Mythology of Rivers
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Just around the River Bend
The Course of Life

A Mythological Research Project

Mythology encompasses the brilliant aspects of nature and creates of them an anthropomorphic world where rivers are living beings. Rivers are features of the natural world that are held in high regard in many cultures for various reasons. They are the epitome of human life because we as humans observe the river and learn from what rivers teach. Rivers were revered as mediums of the gods, channels to supernatural places or as divine figures themselves. This is why rivers have prevalent roles in many myths and legends.

Rivers are often given anthropomorphic characteristics for a variety of reasons. One major reason to point out is that rivers are very versatile features in that they almost seem to have very distinct personalities. Take, for example, the pictures on each page of this website. Each river flows through Yellowstone National Park at one point but each have different environments, shapes, and geographic patterns. Rivers seem to be as diverse as humans.

Observations about rivers


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