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An illustration of the famous circular zodiac, originally on the ceiling of Temple of Het-Hert, (Hathor in Greek) or what is commonly known as the Temple of Denderah in Qena, Egypt. The circular zodiac is from c. 200 b.c.. The original is now in the Louvre, and a copy is in its place in the Temple. The zodiac is cenred on the celestial North Pole as shown by the hippopatumus at its centre, a symbol of the polar constellations.

DISCLAIMER: The material presented here is a mish-mash that has been gleaned from several sources and periods. This "festival calendar" of celebrations does not wholly reflect the rituals and festivals of the Ancient Egyptians throughout its very long history, nor does it reflect the rituals/festivals calendar of any group still in operation today - Nor should it EVER be construed as a serious piece of scholarship that one should submit any paper or base any theories upon. The list of festivals is for entertainment purposes only.

Note: I have used the Ancient Egyptian name of each of the Netjeru (Gods & Goddesses) and in parentheses is the better known, Greek equivalent.

Month: Thuthi Netjer of the Month:Thoth Akhet (winter) 
Season: Innundation Netjer of the Season: Hapi
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 July 19 Month of Thuthi begins. Feast of Thoth, Opet Festival: marriage of Wasir & Aset (Isis & Osiris)
3 July 21 Birthday of Aten
7 July 25 Feast of Anket: welcoming the rising of the Nile
9 July 27 Queen Hatshepsut's Birthday
10 July 28 Festival ofthe Goddess of Weaving (Hedjihotep)
17 August 4 Festival of the Dead: Sunset Ceremony
19 August 6 Festival of Nut & Ra; Chief Festival of Thoth
25 August 12 Day of Sekhmet's repulsion of Set; Also Wasirian (Osirian) Mysteries: Feast of Lights of Aset (Isis)
26 August 13 Day of battle between Heru (Horus) and Set; Aset gains the Horns of Het-Hert (Hathor)
27 August 14 Day of Peace between Heru and Set
30 August 17 Rituals in the Temples of Ra, Heru (Horus) and Wasir (Osiris)
Month: Paopi Netjer of the Month:Ptah
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 August 18 Month of Paopi Begins
2 August 19 Procession of Heru to Nit
3 August 20 Djehuty(Thoth) orders the healing of the eye of Heru (Horus)
5 August 22 Feast of Montu
6 August 23 Great Feast of the Netjeru (Gods & Goddesses)
9 August 26 Day of Jubilation in the heart of Ra
10 August 27 Procession of Bast; Birthday of Nut
12 August 29 Bithtday of Het-Hert (Hathor)
13 August 30 Day of Satisfying the Hearts of the Ennead
14 August 31 Day Heru receives the White Crown
16 September 2 Feast of Wasir (Osiris)
18 September 4 Ceremony of Transformation through Anpu (Anubis)
19 September 5 Ceremony of Raising the Djed Pillar
21 September 7 Nit Goes forth to Atum
27 September 13 Festival of lighting the fires of Nit
30 September 16 Land in Festival for Ra, Wasir, and Heru
Month: HetHert Netjer of the Month:Het-Hert (Hathor)
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 September 17 Motnh of HetHert begins; Feast of Het-hert (Hathor)
5 September 21 Autum Equinox; Honors to Het-hert
6 September 22 Ritual of the the Netjeru of the Two Lands
7 September 23 Honors offered to Atum
8 September 24 The going forth of Aset (Isis)
12 September 28 Wasir (Osiris) goes forth to Abydos; Purification of the hearts of the Netjeru; Feast of Hapi: Creatiing of the Nile
15 October 1 Contemplation of the Fertility of Min
16 October 2 Day of the appearance of the eight Great Names of Netjer (Primordials)
