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Thua Thien Province Base Camps/Firebases
and locations used by the
101st Airborne Division (Air Cavalry/Airmobile) 1968-1972

Courtesy, Tony Mabb, History Buff
For reference purposes the book Where We Were by Michael P. Kelly, Hellgate Press, 2002, provided much of the information. Mr. Kelly served with D Co 1/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division 1969-1970.

I Corp or Military Region 1 and Thua Thien Province was where the majority of the division spent the latter part of 1967 to early 1972. I Corp consisted of Quang Tri Province, as it’s most northern area of responsibility then Thua Thien, Quang Nam, Quang Tin, and finally Quang Ngai Province.

Note: km = kilometer


Base Camps

Camp Eagle: 7 km SSE of Hue along Rte 546, approximately 9 km W of Phu Bai and 3 km W QL-1 (National Route 1).

Phu Bai: Approximately 16 km S of Hue along QL-1. Dong Ha was 76 km N. Da Nang was 62 km S.

Camp Evans: Approximately 11 km WNW of LZ Sally, 24 km NW of Hue, nearly directly along QL-1.

LZ Sally: 12 km NW of Hue, 11 km ESE of Camp Evans and 1 km W of QL-1.


Rest and Recreation

Eagle Beach: Divisional rest area along the South China Sea approximately 10 km NE of Hue.


Fire Support Bases

Bradley: 44 Kilometers WSW Of Hue

Goodman: 42 km WSW of Hue and 5 km NW of FSB Airborne

Pepper: 45 km WSW Quang Tri along the NW edge of the A Shau Valley approximately 3 km ENE of Dong Ap Bia.

Airborne: 42 km WSW Hue, 5 km SE FSB Goodman, 3 km NW FSB Pepper.

Eagles Nest: On eastern edge of A Shau Valley northward approximately 35 km WSW of Hue.

Georgia: 36 km WSW of Hue on Northeast edge of A Shau Valley, 1 km North of FSB Bertchesgaden.

Berchtesgaden: East of Route 548, 34 km WSW of Hue, and 26km WSW of FSB Birmingham.

Cannon: East of Rte 547, 33 km SW of Hue and 10 km East of FSB Eagles Nest.

Blaze: 5 km SW of FSB Veghel, 20 km SW of FSB Birmingham.

Veghel: WSW of FSB Bastogne, 27 km SW of Hue, at the intersection Route 547 and 547A.

Fury: 42 km SW of Hue at the southern end of the A Shau Valley.

Whip: 39 km SSW Hue, 10 km SSE of FSB Tennessee.

Tennessee: 18 km SW FSB Birmingham and 27 km SW of Hue.

Thor: 14 km ESE FSB Fury, on the SW edge of the A Shau Valley and 38 km SSW of Hue.

Meredith: 13 km SSW Camp Evans and 26 km W of Hue.

Rakkasan: 14 km SW Camp Evans and ESE of FSB Gladiator.

Bastogne: Along Rte 547 17km SW Hue and 8 km W of FSB Birmingham. Considered more of a Forward Operating Base. Note: Rte 547 was constructed by the 326th Engineers to go from Hue to the A Shau Valley.

Jack: 10 km SW of Camp Evans.

O’Reilley: 26 km S of Quang Tri, 41 km W of Hue.

Barbara: 28 km W Camp Evans and 50 km WNW of Hue.

Gladiator: 8 km ENE FSB Ripcord, 15 km NW of FSB Rakkasan.

Granite: 15 km W Camp Evans and 10 km N of FSB Maureen.

Maureen: 10 km W of FSB Kathryn and 15 km ENE of FSB Bradley.

Kathryn: 23 km W FSB Birmingham, S of FSB Rakkasan and NW of FSB Strike.

Shock: 3 km NE of FSB Cannon, 5 km NW of FSB Veghel.

Strike: 17 km WSW of Hue Citadel and 11 km SW of LZ Sally along the Song Bo River.

