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They are making their money by selling websites to gullible consumers. These packages cost $300 each plus $150 per year after that. It is very hard to make money online if you are a one-person operation and they make it sound simple. If it were easy, we all would be doing it. Buyer beware of this scam. If you contact the local Better Business Bureau, they will tell all about it. 

They claim that they are located in City of Industry. However, in reality they are just leasing server space from Multacom, which is located in the Crossroads Business Park office building, which is located in City of Industry. So where is their headquarters located at? They are located at 

P.O. Box 92706 
Pasadena, CA 91109 

In addition, they seem to be getting their Internet service from 

Network Operations 
APS Internet, Inc. 
146 N. Grand Avenue 
West Covina, CA 91791 

Why are they operating out of a P.O. Box? Because they do not actually have a headquarters! 

Nice Photoshop of the Lamborghini on the front lawn. Looks like they are trying to pass off the Crossroads Building as their HQ! Notice how they blacked out the Crossroads business logo on the upper right side of the building. The picture on the top is from their site while the picture on the bottom was directly off the Crossroads WebPages. 

Not to mention that they rely on flash and glamour to entice people into their scam. Just because they are young does not mean that they are innocent! 

If you look closely you will see that these pictures are identical except for the fact that someone photoshopped the 2by2 logo onto the Corvette in the first picture. These were taken off 2by2's website. In fact, practically all of their cars have the 2by2 logo photoshopped on them. This leads me to believe that they probably do not own any of these cars. Most likely, they are posing next to cars that do not belong to them or they are renting them. 

For reference, the first picture was taken directly from Jeff Morgan's (founder) webpage

The second picture was taken from their gallery of car

If its one thing I do not like it's people trying to cheat others out of their hard earned money! The old adage holds true: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. In these types of scams, the only people who get rich are the founders of the scam themselves. The average person like us will never achieve the results that they promise, if we receive any money at all. 

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