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Colorado Springs, Colorado

August 2 - 6, 2017

Only months until the reunion !

2017 Reunion has ended. We are planning for 2018 at Fort Benning/Columbus, GA; As information becomes available it will be posted on our new website at Please visit that site for current information.

Anyone interested in volunteering a couple of hours
over the course of the reunion to assist in various jobs such as greeter/registrar,
hospitality room monitor, QM sales monitor, etc. :
Email Dave Nesbitt Reunion Coordinator

Hotel Elegante' Conference and Events Center
2886 South Circle Drive,
Colorado Springs, CO 80509
Phone: 719-576-5900 or 800-981-4012
Special room rates are available for this event.
Indicate you are with the 101st Airborne Vietnam Vets Reunion; our group reservation number is 1696405.
For a registration form, see note above SCHEDULE on this page or in the Winter 2017 newsletter.


Reunion Photos

The 2018 Reunion is being planned but you must go to our NEW website at for current information.
The registration fee covers the Hospitality Room,
Reunion Shirt, Live Auctions, Door Prizes and Drawings,
Friday Pizza Party
Saturday Night Banquet/Awards Ceremony.

Please bring photo albums or flash drives with photos and memorabilia to share with others.
We also need door prizes and auction items.

The late registration fee of $90.00 per person is now in effect.
Registration fee is non-refundable after July 1, 2017.

Click Here for


Thursday August 3, 2017
9:30 am - 10:00 am Welcome/Orientation by President Barbour-Rampart Room
10:00 am - 4:00 pm Registration Desk Open-Rampart Room, 3rd Floor
11:30 am - 3:30 pm Tour Fort Carson *(Army limit: 40 people)
****Free Time for those not touring Fort Carson****
12:30 pm - 11:00 pm Hospitality Suite Open-Rampart Room, 3rd Floor
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm Quartermaster Sales open in Telluride Room, 3rd Floor

Friday, August 4, 2017
9:30 am - 10:00 am Welcome Home by John Thompson-Rampart Room
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Board of Governors Meeting-Executive Boardroom, 3rd Floor
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm Quartermaster Sales open in Telluride Room
10:00 am - 4:00 pm Registration Desk Open at Rampart Room
10:00 am - 11:00 pm Hospitality Suite Open-Rampart Room
****Free Time****
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Pizza Party-Hospitality Suite
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Fun Time Auction (Don't Miss This)-Hospitality Suite

Saturday August 5, 2017
10:00 am 12:00 pm Registration Desk Open
10:00 am - 12:00 pm General Membership Business Meeting
11:00 am - 12:30 pm Ladies Only~Meet & Greet Luncheon in Centennial Room-1st Floor
****Free Time****
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm Quartermaster Sales open
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Hospitality Suite open (Closes at 4:00 pm until after banquet)
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Social Hour
Only drinks from cash bar are allowed in Ballroom during banquet
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Banquet/Awards Ceremony

Guest Speaker: Charles E. Allen from Washington, DC

*Raffle Winner to be Announced Following Banquet
Hospitality Room Reopens after Banquet

Sunday, August 6, 2017
Check out, return home or stay a few more days and enjoy Colorado Springs.
We wish you a safe journey!

Reunion schedule is subject to change

Martin Madert from the Witness to War Foundation will conduct interviews of men who served in Vietnam
at our reunion. This organization is a non-profit charity dedicated to preserving and sharing oral histories
of combat veterans. We need volunteers for this program; all participants will be provided 3 DVD copies
of their interview. If you will participate, please contact Martin Madert at (770) 628-0024 or by email at There is no fee involved.




Dave & Rosemary Nesbitt (A 1/502)
Ron Long (HHC & D 1/502)
Mike & Sheila Santure (C 2/502)
Wally & Judy Morrow (A 1/502)
Ed & Leslie Barbour (HHC & A 1/502)
John & Jean Walker (HHC 2/506)
John & Ree Stillman (B 1/502)
Rich & Pat Thorne (HQ & D 2/506)
D.W. Rada (A 2/502)
Rick Jestice (Associate)
Tom & Linda Barrett (A 1/502)
Roger Bost & Diane Clark (A 1/502)
Richard Coon (HHC 1/501)
Rod & Helen Green (A 1/502)
Dick Weiss & Vicky Aukeman
(B Btry 2/320)
Bruce Roshong (C 1/501)
Larry & Carol deGraffenried
(B,D,E 1/327)
Blair Barbour (Guest of Ed Barbour)
Malcolm & Roger Craig (A 1/502)
Paul & Diane Console (A 1/502)
Ted & Marilyn Bridges
(HHC,D,E 1/502)
Naomi Gandy (Guest of Ted Bridges)
Gene Tanner (B 2/502 & B 2/17)
Larry Senko (HHC 2/501)
Joe Harbright (1/321 Arty & D 2/501)
Robert & Frances Haack (HHC 1/502)
Robert Eppers (HHC 1/502)
Carl & Ann Morris (D 2/502)
Edward & Bonnie Reulbach (D 2/502)
Charles & Cookie Allen (A 1/502)
Bryan Morrow & Stacy Carson
(Associate Member & Guest)
John Thompson & Penny Vesely
(A&E 1/501)
Bill & Janet Ramsey (101st MP Co.)
Wayne & Carol Dugger (B 1/502)
Peter & Dianne Smith (D 1/502)
Ed Kraus (101st MP Co.)
Stephen Tapia (C Co. 158 AHB)
Tim & Angela Sandberg (D 1/502)
Gerald Laird & Ginalee Leader
(A 1/502)
Karen Handley (Sister of G. Laird)
Bill & Erika Somers (HHC & C 3/187)
Edgar Langrand (B 1/502)
William Cadmus (B 1/327)
Amy & Tony Krueger (Associates)
Micheal Donovan (A 1/502)
John & Mary Marlowe (B 2/501)
Kenneth & Sherry Hunroe (C 3/506)
Raymond Diaz (HHC & D 3/187)
James & Eva Nichols
(C Co. 101 Avn.Bn.)
John & Anita Gianvittorio
(A Co. 101 Avn.Bn.)
Charlie Fochs (E 2/506)
Jeffrey & Sherry Smith (101st MP Co.)
John Reid (1/502 Infantry)
Tony Console (Son of Paul Console)
Don & Cindee Legg (B 1/502)
Deserae Legg (Guest of Don Legg)
Martin Woytovich (A Co. 101 AHB)
Bill & Pat Manville (E 1/506)
David Bishop (HHC 1st Bde.)
Mike Myer (Guest of David Bishop)
Eddie Kennedy (82nd Abn. Div.)
James & Tracie Holmes (A 1/502)
Skip Beattie (D 1/502 & 101 MP Co.)
Jorge Sanchez (B 1/502)
David Kraus (HHC 1/502)
Charles & Cory Coker (A 1/502)
John Reed & Stormy Pierce (C 2/502)
James & Judy Peterson (B 2/506)
Sigifredo & Graciana Ramirez & son
Sigifredo, Jr. (A 1/502)
Daniel & Diana O'Toole (D 1/502)
Forrest & Earnest Stephens (A 1/501)
Charles Cole (A 1/502)
Rick & Debra LaPlant (D 1/502)
Leigh Hardee (Les McCorkle's niece)
(A Co. 1/502 KIA)
Brett Hord (Fiance' of Leigh Hardee
Jim Brierly (E 1/502)
Stan Kressin (C 1/506)