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I had a senior moment and lost my notes.
If I left your name off or mislabeled it please let me know.
In the subject line show Reunion - Banquet.
In the body include the appropriate information and number of the picture.

Our banquet was conduced at the
American Legion Post 233,
Fort Campbell/Oak Grove, Kentucky.

Orgizational Mode

More Organizational Mode

Old Troopers doing what they do best....
wet bar line...

Thomas Barrett
(Coco Soldier)

Mary Healy Smith & John Marlowe

Gordon Mansfield & Reba Lindsey

Raymond Diaz

CSM (Ret)Tom Ryan,
Larry Weisbarth, Dave Nesbitt

Daniel Davis, Emory King,
Raymond Diaz

Robert Zang, Jim Mathews,
Marge & David Hindel,
Betty & Benny Hamby, Hiroko Zang,
Carol Sinatra & Joe Stone

(1) ,Elnita & Benjamin Smith,
Sylvia & Ottis Curry, , , , , ,

(2) Jeanne & Lew Legate, , , ,

(3) , Ron Martin


John Borgers, Steve & Beverly Aulph,
Brian Aulph, Holly Benzier,

Butch Garrett, Wally Morrow,
Raymond Garrett Sr, Bobby Cole

Rod Green, Reba Lindsey
Wally Morrow

Bill Alford, Ed Barbour, Ruth Buscema
Sam Buscema, Vinny Aurigemma,
Allen Tingwald

Gordon Mansfield,
Bernie & Doc Feliciano

Alexis Feliciano, Whitley Woodard,
Ruth Feliciano

(5) Sandra & Paul Penkala

(6) John Sorge, Noreen Doloughty,
Beverley Lastinger, Freddy Baker
Tom Barrett, Frank Demory,
Bryan Demory Country Cole,

Outgoing Chaplain
Gus Vass
Blessing the Food

The Chow Line


Johnnie Lindsey
James"Doc" Feliciano
President awards

James "Doc" Feliciano
Johnnie Lindsey the Eagle Award
for exceptional service

Wallace "Wally" Morrow
Vice President

Ron Martin
Four Year Governor

Thomas Barrett
Two Year Governor

Ray Stregnth
Sergeant at Arms

Gus Vass

Dave Nesbitt
Newsletter Editor

Charles "Country" Cole
Recruiter of the Year

Charles "Country" Cole
Eagle Chapter Delegate

Larry Weisbarth
Web Master

Noreen Doloughty
Certificate of Appreciation

CSM (retired) Joseph Bossi
Laison to Ft. Campbell
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)

Judy Morrow
Eagle Award

Helen Green
Eagle Award

Reba Lindsey
Eagle Award

Bernie Feliciano
Eagle Award

Sylvia Curry
Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation presented
to Jeffrey Feliciano accepted by
James "Doc" Feliciano

Honorable Gordon Mansfield
Guest Speaker
Deputy Director
Veterans Administration

Honorable Gordon Mansfield
Award of Appreciation

Joe Stone presenting
Gordon Mansfield with Guidon
CDR, C Company
2nd Battalion 501st Infantry
RVN 1968

Wally Morrow & Doc Feliciano
POW/MIA Ceremony