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Regina Graffiti Wall
(Unless otherwise indicated, photos by Don of

April 18.2002
There has been an interseting suggestion for the Graffiti Wall.
The current location of the Diefenbaker Homestead.
These cultural buildings will likely be either removed or destroyed this summer, hopefully leaving a nice fenced-in area. Rather than leave this area to weeds a small graffiti area could be created.

Not just some stationary wall but a series of moveable aliminium or steel walls that could be occasionally re-arranged into different shaped "buildings". Hollow on the inside of course. This would be great. Just imagine, one week a long wall, the next a series of varying small buildings.

This would be a great start for a larger Graffiti Wall in the future.
The fenced in area would permit some minimal "control" over the area so as to calm the fears of those who fear the "rampant escalation of vandalism".

Recently there has been interest in creating an official Graffiti Wall in Regina.

A wall where one can legally practice the art.

These pictures were taken on January 4, 2002. Obviously it looks different in the peak painting periods, but hopefully it will provide background for your imagination.

Why would this proposed location on this page be ideal?

1) Space: The amount of space available here would permit the creation of one or more walls of diverse shapes.

2) No existing buildings would be affected.

3) The existing trees can easily be fitted into any design plan. This would not only preserve the trees, but add to the general atmosphere of the wall. Rather than some blank sterile location which would only distract from the art, the park surroundings would blend in with the wall.

4) Tourist attraction. Set within Wascana Centre would attract not only the attention of visitors but positive comments. Is someone more likely to visit this proposed location or an abandoned warehouse wall somewhere?

5) Parking. There are 2 small parking lots near the north end. Both near enough to each other that they could be easily joined to make more space.
One is currently for the use of visitors to Diefenbaker Homestead.
(Which Wascana Centre Authority had decided not to reopen)
The other was the site of a former Wascana Maintenance Depot, which has been demolished.
Both of these lots have existing paved roads to them.

6) Expandability. Between the wall and the Wascana Rehabilitation Hospital is ample space to either add more walls or other projects that would compliment the wall.
For example, a rock and flower garden, or even a skateboard park.

These are just a few reasons why this site would be ideal. I'm sure you have others.

Also, if you have any suggestions for the shape and look of the wall feel free to send them to me. I don't have any connection with the people proposing the wall but am interested in any ideas. Drawings would be great.

The map below is for location information. Obviously the wall is not to scale.

This is an unofficial site. There is NO official connection with either
the Wascana Centre Authority or anyone promoting the Regina Graffiti Wall.