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70s invasion ; BOBBIE McGEE gallery 2

'IT's CHRISTMAS' songsheet '74

BOBBIE McGEE was a SUPERB GLAM rock , and pop singer of the early - mid 70s, her sound was similiar to SUZI QUATRO on her early singles, then experimenting with pop and disco for later singles....see our reviews in our gateway 1 # 4, also on page 4..........

'ROCK-n-ROLL PEOPLE' 45 '73, different than the one in our 1st gallery

excert from 'HOW JESUS TAUGHT' by David Kanter

He received a comprehensive intellectual and spiritual education during his early life

He asked questions. His parents answered his constant questions during his childhood -- "he was one continuous question mark.

Later he continued to ask "many embarrassing questions concerning both science and religion . . ."

He established an active prayer life. After his regular prayers he would always have "just a little talk with my Father in heaven."

His home life was structured around an established system of parental involvement in children's education.

He took care of plants, drew maps, studied the stars, and became fluent in three languages.

He was exposed to many truth seekers because his family possessed a rare copy of the scriptures.

He early learned about prudent financial management by administering the funds derived from the sale of doves.

He later took over responsiblity for managing the family's affairs upon the death of Joseph.

He received his moral and spiritual training at home, his theological and intellectual education from the Chazan at the Nazareth synagogue.

He attended to the development of social skills. He spent a lot of time mingling with people and getting to know them.

He studied mathematics. He studied music.

He interacted with religious leaders--the scribes and teachers in the temple.

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He took advanced courses in reading and was deeply involved in the intellectual and spiritual education of his younger brothers and sisters.

He developed a variety of vocational skills.

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photo from the 'NICKLES and DIMES' 45