0
tashi wada: untitled (2010) - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ

11.23.10 (tues) 8pm
tashi wada & aures tour
disjecta gallery portland, or/$5
tashi wada: untitled (2010) - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ

11.22.10 (mon) 8pm
tashi wada & aures tour
elliot chapel, reed college, portland, or/$0
tashi wada: untitled (2010) - mark so, harmonium; tashi wada, organ

11.19.10 8:00 pm
More So / Bahto
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, los angeles)/$0
*Several new Super 8 films by Rick Bahto, including Lebensraum, For Pablo Valencia, For Karen Johannesen, and an open-ended, variable-duration performance for Super 8 film and cassette tapes Some Places for Mark So and Madison Brookshire, performed by Mark So (boombox) and Madison Brookshire (Super 8 projector) that may last anywhere from between 5 and 50 minutes, or maybe even longer.
*Mark So will present two recent works, more of same (with Nate Brown) and while the distant rumble goes on [readings 35] (with Casey Thomas Anderson), both from the ongoing Ashbery series.

11.13.10 (sat) 8:00 pm
music of mike winter
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, los angeles)/$0
some piano pieces and some pieces with sustained sounds punctuated every once in a while with other sounds.
performed by casey anderson, matthew barber, eric clark, daniel corral, rory cowal, corey fogel, james klopfleisch, cat lamb, liam mooney, anna robinson, gary schultz, mark so, laura steenberge, christine tavolacci, and perhaps a few others.

10.30.10 (sat) 1pm
little william theater festival of new music
hammer museum (10899 wilshire blvd, los angeles)/$0
james sullivan and brian walsh performed my piece 'two clarinets' as part of the massive and ongoing series of miniatures at the little william theater

10.23.10 (sat) 8pm
experimental music yearbook 2010
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, los angeles)/$0
the second night of the 2010 Experimental Music Yearbook concerts features new works by mike winter ("scene++," and "subset canon"), mark so ("windrows" [ashbery series] accompanied by a reading of John Ashbery's double monologue "Litany"), and Casey Anderson (performing new works in multiples to be determined)

09.25.10 (sat) 7pm
glow - dusk & beyond 2010 opening ceremony
santa monica pier/$0
brendan carn, mike winter, and mark so joined casey anderson in simultaneous performances of four of his recent pieces, for diverging musicians with drums, metal, and amplified ipods

09.19.10 (sun) 8pm
Music of James Klopfleisch
@ the wulf. (1026 S Santa Fe #203, l.a.)/$0
4 new works by James Klopfleisch:
John, Paul, And The Third World/The Gossamer Oxus; In Memoriam/Borrowed Methods of Photography/Landscape #1
performed by: Mike Winter, Gary Schultz, Mark So, Mari, Colin, Heather Lockie, Archie Carey, Odeya Nini, Casey Anderson, Ellen Reid, Christine Tavolacci

09.18.10 (sat) 1pm
little william theater festival of new music
hammer museum (10899 wilshire blvd, los angeles)/$0
luke storm and doug tornquist performed my piece 'two tubas' as part of the massive and ongoing series of miniatures at the little william theater

09.11.10 (sat) 1pm
little william theater festival of new music
hammer museum (10899 wilshire blvd, los angeles)/$0
daniel corral and isaac schankler performed my piece 'two accordions' as part of the massive and ongoing series of miniatures at the little william theater

09.02.10 (thurs) 8pm
some american landscapes
echo park film center (1200 n alvarado st, los angeles)/$5
dicky bahto's screened his super-8 film 'performing marmarth' - itself both a document and performance of my piece 'marmarth' (2010)

08.29.10 (sun) 8pm
in memoriam harris wulfson
@ the wulf. (1026 S Santa Fe #203, l.a.)/$0
harris wulfson - lost intuition, durations, LiveScore
performed by casey anderson, eric km clark, orin hildestad, cat lamb, kathy pisaro, gary schultz, mark so, laura steenberge, christine tavolacci, and mike winter

08.17.10 (tues) 830pm
Greg Davis, Aures, Tashi Wada, Chuck Johnson
@ Mindgaze Hut (671B 24th St, Oakland, CA)/$5-10 donation
I performed with Tashi Wada in his duet for organ and harmonium

08.15.10 (sun) 8pm
some american landscapes
ata (922 valencia st, san francisco, ca)/$5
dicky bahto's screened his super-8 film 'performing marmarth' - itself both a document and performance of my piece 'marmarth' (2010)

08.07.10 (sat) 1pm
little william theater festival of new music
hammer museum (10899 wilshire blvd, los angeles)/$0
andrew mcintosh and andrew tholl performed my piece 'two violins' as part of the massive and ongoing series of miniatures at the little william theater

08.01.10 (sun) 2-8pm
Perform! Now! : UNTITLED STUDY (beside) VOLUME
993 N Hill St, Chinatown, upstairs/$0

Julie Tolentino, Stosh Fila and Mark So
245p-7p; intermittently over five hours

with VOLUME sound program - curated by Robert Crouch and Dino Dinco
performances for 4 listeners with headphones
12 unique performances; 2p-8p

2:00 Julia Holter
2:30 Mark Trayle
3:00 Sander Roscoe Wolff
3:30 Jen Boyd
4:00 Mark So
4:30 Sublamp
5:00 Marc Manning
5:30 Justin Varis
6:00 Adam Overton
6:30 Shuttle358
7:00 Akira Rabelais
7:30 Kadet Kuhne

(I'll be doing a piece called sitting and listening [for Madison Brookshire] -- a series of field recording 'postcards')

07.29-31.10 (thurs-sat) 830pm
NOW Festival: Systems of Us
REDCAT (631 W 2nd St, Los Angeles)/$18
Systems of Us, a collaborative performance by choreographer Rae Shao-Lan Blum and composer Tashi Wada

Amanda Furches, Erin Beneze and Rae Shao-Lan Blum

Douglas Wadle, tenor trombone
Matt Barbier, bass trombone
Mark So, harmonium
Tashi Wada, reed organ
Orin Hildestad, violin
Laura Steenberge, contrabass

From night to night, we will alternate between two versions of the performance

07.24.10 (sat) 830pm
new works by So and Bahto
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, los angeles)/$0

Mark So presents:
A little fretful calm is sweeter (wild city) – readings 34 [Ashbery series], with Julia Holter, Mari, Christine Tavolacci, James Klopfleisch and Adam Overton performing
DICKY BAHTO (Mark So, piano)

Rick Bahto will project three new Super 8 films: Still Life for Charles Boone (2010), For Bill Jenkins (2010) and Performing Marmarth (2010)

07.14.10 (wed) 3pm
utilities included
#104 (mark's apartment)/$0
adam overton: bath piece for mark so
mark so: swept out into the world [ashbery series]

06.26.10 (sat) 12-5pm
Torrance Art Museum (3320 Civic Center Drive Torrance, CA)/$0
Adam Overton & Mark So will be performing pieces from Overton's posture series, and In To / Out Of (for Francesco Gagliardi)

06.23.10 (wed) 830pm
STRAEBEL | Prenzlauer Allee 13 (5th floor) Berlin, Germany/$0
Christine Tavolacci, Eric km Clark and Gary Schultz performing:
mark so - the fuchsia, the orange, and the dahlia [Ashbery series]
gerhard schultz - on the arc of travels that have no beginning, patterns that would travel
adam overton - for any stolen instrument, out of thin air

06.18.10 (fri) 8pm liam mooney: carbon dioxide music
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
liam writes: is carbon dioxide lots of fun and just generally really great? yes, and this is yet another issue on which radiohead and i disagree. anyway, we'll be playing with dry ice for a bit and making noise in a peculiar sort of way, so bring a long attention span, and byob, if you like.
featuring: adam overton, albert ortega, casey anderson, corey fogel, david kendall, john hastings, mark so, mike winter

--- --- --- ---

The Dog Star Orchestra (Volume 6), June 2 – 12, 2010, Los Angeles

--- --- --- ---

1: Wednesday, June 2, 2pm, The Wild Beast
Casey Thomas Anderson: processional/Danny Holt, piano/percussion
André Cormier: marabout de ficelle/Laura Cetilia, Jessica Catron, cellos
Joe Lake: This is one small stone in an entire city of monuments I am building for you/Katie Clark, piano
Jessica Catron, Michael Pisaro (improvisation)
Antoine Beuger: coelinblau/Michael Pisaro, guitar
Mari: Happy (Un)Birthday Party

2: Thursday, June 3, 8pm, The Wild Beast
Ronit Kirchman: Seven String Suites
Michael Pisaro: new tombstones/Voices: L. Tolentino, J. Holter, L. Steenberge, Ensemble: Pisaro, Esler, Lamb, Tavolacci, Eric KM Clark., K. Clark, Klopfleisch, So
Laura Steenberge: Lucifer in the Shadowland (a collection of 5 pieces performed by the orchestra)

3: Saturday, June 5, 8pm, the wulf.
Singing by Numbers Ensemble
Jessica Basta, Jessica Catron, Mari Garrett, Sascha Goldhor, Julia Holter, Emily Lacy, Catherine Lamb, Heather Lockie, Laura Steenberge, Cassia Streb, Christine Tavolacci, Adrian Tenney, Lisa Tremain

4: Sunday, June 6th, 3pm, The Compound
John Lely: Symphony in e
James Klopfleisch: Landscape #3
Samuel Vriezen: 10 readers
Adam Overton: general impression piece
evening finale: Wolfgang von Schweinitz: JUZ/Matt Barbier, trombone

5: Tuesday, June 8th, 8pm, The Wild Beast Sam Sfirri: for Dan Flavin
Travis Just: Fabric for Jim
Jason Brogan: sheet music
Derek Bailey: Carpal Tunnel (after 12 weeks)/Eric Klerks, guitar
John P. Hastings: Vibrations
Carolyn Chen: Walk for 3n legs/Eric KM Clark, Christine Tavolacci

6: Wednesday, June 9th, 9am, Vasquez Rocks
Mark So's Landscapes (a collection of 6 works performed by the ensemble)
includes also: Adam Overton: instead piece

7: Thursday, June 10th, 2pm, The Wild Beast
Morton Feldman: Palais de Mari/Katie Clark, piano
Manfred Werder: 2009(4)
Elisabeth McMullin: Polarity
Michael Pisaro: fields have ears (2): Katie Clark, piano + Cazan, Anderson, McMullin and Hastings

8: Saturday, June 12th, 6pm, the wulf.
20 microscores/Jessica Catron, cello, Orin Hildestad, violin
Music by: Chiyoko Szlavnics, Greg Rosenthal, Kathy Pisaro, Andre Cormier, Pauline Oliveros, Zachary Watkins, Matt Davignon, Carol Sawyer, Johnny Chang, Leung Xiao-Lan, Jonathan Zorn, Kraig Grady, Phillip Brownlee, Eric KM Clark, Raven Chacon, Sean Clute, Taylan Susam, Michael Pisaro, Zachary Scott, Jennifer Butler
Jonathan Marmor: Dog Star Music/Clark, Klopfleisch, Tavolacci, So, Winter, Nilsson, Fraser
Mike Winter: approximating omega (performed by The Orchestra)

The Orchestra (2010): Adam Overton, April Guthrie, Beth McMullin, C.T. Anderson, Cassia Streb, Cat Lamb, Christine Tavolacci, Colin Wambsgans, Danny Holt, Dicky Bahto, Emma Nilsson, Eric KM Clark, Eric Klerks, James Klopfleisch, Jason Grier, Jessica Catron, John Hastings, Julia Holter, Katie Clark, Laura Cetilia, Laura Steenberge, Lisa Tolentino, Mari, Mark So, Matt Barbier, Michael Pisaro, Michael Winter, Nathan Brown, Ori Barel, Orin Hildestad, Paul Fraser, Paul West, Rob Esler, Ronit Kirchman, Scott Cazan, Sepand Shahab, Tashi Wada

--- --- --- ---

Locations: The Wild Beast, CalArts/24700 McBean Parkway/Valencia, CA 91355
the wulf./1026 South Santa Fe Avenue #203/Los Angeles, CA 90021
The Compound/33628 Lancaster Road - Hwy 138 /Lancaster, CA 93536
Vasquez Rocks/10700 Escondido Canyon Road/Santa Clarita, CA 91390-4896

--- --- --- ---

05.24.10 (mon) 830pm
mark so : where shall i wander
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
Where Shall I Wander [Ashbery series] (2010)
julia holter, mark so - piano 4 hands

04.24.10 (sat) 8pm
A Few Transcriptions, A Place or Two, Some Recordings
Neutral Ground (#203 - 1856 Scarth Street, Regina, Saskatchewan)/$0
G. Douglas Barrett: A Few Silence; Derivation XV. a,b,c; Two Voices; Place Feed-forward
Francesco Gagliardi: Seven Sounds
Mark So: for doug barrett - a meadow's edge (walking)
Adam Overton: (selections from) Posture Series
performed by Douglas Barrett, Jeff Morton, Erin Gee, John Hampton

03.21.10 (sun) 3pm
Jürg Frey & Stefan Thut present
Säulenhalle Landhaus, Solothurn (Switz)/$0
4-5p/6-8p listening room/installations:
Jürg Frey: 8 Räume: Nr. 5, 8
Taku Sugimoto: 26, electronic version
Stefan Thut: aussen raum; innen raum, 1-20
Manfred Werder: 2008 (3)
Jürg Frey: 60 pieces of sound
Stefan Thut: drei, 1-21
Taylan Susam: for blinky palermo
Manfred Werder: stück 1998
Taku Unami: foxes 2

