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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Conker & This Site
Here are some frequently asked questions about this site and about Conker's BFD and CLR on Xbox

Will there be a new Conker game on Xbox 360 soon?

Mr. Cribby: According to Chris Seavor, not anytime soon. He said this in Rare's Tepid Seat, "Conker will be having a little rest after his latest action-packed outing. The team is moving on to a fantastic new game that will blow you away."

Why can't I play CLR on my 360?

Mr. Cribby: Some games are not playable on Xbox 360 yet, it's possible that CLR will be playable later on though. Check Xbox's page for the list of all games that are backwards compatible right here

Where can I buy Conker's BFD for N64?

Mr. Cribby: Try or

Where can I buy Conker Clothes at?

Mr. Cribby: You can buy t-shirts, hats, and other stuff at Head Line Entertainment

Where can I buy the CLR soundtrack?

Mr. Cribby: Try your local music store or

Are there codes for Secret Classes in CLR?

Mr. Cribby: Nope sorry, no secret codes.

Is Berri a Rabbit or a Chipmunk?

Mr. Cribby: Berri is a Chipmunk

When will there be downloadable Content for Conker on Xbox?

Mr. Cribby: Rare confirmed that there will not be any extra levels in the new Tepid Seat.

I heard that Conkerís BFD was coming to the DS portable?

Mr. Cribby: It is possible; Rare is now making games for the DS. Nothing has been said though if Conker will make an appearance on the Nintendo DS.

Is there a new Conker game is in development for Xbox 360?

Mr. Cribby: Nothing has been said yet, I doubt weíll see one anytime soon.

Why did Conker Live & Reloaded drop to $30 so quickly in stores?

Mr. Cribby: The game didnít sell well, so they dropped the price lower to help sales.

Was there ever a CLR commercial on television?

Mr. Cribby: Nope never was one, they should have had one though.

I heard that you can unlock an extra level in Conker for Xbox?

Mr. Cribby: Nope your friend was lying, there are no extra levels

Whereís the old multiplayer modes from the original?

Mr. Cribby: There gone, Rare didnít put them in the game : (

Will there be Downloadable Content soon?

Mr. Cribby: No one knows yet, we hope so though

Will there be multiplayer offline in CLR?

Mr. Cribby: Yes you can play 2- player split screen or with system link.

How many people can play CLR online?

Mr. Cribby: Up to 16 online in Xbox Live

Is CLR a new Conker game?

Mr. Cribby: Not exactly, it's Conker's BFD totally redone with a few different things added and a huge online story driven modes.

Why did Rare remake Conker's BFD for Xbox?

Mr. Cribby: Rare wanted people that missed CBFD to be able to play it, they also wanted to introduce Conker to Xbox.

Is Conker Live & Uncut another game coming to Xbox?

Mr. Cribby: That was the old version of Conker that is now totally graphically redone to Conker Live & Reloaded

What modes can you play online?

Mr. Cribby: Thereís Old War and Future War & Death match, thatís it!

Can you drive vehicles and planes? How many classes are there?

Mr. Cribby: There's Six character classes, including Skyjockey, Long Ranger, Grunt, Demolisher, Thermophile, and Sneaker, each with its own signature weapons and abilities.

Are there many Conker sites on the Web?

Mr. Cribby: Only a few left on the internet, but most are dead. The ones that have been around the longest are Conker-Base and yours truly Conker's Crib.

Will Rare makes games for GC and PS2?

Mr. Cribby: Nope sorry, MS owns them now, they do have a few GBA Games out though.

Are the Dolliz (Girl Tediz) going to be in CLR?

Mr. Cribby: Nope there no in CLR

Do you make money off Conker's Crib?

Mr. Cribby: Nope, I don't make any money, I do it because I like Conker and wanted to make something for the Conker Community to enjoy on the web.

What's Crib mean?

Mr. Cribby: It's a slang word for home. You like MTV's Cribs? Well this is Conker's Crib : P

Why call it Conker's Crib X?

Mr. Cribby: Conker's Crib X means Conker's home on Xbox.

Is there going to be a sequel to Conker's BFD?

Mr. Cribby: Only rumors, nothing is official.

Conker Live & Reloaded when will it be out?

Mr. Cribby: June 21st, 2005 that's Summer 2005!

Was the Professor Weasel (Von Kriplesac) the past king?

Mr. Cribby: Yes he was until he lost his legs and his throne was taken over.

Why is Conker's BFD rated Mature?

Mr. Cribby: Well it has mild language, sexual content, blood, and violent scenes, use of alcohol and use of drugs too.

Was Clockwork Orange spoofed in Conker's BFD?

Mr. Cribby: Yes right in the beginning when Conker drinks his milk.

Is Mr. Nuts a Conker game?

Mr. Cribby: Nope it's just a game with a squirrel in it.

When did Conker's BFD come out?

Mr. Cribby: March 5, 2001

Who did Conker's voice?

Mr. Cribby: Chris Seavor

Who also published Conker?

Mr. Cribby: That was THQ

Will there be another Conker on GC?

Mr. Cribby: No way Jose

Is there a game that is going to be like Conker?

Mr. Cribby: Yes Crank The Weasel, but then it was canned.

Who came up with Conker's BFD?

Mr. Cribby: Why that was the genius guy named Chris Seavor.

Did Berri cheat on Conker?

Mr. Cribby: Possibly she was with Mob Boss for a while in the game.

People That helped make this site

Rareware for making Conker's BFD

Jonathan ( First started the site back in 2001 )

Wozza From Rarextreme ( Helped me out alot )

Last But Not Least Thanks To All You People For Visiting & Thanks for The Questions