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Archive of Assignment 1 - Strength/Lust

Oct. 27/2003

In DVSG Lesson 5, control over the Animal Nature doesn't mean repression of the Animal Nature. Regarding this, I find it useful to look at the Tarot.

Paul Foster Case (Freemason, Liberal Catholic Priest, past Hierophant of a Golden Dawn Temple and founder of the "Builders Of The Adytum") created a version of the "Strength" card which shows a woman holding open the mouth of a red lion. This represents the directed expression of the Animal Nature. This is a more healthy approach than the one found in previous versions of this card. The Rider-Waite version which Case based his deck on shows the lion's mouth being held closed. I enjoyed Case's innovation because I don't want to repress the expression of my animal nature. I want to consciously direct it. Society is only now starting to recover from the mentality of sexual repression.

I want to you to find and take a look at the Thoth deck by Crowley. The Strength card has been renamed "Lust" and shows a nude woman (Babalon) mounting a seven-headed lion (the Beast.) This imagery comes from the book of Revelation from the Christian bible.

The assignment is to contemplate the symbology of this image, especially the manner in which it depicts the handling of the Animal Nature.

There is an extensive description of this card in the Book of Thoth by Crowley. I would suggest reading it after you have contemplated the card. I would also suggest contemplating the card again after reading the commentary. Makes notes at each stage in your process.


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Tarot Card - Strength

Trump 8 - Strength

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