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Reality In Perception

What is it within a person that drives them to hurt all that means the most in their life by destroying themselves in ways unmentionable.What drives a person the the brink of insanity and makes them think that life is worthless and they mean nothing ??? What is left to say but people bare but no emotion when within lifes bubble, leaving not one thought left within perspective

What is this insanity some may call life? Is it part of reality or is it something in which we observe through a window pane and it is but a mere illusion.......In my oppinion, it is all based on perception... For instance... People are brought up being taught that the grass is green and the sky is blue.... But if your parents teach you that the grass is brown and the sky is purple... When you actually get a chance to see the grass and the sky, you will perceve them as brown grass and a purple sky........


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