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Archive of Assignment 2 - Lucid Living

Dec. 11/2003

Sometimes we get stuck in the routine of everyday life. It is inevitable. Here is an exercise that I would like you all to try. It will help give you fresh eyes. It will also (hopefully) give you new insight into yourself and the world.

I want you to go through the whole day interpreting everything you experience as though it were a dream. As a general rule, everything you encounter and experience in a dream is a representation of your own inner state. For example, if you encounter a dream character who is hostile towards you, it generally represents an aspect of yourself that has been repressed or denied expression. If you meditate on the qualities of that character, you can often discover exactly which aspect. Another example would be entering a cluttered or messy room. This would represent disorder in some aspect of your life, depending on the type of room (bedroom? kitchen? meditation room? office? weight room?)

The assignment is to apply these types of interpretations to your waking life for at least a full day.

This is one of my favorite exercises. Not only does it give you insight into your inner life, but it suggests other options for dealing with these daily events. If you encounter a hostile person you can encourage them to express their concern. If you experience a messy room, instead of complaining you can clean it up! A third reason why I love this exercise is because after you have done it a few times while awake, sometimes you end up doing it in a dream which often triggers the realization that you are actually dreaming. The resultant state of dreaming while aware is called Lucid Dreaming. Not only is this extremely enjoyable, but it lends itself to even more opportunity for gaining self knowledge, while sleeping or awake.

Just as a warning, the longer the period of time you perform this exercise for, the weirder things get! If it is getting too intense, discontinue to exercise immediately. You can always start up again at a later date after you've had a chance to process the experience. This is also good training for occultists who intend to someday take what is referred to as The Oath of The Abyss. While they aren't exactly the same thing, they do share certain elements. Have fun with this assignment and remember not to try flying off a tall building or breathing underwater!


Assignment 1 - Lust/Strength



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