Our Challenge Coin and its Story

Have you ever sat and pondered why our logo is like it is and what it means?

Well; a little history on it may help you all understand.
Three of us guys(with the help of the original 8) decided we needed something unique. We all wanted the Eagle Patch/Tab, so take a minute and look at your challenge coin or News Letter Logo.

But it had to be different from all others.

So Dave (Ulianich) Scott; Bill Lux; and I (Bob "Scotty" Scott) came up with an idea.

Two circles around our patch-2 stars-nam vets on top-motto along the bottom-and Bill thought up the hands shake. The circles mean we came back full circle from the 60's & 70's to the present and the hand shake means we meet again. The two stars are for the military we served.

The Motto was easy: We were together then and now we are together again. Hence; the head side of the coin.


Now the reverse side was Bill Lux and Bruce Laythams idea with a logo of all of Vietnam-year it started-ended; blank space left for you to engrave what you wanted to-and the ripples are the Pond we had to cross.

Bill Lux did the most work and deserves the credit (he was also the 2nd. Prez). So the next time you look at your coin you'll have a better idea of it's meaning.

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Bob "Scotty" Scott
Our 1st President
Soared with the Eagles on
July 17, 2004

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