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Kevin Costner, known for such films as "The Untouchables", "Dances with

Wolves", "Tin Cup", and his role as JFK, in, "JFK". JFK A.KA.A John F. Kennedy

, A.K.A. President.


But, Kevin Costner has been in secretacy. HE ISN'T WHO WE THINK HE IS. There is proof that Kevin Costner has been involved in such underground organizations, such as "The Free Masons", and the "Satanic Masons". Both of these groups have control over the UNITED STATES GOVERMENT. This is not the first time our Hollywood faves have had a terrible toll on the U.S. goverment. RONALD REAGON, CHARLESTON HESTON, and BEN STEIN have all part of a scheme that could lead to the supreme ruling of the U.S. goverment.

Just because they were in your favorite movie, doesn't mean they arn't bad people. Of course, there are good hollywood faves out there too... such as Jodi Foster, and Robert De Niro.


Proof of KEVIN COSTNER'S links to evil doing.

And possible linkage to the Anti-Christ.




Kevin Costner was born on January 18, 1955.

FACT 1: _ On this date, 1782, Daniel Webster was born. Daniel Webster, a very popular and known lawyer. He was also the tittle character in the story, "The Devil and Daniel Webster." This book was written by Stephen Vincent Benet, a popular and known phropheces. He told the publisher of the book, that this was not just a children's tale, but a prophecy of the evil that lerks ahead. Well, Stephen Vincent Benet, how truly right you were. The prophecies in "The Devil and Daniel Webster": It is revealed the Devil and Daniel have the same birthday. (except the Devil was born 55 years before time) Kevin Costner: Same birthday as Daniel Webster, born 1955. Also, in "The Devil And Daniel Webster", it says "The Devil carried himself much like an idol. He seemed to be elegant, and brave enough to dance with wolves. A woman's dream. But all that changed when you looked into his eyes. Eyes that seemed to cool and comfort, eyes that seem to hypnotize."

Seemingly innocent as a child.

Sneaky and up to something as a high schooler.


If those arn't cool and hypnotizing, I don't know what is.


FACT 2:_ On Kevin Costner's birthday, January 18th, Pink Floyd's "The Wall" made it to number one on the charts. In Revelations (that's the book in the Bible that tells of the end of the world, for all you non-believers out there) 12:27, it says "On the birthday of the evil one, the wall will rise to the top, music will be played, and those who are marked will rejoice."


Could Pink Floyd be apart of this too? Statistic show after it's release the sales on the drug acid went up. The sales were mostly sold by the underground US organizations that Costner has been apart of.


Part Two: Let's Go To The Movies

(and the death of JFK)


Millions of people are watch a movie every day. The movies, one of Kevin Costner's easiest way to effect America and it's society.


"Costner knew he had a talent, and he knew how to use it." - Cindy Silva, Costner's first wife.


Not all of Costner's movie have a secret tool to brainwash, actually, their just cover ups.

In all of his movies Costner plays the good guy.

The father who teaches his kids not to fight with fists, a hero, and a teacher. All of these appeal to today's man, espeacilly the ones about sports.

Revelations 12:14

"He will appeal to the masses as a bodyguard, father, and a champion. Do not be fooled, thee who revolts against the Lord is none of these."

Kevin Costner was in the movie "The Bodyguard."


WATERWORLD: A message that Kevin Costner gave to the world who ignored it. WATERWORLD. This is something that actually will happen after the rapture, and when all the unbelievers are left, such as the anti-christ himself, Costner. Truly, Costner was making a joke to the future. While this Waterworld is truly in existence, Costner will be on dry land with his followers... but in the movie he is the man who wasn't good enough to go to heavon, and wasn't bad enough to join The Beast. (it doesn't actually say that, but it's represented) Why did Costner show us this? To be warned? No! So we could join him... to avoid being this man sucked into a gaint ocean, joining the anti-christ will lead you to land.

JFK: This is one of the most shocking FACTS about Kevin Costner, and it's about his connection to the death of John F. Kennedy. Kevin Costner joined the underground society, "The Free Masons", one year before Kennedy was shot. (at the age of 17) Costner was already a known name, because of his father who ruled a division of "The Free Masons." They were very aware of his talents, and were ready to use him for brainwashing and more control over the goverment. Now, "The Free Masons" have a connection to the Mafia. and the Mafia helped JFK (beside Nixon, the only president not to be a
"Free Mason") get into office. Once in office, the Mafia started to ask for help... such as giving "The Free Masons" more power. JFK was aware of the "The Free Masons" ideas and beliefs, and turned the Mafia down. To strike back the Mafia set their plan with "The Free Masons" to kill JFK. Two days before the shooting, Kevin Costner and Zachary Sklar, another "Free Mason" in the satanic division, sat down, and wote the script for JFK, the movie, which would be Kevin Costner's role of a lifetime almost 25 years later. Obviously, Lee Harvy Oswald was not the actual killer of JFK... and some say Kevin Costner could have very well been one of the shooters. At the time, he was starring in a play "Waiting for Godot", at the Dallas Theatre Center. Dallas is where JFK was shot. The same day, Costner checked out of his hotel and didn't attend the last showing of the play. The play was cancelled, and Costner has not returned to Dallas since. Also, it is said that Kevin Costner passed out campaign posters that read "JFK: LEADERSHIP FOR THE 60s, HE'LL GIVE IT A SHOT" as a joke, at a "Free Mason" party. If anyone has one of these posters, please let me know. So....You be the judge? Was Costner involved?