03.12.10 (fri) 11pm - 03.13.10 (sat) 830am
main gallery, calarts/$0
11:pm Rodrigo Pabon
11:30 *Sadie
12:am Jib Kidder
12:30 Adam Florin
1:am Eliane Radigue : : : Songs of Milarepa
1:40 Michael Pisaro : : : 4 messages (message 3)
2:45 John Lely : : : The Harmonics of Real Strings
3:15 Gerhard Schultz : : : a pause, a rose, something on paper
4:15 Michael Winter : : : for Sol LeWitt
4:45 Claire Cronin : : : art as a magickal practice: pre-dawn lecture
5:15 Richard Valitutto : : : Zazen
5:20 Gerhard Schultz : : : Riverbed (optional field trip)
5:25 Alvin Lucier : : : Windshadows
5:45 John Cage : : : Ryoanji
6:25 Manfred Werder : : : 2008 (2), 2008 (3)
6:35 Radu Malfatti : : : sprachlos
7:10 Tom Johnson : : : 844 chords
7:40 Mark So : : : JÜRG FREY
The Scratch Orchestra : : : 1001 Activities
Carmina Escobar : : : private whispers
Adam Overton : : : for any stolen instrument
performers include: Matt Barbier, Paul West, Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir, Yoon Lee, Sepand Shahab, James Klopfleisch and many others

03.11.10 (thurs) sometime
mark so: small change
macarthur park, la/$0
subtle bodies series: mark so: small change
mark so will make a 'small change' in macarthur park sometime on thursday, march 11, 2009
anyone may perform a 'small change' at any place and time
score: small change (2009) -

03.09.10 (tues) 8pm
Music of Jürg Frey
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
selections from Les tréfonds inexplorés des signes, Petit Fragment de Paysage and 60 Pieces of Sound
performed by Matt Barbier, Eric km Clark, Jürg Frey, April Guthrie, Michael Pisaro, Mark So, Christine Tavolacci and Brian Walsh

02.23.10 (tues) 6pm - 8pm - 10pm
mark so: Heliogabalus - a trilogy of minimal operas in 3 books
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
1. The Cradle of Sperm
2. The War of Principles
3. Anarchy
for 1, 2 and 3 amplified voices
Artaud's sensational, salacious anti-history combines with a text by the composer, becoming score in a brutally efficient, layered theater of open reading
performed by Julia Holter, Mark So and Tashi Wada
(funded in part through Meet The Composer's MetLife Creative Connections program)

02.09.10 (tues) 8pm - 02.10.10 (wed) 7am
Night Music
diapason gallery (882 Third Avenue, 10th Floor, brooklyn)/$0
composer-musicians Jason Brogan, Sam Sfirri and Taylan Susam will take vigil in the relaxed, sympathetic setting of Diapason Gallery and incant the daybreak, performing pieces of their own composition and those by Wandelweiser composers such as Antoine Beuger and Michael Pisaro (including performances of two pieces from my Ashbery series: 'penny lives' and 'only sometimes,' both 2009)

01.23.10 (sat) 8pm
Red Light performs Feldman, Xenakis, Satie, and more
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
including 'for sol lewitt' (mike winter) and 'DAVID FOSTER WALLACE' (mark so)

01.11.10 (mon) 8pm
monday evening concerts: mostly californian
zipper concert hall (200 s grand, la, ca)/$27 ($12 students)
I will be part of a large ensemble playing michael pisaro's 'the collection'

01.03.10 (sun) 6pm
mark so (piano) performs christian wolff's small preludes and morton feldman's intermissions
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
christian wolff: small preludes 1-20 (2008-9)
morton feldman: intermissions (1950-3)
mark so, piano

through 01.03.10 (sun) 11am-4pm
through January 3, 2010 (final weekend) 4<40
Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery (44801 N Sierra Highway)/$0 artist Larissa Nickel has incorporated my composition 'until the wind blew' (2006) in her multimedia installation; a recording of the 47' piece (a transcription of Wallace Stevens' poem 'Valley Candle') plays in the gallery, with the score on view


12.13.09 (sun) 8pm
jürg frey: some places
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
'some places' performed by christine tavolacci (flute), mark so (stones), april guthrie (cello) and cassia streb (viola)

12.06.09 (sun) 230pm
mark so @REDCATlounge: lilacs
redcat, la/$0
lilacs [ashbery series] (2007)
mark so, piano

11.19.09 (thurs) 8-11:15pm
the wulf. presents
@ the stone (ave c & 2nd st, nyc)/$0
8:00 - 8:45: Harris Wulfson; LiveScore
8:50 - 8:55: Eric km Clark; new piece
9:00 - 9:45: Mike Winter; for gregory chaitin
9:45 - 10:00: Pause
10:00 - 10:05 - Larry Polansky; 34 Chords
10:10 - 10:25 - Laura Steenberge; Lucifer in the Shadowlands
10:30 - 10:45 - Mark So; amid mounding evidence [readings 26], JOHN ASHBERY (2 short litanies), readings 32 - Landscapeople
10:50 - 10:55 - Laura Steenberge; Elevator Music
11:00 - 11:15 - Joe Kudirka; Love Letters
performed by: Mike Winter, melodica; Larry Polansky, guitar; Mark So, piano; Eric Clark, Violin; David Kant, Sax; Amanda Tabor, horn; Aaron Meicht, trumpet; Quentin Tolimieri, piano/melodica; James Moore, guitar

11.07.09 8:00 pm
casey thomas anderson (la) and david kant (nyc) present
@the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
casey thomas anderson - snow david kant - Variations for Functions and Partitions of Time; Harmony #
(I performed in a version of kant's 'harmony #' for 6 musicians)

10.24-25.09 (sat-sun) 8pm/2pm/8pm
The Experimental Music Yearbook
rod music hall, calarts (valencia, ca)/$0
I performed christian wolff's complete 'small preludes' as a piano solo, and also in peter ablinger's 'amtsee bei regen' with christine tavolacci (flute) and eric klerks (guitar); and participated in sara roberts' audience piece 'red vine'
Saturday, October 24, 8 pm:
-RR48G (2009) Lewis Keller
-Small Preludes (2008) Christian Wolff
-Amtsee Bei Regen (2008) Peter Ablinger
-Red Vine (2009) Sara Roberts
Sunday, October 25, 2 pm:
-Oasis (2009) Liam Mooney
-10, 11, 12 (2009) Taku Sugimoto
-20091 (2009) Manfred Werder
Sunday, October 25, 8 pm:
-Tilework for Oboe (2003) Tom Johnson
-Josef, Lieber Josef Mein (2008) Quentin Tolimieri
-Adventures with Julie (2009) Anna Oxygen
-The Rocketship in Langley Park (2009) John P. Hastings

10.16.09 8:00 pm
the music of John Lely, James Saunders, and Laurence Crane
@the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
(I performed with john lely and mike winter in lely's 'distance learning')
John Lely joins us from Bath, UK to perform works of his (Desk Bells, White Noise Machine, Parsons Code, Distance Learning), James Saunders (imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent), and Laurence Crane (Bobby J.) with local musicians including members from the calarts experimental music workshop

10.15.2009 (thurs) 8pm
ok composer
rod, calarts/$0
gary schultz realized my piece in his name ('GERHARD SCHULTZ'), with guitar and sine tones

10.14.2009 (wed) 9pm - 1am
mark so: reading khôra
@the wulf. (1026 s santa fe #203, la, ca)/$0
mark so: reading khôra [readings 30] (2009)
mark so - piano/reader
a full reading of jacques derrida's essay "khôra"
(in the form of a piece composed in april at spiro arts, park city)
*please come for part or all, light refreshments available

10.11.09 (sun) 12-6pm
A DAY IN LA : Washington Boulevard Art Concert
washington blvd, la/$0
I composed a piece called 'small change' for this group project organized by stephen van dyck
[at about ten to 3, I set a penny down on a curb in the small park on the nw corner of washington & normandie]

10.06.09 (tues) 4pm
brenda hillman @ pomona college
crookshank hall, pomona college (claremont, ca)/$0
composer mike winter and I accompanied poet brenda hillman on percussion materials as she read a new work, 'pacific ocean', in the manner of an experimental p'ansori

10.04.09 (sun) 8pm
in memoriam harris wulfson
@ the wulf. (1026 south santa fe avenue #203, la)/$0
friends of harris present his music: LiveScore, Durations, lookatmeiamafish, ABIAVSS; performed by eric km clark, april guthrie, orin hildestad, danny holt, lewis keller, mark so, cassia streb, christine tavolacci, brian walsh and michael winter

09.26.09 (sat) 1-6pm
Mi Alma Art Park (4016 Santa Monica Blvd, la)/$0
included my piece 'down among the grasses and whatever insects' [ashbery series] (2008), performed by julia holter, gary schultz and myself

09.12.09 (saturday) 3-9pm
Klangkunstklang 09
Kultur & Kongresshaus (Aarau, Switzerland)/10 francs

Musik für Lautsprecher 
Musik für Instrumente
Werke von Luc Ferrari, Michael Pisaro, Tim Parkinson, Manfred Werder, Stefan Thut, Taku Sugimoto, Taylan Susam, Craig Shepard, Howard Skempton, Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Tom Johnson, Anastassis Philippakopoulos, Mark So, Pierre Thoma, Eliane Radigue, Peter Ablinger
*including 5 of my little name pieces
Jürg Frey, Klarinette
Stefan Thut, Violoncello

09.04.09 (friday) 10-11pm
Francesco Gagliardi - EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC series at the Ontological-Hysterical Theater
St. Mark's Church (131 East 10th Street at 2nd Avenue New York, NY)/$6
Tabletop performances, experimental reenactments, recollections, super8 films. Works by G. Douglas Barrett, Mark So, Francesco Gagliardi, and others.
Francesco Gagliardi is a performance artist, historian of performance and filmmaker based in New York City. He studied theatre and philosophy in Italy and in the UK and has been working internationally as an actor, director and performance artist for over a decade. In 2000 he translated, directed, and performed in the first Italian production of Gertrude Stein's “Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights.” He is currently working on a series of invisible performances of mental tasks, and writing an essay on the photographic documentation of performance art. Programs of his work were recently presented in Los Angles (The Wulf, December 2008), Berlin (Miss Micks, January 2009) and Torino, Italy (quindicifebbraio, June 2009).

08.29.2009 (sat) 8pm
TRAUERMUSIK III: William Basinski / Jason Grier / Mark So / Sound Installation by Lucky Dragons
eighteen-thirty (1830 sunset blvd, echo park 90026)/ $7
(on melancholy of contentment)
*Julia Holter, Tashi Wada and I will perform a new layered text piece I've made upon 'Anarchy' from Artaud's sensational book Heliogabalus, superimposed with my own texts
"I have found a definition of the beautiful. It is something intense and sad, something a bit vague... a contradictory impression of an ardor... and a desire for life together with a bitterness which flows back upon them as if from a sense of deprivation and hopelessness. I do not pretend that joy cannot associate with Beauty, but I will maintain that joy is one of her most vulgar adornments, while Melancholy may be called her illustrious spouse, so much so that I can scarcely conceive a type of beauty which has nothing to do with sorrow." -Charles Baudelaire

07.27.2009 (monday) 7pm
Several Silences - music by Beuger, Brogan, Pisaro, Sfirri, So, Werder
701 Center for Contemporary Art (Columbia, SC)/$10
Following composer John Cage, the folds experimental music and performance workshop, directed by composer and guitarist Jason Brogan, present as series of six “silences”, complex sonic landscapes where quietude, possibility and a heightened awareness of the presence of sound take precedence over “activity”. The program will include pieces by six of the most quietly radical contemporary composers.
Antoine Beuger, cantor quartets
Jason Brogan, metronomic irregularity
Michael Pisaro, harmony series nos. 11a-d
Sam Sfirri, I gave thanks for evening that brings out the lights
Mark So, this singular tale of the past
Manfred Werder, 2008 (1)
performed by the folds experimental music and performance workshop:
Jason Brogan, Nathan Koci, Sam Sfirri, Mark So, Ron Wiltrout

07.08.2009 (wednesday) 8pm
BANGS book party, to benefit the wulf.
the wulf. 1026 s santa fe ave #203 (at sacramento st)/$0
festing my new book with Manfred Werder: BANGS
copies will be available for purchase (reduced price), all proceeds to benefit the wulf.
- plus, music by Mark So & Manfred Werder
BANGS (2009, 48pp)
some writing through Manfred Werder's performance of BANGS by Mark So, begun summer 2006, Zürich
with text and images by Mark So and Manfred Werder
buy online

07.05.2009 (sunday) 3-6pm
mark so @redcat lounge
REDCAT 631 west 2nd st (at hope st)/$0
enjoy new pieces for 4 people surrounding the space, and half-price drinks
* ordinary education (the true course of events) [for Christian Wolff]
* half-asleep at your instrument table
with two different performances of 'ordinary education' bookending a performance of 'half-asleep at your instrument table'
both pieces from my ongoing Ashbery series made this April during a residency at Spiro Arts in Utah
performed by: Casey Anderson, Nathan Brown, Jason Grier, Catherine Lamb, Gerhard Schultz, Mark So, Tashi Wada, Michael Winter

07.02.2009 (thurs) midnight-midnight
lower arroyo park, pasadena/$0
FESTIVAL :, the ultimate guerrilla celebration of stuff and nothing, returns
" this time, a day in the park "
do or don't do anything in lower arroyo park on thursday 07.02
anywhere in the park, alive or dead -- FESTIVAL : doesn't care
Adam Overton may perform from the following:
- The Mating Habits of Lines (2007), Audra Wolowiec
- an inch off the ground (for sam sfirri) (2009), Adam Overton
- a hundred times (2009), Adam Overton
- Reading 2, for Joseph Raz (2008), FrancescoGagliardi
- A Few Silence, G Douglas Barrett
Gary Schultz may perform:
- bridge (paris 1870), Gary Schultz
Mark So may perform:
- A ride in common variety [Ashbery series] (2009), Mark So
- just walking around [Ashbery series] (2007), Mark So
& anyone may do any of these pieces or any others, or none...
( over 800 more are available at )
"at any moment anything could happen, or nothing could happen"
--> FESTIVAL : <--

