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Freddy Baker, John & Jeanne Glover,
Doc Feliciano, Ralph Rossoni,
Helen & Rod Green

Otis & Sylvia Curry,
Shirley & Ray Strength

Shirley & Ray Strenght, Wally Morrow, Frank Demory, Judy Morrow, Anna Demory, Betty Hamby

Betty Hamby , Wally Morrow, Thomas Brown, Mary Smith, John Marlowe, ?, Heddy Lohr

Ed Barbour, Carlyle & Emma Waters

Jeff Feliciano, Country Cole

Helen Green, Doc Feliciano, Rick Schubert, Ralph Rossoni, Freddy Baker, Rod Green

Reba Lindsey

The Band

Let's go up to the Hospitality Room

Tom Pearlman, Woody Nesbitt, Heddy Lohr

John Glover, ?, Otis Curry, Ray Strength, Edith Wilson, Guss Vass, Betty Hamby

Frank Wohlfahrt, Frank Lohr

BBQ - Chow Time

BBQ - Doing what we do best !

Doc Feliciano

Ralph Rossoni, Ed Barbour

Ed Barbour, Heddy Lohr

Larry Weisbarth, Charles "Country" Cole

?, Doc Feliciano, Wally & Judy Morrow, Gus Vass, Tom Barrett, Country Cole, Woodrow Nesbitt, ?

Larry Senko, Johnnie Lindsey
TWO ex-presidents doing what they do best !