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70s invasion ; 7TH WAVE, and EDY STAR *


updated as of Aug 29th '08

review of EDY STAR's rare glam lp of '74 below...

this band released 2 lps in the mid 70s, the 1st in '74 'THINGS TO COME' was an electronic lp, the 2nd 'PSI-FI', was a their ATTEMPT at glam, and what a fantastic lp, along the lines of ROXY, COCKNEY REBEL, PINK FLOYD, and something we can't quite describe other than to say read our reviews of this bizarre lp on page 5, it's a mix of tongue in cheek glam, with a sci-fi prog outlook.......

if u want to listen to a fantastic lp of glam sci fi decadence, then search out the SEVENTH WAVE 'Sci Fi' of '75....

Of the glorious city of the soul, which is created so nobly that it could not have been made any better, a city in which the Trinity rejoices everlastingly; and the soul can rest in nothing but in God, who seats himself there, ruling everything.

And then our Lord opened my spiritual eyes and showed me my soul in the middle of my heart. I saw the soul as large as if it were an endless world and as if it were a holy kingdom; and from properties I saw in it I understood that it is a glorious city.

Thus charity keeps us in faith and in hope; and hope leads us in charity. And at the end all shall be charity. I understood this light in three ways: the first is charity uncreated; the second is charity created; the third is charity given. Charity uncreated is God; charity created is our soul in God; charity given is virtue, and that is conduct, given by grace, by which we love God for himself, and ourselves in God, and what God loves for the sake of God.

excert from the book - JULIAN of NORWICH

by ELIZABETH SPEARING ( book excerts added here fall of 2011 )

EDY STAR - glam rock de Brazil '74 *

EDY STAR was a musician of brazil in the early 1970s, he recorded with one RAUL SEXIAS in '71, and recorded a glam rock lp in '74, that was a mix of rock, pop, and brazilian samba/salsa music, with threads like these, you know he had to be glam rock......below is the track listing of his lp, with a photo of one side of the lp, with is considered very rare these days....

TRACKS: Claustrofobia / Edyth Cooper / Conteudo / Superestrela / Esses Mocos / Boogie Woogie do Rato / Sweet Edy / Brigeui com Ela / Olhos de Raposa / Coracao Embalsamado / Pro Que Der Na Telha / Eu Sou Edy Star.

in july 2008 we finally got a copy of this lp and it is a true gem of 70s music, it is a mix of rock, pop and brazilian salsa of the times, here is a rough draft of our review for now ~


1 ' Claustrofobia'

leadoff track is a ROXY MUSIC -like attack ......begins with a spoken word intro, 3-D synths fire away against an organ spinning in the background, electric guitars jion in, , camp spirit up HIGH :)

2 'Edyth Cooper '

piano based ditty, cheerful old fashioned pop-rock......

3 ' Conteudo '

pop-rock with bongos, EDY leads and exchanges verses w/bandmates who meander thru, listen carefully for a whistle,

4 ' Superestrela '

middle of the road light rock, ok

5 ' Esses Mocos'

slow ballad for the ladies, brazilian language sounds romantic........

6 ' Boogie Woogie do Rato ' :)

yeah ! DISNEY rock with DONALD DUCK sharing vocals to a boogie woogie/rock styled number, this one is one of the standouts :)

- side 2 -

well since our spanish is not too good we kept getting lost amongst the track listing for the next 6 tracks, howvere this is what we heard......highly spirited salsa....slow piano based # with accordion, french style then changes into pop-rock......salsa type dance music with horns....and finally slow brazilian love music, with shades of flamenco then speeds up..........

thumbs up !

for now check out at this link

see this GRIND site link for more info on the state of glam rock in brazil circa '74 -

EDY STAR lp , 1st side *

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