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A Journey on the Left Hand Path

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The Luciferian Research Society podcast is a community based show about Left Hand Path occultism. It is produced by Matthew and hosted by myself. Occult topics are discussed and contributions from the membership of the LRS are showcased. These contributions include visual art, songs produced by members, opinions on various topics and even interviews. Free promotion is provided to active members of the LRS on the podcast.

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Episode 1 - Introduction to the Luciferian Research Society

Jeremy Crow talks about the nature and purpose of the LRS. Also featuring 'Dare the Dark Lord' by 'Compella and The Twister'. [17:29]

Episode 1 Featured Links:

Luciferian Research Society - Official Site
Compella - MySpace

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Episode 2 - Mythological Characters in the Left Hand Path

Jeremy Crow talks about the various mythological characters commonly encountered in the "Left Hand Path" (Satan, Lucifer, Prometheus, Enki, Odin and Set). Also featuring music by 'Pleasure The Priestess' and 'False Prion'. [34:41]

Episode 2 Featured Links:

Pleasure The Priestess - Official Site
False Prion - Official Site

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Episode 3 - Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Jeremy Crow talks about the nature of lucid dreaming, including various dreamwork techniques and experiences. Special guest interview with author Edward O'Toole. More highlights from LRS members (Vintage Anjel and Emily S.) and also featuring music by 'Popeye-X' and 'Matthew'. [53:45]

Episode 3 Featured Links:

Edward O'Toole - Official Site
Ouroboros Electric - Blog
Kyst - deviantArt
Popeye-X - MySpace

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Episode 4 - Tarot and Divination

Jeremy Crow explores the fundamental aspects of the Tarot and performs three readings. More contributions from the LRS membership and also featuring new music by 'Ro The Knife', 'Compella' and 'Pleasure The Priestess'. [81:20]

Episode 4 Featured Links:

Eclectic Compass - Occult Network
Kelly Redhead - DeviantArt
Shadow of the Black Rose - Occult Network
The Bestian Tarot - By Edward O'Toole and Eris-X
Ro The Knife - Official Site
Compella - MySpace
Pleasure The Priestess - Official Site

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Episode 5 Part One - LHP Convention 2012 & Sex Magick

Jeremy Crow gives some details regarding the upcoming International Left Hand Path Convention of 2012 to be held in Toronto, Ontario Canada. An introduction to Sex Magick is given. Features the song Love Spell by Pleasure The Priestess. [15:08]

Episode 5 Part One Featured Links:

Pleasure The Priestess - Official Site

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Episode 5 Part Two - Update on the LHP Convention 2012

Jeremy Crow discusses the intention behind the convention being held on the first weekend of August 2012 in Toronto, Canada. Also each of the main events is discussed including some of the performers, artists, speakers and musicians that are being featured. Details on how much tickets are for each event and how to purchase them. [14:55]


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Episode 5 Part Three - Luciferian Magick Lesson 1 - Wish Fulfillment

Jeremy Crow explains a method of making the universe conform to your Will using the occult arts and sciences. This is based on Left Hand Path philosophies and techniques used in The Secret, Chaos Magik and Creative Visualization. Live beat manipulations by PTP. [10:10]

Episode 5 Part Three Featured Links:

Pleasure The Priestess - Official Site
What is Dark Magick and The Dark Arts - Squidoo Lens by Jeremy Crow
Watch This Episode on Video - YouTube

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Submissions: We are always on the look out for original music and artwork to feature on future episodes! You can send us your music/artwork here: lrspodcast@podOmatic.com



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The Hermit Tarot Card

Trump 9 - The Hermit

The above Tarot image is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards used by the Whare-Ra Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in New Zeland.

One method of learning the Tarot is to colour your own set of images. Read an article about this here. Throughout this site are all 22 images that you can save to your computer and print out for colouring. Just right-click on the image and select "Save Image."

This is the tenth in the series. Clicking directly on the image will bring you to the page on this site that contains the next image in the traditional sequence. I have also created a Site Map based on this sequence to provide an easy method of finding any specific Tarot image.

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