06.28.2009 (sun) 8-10pm
and the
associazione 15febbraio (via Baretti 31/a - scala sx - 4* piano, torino, italy)/$0
curated by francesco gagliardi
with Elena Russo Arman, Lorenzo Fontana, Francesco Gagliardi, Alessandra Novaga
- Mark So - Nothing is Very Simple (remembered with affection)
- G. Douglas Barrett - A Few Silence
- Mark So - Some Forgotten Day (sparse winter)
- Francesco Gagliardi - Film 4: East of Eden
- Kerstin Fuchs - Viktoriapark Berlin-Kreuzberg August 2008 - G. Douglas Barrett - A Few Voices (Polyphony I-III)
- Adam Overton - Duet (For Tashi Wada)
- Kerstin Fuchs - Viktoriapark Berlin-Kreuzberg August 2008
- Francesco Gagliardi - Two Homes
- Amnon Wolman - Imaginary Piece – February 1999
- Francesco Gagliardi - Reading 4
- Amnon Wolman - Imaginary Piece – April 18, 1999
- Adam Overton - For Performer and Hidden Object

06.12.2009 (fri) 8pm
Sam Sfirri - new works
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe ave #203, la)/$0
*for Dan Flavin
*...the sharpening line of crests, and the sky where without seeing them I felt the first stars tremble
performed by: sam sfirri, mark so, mike winter

06.02-11.2009 (tues...thurs) various
dogstar orchestra v 5
rod, clarts; highland park/$0
[katie clark and douglas wadle performed my piece, 'amid mounting evidence - readings 26 [ashbery series] (2008)]
now in its 5th season, the Dog Star Orchestra is an annual festival organized by Michael Pisaro, with new and classic works by a number of composers working in the experimental tradition
-- full details and documentation:

04.28.09 (tues) 6pm
mark so: some forgotten day (sparse winter) [ashbery series] (2009)
spiro arts, 1825 three kings dr, park city, ut/$0
a new 'melody' of winter sounds at spiro arts, park city
+ a reading by fiction writer justin quarry

04.25.09 (sat) 10pm
brogan, daly, so @ heaven gallery
1550 n milwaukee, 2nd fl, chicago/donations
jason brogan, electric guitar piece (2) (2009)
kieran daly, dance piece (iv) (2009)
mark so, non-lieux (18 musics after judith jockel) (2007)
+ marc riordan/daniel fandino duo

04.01.2009 (wed) 8:30pm
Trio with Organ - Tashi Wada
the wulf. (los angeles)/$0
performed with Jessica Catron, Orin Hildestad, Catherine Lamb, Mark So and Laura Steenberge
featuring dancers Simone Forti and Rae Shaolan Blum performing 'Icebergs'

03.25.2009 (wed) 2-5pm
studio apartments series : overton / so : 2 solo streams
314 s alexandria ave, #104 (la, ca 90020)/$0
an afternoon of experimental music/performance in two concurrent solo streams
new pieces involving movement, reading and silence
performed by adam overton & mark so in mark's apartment
adam overton:
- selections from posture series (2008-09) by adam overton
- selections from dance pieces (2009) by kieran daly
- an activity (2008) by jason brogan
mark so:
- pale full tiny / empty loose tight / bare huge lax (A) (2006) by istvàn zelenka [a lecture in 3 parts: 30' / 45' / 15']
- an activity (2008) by jason brogan
- pale full tiny... (B)
- two deaths [ashbery series] (2007) by mark so
- pale full tiny... (C)

02.28.09 (sat) 7-10pm
artSpa presents: experimental music & massage
center for the arts, eagle rock (2225 colorado blvd, la, ca 90041)/$0
(cassia streb and gary schultz will join me in presenting the first realization of 'simply there' [to christian kesten] (2008), from my ashbery series, at approximately 9:15pm) artspa proudly presents some therapeutic experimental music & massage at the eagle rock arts center -- featuring live experimental music by (in order of appearance) cassia streb, francesco gagliardi, gerhard schultz, and mark so, while adam overton and his newly-formed army of amateur massage therapists (numbering currently in the single-digits, but growing) provide complimentary bodywork for the public; this event is being held in conjunction with the closing reception for the exhibition _needle in a haystack_.

01.30.09 (fri) 8pm
mark so : into the similarity of firmaments
the wulf. 1026 s santa fe ave #203 (entrance on sacramento st) la ca/$0
cassia streb (viola) premieres my new evening-length piece for open room, field recording and tones, 'into the similarity of firmaments' [for cassia streb][ashbery series] (2009)

01.24.09 (sat) 1030pm
tavolacci/hildestad/chen play wolff/thut/so
the wulf. 1026 s santa fe ave #203 (entrance on sacramento st) la ca/$0
christine tavolacci, orin hildestad and carolyn chen perform my new piece 'readings 28—is google hiding something?' [after kraig grady] (2008) (w/mark so - reader)
in a program of music by christian wolff (for 1,2 or 3 people), stefan thut (eine/r 1-6) and myself

01.23.2009 (sun) 8pm
Sara Roberts - one for all and all for one
the wulf. (los angeles)/$0
a program of participatory pieces in which the audience works as an ensemble, starting simple and building in complexity

01.17.09 (sat) 7pm
silent music @ the flood
the folds ensemble
flood gallery fine art center
109 roberts street, asheville nc
the folds experimental music ensemble plays music of antoine beuger, jason brogan, john cage, jürg frey, joseph kudirka, michael pisaro and sam sfirri
*prior to the concert: a guerrilla-style realization of my piece 'a far and fatal corridor' [ashbery series] (2007) in some open environment in the downtown river arts district (likely outdoors or semi-outdoors), sometime between the hours of 4 and 7pm...
(concert $10; preconcert performance $0)

01.03.09 (sat) 8pm
poem - jason grier
533 Gallery (533 S Los Angeles St 90013)/$0
with Adam Overton, Gary Schultz, Janet Kim, Jason Grier, Katie Clark, Mark So, Kelly Coats


12.10.08 (wed) 10pm
Twin Performances: Violin/Viola to Harmonium - Tashi Wada
the wulf. (los angeles)/$0
performed with Orin Hildestad, Catherine Lamb and Mark So

12.07.2008 (sun) 2pm
Ensemble 303 Presents: Drones & Scones
the wulf. (los angeles)/$0
The Music of James Tenney, La Monte Young, c.t. anderson and John P. Hastings
In a Large Open Space - James Tenney
Composition 1960 #7 - La Monte Young
exchange symmetry as cultural model for these our withering years - c.t. anderson
Sonic Spiral - John P. Hastings

12.05.2008 (fri) 8pm
Duo Gagliardi Barrett and Guests
the wulf. (los angeles)/$0
Francesco Gagliardi - Two Films About Rome, Reading Piece #4
Kersten Fuchs - Victoria Park
G. Douglas Barrett - Performance Transciption (Two Films About Rome)

11.29-12.07.2008 (sat-sun) as the parachute wanders through us: mark so, a solo show
sea & space gallery (4755 york blvd, los angeles)/$0
selected works, 2008
being all scores completed from 'as the parachute wanders through us' (7 july) up to the opening of this show (29 november)
( 2 copies. )

11.22.08 (sat) 730pm
christian kesten - the room
the wulf. (los angeles)/$0
pre-lude 7.30pm
sound album by mari garrett concert 8.00pm
o.T. (atem zunge lippen) | untitled (breath tongue lips) christian kesten solo
zunge lösen | releasing the tongue by christian kesten orin hildestad, adam overton, mark so (a.o.) - tongues
THE ROOM for 5 speakers and 5 instruments words & music by christian kesten
catherine lamb, adam overton, brooke smiley, mark so, laura steenberge - speakers
eric km clark - violin, daniel rosenboom - trumpet, cassia streb - viola, douglas wadle - trombone, brian walsh - clarinet

11.15.08 (saturday) Noon-1pm
TIME AFTER TIME AFTER . . . For Chet Baker - Adam Overton, November 2005
[as part of machine project's day-long takeover of the los angeles county museum of art]
Steven Ziadie, Adriana Yugovich, Mike Winter, Tyler Waxman, Tashi Wada, Hana van der Kolk, Steven Tishkoff, Theresa Sotto, Mark So, Jess Ruvalcaba, Jessie Rothwell, Adam Overton, Andrea Neumann, Liam Mooney, Lauren Martinez, Matt Lucero, Phyllis Ling, Catherine Lamb, Christian Kesten, David Kendall, Robby Herbst, Asher Hartman, Samantha Gregg, Simone Gad, Willia Drew, Camille Dieterle, Nathalie Dierickx, Megan May Daalder, Claire Cronin, Eric km Clark, Richard Caceres, Allison Danielle Behrstock

11.14.08 (fri) 8pm
mark so : 2 x 3
the wulf. (1026 s santa fe ave #203, los angeles)/$0
negative volumes of the lives of strangers [ashbery series] (2008)
we have not such in our gardens [ashbery series] (2008)
clouds and grasses (2008)
nate brown, corey fogel, cat lamb, adam overton, mark so, tashi wada performing

10.03.08 (fri) 8pm
no sooner reached or rather long after (2008)
ucross foundation (ucross, wy)/$0
my second realization of this new piece for field recording, short and long tones, and open room

09.25.08 (thur) 4pm
no sooner reached or rather long after (2008)
ucross foundation (ucross, wy)/$0
i realized my new composition for field recording, short and long tones, and open room

09.24.08 (wed) 8pm
amid mounting evidence [readings 26] (2008)
ucross foundation (ucross, wy)/$0
i gave the first open performance of my latest piece in the readings series, for reading pianist

09.02.08 (tues) 730pm
readings 18 (2007)
virginia center for the creative arts (amherst, va)/$0
historian florence bernault read from shelley (in english) and colette (in french) and i played tones on harmonica and piano in this realization of my piece, from the ongoing readings series

09.01.08 (mon) 2pm
as the parachute wanders through us (2008)
the village green, los angeles 90016/$0
claire bergen and friends performed this new outdoors piece from my ashbery series in this unique urban environment

08.25.08 (mon) 3pm
performing the city: an urban performance workshop
sonic arts research centre, queen's u. (belfast, northern ireland)/$0
g. douglas barrett & francesco gagliardi performed my new piece 'rocks like us (the way back)' [ashbery series] as part of the 2008 icmc "roots/routes" conference in belfast

08.09.08 (sat) 8pm
Johnny Chang, world-traveler, presents a night of marvelous musics:
LISTEN/SPACE (195 skillman ave, brooklyn)/$0
James Orsher: Presents Joy
Christian Wolff: for 1,2 or 3 people
Johnny Chang: WENDEL
Jonathan Marmor: Cattle in the Woods (for violin, trumpet, electric vibraphone, rhodes piano, playback devices)
perfomers: Johnny Chang, Joseph Drew, Travis Just, Devin Maxwell, James Moore, James Orsher, Mark So, Christine Tavolacci, Quentin Tolimieri

07.03.08 (thurs) 6pm-midnight
SITUATIONS|art. life. transitions. interpretations.
villa elisabeth (invalidenstr. 3, berlin-mitte)/$0
hte experimental performance group maulwerker presents work by george brecht, lucio capece, johnny chang, c.o.m. things, adam fong, ariane jeßulat, christian kesten, bengt af klintberg, kim kutner, lau mun leng, elana mann, pauline oliveros, adam overton, michael pisaro, mieko chieko shiomi, mark so (3 pieces from my ashbery series, outdoors), josh thorpe, steffi weismann, istvàn zelenka

07.03.08 (thurs) 8pm
incidental music: yoko ono, mark so, taku unami
galerie mark müller (gessnerallee 36, zürich)/$0
the experimental music group incidental music (manfred werder, stefan thut) premieres a piece from my ashbery series (two deaths, 2007), along with selections from 'grapefruit' by yoko ono and new work by taku unami

06.14-21.08 (sat-sat) 24hrs/8days
mark so : 7 days in june [for cassia and april]
highland park/$0
the duo guthrie & streb performs my week-long piece '7 days in june' (2007) to conclude their summer solstice series: a public "window" onto this performance will take place at 8pm on friday june 20, at 5336 monte vista st in los angeles (highland park); excerpts and documents from the week-long realization found at

06.18.08 (wed) 8pm
new music collective
john rivers communication museum (58 george st, charleston, sc)/$5 (suggested donation)
jason brogan premieres my piece 'these offshore days, [ashbery series] (2007)

06.12.08 (thu) 12 noon
dogstar orchestra v4.6
rod, calarts/$0
michael pisaro : the rain of alphabets (harmony series no. 19) 2005

06.08.08 (sun) 630pm
dogstar orchestra v4.5
30047 madison way, val verde (castaic), ca 91384/$0
music by george brecht (motor vehicle sundown event, 1960), john lely (lazer organ, 2007), james orsher (this book is called slouching towards bethlehem, 2008), michael pisaro (long time, 2008), mark so (before the dark [a love poem] [ashbery series], 2007), mari garrett (cruise for... series, 2008), istvàn zelenka (intact, 2007)

06.08.08 (sun) [2-]5-9pm
san fernando road project
san fernando road, north to south.../$0
[i will be getting an early start, north part of the great road...]
a roving art journey, in and out of car - participating artists: sara roberts, tucker neel, allison carter, danielle adair, hillary kapan, andrealLambert, david p. earle, carlin wing, mark so, phil stearns,robin myrick, laura vena, kyoung kim, daiana feuer, eric lindley, activist art groups fallen fruit and islands of la, and others; curated by stephen van dyck

06.06.08 (fri) 12 noon
dogstar orchestra v4.4
rod, calarts/$0
music by larry polansky (horse turds and roses, 1979), clay chaplin (pier to pier, 2008), jason brogan (fragments, 2008), alvin lucier (still lives, 1995), gavin bryars (jesus' blood never failed me yet, 1971), alison knowles (chair piece for george brecht, 1965), adam overton (what do we do now? performance, 2007)

06.05.08 (thu) 12 noon
dogstar orchestra v4.3
rod, calarts/$0
music by adrian tenney (2 songs, 2008), john cage (two, 1987), laura steenberge (song set, 2008), anastassis philippakopoulos (syrna, 2000), eric lindley (song set, 2008), morton feldman (for aaron copland, 1981), julia holter (song set, 2008), john cage (six, 1991)

