Bass Drums and KY-gel don't mix!!

One email from a young up and coming chap asked about preventing the bass drum from
sliding on the floor when your wanging your double-pedal in a death metal ode dedicated
to Ozzy Osbourne's dead-bat (or was it a chicken?... hmm ... never mind)

Well, the first most important ingrediant is too avoid playing on a wooden floor, I had an
experience around a year ago where I left my drum rug at home and had to set up on a
newly polished wooden floor, it slipped like an ice rink; I may as well have covered my
fingers with the KY-gel leftovers from the night before to complete the scenario;
absolutely diabolical!

So, make sure you have a drum rug that covers enough space for all your drums and
hardware as well as having the spurs OUT and digging into the rug; as well as this make
sure the front hoop of your bass drum is around an inch off the floor so that the spurs have
the whole weight of the bass drum and rack toms. This also helps the bass drum sound and
pedal action.

In the most diabolical circumstances, you can tie a rope from one side of the bass drum,
loop it around your drum stool, and tie it to the other side of your bass drum, your own
weight on the stool holding the bass drum in position. 

Doing this could mean you are sliding forward with your kit as well completely pissing
off the singer by entering his territory at the front of the stage; finally having you and your
drum kit sliding off the front of the stage; but I figure you would have to be playing a gig
on the Titanic for this to happen ........

....... either that or you've used far too much KY gel!!!!

So there you go .... hope it helps ..... 

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