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curt sits / bj stands

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2/18/2010 Southington, CT
Hulk Smash, Fat History Month, Family Arrow, Florida=DEATH
at The New Hawaii
139 South End Rd
Southington, CT 06489

2/19/2010 New York (east village)
The Lit Lounge
93 2nd Avenue
New York, NY
The Death Set, Fresh Kills, Spiderfangz, Hulk Smash

2/20/2010 Philadelphia
Saturday Feb 20th 2:00 Two Piece Fest III
@ Pilam 39th and Spruce Philadelphia
omar, miami dolphins, the consecos, deer friends, erode + disappear, footnotes,
russell, bubonic bear, hot dudes, sonorous gale, the book slave, hulk smash,
peter & craig, best friends, 1994, the joint chiefs of math, weekends,
reading rainbow, sisters, slingshot dakota, Japanther

2/21/2010 3:00 PM at Nate & Ivanís
198 Madison Rd, Newark, Delaware 19713
Hulk Smash, Abiku, Tit Patrol, Tragic Johnson, Lawn Chair Get Shitty!,
and Angry Family. this shows an early one, starts at 3:00 over at 8:00.

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