06.04.08 (wed) 12 noon
dogstar orchestra v4.2
rod, calarts/$0
music by tom johnson (arpeggios for guitar, 2002), michael winter (a chance happening..., 2007), christian wolff (three pieces, 1979/80), morton feldman (vertical thoughts 2, 1963), kunsu shim (2 creeley songs, 2005), tim parkinson (quartet, 2006), peter ablinger (weiss/weisslich 5b, 1997)

06.03.08 (tue) 12 noon
dogstar orchestra v4.1
rod, calarts/$0
music by terry jennings (piano piece, 1960), jo kondo (the shape follows its shadow, 1986), stefan thut (drei 1-10, 2007), michael pisaro (distance 4, 1996), mark so (JOSEPH KUDIRKA, 2007), james tenney (swell piece for alison knowles, 1967), mafred werder (2008-3, 2008)

[dogstar orchestra 4 = casey anderson, tara boyle, jason brogan, scott cazan, clay chaplin, kathryn clark, rory cowal, rob esler, mari garrett, christa graf, john hastings, orin hildestad, danny holt, julia holter, eric klerks, eric lindley, rachel manderfeld, beth mcmullin, james orsher, adam overton, kathryn pisaro, michael pisaro, sam sfirri, mark so, laura steenberge, cassia streb, adrian tenney, nathan tenney, lisa tolentino, tashi wada, douglas wadle, mike winter]

05.23.08 (fri) 7pm
microfest 2008 - harmonic space ii
pasadena armory (145 n raymond, pasadena 91103)/$0
new works by lewis keller, laura steenberge, wolfgang von schweinitz, michael winter

04.25.08 (fri) 8pm
microfest 2008 - harmonic space i
pasadena armory (145 n raymond, pasadena 91103)/$0
new works by cat lamb, michael pisaro, tashi wada, douglas wadle

04.25.08 (fri) 645pm
microfest 2008 - harmonic space i
pasadena armory (145 n raymond, pasadena 91103)/$0
mark so : the mayan empire [to james tenney & christian wolff] (2006)

04.20.08 (sun) 8-10pm
public release!!* (info at
vons p'king lot in echo park (between alvarado & glendale)/$0
i'll contribute some istvàn zelenka "lectures"...

04.18.08 (fri) 11pm
kerstin fuchs: experimental music for voice &...
roy o. disney music hall, calarts/$0
recent music for instruments and voice by antoine beuger (aus den liedern / 2007), carlo inderhees (lieder / 2007), michael pisaro (tombstones / 2006-8), kunsu shim (herbststücke (rilke) / 2005/7) and a new piece by petros ovsepyan -- performed by: kerstin fuchs (voice), christa graf (violin), james orsher (harmonium), adam overton (harmonica, guitar), michael pisaro (electric guitar) and mark so (piano)

04.14.08 (mon) 6pm
kerstin fuchs: experimental music for voice &...
UCSB music bowl & environs/$0
kunsu shim : herbststücke (rilke) - kerstin fuchs (voice, mark so (piano)
mark so : a vacant episode [ashbery series] - kerstin fuchs, james orsher, mark so, luke taylor

04.11.08 (fri) 8pm
sushi rolling concert
cat lamb's house (highland park)/$0
new pieces by tashi wada, michael pisaro, cat lamb and fresh sushi...

04.04.08 (fri) 9pm
music in (and out of) a house
1396 la loma rd, pasadena 91105 (casa kotz)/$0
new works by cat lamb, mark so... with orin hildestad, cassia streb, tashi wada

03.21.08 (fri) 830pm
4'33" and beyond...
music from the experimental tradition, including works by beuger, brecht, brookshire, cage, frey, knowles, pisaro and tenney

03.08.08 (sat) 9pm
studio apartments series
101 s edgemont, la 90004 (christa's house)/$0
stephen "lucky" mosko: bow-vine song
mark so: dorothy stone (in memoriam)
tashi wada: duet

03.01.08 (sat) 8pm
freed reeds
sea and space explorations (4755 york blvd, la)/$0
several piece for accordions and harmoniums, including my 'a darkness of one's own' [ashbery series] (2007), performed on 4 harmoniums by aaron drake, julia holter, james orsher and tashi wada

02.29.08 (fri) 930pm
nude media nite 2
sea and space explorations (4755 york blvd, la)/$0
via telephone, a realization of adam overton's 'bath piece' [for mark so] (2007) performed in my bathtub

02.17.08 (sun) noon
brunch at chris kraus's haus
more or less realizing my score 'frühstück' [for johnny] (2008), with rachel manderfeld, brian blanchfield, and alan & ariana too

02.07.08 (thurs) 8pm
flora by fauna
sea and space explorations (4755 york blvd, la)/$0
sound in space presents an evening of friendly things to do with plants -- works written for or by plants, including proposition by alison knowles, branches and child of tree by john cage, sticks by christian wolff and others...

02.01.08 (fri) 10pm
studio apartments series
1584 cerro gordo, la 90026 (tashi's house)/$0
joe kudirka : kids in sandbox [to, for and of mark so] (2007)
mark so: vineland turning [for christa and christine] (2008)
tashi wada: duet (2007)

01.27.08 (sun) 7pm
first sight scene: new works by southern california filmmakers
spielberg theater @ the egyptian (6712 hollywood blvd)/$9,$6
la filmforum presents this selection of new work by local experimental filmmakers; includes OPENING (2007) by madison brookshire, with live musical accompaniment by mark so (lap steel guitar), tashi wada (harmonium), douglas wadle (trombone)

01.23.08 (wed) 10pm
experimental music & massage at ANTAI GALLERY
712 n heliotrope dr, la 90029/$0
orin hildestad, cat lamb, adam overton, mark so, cassia streb, tashi wada & friend(s); new compositions, a few oscillators, a massage chair, two strings, some people; pieces by cat lamb, mark so ('heliotrope' and '15'), tashi wada, christian wolff

01.06.08 (sun) 2pm-5pm, 9pm-??
experimental music & massage
at adam overton's (day) and tashi wada's (night) apartments/$0
chair massage by adam overton; experimental music by kerstin fuchs (berlin), james orsher (santa barbara), mark so ('readings 22 - the hollow core [to james benning]' & 'manly blue') (la), tashi wada (la), and others...


12.13.07 (thurs) 9pm
studio apartment concert
100 n kenmore #214, los angeles/$0
two performances of my piece URSULA KWASNICKA (2007), ba da duos by antoine beuger; performed by christa graf orin hildestad, rachel manderfeld

12.08.07 (sat) 8pm
wonderers and their shadows on film
betalevel (963 n. hill st., la 90012)/$0
an evening of experimental films by madison brookshire, sandy ding, laida lertxundi and mary beth reed with live music by tony cantor, mark so, tashi wada and douglas wadle; i will be playing with tashi and doug alongside madison's wonderful film 'OPENING'

12.02.07 (sun) 8pm
new music new charleston
circular congregational church (150 meeting st., charleston, sc)/$10, $5 students, $0 under 18
new music collective premieres my piece 'waterfall of simplicity' [for earle brown] [ashbery series] on a program of new works

11.30.07 (fri) 8pm
artspa, week 4: touchy-feely music
sea and space (4755 york blvd, la 90042)/$0
new music by liam mooney, michael pisaro, mark so, tashi wada

11.25.07 (sun) 1pm-6pm
artspa, week 4: walk-in workshops
sea and space (4755 york blvd, la 90042)/$0 (donation)
mark so & adam overton : experimental music & massage
readings 19 - the system [ashbery series] (2007)

11.11.07 (sun) 3pm-5pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (10)
goleta county beach park
(ca. route 217 to sandspit rd. exit)/$0
-> sur la plage [for james orsher] (2006)
james orsher - suspended cymbal
-> just walking around [ashbery series] (2007)
performed by mark so

11.10.07 (sat) 6pm-8pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (9)
ucsb - north lagoon/$0
-> when the sun went down [to luke thomas taylor] [ashbery series] (2007)
performed by james orsher, mark so, luke thomas taylor

11.10.07 (sat) 11am-1230pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (8)
downtown sb farmers market
(santa barbara st. & cota st.)/$0
-> sigh of our present(blue sonata) [to manfred werder] [ashbery series] (2007)
(players tba)
-> readings 20 - syringa [for zackary] [ashbery series] (2007)
(players tba)

11.09.07 (fri) noon-3pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (7)
ucsb - u. center upper level food court/$0
-> new leaves (a mood survives) [ashbery series] (2007)
(players tba)

11.08.07 (thu) 515pm-7pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (6)
ucsb - music bowl/$0
-> always one stream is pointing north [ashbery series] (2007)
james orsher - harmonium

11.08.07 (thu) 4pm-530pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (5)
ucsb - clarence barlow's office (off the music bowl) /$0
-> readings 22 - the hollow core [to james benning] [ashbery series] (2007)
performed by mark so

11.07.07 (wed) 930pm-1am
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (4)
ucsb - karl geiringer hall/$0
-> lilacs [ashbery series] (2007)
mark so - piano

11.07.07 (wed) noon-6pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (3)
ucsb - davidson library entry plaza/$0
-> non-lieux (18 musics after judith jockel) [to joseph kudirka] (2007)
mark so - various materials and sounds

11.06.07 (tue) 1pm-330pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (2)
ucsb - music bowl/$0
-> six empty forms [to agnes martin] (2006)
for 1 and 2 oscillators (performers tba)

11.05.07 (mon) 2pm-415pm
mark so : late early works @ ucsb (1)
ucsb - north lagoon/$0
-> the roman empire [to michael winter] (2007)
michael winter - acoustic guitar

11.04.07 (sun) 8pm
liz kotz : WORDS TO BE LOOKED AT book launch
machine project (1200 D n. alvarado st.)/$0
featuring -
a short talk by the author, liz kotz
readings by eileen myles & mattias viegener
performances (realizations of text scores) by james orsher, michael pisaro, mark so and tashi wada

11.02.07 (fri) 8pm [715 talk]
la wholesale orchestra : who needs a summer job? (2)
murphy hall, loyola marymount university (1 lmu dr.)/$0
tashi wada : midway (2007) [1st peformance]
morton feldman : clarinet and string quartet (1983)
christian wolff : i like to think of harriet tubman (1985)
frederic rzewski : coming together (1972)

10.20.07 (sat) 8pm
mark so at the maybeck studio
berkeley, ca/$0
mark so : readings 19 - the system [ashbery series] (2007)

10.12.07 (fri) 8pm
mark so & adam overton : new music
{ open } bookstore (2226 e. 4th st., long beach)/$0
new work by mark so & adam overton

10.06.07 (sat) 2pm
eva-maria houben : some tunes vols. I-III
uc- santa barbara, geiringer hall/$0
some tunes (2006) vols. I-III performed by calisa hildebrand (flute), james orsher (harmonium), mark so (piano) and michael winter (guitar)

10.03.07 (wed) 8pm
eva-maria houben : some tunes vols. I-III
dangerous curve/$10-7 sliding scale
an installation of vols. I-III of some tunes (2006), performed by mark so (piano), laura steenberge (contrabass) and tashi wada (harmonium)

09.23.07 (sun) 12-1pm
istvàn zelenka: phontaine
314 s. alexandria ave. #104, los angeles 90020 [from call box: #-1-0-4]/$0
I will give one of 37 in-home performances of istvàn zelenka's "phontaine" (1997-->), taking place this weekend as part of a worldwide decentralized sound installation, in conjunction with moments musicaux aarau: klangkunstklang 2007 in aarau, switzerland; this installation is organized by my friend, the composer jürg frey

09.22.07 (sat) 5-10pm
soundwalk 2007
east village arts district, downtown long beach/$0
i will be taking part in two hour-long (5-6pm, 9-10pm) group naps for a piece by adam overton at this year's soundwalk, at the starting area on Broadway; between these naps, adam will also be doing pieces involving touching and crying

09.21.07 (fri) 8pm (reception 7pm)
drip event (for george brecht)
pawn shop gallery (1355 westwood blvd, los angeles 90024)/$0
DRIP EVENT (for george brecht): an evening of realizations of "drip music", the influential event score of fluxus artist george brecht -- realizations by: miles ake, olivian cha, sharon cheslow, katie herzog, kelly kleinschrodt, elana mann, alison o’daniel, adam overton, nancy popp, vincent ramos, and mark so ("BRITTEN USA"); curated by natilee harren

08.26.07 (sun) 1-6pm
artspa #01 :: open house :: experimental music, chair massage & more
high energy constructs in chinatown, 990 n. hill st., suite 180, la 90012/$0 & donations
as part of artspa, i will perform my newest piece, 'non-lieux (18 musics after judith jockel) [to joseph kudirka]'
all afternoon, with lots of other stuff going on, including chair massage by adam overton: artspa info

08.16.07 (thurs) 730pm
zelenka 2, chang 1
dangerous curve gallery, 1020 e. 4th place, los angeles 90013/$10-7
istvan zelenka - yet [for johnny chang] (2007), AIRYA [for mark so] (2007)
johnny chang - documentation (3) - 30 seconds of...* [for jessica catron] (2007)
performed by johnny chang, david kendall & mark so

08.14.07 (tues) 12-3pm
experimental music & chair massage
whole foods market-glendale (check-out area) 331 n. glendale ave. 91206/$0
adam overton gives chair massages (11am-4pm)
& mark so performs new work (12-3pm) : readings 21--6 haibun [ashbery series]

08.11.07 (sat) 8pm
who needs a summer job (experimental music)
murphy hall, loyola marymount university, 1 lmu dr., los angeles 90045/$0
christian wolff - i like to think of harriet tubman (1984), berlin exercises (2000)
frederic rzewski - coming together (1971)
morton feldman - durations 1 (1961), vertical thoughts 2 (1962)
cornelius cardew - bourgeois songs (1973)
performed bt the wholesale orchestra--violins: christa graf, orin hildestad; viola, various: cassia streb; 'cello: april guthrie; piano: trevor berens; narrator, piano, various: mark so; voice: jessica tunick; bass clarinet: brian walsh; piccolo and alto flute: christine tavolacci; french horn: amanda tabor; viola, various: cat lamb; harmonium, various: tashi wada

