A new Joan of Arc film on its way.

This incredible young womans story will be brought to life once again in the Motion picture

In 2004, "Joan of Arc: the Virgin Warrior", a new Joan of Arc motion picture will be released. Currently in the works, the drama/war biopic is written by and to be directed by Ronald F. Maxwell (Gods and Generals, Gettysburg) and was set to star Mira Sorvino as Joan, however it appears she has withdrawn from the project. Officiall casted though are Jacqueline Bisset, Kevin Conway, Cary Elwes(whom i predict will play Charles VII), Albert Finney and Derek Jacobi.

It appears Mira Sorvino will no longer portray Joan of Arc on screen soon.

After the disapointing and innacurate "The Messenger"(1999) starring Milla Jocovich and "Joan of Arc"(1999) starring Leelee Sobieski, hopefully this film will be the big budget and above all accurate film we've been waiting for. I voiced some concern for the choice of Mira Sorvino as Joan though, at 36 years of age she is a little old in my opinion to portray the 19 year old Joan, but it appears she is no more for the film. Hopefully too this film will be big budget, a problem with the 1999 Joan movies were they appeard so small time, so straight to video/tv. Hopefully this one will be made on the high production scale of films like Braveheart, Gladiator etc. I personally cant wait.