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SHAW Air Force Base Tour


The Gang on TOUR


June 13, 2003
It was a very enjoyable day !

All Aboard for the Tour!

Judy Lewis
Public Affairs office
Shaw AFB

20th Fighter Wing, 9th Air Force
Weapons Standardization Team
TSGT Gardner, Squadron Lead Crew
CMSgt Woods, Wing Weapons Manager
TSGT Shook, Loading Crew

F16 briefing by TSGT Shook



HARM Missile



Cluster Bomb

Air to Air Missile

Maverick Missile

Charles "Country" Cole

Carlyle Waters, CMSgt Woods, Dave Nesbitt

Raymond Diaz

Tom & Linda Barrett

Rodney & Helen Green

Larry & Jean Weisbarth

Part of the group

?, Noreen Dougherty,
Rick Schubert, Jacob Wilson,
Heddy Lohr, Edith Wilson

The rest of the group & a big bomb

TSGT Gardner, TSGT Shook, Freddy Baker

B-Troop, 202 Cavalry SC NG

A security unit for Shaw AFB during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

B-Troop was conducting the Guardsman, ORDER OF THE SPUR, which is the awarding of Cavalry Spurs upon the completion of Common Task Testing and a 13 mile foot march.
We were at the finish line of the foot march where a small ceremony was performed.

Cpt Mixon, Spc Ruphert

Cpt Mixon, Frank Lohr, Noreen Dougherty, Edith Wilson

Cpt Mixon, CSM Brown

SFC(ret) Frank Demory, Raymond Diaz, Jacob Wilson

Shirley & Ray Stregnth

Cpt Mixon & a tired soldier !


We ate lunch (chow) in the Airmen Dining Facility.

Judy Morrow, Benny Hambry, Wally Morrow
followed by the hungry gang !

Our appreciation for a great tour is extended to:
Col. Sam Angelella, Cdr, 20 Fighter Wing
Judy Lewis, Public Affairs office
Airman Patrick Goldston, Bus Driver
CMSgt Woods, MSgt Shupp, TSgt Shook & TSgt Gardner, Weapons Training Facility
Lt. Hamilton, POC Dining Facility
Maj. John West, Cdr, Security Forces Squadron
Cpt. Derrick Mixon, Cdr, B Troop, 202nd Calvary Squadron