07.30.07 (mon)
studio apartments series (3)
960 s. oxford ave. #312, los angeles (orin hildestad's apt.; entry code 08888)/$0
johnny chang: swan vestas (cutters choice) [2007]
mark so: sigh of our present (blue sonata) [ashbery series] [2007]
mike winter: 1 sample, x people, y seconds [2007]
realized by orin hildestad, mark so, mike winter

07.20.07 (fri) 8pm
experimental music @ the kunstraum & schmeide jazz lounge
kunstraum düsseldorf, 107E himmelgeisterstrasse/$0
g. douglas barrett : piano III. [2007]
antoine beuger : la part du peu [1992]
johnny chang : 3 encounters [2007]
joseph kudirka : pieces for mauser [2007]
(performed by g. douglas barrett, antoine beuger, johnny chang, joe kudirka, kathy pisaro, mark so, christine tavolacci)

07.19.07 (thur) 8pm
experimental music @ the kunstraum
kunstraum düsseldorf, 107E himmelgeisterstrasse/$0
mark so : a darkness of one's own [2007]
joseph kudirka : pieces for mauser [2007]
eva-maria houben : la solennité des silences [2006]
(performed by g. douglas barrett, antoine beuger, johnny chang, joe kudirka, michael pisaro, mark so, christine tavolacci)

07.18.07 (wed) 8pm
experimental music @ the kunstraum
kunstraum düsseldorf, 107E himmelgeisterstrasse/$0
g. douglas barrett - derivation[derivation{backyard [music] - vol. 4...or derivation VII. [2007]
james orsher : fifth music for man ray [2007]
micheal pisaro : my mind is drifting [2005]
mark so : JAMES ORSHER [2007]
james orsher : monodies for joseph kudirka [2006]
johnny chang : fuchschen alt [2007]
(performed by johnny chang, kirsten fuchs, tobias liebezeit, james orsher, kathy pisaro, michael pisaro, christine tavolacci)

07.18.07 (wed) 5pm
experimental music @ the kunstraum
kunstraum düsseldorf, 107E himmelgeisterstrasse/$0
mark so : readings 20 - syringa [2007]
(performed by johnny chang, kirsten fuchs, joe kudirka, james orsher, mark so, christine tavolacci)

07.15.07 (sun) 3pm
experimental music @ the kunstraum
kunstraum düsseldorf, 107E himmelgeisterstrasse/$0
mark so : there are 2(2) [2007] (taylan susam, 2 double-scoop ice cream cones)

07.14.07 (sat) 7pm
experimental music @ the kunstraum
kunstraum düsseldorf, 107E himmelgeisterstrasse/$0
mark so : always one stream is pointing north [2007] (james orsher, harmonium)

07.10.07 (tues) 12am
the studio apartment series (2) - roof
832 s. catalina ave., los angeles (mike winter's building)/$0
mark so : citroën d.s. 19 [2006] (christa graf, orin hildestad - violins)
mike winter : in tone [2006] (christa graf, orin hildestad - violins; tashi wada - harmonium)

07.06.07 (fri) 4pm
the studio apartment series : kick-off
832 s. catalina ave. #205, los angeles (mike winter's apartment; entry code #1929)/$0
mike winter : three (2007) - eric clark, christa graf, orin hildestad (violins)
mark so : [2 wallace stevens pieces]
until the wind blew (2007) - orin hildestad, christa graf (violins)
of the january sun (2007) - installation

06.27.07 (wed) 8pm
john cage, jason kahn, mark so @ galerie mark müller
galerie mark müller (gessnerallee 36, ch - 8001 zürich)/$0
john cage: 0‘00“ (1962)
mark so: the missing wall (2007)
jason kahn: fields (2007)
performed by manfred werder & jason kahn

06.16.07 (sat) 9pm(-ish)
mark so @ il corral
il corral (662 n. heliotrope dr., los angeles 90004)/$5
orin hildestad and cassia streb join me in performing two new pieces of mine: 'echo junction' [to richard cameron-wolfe] and 'friends' [ashbery series] (both 2007); also music by: raven chacon, pixel form, antony digennaro, wylie cable

06.14.07 (thurs) 2pm
dogstar, v. 3 (6)
rod, calarts/$0
hans w. koch – present, tense (2007) kathy pisaro, hans koch
bettina wenzel – wood will be our only wheat (2007) bettina wenzel
anne lebaron – trio (2007) hans koch, anne lebaron, bettina wenzel
morton feldman – piece for four pianos (1957) danny holt, katie clark, rory cowal, mark so
michael pisaro – pianos in the field (2007) danny holt, katie clark, rory cowal, mark so

06.08.07 (fri) 2pm
dogstar, v. 3 (5)
rod, calarts/$0
markus trunk – four stills (2002/07) april guthrie
james saunders – #080607–2 (2007) christa graf, mark so
tim parkinson – string quartet (2002) christa graf, april guthrie, orin hildestad, cassia streb
jürg frey – ohne titel (2 violinen) (1995/96) christa graf, orin hildestad
michael pisaro – ils (harmony series no. 18) (2005) madison brookshire, clay chaplin, christa graf, april guthrie, orin hildestad, michael pisaro, cassia streb, tashi wada

06.07.07 (thurs) 2pm
dogstar, v. 3 (4)
rod, calarts/$0
anastassis philippakopoulos – syrna (2000) kathy pisaro
taylan susam – for blinky palermo (2006) madison brookshire, lisa tolentino, tashi wada
carlo inderhees – 7 stimmen(1) (2001) clay chaplin, adam overton, michael pisaro, mark so, lisa tolentino, tashi wada

06.06.07 (wed) 1pm
dogstar, v. 3 (3)
rod, calarts/$0
markus trunk – leaflet (1993) danny holt
walter zimmerman – geduld und gelegenheit: hypernos (1987) danny holt, shirley hunt
morton feldman – two pianos (1957) katie clark, rory cowal
clay chaplin – splay (2007) clay chaplin
laura steenberge – contrabass étude (2007) laura steenberge
mari garrett – a pilgrimage to the sounds - 2 (with yasujiro) (2006) laura steenberge

06.05.07 (tues) 1pm
dogstar, v. 3 (2)
rod, calarts/$0
adam overton – for performer and hidden object (2006/7) adam overton, michael pisaro, mark so, cassia streb
adam overton – aura[l] studies (2006) michael pisaro, cassia streb
travis just – buildings let you down, move out (2003) adam overton, michael pisaro, mark so
mark so – a kind of sleep (2007) adam overton, michael pisaro, mark so

06.04.07 (mon) 1pm
dogstar, v. 3 (1)
rod, calarts/$0
christian wolff - duo for violins (1950) christa graf, orin hildestad
taku unami - stand (2006) april guthrie
cat lamb - as one (2007) christa graf, orin hildestad
christian wolff - hölderlin marginalia (2004) aaron drake, orin hildestad, michael pisaro, mark so
tashi wada – duet, third version (2007) christa graf, orin hildestad

05.26.07 (sat) noon
experimental music in the hague
het nutshuis (5 riviervismarkt, the hague)/$0
this program included the premiere of my piece 'collateral' (2005), performed by graham flett, jeremiah runnels, sander breure and taylan susam; also, music by christian wolff, joseph kudirka, antoine beuger and sander breure

05.18.07 (fri) 2pm
BIJOU festival
BIJOU theater, calarts/$0
marc sabat, mark so, tashi wada performing in 'opening' (2007), a composition for sound and film by madison brookshire

05.17.2007 (thurs) midnight-midnight
FESTIVAL :, the ultimate guerrila celebration of stuff and nothing, returns to calarts 1 year later; this time, it's not just in the main gallery!

05.05.07 (sat) 7pm
REDCAT film & video showcase
REDCAT, downtown los angeles/$0
mark so, tashi wada, d.c. wadle performing in 'opening' (2007), a composition for sound and film by madison brookshire

05.01.07 (tues) 10pm
sounding out - music by calarts composers
main gallery, calarts/$0
i will perform my new solo, 'a piece of traffic' [ashbery series] (2007) during this program of new works, as a kind of installation, concurrent with many other performances

04.27.07 (fri) 8pm
michael pisaro & mark so @ sandpaper
sandpaper books (3706 n. figueroa st., los angeles, 90065)/$0
antoine beuger: sekundenklänge (2007)
michael pisaro: black, white, red, green, blue (2004)
mark so: in november (2007)
performed by michael pisaro & mark so

04.20.07 (fri) 8-10pm
christian kesten @ dangerous curve
dangerous curve, 1020 4th place, los angeles/$10-7 sliding scale
a program of villa aurora composer and performance artist christian kesten's new work, with christian, christa graf, orin hildestad, lewis keller adam overton & mark so performing

04.20.07 (fri) 8pm
james orsher, mark so
james orsher: dublings 1-4 (2006)
mark so: readings 18 (2007)
preformed by normisa pereira da silva, kerstin fuchs, james orsher
*rsvp to as capacity is limited to 12-15

04.17.07 (tues) 830pm
santa ynez series finale
1843 santa ynez st., echo park/$0
music by andre cormier, christian kesten, mark so, christian wolff and others...
performed by johnny chang, mari garrett, christian kesten, michael pisaro, mark so, tashi wada

04.16.07 (mon) 5pm
breathing at tea-time
east library breezeway, joining the library and dance wings on the 2nd fl., calarts/$0
christian kesten: breathing solos (performed by christian kesten)
istvan zelenka: AIRYA [for mark so] (performed by mark so)

04.13/14.07 (fri.) midnight
music at midnight
rod, calarts/$0
new music by christian kesten (villa aurora resident composer) - cypress park & los angeles catalog
christian wolff - earle brown
mark so - 3 little name pieces (joseph kudirka, michael, christian wolff) & room
for 1, 2, 3 & 4 performers
performed by christian kesten, michael pisaro, mark so, tashi wada

03.27.07 (tues) 1230-230pm
the helene wurlitzer foundation (taos, nm)/$0
1st realization of my piece 'laundry--tone' (for colleen), using e-bowed lap steel guitar; in collaboration with colleen anderson's laundry, drying on clotheslines behind casita no. 3 at the wurlitzer foundation

03.25.07 (sun) 5pm
the helene wurlitzer foundation (taos, nm)/$0
informal 1st realization of my piece 'poème' on the grounds of the wurlitzer foundation

03.04.07 (sun) 6pm
(nichts, das ist)
the helene wurlitzer foundation (taos, nm)/$0
i gave the second performance my piano piece (nichts, das ist) (2006) at a gathering of resident fellows and members of the local community

01.28.07 (sun) 8pm
orin hildestad w/traci esslinger
mandeville recital hall, ucsd/$0
john cage [calarts folk hero]: 2 movements from cheap imitation
joseph kudirka [calarts alum]: monodies for antoine beuger
michelle lou: violin
arnold schoenberg: phantasy
mark so [calarts alum]: liberal plain song [for joseph kudirka]
tashi wada [current calartist]: violin

01.02.07 (tues) 1030am-330pm
'entre-moments: the earth and the sky' (1-10) by michael pisaro
main gallery, calarts/$0
i will give the first complete performance of this cycle of 10 pieces for piano in the 'entre-moments' series (2005-6) by composer michael pisaro


12.08.06 (fri) 7pm
whatever comes between - readings 17 [2006]
art of music (707 central ave., nebraska city 68410)/$0
i'm performing my new piece 'whatever comes between' (latest in the 'readings' series), conceived around the poetic text 'room of rumor: tunings' by oswald egger, at this main street venue in nebraska city (it should go for about 3 hours); reading and piano
for details: khn center for the arts

11.11.06 (sat) 8pm
harmoniums @ machine
machine project (1200 D n alvarado st, echo park)/$0
david kendall, james orsher and tashi wada will play a three-harmonium version of my piece 'the buffalo skinners' (2006) on a program of experimental music performed on harmoniums; also, music by antoine beuger, thadeus frazier-reed, qusai kathawala and joseph kudirka -- for more info:

11.10.06 (fri) 9pm
new music by orsher & pisaro
sandpaper books (figueroa at ave 37, highland park)/$0
johnny chang, lewis keller, james orsher,tashi wada and i will perform james orsher's series of environmental transcriptions [subtitled 'documentary music 1-3']: 'B318,' 'Main Gallery,' and 'ROD' (all 2006); then, james orsher (harmonium) and michael pisaro (electric guitar) perform pisaro's 'a room outdoors' (2006)

11.04.06 (sat) 12pm - ?
giant rock airport (abandoned) - landers, ca/$0
materials (performance & readings):
antoine beuger - dedekin duos/ba da duos
excerpts from thomas claburn's "i feel better after i type to you"
james tenney - for percussion perhaps, or....(night) (1971)
mark so - 3 sounds in 3 stones [for christian wolff] (2006)/haley's comet, jupiter, the stars, the open field [late summer, 1985] (2006)
manfred werder - stück (2003) (2)
la monte young - poem to diane (1959)

11.01.06 (wed) 830pm
sounding out - new music by calarts composers
main gallery, calarts/$0
tashi wada (harmonium) and i (piano) will play my new 'rising landscape (in memoriam, james tenney),' and there will be new pieces by daniel corral, aaron drake, stina hanson, morgan jenks and eric lindley, too -- food, drink, and so on...

10.24.06 (tues) 8-10pm
cold storage: 1168 E. 5th Street, Los Angeles 90013/$0
a last-minute addition, an impromptu play in the dust in front of the thing, with:
james orsher: solo for harmonica 1jIII (2006)
mark so: rising landscape (in memoriam, James Tenney) (2006)
?? and ??

