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Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh section! As with all my stories, none of them are yaoi. Here, you'll also find a link to my Unseeing Hearts Trilogy, the most popular series of stories I've ever written. ^_^ Have fun!

Tales of the Child of Fate

My own universe of Yu-Gi-Oh, set after Battle City. Four stories so far, mostly all Ryou- and Bakura-centered. All of 'em rated PG-13 for violence and angst. ^_~

Summery: Another beating from Bakura leaves Ryou blinded, and Bakura himself feeling very confused. The Shadow Realm decides to take advantage of poor Ryou's weakened state and sacrifice him in a series of five-thousand-year-old rituals.

Where Ryou goes, the Shadow Realm follows...

The Child Who Suffers ~ PG-13 ~ extreme fluff, very, very AU ~ Malik, Yugi, and Ryou are put into foster care all for the same reason: child abuse. They're taken in by three rich brothers who are willing to do anything to keep them safe. (My personal favorite story I've written. ^-~)

Hot Sands, Warm Arms ~ PG-13 ~ majorly AU, Pegasus/Cynthia, Isis/Shaadi, Angeline/Shen (parentshipping), possible Rashiid/OC later on, humor, some angst ~ Pegasus is founding an expedition to Egypt, and only the finest archaeologists will do. Those "finest" include a husband-wife team and two old men from Japan, as well as Pegasus and his wife and three archaeologists from Egypt itself. But what they've stumbled on may be bigger then just them...
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 ~~NEW!~~

I Hate You! ~ G ~ Slight one-sided Seto/Shizuka ~ In the middle of the night on the Battle City blimp, an encounter between Seto Kaiba and Shizuka Jounochi doesn't go quite as expected... ~~NEW!~~

Powerful Words ~ G ~ Otogi-angst ~ Otogi goes to visit his hero's grave, and thinks about her powerful words that always stuck with him. (Hard to summerize. *sweatdrops* Just read it...)

Can You Hear Me? ~ PG ~ Ryou & Amane fluff, angst ~ Ryou goes to visit his sister's grave and regrets that he never got to say goodbye, and he never got to say he loved her.

Lonely Soldier Boy ~ PG-13 ~ angst, death, Seto Kaiba centered ~ Seto Kaiba is all alone behind enemy lines with only ghosts and memories for company. Will he survive to go home, or will his past catch up with him?

Brown Eyes ~ PG-13 ~ Pegasus-centered, angst, AU ~ Pegasus has a secret. He has a son. A son he can never hold, never see. A son who will never know Pegasus is his father. But a son none-the-less. It started just months after Cynthia's death, when a grief-striken Pegasus took an extended vacation to Greece...

Streets of Heaven ~ PG ~ Ryou & Amane angst ~ Ryou's beloved little sister is in the hospital, and Ryou feels like it's all his fault. Can a very special visitor convince him that we can't control everything, but that we should never give up hope?

I Will Be There ~ G ~ Yami/Yugi friendship, introspect fic ~ Set after Yugi's second duel with Kaiba. Yugi is distrustful of Yami, who promises to always be his guardian.

Please Maximillion, One Last Duel ~ G ~ Pegasus/Cecelia, death, fluff, slight AU ~ How Pegasus really came up with the idea for Duel Monsters...

Where Are You Now? ~ G ~ Tristan/Serenity, fluff, slight self-insert ~ Even after seven years apart, Tristan is still in love with Serenity Wheeler. What's a guy to do?

Cry Just A Little ~ PG ~ Mai/Seto, fluff, minor angst, slight AU ~ Set during the "Champoin vs. Creator" and "Duel Identities" episodes. Mai and Seto have always been engaged, but are they in love?

I'll Smile, But Only For You ~ PG ~ Sequel to Cry Just a Little, Mai/Seto, one sided Joey/Mai, Tea/Malik, fluff, minor angst ~ Mai and Seto are getting married. Joey's always loved Mai, so how does he handle it when Mai says they're just friends?

Eyes of Blue ~ PG ~ Ryou-angst ~ Short introspect song-fic about someone who loves Ryou, but is always on the outside looking in.

If You Give a Yami a Flamethrower... ~ PG ~ humor/parody ~ Parody of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie... and its sequels, staring Bakura! Mai and Isis take a bunch of kids to the library, and pick just the right (or wrong) book to read...

Loser ~ PG-13 ~ Ryou-angst, suicide, drug-use ~ Ryou gets tired of Bakura's constant beatings, and decides to end it all.

Melodies of Life ~ G ~ fluff ~ During a choir test, Ryou and Bakura sing the songs of their hearts...

Stealing Darkness ~ PG ~ self-insert ~ The Ring is stolen, and Bakura is surprised to find that the woman who stole it actually wants him around.

Weepy-ness ~ G ~ Ryou-fluff ~ Ryou and Bakura discuss, of all things, happily ever after.

The Void Behind My Eyes ~ PG-13 ~ Ryou-angst ~ Bakura has done the unthinkable; he's stolen the Millenium Puzzle. Now Yami and Bakura are at war in Ryou's mind, and without knowing it, they are slowly tearing him apart.
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11 ~~NEW!~~

An Angel in My Bedroom ~ PG ~ fluff, hinted Yugi/Tea ~ A little boy moves into a new house and has an encounter with an angel in his bedroom.

Skater Boy ~ PG ~ Malik/Tea, AU ~ Ryou, Tristan, Joey, and Malik are the punks of Domino High. Tea's one of the rich, popular girls. A match like that's forbidden, so Tea and Malik come to find out. But five years later, Tea may have another chance...

Faithfully Yours ~ PG-13 ~ Ryou/Serenity, violence, semi-sequel to Skater Boy ~ After a hometown concert in Domino City, Ryou decides to make a house-call on his girlfriend, and ends up saving Serenity from the worst kind of tragety...

Aw, Nuts! ~ PG ~ humor, slight Bakura-bashing ~ During one of his 'lessons', Bakura decides to play dirty, and hits Ryou in the worst possible spot... Of course, poor Ryou just has to get revenge.

Tomb Robber ~ G ~ poetry ~ Short poem narrated from Bakura's POV to Ryou.

Balance ~ G ~ poetry ~ Short poem from Yami to Yugi.

Open Arms ~ PG ~ AU, Joey/Mai ~ Joey and Mai are trapped in the Shadow Realm by Pegasus, with only each other for company.

Before Me and You ~ PG ~ Malik/Tea, Isis/Seto, fluff ~ Tea's been acting strangely lately. Ditching her friends, not hanging out, beating Yugi in duels?!? Don't worry, it's nothing major. Just that she's in love with Malik.

Most Beautiful Girl ~ G ~ Malik/Tea, Isis/Seto, sequel to Before Me and You ~ Yami finds out about Tea and Malik's romance, and nearly blows a gasket! Tea and Malik escape back to the Ishtar's for a night of fluff. (NOT a lemon)

Forget Me ~ PG-13 ~ AU, Joey/Mai, death-fic ~ Malik goes after Yugi with intent to kill, but someone is there to stand in the way...

Dark Magic Attack! ~ G ~ poem, Dark Magician Girl/Celtic Guardian ~ Weird little poem I came up with under the influence of a lot of sugar. Dark Magician's POV as he thinks about his two best friends.

I don't own YGO. All characters belong to Kasuki Takahashi. I own zip.