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Time and time again, the subject of race is brought to our attention, and at times talks can get pretty heated, even amoung Anarchists. The black race, yellow race, red race and white race. Although out of all the races, there are two predominants in the field of screaming "oppressed". However, on a social, economic, and political scale in this wonderful world of ours, one of them needs to shut their fuckin mouths.

Many people will argue until blue in the face that reverse racism exists and that this reversal must not be tolerated if we are to live as one world one people. They try to compliment their arguments using ridiculous, and somewhat ignorant replies such as "We've evolved into a world where race is non existant" or "I'm of European decent and did not move to America until after slavery was abolished, so why should black people look at me like my family owned members of there family as slaves?".

Black is a color that is associated with slavery, poverty, and viewed as inferior and unimportant. It is proved everyday by the social acceptance of a specific word that is used by non whites and whites alike. "Minority". This is one of the most dangerous words that can be flowed from the mouth. Not only because it insinuates un-importance, but also because it is so widely accepted and used in everyday talk.

In the English language, minority is used as a word to describe something that is less, or not a part of the majority. When something is a minority, it goes un acknowledged and lacks importance because it is not part of the "norm". When you take a Democratic vote in school or on a sports team, the minority never rules. When your average Joe or Jen is arguing with you that they are right and you are wrong, they will never try to prove their point by telling you to go and ask the minority of people what they think. Why? Because subconsciously nobody gives a shit about the minority because it is unimportant.

Looking at the current statistics of our society, it is blatantly obvious that non whites, specifically those of Afrikan decent, are ten times more likely to winde up in prison as teenagers and adults as opposed to whites. Many women of European and South American decent will openly admit that they will hold their purses tighter when they pass a black man. Many of these women will also admit that they will walk a little faster to get to a more densely populated area when a black man is walking in the same direction behind them. Many residents of white neighborhoods, whether they be working, middle, or capitalist, will notify their local police department of suspicious behavior or suspicious people. If they do not call the police, they will still work up some kind of suspicious paranoia in their heads. What constitutes this suspicious behaviour or these feelings of paranoia? Black women and men in a predominantly white neighborhood.

It is no secret that non white families will be barred from living in certain neighborhoods. Even if the family can more than afford the taxes and the house or the rent, real estate will not show them the house for fear that the white people will move out because black is associated with crime and "lower classness", therefore property value will drop. Just like its no secret that cable, electrical, plumbing, phone companies, and so on will be a little hesitant to hire black women and men to work for them because they will actually have to go to a customers house which could result in some tension with their white customers. Especially in the residential fields where the majority of residential customers are wealthy whites.

In the NYC area and the suburbs that receive its news, it is obvious that they bar black women and men from speaking on camera, and if they allow non whites to talk, they will pick the ones that fit the mold of generalizations to speak for the whole community to perpetuate ignorance. A woman that works at The Record in Hackensack has stated that they exploit certain individuals for the disgusting effect of the sickening comedic value that entertains middle America. Whether this is the reason or not, there is no question about it that this definatly occurs on daily basis.

One situation that sticks out is after September 11, 2001 with the destruction of the Twin Towers. At some point during that week on channel 2 News, they interviewed many New Yorkers for their opinions on the attack, or retaliation. 99.9% of those interviewed were wealthy white businessmen in their early 30s to mid-late 40s that were horriffied by the events and encouraged U.S. "retaliation" immediatley. However, the last interview to close the segment was of 3 black men from Harlem, if remembered correctly. Two of them wore clothing that was dirty and they fit the typical homeless in appearance and slurred speech while the other dressed in traditional pimp attire. These men explained that what had happened to the towers was Israel and Americas fault. One man said something along the lines of....if the Israeli State would leave them alone and if the U.S didn't fund Israel this wouldn't have happened. Although the most intelligent remark made within the interview segment, widely within the Metro area it was not viewed that way. The media killed two birds with one stone. They allow a "minority" to speak in a manner that is somewhat in favor of the Muslims, leading the majority of the people to believe that only a small "minority" group of people are somewhat sceptical about the events to stir up nationalism, and at the same time promoting and perpetuating these idiotic generalizations that are intentionally slapped onto communities of color, causing a bolder line in the racial divisions of the people in the U.S.

The advantages that lighter skinned people have over darker skinned people in the Americas and rest of the world are as great as the advantages that the rich have over the poor of all colors, all ethnicities, in all countries. The list can go on and on for days and days of reading.

With all that said, how could there possibly be room for reverse racism? To shout reverse racism is to aid the hand that holds those down who are victims of the forward act of it. Can the whipping boy "reverse whip" his master who is beating him by grabbing the whip and defending himself? Can a woman take part in "reverse sexism" by standing up for herself and retaliating against her controlling and demanding husband? Can a worker take part in "reverse classism" against their boss[es] by crushing his profits or terminating his business by striking for their rights and future? Can a woman or man take part in "reverse assault" by defending themselves after the attacker has struck them first in a violent rage?

The answer is NO. NEVER! The oppressed CANNOT oppress the oppressors until they rise to power and become the oppressor themselves. Until then it is nothing more then retaliation with non oppressive intent for self defense and self respect. For example, if the whipping boy was to beat his master unconscious to free himself and escape from his brutal and horribly abusive life, it would be acceptable because it was done to break his chains of abusive slavery and liberate himself. Now if the whipping boy was to grow up and possess a whipping boy of his own, then he himself deserves to suffer the same fate as his master that he revolted against when he was younger because he has now become the oppressor.

This racist concept or claim of "reverse racism" is bullshit. It is a belief that is held by those who preach human equality and liberation and preach the demise of power, only viewing power as a machine fueled by political/corporate structure and financial/class status, completely ignoring the racial influence and domination of power for fear of losing what they view as the extinction of their white skin privilage.