10.20.06 (fri) 1030pm
tender buttons
main gallery, calarts/$0
new pieces by recent calarts mfa grads g. douglas barrett ('piano i'), james orsher ('doublings 4'), mark so ('the nabataean empire - rekem in fall') and michael winter ('for michael pisaro') (and some old texts by gertrude stein)

10.18.06 (wed) 9pm
word art show
'the cube' studio, writing complex, calarts/$0
a recent score of mine, 'un coup de dés - readings 15', will be going up in this group show of works from various fields all interfacing with text-images -- the opening reception will be wednesday at 9pm, following a reading by ishmael reed in the writing program building

10.15-19.06 (sun-thurs)
salient lockup
5-day performance @ il corral (664 n. heliotrope dr., la)/$0
for the third year, i participated in stane hubert's 'salient lockup', a 5-day, 24-hours-a-day installation performance with a revolving cast of artists coming/staying/leaving on a chance-determined schedule; i was there late satuday night/early sunday (the 15th) 1:50-3:21am composing/performing '3 sounds in 3 stones (for christian wolff)' and late sunday night/early monday (the 16th) 2:41-3:55am composing/performing 'rising landscape (in memoriam, james tenney)'; for information:

10.08.06 (sun) 3pm
314 s. alexandria ave. #104, los angeles/$0
there's a FESTIVAL : in my kitchen(!)
music for a small, grimy space, featuring:
'kitchen reading' (2005) and 'gram (2)' (2006) by mark so
and... ?

10.06.06 (fri) 830pm
sounding out - calarts music
main gallery, calarts/$0
johnny chang (violin) will perform a new new piece i've written for him, 'gram' (2006); johnny, james orsher, tashi wada and i will perform a quartet version of christian wolff's fantastic 'EARLE BROWN' (2006); i'll also be playing piano in joe kudirka's new piece 'moonshine' (2006); furthermore, new music by: tashi wada, stina hanson, aaron drake, laura steenberge, marc nimoy, daniel corral, bob ladue, devin smith and antoine beuger

09.18.06 (mon) 830pm
society of automatic music notators
cine studio space, manhattan/$0
new works by g. douglas barrett ('back yard IV'), james orsher ('b318' & 'main gallery'), mark so ('MAHLER'), mike winter ('in tone' & 'sort 1') and harris wulfson ('LiveScore') performed by the members of '"samn"'

09.12.06 (tues) 8pm
cold storage project hosts: privat-publikum (santa ynez series) no. 4
5th st & colyton (one block east of alameda st), downtown l.a./$0
johnny chang presents this layered event consisting of numerous transcriptions, including a 'symphonic' transcription i did of a chant by beatriz of dia as a version of johnny's realization of a piece by george brecht ('symphony 1962'), and johnny's own 'transcriptions (1): t. monk' (2006); for more information:

09.08.06 (fri) 8pm
privat-publikum (santa ynez series) no. 3
1843 santa ynez st., echo park (los angeles)/$0
this house concert chez johnny chang features a new piece i wrote for him, 'camel wides' (2006)

08.27.06 (sun) 6pm
cold storage project presents: american university of beirut medical center benefit concert
5th st & colyton (one block east of alameda st), downtown l.a./$0
i will have a piece, 'neoteric harmonies' (2006), performed by johnny chang, christa graf and orin hildestad (violins) on this wide-ranging program to benefit the american university of beirut medical center's (AUBMC) relief fund - please come, enjoy the music, and be generous; for more information:

08.26.06 (sat) 9pm
just / kudirka / orsher / so
the chop shop - obentrautstrasse 21, haus 17 (u-mehringdamm), berlin-kreuzberg/$0
performances of 'B318' by james orsher, 'the buffalo skinners' by mark so, 'sacred stone effigies of a decayed forest sanctuary' by joe kudirka and 'the only way to reform modern lettering is to abolish it.' by travis just; performed by martha agostini, brendan dougherty, frank eickhoff, kara feely, guido henneboehl, travis just, paula matthusen, owen molloy, james orsher, jesse seldess, anne vortisch, jennifer walshe, jeremy woodruff; information at

08.23.06 (wed) 8pm
privat-publikum (installation 2)
1843 santa ynez st., echo park (los angeles)/$0
the second night of intimate experimental music, chez johnny chang; front steps: lamonte young 'lecture 1960' realized by mark so, front yard: george brecht 'solo for violin' (johnny chang), front porch: antoine beuger 'monodies pour mallarme'(joseph kudirka), living room: johnny chang 'transcription (1): t. monk' (ensemble)

08.21.06 (mon) 8pm
cold storage project presents: joseph kudirka - lighthouse music
5th st & colyton (one block east of alameda st), downtown l.a./$0
the first performance of joe kudirka's 'lighthouse music' (2006); i'll be playing in this, along with several other fine local musicians

07.28.06 (fri) 1pm
canal songs 1
studio 1, koninklijk conservatoriam, juliana van stolberglaan 1 (den haag, nl)/$0
james orsher and elyssa shalla performed a program of music by antoine beuger (three drops of rain / east wind / ocean), joseph kudirka (love letters/brought to a quiet haven), james orsher (doublings (4)), michael pisaro (harmony series 5) and mark so (neoteric harmonies)

07.27.06 (thur) 8pm
cold storage project presents: mark so - 2 pieces
5th st & colyton (one block east of alameda st), downtown l.a./$0
a program of 2 new pieces, 'salmonella kitchen' and 'atmosphere study (6),' performed by g. douglas barrett, orin hildestad, joseph kudirka, liam mooney, michael pisaro, luke thomas taylor and myself, as part of the ongoing cold storage project series, occupying a 40,000 sq. ft. concrete storage facility under construction in the warehouse/arts district downtown -- for full details, visit

07.20.06 (thur) 7pm
living-room concert - zelenka and wolff
1843 santa ynez st., echo park (los angeles)/$0
johnny chang presented a concert in his living room, consisting of music by hungarian-austrian composer istvan zelenka ('withinsideexplorer', 2002) and christian wolff ('berlin exercises', 2000/5), performed by g. douglas barrett, chang, michael pisaro and myself

07.19.06 (wed) 1230pm
(nichts, das ist)/(nothing, that is)
st. peter’s episcopal hall, cazenovia, ny/$0
pianist stephen pikarsky premiered my new piece '(nichts, das ist)' as part of the cazenovia counterpoint new music festival

07.10.06 (mon) 8-11pm
cold storage project: james tenney - in a large open space
5th st & colyton (one block east of alameda st), l.a./$0
i co-organized and performed in this grand event with michael parker and james orsher, a 3-hour performance (with 17 musicians) of james tenney's masterpiece, as part of parker's 'cold storage project' series, taking place within a 40,000 sq. ft. concrete cold storage facility under construction in the downtown arts/warehouse district; for video and sound from the performance, please visit

07.10.06 (mon) midnight - midnight
festival echo park (3)
echo park, l.a., ca/$0
you know the deal, experimental music, maybe happening, maybe not... i premiered my new piece 'goldwater revolution' while walking around the lake; johnny chang premiered his 'festival: echo park', performing with james orsher, g. douglas barrett and adam fong

07.01.06 (sat) 8pm
dogstar june (2) -- concert 6
rod, calarts/$0
michael pisaro: 'tombstones' + 'entre-moments'
doug barrett: 'derivation iii'
james tenney: 'swell pieces,' 'night'
(i will perform in most of these)

06.30.06 (fri) 8pm
dogstar june (2) -- concert 5
rod, calarts/$0
2 hours for piano (6) - michael pisaro, piano
heinrich schenker: reductions from 'der freie satz'
christian wolff: selections from 'incidental music'
(i'm not in this one, but it will be great!)

06.29.06 (thur) 8pm
dogstar june (2) -- concert 4
rod, calarts/$0
arthur jarvinen: 'defrag 1' (arr. kudirka)
music of joseph kudirka
antoine beuger: 'ockeghem octets'
(i will perform in pieces by jarvinen and kudirka)

06.24.06 (sat) 8pm
dogstar june (2) -- concert 3
rod, calarts/$0
johnny chang: 'westphalian fragments (dortmund coast)'
james orsher: 'doublings' (2, 3)
antoine beuger: 'la part du peu'
(i will perform in all of these)

06.23.06 (fri) 8pm
dogstar june (2) -- concert 2
rod, calarts/$0
mark so: 'un coup de dés,' two note card pieces ('oxford classic white,' 'karteikarten')
christian wolff: 'tilbury' 2 and 3, 'x for peace marches,' 'sticks'
yoko ono: 'wood piece'
(i will perform in all of these)

06.22.06 (thur) 8pm
dogstar june (2) -- concert 1
rod, calarts/$0
music by cassia streb and cat lamb
arthur jarvinen: 'am saying it';
michael pisaro: 'decomposition of the real' (1.2 and 2)
(i will perform in pieces by cat lamb and michael pisaro)

06.10.06 (sat) midnight - midnight
bunker hill, downtown los angeles/$0
a day-long guerrila celebration of experimental music in the heart of capitalism; included the premieres of my 'constellations (3)' (2005), 'field's landing' (2005) and 'neoteric harmonies' (2006), and the first vocal performance of my 'liberal plain song' [to joseph kudirka] (2005); also premiered were james orsher's 'untitled' (2006) and 'solo for harmonium iib' (2006); performing were christa graf (violin), orin hildestad (violin, voice), joseph kudirka (ukulele, voice), james orsher (harmonium, voice), christine tavolacci (piccolo, flute) and myself (glockenspiel, voice)

05.18.06 (thurs) midnight - midnight
main gallery, calarts/$0
a day-long celebration of experimental music, completely impromptu and unplanned; included the premieres of my 'liberal plain song' [to joseph kudirka] (2005), performed by joe (piano), cat lamb (wurlitzer) and myself (glockenspiel), my 'atmosphere study (5)' (2005), performed by myself (with radio static), and the second performance of my 'radio music' (2004), as well as new work by stina hanson, luke thomas taylor and marc nimoy, an installation of the score 'noho homo' (2006) by mike richard, and the debut/swansong of the experimental improvising quartet 'radu' (harris wulfson, lewis keller, cat lamb, adam fong)

05.14.06 (sun) 8pm
reading wittgenstein
rod music hall, calarts/$0
johnny chang (violin) and james orsher (harmonium premiered my '4.022' on this program of over 20 2-minute pieces composed as realizations of propositions in ludwig wittgenstein's 'tractatus logico-philosophicus'(1921) -- a production of the calarts experimental music workshop

05.13.06 (sat) 4pm
earle brown celebration
rod music hall, calarts/$0
i performed on piano in two realizations of brown's classic _folio_ pieces, 'november 1952' (realization by johnny chang), with violinist johnny chang, and 'december 1952' (realization by michael pisaro), with johnny chang (violin), james orsher (harmonium) and michael pisaro (electric guitar); i also played in 'new piece' (1971) along with several others, conducted by vinny golia

05.11.06 (thurs) 830-1130pm
center for integrate media performances
tatum lounge, calarts/$0
i performed (on harmonium) alongside many fine musicians, including eric km clark, cat lamb, lewis keller and felix salazar, in harris wulfson's inteactive 'livescore'

05.04.06 (thurs) 10pm
center for integrated media performances
black & white studio, calarts/$0
i premiered g. douglas barrett's 'derivation III' for piano solo; also featured were a new performance work by d. jean hester and a harmonium/electronics piece by james orsher

05.04.06 (thurs) 12 noon
new vocal music by calarts composers
main gallery, calarts/$0
my 'argo - for chanticleer' (2005) was premiered, along with diverse works by james orsher, adam fong, stina hanson, teri card and ryan tanaka

04.26.06 (wed) 1230pm
civic morning musicals - new music for voice, harp and piano
hosmer auditorium, everson museum of art (401 harrison st., syracuse, ny)/$0
my new 'trio landscape (for ursula kwasnicka)' (2006) will be performed by norma tippett (soprano), ursula kwasnicka (harp) and john spradling (piano) along with pieces for voice and harp by fellow californian elaine barkin

04.26.06 (wed) 8pm
germany mini-tour
audi-max, dortmund university (emil-figge-strasse 50)/$0
michael pisaro's 'harmony series no. 7b; 14; 20' and eva-maria houben's 'fast alle' and 'im nu' performed by calarts and dortmund university musicians

04.23.06 (sun) 7pm
germany mini-tour
kunstraum dusseldorf (himmelgeister strasse 107E)/$0
michael pisaro's 'harmony series 7a-c' and eva-maria houben's 'fast alle' and 'im nu', performed by calarts and dortmund university musicians

04.23.06 (sun) 12pm
germany mini-tour
kunstraum dusseldorf/$0
a program of new pieces by johnny chang ('goldsmith variations for mark so'), james orsher ('doublings 2') and my own 'mattes 3' performed by the three of us, as well as michael pisaro and percussionist elyssa shalla

04.22.06 (sat) 8pm
germany mini-tour
kunstraum dusseldorf/$0
michael pisaro's 'harmony series 8 (a-e); 12a' will be performed by michael pisaro and antoine beuger

04.22.06 (fri) ca. 3pm
guerrila performances
stiftung insel hombroich (near neuss, germany)/$0
james orsher and i performed 'stones' (1969) by christian wolff in the konzert- un veranstaltungs-raum and later, my piece 'there are two' (2006), outdoors

04.21.06 (fri) 730pm
germany mini-tour
stadtkirche st. petri, dortmund/$0
michael pisaro's 'harmony series no. 7c' and 'harmony series no. 5'; eva-maria houben's 'ein-toning', 'verschwindungen IV' and 'im num' performed by calarts and dortmund university musicians

04.21.06 (fri) 11am
germany mini-tour
evangelische kirche dortmund-eichlinghofen/$0
michael pisaro's 'appearance (1)' (1998) for organ, performed by eva-maria houben

04.20.06 (thurs) 7pm
germany mini-tour
studiobuhne, dortmund university (emil-figge-strasse 50)/$0
a concert of music by calarts and dortmund university composers, including new pieces by johnny chang ('ellipsis - interludes'), james orsher ('doublings 2') and my 'jungle-dortmund', performed by calarts and dortmund university musicians