Zon: 8 km WSW of FSB Veghel and 5 km E of FSB Berchtesgaden.

Birmingham: Along a branch of the Perfume River 12 km SSW of Hue along Rte 547 and 11 km W of FSB Arsenal. Named for PSG Edward A. Birmingham C Co 1/327th Airborne Infantry, KIA 2 OCT 1967 who drowned trying to rescue a man under fire.

Normandy: 24 km W Phu Bai, 12 km W FSB Brick and 8 km SSE of FSB Checkmate.

Checkmate: More of a observation post along Rte 547, 1.5km SSE of FSB Bastogne and 15 km SW of Hue.

Spear: 31 km SW of Phu Bai and 19 km ESE FSB Tennessee.

Sledge: 45 km SSW of Hue and 16 km SSW of FSB Brick.

Rifle: 17 km SE of FSB Birmingham and 16 km WSW of Phu Bai along Rte 545.

Pistol: 23 km S of Phu Bai and 24 km SSE of FSB Arsenal.

Tomahawk: Along QL-1 near north end of Hai Van Pass and 40 km S of Hue along South China Sea.

Roy: 8 km WNW FSB Tomahawk.

Brick: 24 km S of Hue, and 7 km E FSB Blitz. Named for the Mayor of Clarksville, TN. Meyer Brick.

Ripcord: 38 km W of Hue, 12 km NE of North end of the A Shau Valley, 12 km NW of FSB Maureen and 5 km WNW of FSB Granite.

Arsenal: 8 km SW of Phu Bai and 9 km SE of Pohl Bridge.

Destiny: Dong Ap Bia Mountain or Hill 937, NW end of A Shau Valley, 45 km WSW of Hue and 3 km E of Laos.

Falcon: 21 km S of Hue, 14 km SE of FSB Birmingham.

Pohl Bridge: Named for Col Richard Pohl KIA 24 June 68 HHB Division Artillery. Also known as Nam Hoa Bridge along Rte 547 across the Perfume River (Song Huong), 6.5 km ENE of FSB Birmingham and 8.5 km NW FSB Arsenal.

Rendezvous: Located at the intersection of Route 547 and 548 in the A Shau Valley, approximately 37 km SW of Hue.

Lyon: 10 Km E of Hue and 5 km S of LZ Sally.

T Bone: 6.5 km S of LZ Sally, 1.5 km from Hwy 548 and 6 km W of Hue.

Satan II: 15 km S of Hue, 7 km SE FSB Birmingham and 6 km W of FSB Arsenal.

Bullet: 6 km S FSB Rakkasan and 25 km WSW of Hue.

Currahee: Built on the floor of the A Shau Valley approximately 43 km from Hue and 35km WSW of FSB Birmingham.

Stella: 15 km WSW of LZ Sally and 25 km WNW of Hue.

Helen: 12 SW of Camp Evans and 8 km E of FSB Granite.

Arrow: 9 km WSW Phu Bai and 3.5 km NNW of FSB Arsenal.

Los Banos: 34 km NNW of Da Nang, 5 km N QL-1 and 37 km ESE of Phu Bai.

Blitz: 23 km SW of Phu Bai, 9 km WSW FSB Brick and 6 NE of FSB Spear.

An Lo Bridge: Bridge across the Song Bo River along QL-1 approximately 15 km NW of Hue and 3 km NNW of LZ Sally.

Fuller: YD 019593 W of Dong Ha

Foxy: fixed wing landing strip on the A-shau valley floor, next to Hill 937


Major City

Hue was 658 km from Hanoi and 1,080 km from Saigon.


Major Highway QL-1: Principal highway running the length of the coast of South Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon and then west into Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Major portions of it were asphalt


1st Brigade (Separate) and 3/506th Infantry served in Military Region II and III for the most part. Base Camps were at Phan Rang, Tuy Hoa , Phuoc Vinh and Phan Thiet.