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Melbourne Florida Vietnam Veterans Reunion
May 2 - 4, 2003.

Here are a few of the gang that are not camera shy.

"Buffalo" Bob Corey, Susan McLain, ?, ?

Dave Nesbitt

Joe Stone, Fred Stone, Jim Mathews, Gary

L.J. Weisbarth, Jim Mathews, Joe Stone, Carol

Frank Lohr
The Chili King

Frank's Chili

Charlie Hage, Mike Perry, Tom Trout, Raymond Diaz, Ossie "Speedbump" Burton

Larry Senko, ?, ?, ?

Raymond Diaz, Ossie "Speedbump" Burton, Charilie Hage, Mike Perry

"Buffalo" Bob Corey
Guess Who Had A Ruff Nite ?

Saturday morning breakfast at the American Legion Post 163, Melbourne.

Mike Perry, Frank Lohr

Joe Stone & Carol

Johnnie Lindsey, Clifford Hill, Frank Lohr, Heddy Lohr, Joan Hill

Larry Senko, Frank & Anna Wohlfahrt, ?,

Jim Mathews, L.J. Weisbarth, John Keane, Paul Reid

Gerogia Barbour, Ed Barbour, Mike Perry, Charlie Haig, Allen Hamilton, Susan McLain

Tony Mabb
doing one of the things he does best.

The Staff that took care of us.

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