04.18.06 (tue) 6pm
germany mini-tour
studiobuhne, dortmund university (emil-figge-strasse 50)/$0
in this opening concert of our mini-tour of germany, johnny chang, james orsher and i will join michael pisaro in performing his 'harmony series 1', and pisaro will and eva-maria houben will perform her 'litanies'

04.14.06 (fri) 8pm
'you too can play difficult music', a series of audience participation performances: james orsher presents - a notecard event
@machine project (1200 D north alvarado street, los angeles, ca 90026)/$0
i performed in a number of notecard compositions written on the spot by many composers, including joseph kudirka, james orsher, harris wulfson and myself; my own 'there are 2' and 'set this card afire and send it into the cash machine' were among the pieces performed

04.12.06 (wed) 2pm
3rd floor c-wing breezeway, calarts/$0
adam fong, stina hanson, joseph kudirka, james orsher, christine tavolacci and i premiered johnny chang's 'goldsmith variations (for mark so)' (2006)

04.05.06 (wed) 2pm
main gallery, calarts/$0
i premiered my 'music for any film' (2006) in a version for piano solo, with the film 'night and fog' (1955) by alain resnais

04.04.06 (tue) 830pm
sounding out - music by calarts composers
main gallery, calarts/$0
i had two new pieces premiered: 'oxford classic white' (2006), played by eric km clark, cat lamb, lewis keller, adam fong, james orsher and myself, and 'holes' (2006), which i performed on piano; i also participated in the premiere of a new version of james orsher's 'libra' (2006)

03.21.06 (tue) 1030pm
sounding out - music by calarts composers
main gallery, calarts/$0
my new piece 'the buffalo skinners (to john lomax)' (2006) was premiered by johnny chang, mari garrett, stina hanson, lewis keller, joseph kudirka, michael kudirka, james orsher, cassia streb and christine tavolacci

03.10.06 (fri) 730pm
the microscore project
university of auckland/$0
johnny chang and jessica catron gave the second performance of my 30-second piece 'switch' (2004) during the new zealand tour of their 'microscore project'

03.08.06 (wed) 4pm
main gallery, calarts/$0
i premiered doug barrett's 'pedestrian (for mark so)' (2005), using 15 field recordings and maps

03.01.06 (wed) 1pm
music wing breezeway, calarts/$0
i made my percussion debut on vibraphone and marimba alongside johnny chang, caleb epps, joseph kudirka and james orsher in the premiere of 'imaginary mindscape #113' (2005) by the mysterious composer "j. offher"

02.25.06 (sat) 8pm
california EAR unit plays calarts composers
r.o.d. music hall, calarts/$0
my new piece 'empire of the ants (for the california EAR unit)' 2006) was premiered, along with new works by doug barrett, johnny chang, stina hanson, james orsher and many others

02.22.06 (wed) 3pm
3rd floor C-wing breezeway, calarts/$0
eric km clark, lewis keller, james orsher and i premiered lewis keller's 'long tones and silences 1' (2006)

02.19.06 (sun) 2pm
kathy pisaro - oboe
roy o disney music hall, calarts/$0
i will join oboist kathy pisaro in a performance of korean-austrian experimentalist kunsu shim's 'horen' (1995) for oboe and piano, and kathy will perform a new piece for oboe by michael pisaro

02.14.06 (tue) 12noon
noon concert
main gallery, calarts/$0
i will join oboist kathy pisaro in a performance of korean-austrian experimentalist kunsu shim's 'horen' (1995) for oboe and piano

02.13.06 (mon) 930pm
sounding out - new music by calarts composers
main gallery, calarts/$0
i'll have a new composition on this concert: 'bean medley' (2005) performed by lewis keller, cat lamb, marc nimoy, james orsher, harris wulfson and myself

02.12.06 (sun) 8pm
episode one of 'you too can play difficult music', a series of audience participation performances: adam overton & mark so
@machine project (1200 D north alvarado street, los angeles, ca 90026)/$0
adam and i will split this evening of innovative interactive performances; i will present two new pieces: 'as it is - mattes 2' and 'readings 14' (both 2006), with musicians johnny chang, adam fong, james orsher and harris wulfson participating; details at

02.07.06 (tue) 8pm
james orsher's concert
roy o disney music hall, calarts/$0
james will premiere a new piece i wrote for him, 'sur la plage' (2006) for suspended cymbal & french reader; i will be performing on 2 pianos in a group of 20 musicianss playing james's 'doublings' (2006); and i will join james, harris wulfson and adam fong in luke thomas taylor's '[for james orsher]' (2006)

01.29.06 (sun) 8pm
radu malfatti - portrait
r.o.d., calarts/$0
i will be playing in the calarts experimental music workshop's realization of 'sprachlos' on this concert of radu malfatti's ensemble works

01.29.06 (sun) 12pm-4pm
radu malfatti - solo works
main gallery, calarts/$0
i will perform 'nonostante II' (2002) for piano by the austrian experimental composer on this program of his solo music

01.28.06 (sat) 8pm
ok composer - music by calarts composers
r.o.d., calarts/$0
my piece '3 baby greens: radiccio, endive, romaine' (2005) will be premiered by cat lamb (viola), james orsher (harmonium) and myself (piano); also, i will perform two new piano solos - 'subtraction' by james orsher and 'for james orsher [for mark so]' by felix salazar

01.27.06 (fri) 8pm
jürg frey - portrait
roy o disney music hall, calarts/$0
i will perform, with violist cal lamb, frey's '(unbetitelt) IV' (1990) for viola and piano on this concert of the swiss experimental composer's chamber music

01.17.06 (tue) 830pm
sounding out - music by calarts composers
main gallery, calarts/$0
my piece 'whole-note gumbo' (2005) was premiered by 12 performers using low, sustaining sounds, and i performed james orsher's 'piano piece no. 3' (2005)


12.10.05 (sat)
bartleby: a performed reading
r.o.d., calarts/8pm/$0
i was involved in the calarts experimental music workshop's performance based upon melville's novella 'bartleby', which included various realizations of music by antoine beuger, george brecht, alvin lucier, manfred werder and christian wolff, and readings from 'bartleby' as well as analytic essays about 'bartleby' by giorgio agamben and gilles deleuze

12.07.05 (wed)
L-shape gallery, calarts/3pm/$0

presented in loving memory of our great friend, Stephen "Lucky" Mosko

madison brookshire, james orsher christine tavolacci, harris wulfson and i performed 2 new works by joseph kudirka: 'Grey' and 'an ever open door'

11.29.05 (tues)
sounding out
main gallery, calarts/830pm/$0
i performed james orsher's 'null set/nihilism - for mark so' in an 18-minute ealization for piano solo

11.20.05 (sun)
ok composer
r.o.d. music hall, calarts/2pm/$0
i have a new piece on this concert of new studen music:
'coming together' performed by madison brookshire, lewis keller, cat lamb, james orsher, phil stearns, christine tavolacci & myself

11.16.05 (wed)
c-wing breezeway, calarts/1pm/$0
james orsher and i performed my 2 piano piece, 'readings 7 - sixth investigation 1969.proposition 14.2.c (to joseph kosuth)' (2004)

11.13.05 (sun)
bartleby_1/logos prior logos
r.o.d., calarts/8pm/$0
i participated in the 'chorus of readers' for mike richard's 'bartleby_1' (based upon the novella by herman melville), and as reader/conductor in douglas c. wadle's 'logos prior logos', a modalogic exploration upon an oil painting by the composer

11.12.05 (sat)
topography (1)
r.o.d., calarts/2pm/$0
my new piece from the _blind documents_ series '8 IX 2003/7:58pm; no. 4' (2005) for piano, violin & tape was performed by johnny chang and myself on this concert of music with pield recordings/found objects curated by johnny chang; also featured were new works by chang and michael pisaro

11.09-10.05 (wed-thurs)
WEDNESDAY HOUR #4 - manfred werder 24-hour event
29644 teasedale pl, castaic/sunrise-sunrise/$0
i participated with many others in this day-long realization of manfred werder's 'fur eine(n) oder einige ausfuhrende(n)' (2001- )

11.06.05 (sun)
mark so /2 pieces
r.o.d., calarts/8pm/$0
a concert of two of my newest pieces:
'last pictures from biloxi' for string trio & flute, with johnny chang, april guthrie, cassia streb and christine tavolacci performing, and 'readings 13 (anatole)' for reader and any number of musicians (composed at the montana artists refuge last summer), with cassia streb reading and johnny chang, james orsher and myself playing musical fragments

11.02.05 (wed)
sounding out
main gallery, calarts/10:30pm/$0
anni rossi premiered my piece 'some notes for anni' using viola, her body and her voice, james orsher and john somers premiered my 'ellipsis' on e-bowed electric guitars, and i participated in james orsher's 'for any number of performers seated in chairs' on this concert of new student music

10.26.05 (wed)
lot 5, calarts/noon/$0
aaron drake, joyce hwang, james orsher, michael pisaro and i premiered adam fong's 'auto chimes' for 5 car horns

10.19.05 (wed)
c-wing breezeway, calarts/3pm/$0
i performed in james orsher's 'for x performers' and madison brookshire's 'intersections'

10.18.05 (tues)
readings 12
main gallery, calarts/7-11pm/$0
a four-hour version of my new piece, in a large ensemble realization, including (probably): lewis keller, christine tavolacci, joyce hwang, michael pisaro, madison brookshire, mari garrett, melinda rice, april guthrie, cat lamb, mitch michalik, adam overton, james orsher, andrea lieberherr, adam fong, cassia streb, myself and/or (perhaps) others

10.18.05 (tues)
noon concert
main gallery, calarts/noon/$0
michael pisaro (guitar) and i (tuned glasses) premiered johnny chang's 'arc de cercle'

10.14.05 (fri)
dog star 5
r.o.d., calarts/8pm/$0
my 'landscape for 6' was premiered by april guthrie, lewis keller, joe kudirka, james orsher, christine tavolacci and myself; additionally, i perticipated in michael pisaro's 'so little to do (harmony series no. 6)', and james orsher's 'ch+' and joe kudirka's 'canon' were premiered

10.12.05 (wed)
cafe breezeway, calarts/2pm/$0
this new series, curated by james orsher & myself, kicked off with a performance of my 'atmosphere study (1)' (composed last summer at the montana artists refuge), realized by madison brookshire, eric km clark, joe kudirka, james orsher, michael pisaro, chrristine tavolacci, harris wulfson and myself

10.11.05 (tues)
noon concert
main gallery, calarts/noon/$0
i'll be playing, along with many others, in james orsher's 'new dehli train station' for hindi reader, bull horn and a large number of synthesizers

10.07.05 (fri)
houben, wolff, pisaro
rod, calarts/8pm/$0
i'll be in the experimental music workshop's concert of new works by eva-maria houben ('im nu') and michael pisaro ('harmony series 7b'), as well as christian wolff's 'fits and starts' -- also performing will be eva-maria houben's dortmund university experimental music group

10.04.05 (tues)
noon concert
main gallery, calarts/noon/$0
michael pisaro (guitar) and i (piano) premiered my new 'landscape for 2'

09.29.05 (thurs)
easy piano music - james orsher
rod, calarts/8pm/$0
james orsher performs a program of experimental piano music, with his own music plus pieces by me ('piano'), joe kudirka, cat lamb, lewis keller, jacob feinberg and michael pisaro ('distance 3' -- in which i will be performing along with joe kudirka and james)

salient lockup (click for more)
il corral (click for location/directions)/9.03 12am-9.07 11:59pm/$5
i will participate in stane hubert & polychrome's 5-day "endurance" event at il corral in los angeles, the sequel to last year's "texas shanesaw massacre" -- many artists will come and go (use the link above to see a full schedule); i will be there sun (9.04) 5:15-5:56pm, mon (9.05) 1:51-2:05pm and tues (9.06) 9:50-11am

8.14.05 (sun)
homemade instrument day: the mad scientists of music
lincoln center out of doors festival, nyc/$0
sara roberts led the first public performance of 'a round of vowels' (2004), a piece i composed for 12 or more of her "earbee" recording/looping devices

ex.mus.MT (4)
montana artists refuge, basin/630pm/$0
for the final performance of my residency at mar, i presented 'readings 13', my new composition for reader and any number of musicians, based upon stephane mallarme's text 'a tomb for anatole' (1879) -- i performed using stones, cookie sheet and singing glasses, and once more, members of the community participated: randy rachlis, reader; MJ williams, trobone; nancy owens, violin

ex.mus.MT (3)
montana artists refuge, basin/730pm/$0
2 for piano
for this third concert of my stay at mar, i presented my new 104-minute 'piano piece 2005' as well as 'readings 8 [IMMANENCE]' (2004)

ex.mus.MT (2)
montana artists refuge, basin/7pm/$0
the second concert of my residency at mar, featuring a solo 76'45" performance i gave of my new 'kitchen reading' in the kitchen of my residency apartment

ex.mus.MT (1)
john simms' place, prickley pear creek, mt/5pm/$0
the first of four concert of experimental music i organized during a july residency at the montana artists refuge in basin, mt; featuring first performances of major works from the experimental tradition, and two new pieces of mine:
constellations (1)
atmosphere study (1)
with members of the community and fellow "refugees" participating

experimental music series
r.o.d., calarts/$0
many pieces, new and old, from the experimental tradition -- new works by michael pisaro, carlo inderhees, david kendall, mark so and others, as well as alvin lucier's 'chambers'

the crook: a revival
los angeles theater center/830pm/$5
i contributed some piano playing/arranging for bob bellerue's soundscore to this postmodern revision of america's first musical, 'the black crook' (1866)

two5 (1991)
main gallery, calarts/11am/$0
trombonist nate brown and i (piano) performed this late work of john cage's

new media night - 'soundmarks'
r.o.d., calarts/8pm/$0
adam overton and i performed my 'small vertical grid', in a version for electronics and prepared piano; james orsher and i performed doug barrett's 'tunneling' for two pianos and electronics

graduate composers concert
the calarts new century players play compositions by calarts graduate composers, including my new piece 'field - to james tenney' for a large ensemble; there will also be pieces by teri card, mike winter, adam fong, johnny chang and eric km clark

chamber music by calarts composers
i'll have a new piece, 'islands' for flute, violin and piano, on this concert of new chamber music by calarts students

sounding out
calarts main gallery/8pm/$0
a concert of new student music
i will have a new piece: pluto & charon
for oboe & violin

main gallery piece
main gallery, calarts/330-730pm/$0
i participated in james orsher and d. jean hester's installation-performance, along with joe kudirka, christine tavolacci, jacob fineberg, petros sakelliou and many, many more

the invisible performance workshop
adam overton curated this fine series; i participated on night 3 (4.12), performing in 'for piano(s) and performers' alongside (and across from) rachel arnold, raven chacon, april guthrie, joe kudirka and james orsher

the music of christian wolff
i participated in the experimental music worshop's concert of the music of christian wolff, which included 'ordinary matter', 'madrigals', 'for 1, 2, or 3 people', changing the system', 'fits and starts' and 'instrumentalist(s)-singer(s)'

4.09.05 <;br> music for one note
many interesting new pieces by calarts composers, and composers from the outer-world...
i will have a new piece:
'blue/grass is greener' for two (on one note), played by eric km clark and johnny chang (violins)
i will also be performing in a new piano piece by mike winter

_blind documents_ on radio wandelweiser
a reprise 24-hour 'cycle' of 8 pieces from my _blind documents_ series

3.24.05 (thurs)
mark so - 2 pieces
a concert of two of my newest pieces:
'5 typographies' (68') for one performer and two sounds, played by michael pisaro (electric guitar);
'readings 11' (52') for reader (w/tape), lamp, flute & piano, with christine tavolacci (flute), michael pisaro (piano) and myself (reader/lamp/tape/etc.)

