International Day of No Prostitution

IDNP 2003 is a project of the Bay Area IDNP Collective. 


October 5, 2003             

This is one day out of the year when no one shall buy or sell anyone for sex, including animals used in bestiality. We specifically call on men to stop buying girls, boys, and women in prostitution. This day is part of a much larger struggle for an end to violence and oppression based on gender, race and ethnicity, class, religion, disability, age, size, sexual orientation, nationality, and species. All oppressions must be fought in order to end prostitution. Prostitution must be stopped because of the harm inflicted on those who are in it; and because while prostitution continues, there is no possibility for a world that is not based on abuses of power.

A day of no prostitution includes no pornography, phone sex, mail order bride services, trafficking, stripping, sex tours, bestiality, and prostitution occurring in massage parlors, on the street, in hotels or anywhere else.

This is a call to those who control the prostitution industry, or the men who buy and sell others. This is not a call to those used in prostitution. For those who argue that by calling for a day of no prostitution we are depriving prostituted people of money they need to survive, we call on them to give prostituted people money without making them submit sexually.  If men were really concerned about their impact on women and young people they would

A) not buy or sell others for sex

B) give children and women the money they would have given to them or their pimps without making children and women submit sexually

C) organize to stop prostitution

D) create ways for those used in prostitution to leave

We want to make particularly clear that we do not share the beliefs of lawmakers, law enforcement, and those who think prostituted people are to blame for the existence of prostitution. The purpose of this day is not to put the burden on those used in prostitution to make prostitution stop, or to take risks on this or any day which may result in economic deprivation, violence, or death. Prostitution will stop when pimps stop making money and when men stop believing they need to buy others for sex.

A Call To Action

We are calling on men to stop using prostituted people, as well as animals used in bestiality prostitution, by realizing that buying any living being for sex is not their "right."

We are calling on all social justice advocates, activists and organizations to include prostitution and pornography in their work. These include activists and organizations involved in anti-rape, anti-racist, anti-globalization, youth rights, and animal rights work.

We are calling on Take Back The Night rallies to take up prostitution and pornography as violence against girls, boys, women, and animals.

We are calling on others to fight for economic, social, and legal resources for those in and escaping prostitution; and to organize creative, confrontational protests, boycotts, speakers, and panels against prostitution year round, but especially on October 5th.


 Please contact IDNP at IDNP email if you wish to participate in organizing for the International Day of No Prostitution. If you simply want more information please check back for new pages. 

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