Costner, pretending to be a nice person in "The War"

A picture of Zachary Skylar, who wrote JFK and got Costner involved in the "Free Mason Satanic Division"



Part Three: Cindy Silva and The Future


I was lucky enough recently to get an interview with Costner's x-wife, Cindy Silva, and boy did she tell all.

I thank you Cindy.


ME: Hello, Cindy, it's so great to interview you.

CINDY: Thanks.

ME: I am just going to ask you a few questions, if at anytime you feel you don't want to answer one, just tell me, and we'll skip it.

CINDY: Will do.

ME: Great. Let's start. This is mostly about any suspicios behavior you have encountered with Kevin Costner.

CINDY: Hmmm...

ME: Do you feel he ever was involved in something more then just show buisness.

CINDY: Whoa. Well, yes. I remember we always had important people calling our house. And I don't mean important as in Steven Spielberg, I mean the current Secretary of State. I believe he could have very well had some relationship with Ronald Reagon.

ME: Why do you think that?

CINDY: Well, just little stuff. I remember one time, when we were seperated for a bit, we were at our son's birthday party. And we were watching TV, and Ronald Reagon came on the screen. My son blurted out that he wanted to meet the president for his birthday. Kevin looked at him and said "can do". I sort of felt it was him trying to be a better parent then me, and getting our son what he wanted the most for his birthday. But, later, my son told he actually met Ronald Reagon. I thought he was joking. Havn't thought too much about it since now.

ME: Did he ever take you on any meetings, or told you about any involvment in "The Free Masons?"

CINDY: No... The Free Masons? Isn't that a men's club or something?

ME: Sort of.

CINDY: I don't think so. I remember him coming home late a lot. Or going back out around 12 at night. I just thoughT, life of an actor, ya know?

ME: Yep. Do you know what religion he practiced?

CINDY: Um.... I am sorry, I just can't answer that, can I go?

ME: Sure. Thanks for all your help.

CINDY: No problem




According to bibliocal prophecy, Kevin Costner will soon be involved in a motion picture that will change the course of history and the way our society will look at him. We will believe Costner is such a genious that he is almost godlike. He will soon produce more motion pictures that will leave most of us on our knees.


"He will reign in the screen. With such effective pictures he will be worshiped. The Anti-Christ will be has taken power."



It is said in early September (the 5th) Kevin Costner signed a contract for a new film. It was revealed recently Kevin Costner current film is about September 11. So, how could he sign a contract about the twin towers falling, before they even fell? YOU BE THE JUDGE!


Kevin Costner's x-wife, Cindy Silva on the left. Cindy was rarely seen at social events.




Another man who has been involved in the US global domination with the "Free Masons" is Ronald Reagon. You can learn more about Reagon's evil ways at RONAL REAGON IS THE RED DRAGON. But as I said earlier, there are also good guys in Hollywood. During the film "Taxi Driver' Robert De Niro turned Jodie Foster on to the "Free Masons" bad ways. Ever since she has been active in the S.A.F.M. (Society Against Free Masangry), and also attempted to kill Ronald Reagon. John Hinkley had spent years sending Jodie Foster love letters. She decided to use him. She finally called him up, and told him, if he shot Ronal Reagon, she would fall in love with him. Already in love with her, John Hinkley went out, and shot Ronald Reagon, without realizing the consequences. Once finding out he would spend a lifetime in prison, he ratted out Jodie Foster and told the press "He Shot Ronald Reagon for the attention of Jodie Foster". No one believed him. I am currently in contact with Jodie Foster through the S.A.F.M. and does not believe having this on this website will lead to anything. THANKS JODIE!




Unknown to many, Costner, Cal Ripken, and John Kruk (former MLB player) were playing golf one day. Baltimore had a night game and this was during Cal's streak. Costner quits after nine and when Ripken goes home after playing 18 finds Costner in bed with his wife. Cal goes berserk and kicks the shi# out of Costner. Cops go to the house but nothing further is done. Ripken is a mess and there is no way he can play in the game that night. Peter Angelo (Orioles owner) claims the electricity is out in Camden Yards and the game is canceled- the streak goes on. Check it out.

I have also heard news that Cal Ripken and John Kurk were once apart of this hollywood underground "Free Mason" society with Costner. I suppose it's proof by this e-mail. These people have more power then we could ever believe. I suppose Costner and Cal are no loner friends, eh?

Send me e-mail if you have any more info, or just want to say something.



God Bless


P.S. Please share this site with everyone you know, so you can pass on the news before it's to late.