3.22.05 (tues)
adam fong - compositions
petros sakelliou and i will perform adam's 'elementary studies' for two (2) pianos

3.20.05 (sun)
cassia streb - viola
cassia and i will play morton feldman's 'viola in my life (3)' for viola and piano
also, hear a great new piace by mike winter for viola and live electronics (filter III)

7 X 2004/12:14am [_blind documents_ series] (2005)
a new piece for nine, in three "choirs": 4 winds, 3 strings, harp+piano
graduate composers concert
r.o.d., calarts

SWITCH (2004)
in a program of 30-sec "microscores" presented by johnny chang (violin) and jessica catron (cello)
r.o.d., calarts

1 X 2004/12:27am (for nate brown) [_blind documents_ series] (2005)

a new piece for trombone (nate brown) and piano (moi)
"souding out" student music concert
mail gallery, calarts

readings 10 - SKIES (to eileen myles)(2005)
my new piece for violin (christa graf), flute (christine tavolacci) and reader (moi)
"ok composer" student comp concert
r.o.d., calarts

_blind documents_ (2003-4) on radio wandelweiser
a 24-hour streaming internet "radio" program of my music
(8 pieces from the _blind documents_ series)
10.00am-10.00am CE(uro)T


December 17

Fluxus event -- I will have two new pieces, RADIO MUSIC and READINGS 9 - ULYSSES, in this concert of notecard-/text- score realizations. Main Gallery, CalArts. 730pm

December 11

the stupid/boring piano music of Joe Kudirka -- Michael Pisaro and I will join our friend Joe Kudirka in a concert of his great piano music, new and old, including Piano Piece for Ben Vautier, Bad Pianos Are Best, Piano Solos 1-3 and For Any Number of Keyboard Instruments. R.O.D., 2pm

November 17

James Orsher and I will perform a new piece for 2 pianos by Doug Barrett during a concert of music by student composers in the CalArts main gallery. 8pm

November 13

ok composer -- my new 'string quartet (4.15.04 12:48pm)' will be performed by Christa Graf, Melinda Rice, Catherine Lamb and April Guthrie during this concert of new music by CalArts composers. I will also be playing harpsichord in Joe Kudirka's Remnants of an Ancient Race of Hunters for 4 winds and harpsichord. R.O.D., 8pm

November 11

James Tenney at 70 -- the Bozzini String Quartet (from Montreal), the CalArts experimental music workshop (which I am in) and others perform landmark experimental pieces by composer James Tenney at REDCAT in Downtown Los Angeles. For more info, click here. 8pm ($20/16/10)

November 9

Quiet Music at Night -- Vicki Ray, Michael Pisaro, Joe Kudirka, Anni Rossi and Albert Ortega performed quiet music from the experimental tradition, including music by Mark So, Joe Kudirka, Gavin Bryars, Morton Feldman, Steven Yi, Albert Ortega and Jason Thomas. Starting at 10pm in the CalArts main gallery, and going until...

November 8

Music of James Tenney -- I will participate in the experimental music workshop's program of innovative pieces by Jim Tenney, including "Chamber Music," "(Night) For Percussion, Perhaps, Or...," three "Swell Pieces," "Harmonium #7" and "In a Large, Open Space." The concert begins at 8pm in R.O.D., then moves out into the main gallery.

October 26

I'm giving a recital of my newest piano music, including pieces from the "every 15 minutes series." Performing with me will be Michael Pisaro, Jason Thomas, August Friscia and others. 8pm in R.O.D. (at CalArts)

October 19

I will present my newest piece in the readings series, "readings 8 [IMMANENCE]" for piano, as well as "Scene aux Champs" for snare drum, in a concert of new student music. CalArts main gallery, 8pm.

October 15

August Friscia and I will perform Jim Tenney's marvelous "Flocking" (1993) for quarter-tuned pianos. Headlining the concert will be Jim Tenney's performance of Charles Ives' "Concord Sonata." Jim will also be joined by Lorna Eder in Ives' pieces for quarter-tuned pianos. 8pm, R.O.D.

October 7

I participated as pianist in the first performance of Michael Pisaro's "Reading Spinoza." Michael was reader, and the 3-hour performance was accompanied by gorgeous video of snow falling on the countryside, made by Munich artist Christoph Nicolaus. 8pm, R.O.D.

August 17

I have found a new web host for mp3 files of my music and have begun uploading them. Click here to access these files!

May 14

"readings 5 (lessness) for Samuel Beckett and LaMonte Young" - I performed this latest piece from the readings series in a session of Jim Tenney's course on tuning systems at CalArts. I constructed a glass harmonica from glasses found in my home and in thrift stores, tuning with variable abounts of water to achieve LaMonte Young's tuning from "The Well-Tuned Piano." I then distributed the 19 interval classes of the tuning randomly, twice, against the 60 x 2 sentence structure of Samuel Beckett's text "Lessness," and performed the work using the text as score.

May 3

"Glacial Drift" - The New Century Players will premiere my new piece for flute, violin, harp, 2 pianos and marimba at the Graduate Composers Concert. 8pm in R.O.D.

May 2

Two of my recent pieces, "Projection" for violinist Maria Stefanova with piano, composed as accompaniment to an experimental video, and "Louisiana, And [readings 4]" for solo piano, will be performed during the CalArts chamber music showcase at REDCAT Downtown Los Angeles. 3pm, $6-$12 (visit for ticketing info and directions).

May 1

"Theatre of Attention" - The culminating performance of this semester's experimental music workshop, consisting of Michael Pisaro, Raven Chacon, Jessie Rothwell, Michael Winter, myself and several others, will emerge intermittently from the silence/darkness of R.O.D., starting at 8pm.

April 30

A new piece from the "_blind documents_" series for wind ensemble will be premiered in an all-wind concert; 8pm in R.O.D.

April 28

Three new pieces from the "_blind documents_" series and a new text score will be performed along with Michael Pisaro's new piece "Interference" at the smell Downtown. Performing in addition to myself and Michael will be Andrea Lieberherr, Jen Boyd, Colette Alexander, John Maus and Jonathan Marmor. Go to for info and directions. 9pm, $5.

April 24

Quiet Night - Another night of very quiet music from the American tradition, with music by Michael Pisaro, Mark So, Morton Feldman, Joe Lake, Petros Sakelliou, Raven Chacon, Mike Winter, Andrea Lieberherr, Sciarrino and others. Featuring performances by Vicki Ray, Michael Pisaro, Andrea Lieberherr, Wayla Chambo, myself and many, many more. CalArts Main Gallery, 11pm-3am.

April 13, 14, 15

I performed "every fifteen minutes" for typewriter, paper, blind typist, hammer and nails during chance-determined time slots in Stane Hubert's 5-day piece, "The Texas Shanesaw Massacre" in the Stevenson Blanche Devereaux Gallery at CalArts.

April 13

"Louisiana, And [readings 4] - 8 durations for Michael Pisaro" - Michael Pisaro will premiere this new piece of mine at his piano recital; 8pm in R.O.D.

April 7

"Spanish Omelet - Readings 3" (for oboe and soprano with castanets)/"Quaoar and Sedna" (for oboe and clarinet) - These new pieces of mine will be performed in the CalArts Main Gallery as part of the first in a new series of student music concerts. 8pm.

March 4

"8 IX 2003 / 7:58 pm; No. 2A" from the "_blind documents_" series will be featured in the New Media Night 2 concert at 8 pm in R.O.D. The piece is for piano, heat sinks and tape, and composer Jen Boyd will be performing on her own set of electronically adapted heat sinks.

February 25

A program at The Smell in downtown L.A. featuring three new pieces from the "_blind documents_" series, along with a new piece by Michael Pisaro, was rained out. It will happen later this spring.

February 22

Violinist Maria Stefanova premiered two new pieces of mine on her recital in R.O.D.: "Film Piece" for violin, cello (Rachel Arnold), and vibraphone (Mike Robbins) and "Projection" for violin and piano (Mark So). Both accompanied short experimental films commissioned especially for the concert.

February 10

My string quartet "Prose / Poem [readings 2]" received its CalArts premiere at the second OK Composer concert of student works in R.O.D. Playing were Maria Stefanova, Noriko Yamaga, Mark Menzies, and Rachel Arnold.

February 7

"Readings 3 - Spanish Omelet" - Oboist Kristin Olsen premiered this new piece of mine at her graduation recital in R.O.D., along with soprano & castanetist Allyson Ramsey.

February 3

I played electronic keyboard in performances of new experimental works by CalArts alums Jonathan Marmor and John Maus. Also participating were Mike Richard, Lee Weisert, Zack Scott, and Michael Pisaro. The concert, which took place in R.O.D., also featured Antoine Beuger's "Cantor Quartets."

January 29

"Score Shredding" - I assisted composer Jason Thomas and others in bidding a fond adieu to some of the more rancid examples from the trash heap of music history, including lackluster works by Debussy, Bach, Britten, Brahms, Augusta Read Thomas, Schoenberg, and many others. This was to have been a "Score Burning," but due to the Santa Clarita Fire Marshall's intervention, it became a decidedly more entertaining event, taking place in the loungey atmosphere of CalArts' Tatum cafe, then proceeding to the Main Gallery, where the shreds were littered to the floor from high above, creating a most satisfying art pile that students rolled around in for hours. Photos.

January 25

"Le Bergsonisme" - I played piano in the first full (1 hour) performance of Mike Richard's latest text-based work in R.O.D. Other performers included the composer, Michael Pisaro, Sara Was, Colette Alexander, David Kendall, Mike Richardson and Albert Ortega.

January 17

The Laberinto Quartet (James Mark, Noriko Yamaga, Mark Menzies, Rachel Arnold) premiered my string quartet, "Prose / Poem [readings 2]," at the National Board Meeting of the American Composers Forum in Los Angeles.


December 25

As you may have noticed, the links to my page are down. This is because no longer exists. I am currently exploring ways to bring those files back online.

November 22

Samuel Beckett's "Company" - I contributed the voicing structure, read portions of the text, performed with an overhead projector, typewriter, and clothesline, and composed ad performed a brief piano interlude for this collective experimental reading of the text staged by the CalArts experimental music workshop in R.O.D. Participants included Martin Loyato, Ezra Buchla, Aileen Campbell, Mike Richard, Yooka Hyun, and Dave Kendall, and the performance was coordinated/directed by Michael Pisaro. Recordings coming soon!

November 18

"A Night of Very Quiet Music" - Vicki Ray, Mark So, Michael Pisaro, Andrea Lieberherr, Jen Boyd, and Mike Richard performed quiet sounds from the experimental tradition for 4-1/2 hours, including pieces by Morton Feldman, David Mahler, Michael Pisaro, Mark So, Mike Richard, and Jacob Feinberg. This concert took place in the CalArts Main Gallery. Recordings coming soon!

November 17

"Le Bergsonisme" - I played piano in the premiere of my friend Mike Richard's new composition, a work-in-progress built on Gilles Deleuze's critical text Bergsonism. The other performers were Mike Richard, Michael Pisaro, Jeff Cain, Zack Scott, Dave Kendall, Albert Ortega, and Michael Richardson, and the performance was in Roy O. Disney Music Hall at CalArts.

November 16

"_blind documents_I" - this was my mid-residence composition recital in Roy O. Disney Music Hall at CalArts, featuring seven brand new pieces from the _blind documents_ series. In addition to myself, the musicians included Michael Pisaro, Maria Stefanova, Kim Turney, Mike Robbins, Mike Richard, Liam Mooney, Jennifer Jester, and Colin Corcoran. Recordings coming soon!

November 3

"23 IX 2003/8:04pm" from the _blind documents_ series was premiered by the New Century Players (CalArts faculty ensemble) in Roy O. Disney Music Hall at CalArts. The performers were Vicki Ray, Susie Allen, Michael Pisaro, Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, and Rachel Rudich.

October 14

"Vendre le Vent" - I was the piano solist in Vinko Globokar's outrageous Situationist chamber orchestra piece from 1973. The other performers included Colin Corcoran, Kim Turney, Jen Boyd, and several others, conducted by Mark Lowenstein in Roy O. Disney Music Hall at CalArts.

July 23

Prize-winning pianists Matthew and Stephen Pikarsky performed in the premiere my composition AIR, a piece for two pianists playing inside the piano. The performance was part of the Cazenovia Counterpoint Winds of Change festival, and took place in Cazenovia, NY.