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Twinsun is a relatively new planet on the outskirts of a remote galaxy. It's rotational plane has stabilized between two suns. There is a huge mountain range running along its equator, that divides the planet in half; each hemisphere is warmed by a single sun. The Northern hemisphere, with its orange sky, is warmer than the Southern hemisphere. Except for a polar region, the planet's climate is clement. The formation of life forms on the planet was thus favorable. Four species developed over the course of the centuries: The Spheros, the Rabbibunnies, the Quetches and the Grobos. They all lived in harmony until a tyrant named Dr. FunFrock reared his ugly head.
Ever since FunFrock's rise to power, the population has been living under a reign of terror. FunFrock set up a police state where suspicion is omnipresent. He is all powerful and controls the people with an iron fist. He has at his disposal two high tech weapons that insure his power: cloning and teleportation. He can clone any of the species at will, and subsequently recruit these clones into his ranks. He can then deploy these clones instantly through a network of telepods that are dispersed over the entire planet.
A few years ago, under the guise of protecting the population, Dr. FunFrock herded the planet's habitants into the southern hemisphere. The repression is harsh. Every day brings more and more arrests, and the people slowly begin to lose hope. In an effort to keep their spirits up, the people sometimes evoke an ancient legend along with the name of a goddess, Sendell. The mentioning of the legend or Sendell has since been forbidden by Dr. FunFrock. Meanwhile... a young quetch named Twinsen has been having strange dreams...

The Hamalayi mountains. These mark the border with the Northern Hemisphere.
Twinsen, who is the young quetch, dreams that he is on a Dino-Fly. 
He is very shocked at seeing these magical things coming out of the ground.
The magical things rise higher until one shoots out, straight up at the sun.
The world is suddenly covered in a red glow.
Then it explodes. Sendell called Twinsen in this dream saying to stop this.

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