17 October 3 Landing of the Great Names of Netjer in Abydos; Lamentations of Aset (Isis)and Nebet-Het (Nephthys) for Wasir (Osiris).
18 October 4 Festival of Het-Hert (Hathor).
20 October 6 Bast appears to Ra.
21 October 7 Feast Day of Ma'at .
23 October 9 Ra judges the dispute of Set and Heru (Horus).
24 October 10 Aset (Isis) goes forth
26 October 12 The Black Land is given to Heru (Horus); The Red Land is given to Set
28 October 14 Festival of establishing Heru as King;The appearance before Ptah
29 October 15 Feast of the Three Noble Ladies
Month: Koiak Netjer of the Month:Sekhmet
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 October 17 Month of Koiak Begins; The Feast of Sekhmet
2 October 18 The Netjeru in festivity
4 October 20 Festivals for Sebek
5 October 21 Het-Hert (Hathor) goes forth to Her people
7 October 23 Festival for Serquet (Selket); Ceremony of Djehuty (Thoth)
11 October 27 Feast of Wasir (Osiris) in Abydos
12 Oct.ober 28 Day of Transformation into the Bennu Bird (Phoenix)
13 October 29 Going forth of Het-Hert (Hathor) and the Ennead
14 October 30 Celebration of the Netjert of Weaving and Fate; Coming forth of the Bennu transformed.
15 October 31 Feast of Sekhmet Bast Ra
17 November 2 Festival of Het-Hert (Hathor). The people and the Netjeru judge the speeches of the crew of the Solar Barge in Heliopolis
21 November 6 Raising the Djed Pillar
22 November 7 Ploughing the Earth
27 November 12 Aset (Isis) seeks the body of Wasir (Osiris)
28 Nov. 13 Aset (Isis) grieves the loss of Wasir (Osiris)
29 November 14 Aset (Isis) rejoices as She finds Wasir (Osiris)
30 November 15 Ennead feast in the House of Ra, Heru (Horus) and Wasir (Osiris); Invocation and offering to the Spirits (khu)
Month: Tybi Netjer of the Month:Min Peret (Spring) 
Netjer of the Season:Khepri   Season: Sowing
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 November 16 Month of Tybi begins; Heb Sed Festival; Festival of Bast
5 November 20 Day of Sekhmet and the Purifying Flame
9 November 24 Day of Offerings to Sekhmet
13 November 28 Feast of Het-Hert (Hathor) and Sekhmet; Day of prolonging life and the goodness of Ma'at
18 December 3 Going forth of the Netjeru of Abydos
20 December 5 Bast goes forth from Bubastis
21 Dec. 6 Bast guards the Two Lands; Day of offerings to the Shemsu (followers) of Ra
23 December 8 Feast of Nit
28 December 13 The Day of Djehuty's taking the oath
29 December 14 The appearance of the Hu and Sia; Djehuty (Thoth) sends Bast and Sekhmet to guide Egypt
30 December 15 Day of crossing before Nun in the Temple of Hapi
Month: Mechir Netjer of the Month:Rekhur
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 December 16 Month of Mechir begins; Festival of the Little Heat; Day of Ptah lifting up Ra with His hands
2 December 17 Day the Netjeru of Heaven receive Ra
3 December 18 Set goes forth
6 December 21 Winter Solstice; Feast of Aset (Isis)
8 December 23 Festival of the Great Heat; Feast Day of Het-Hert (Hathor)
10 December 25 Birth of Heru (Horus) the child of Aset (Isis) ; Going forth of Udjat singing in Heliopolis;Day of Elevating the Great Netjert (Goddess) in all Her names & manifestations
11 December 26 Feast of Nit; Birth of Sebek (Sobek)
13 December 28 Day of Sekhmet going forth to Letopolis
16 December 31 Feast of Sekhmet
17 January 1 Day of keeping the things of Wasir (Osiris) in the hands of Anpu (Anubis)
20 January 4 Day of Nut and Raet proceeding southward
22 January 6 Feast of Ptah and Heru (Horus)
23 January 7 Festival of Aset (Isis)
24 January 8 Festival of Aset (Isis); Birth of Aion
26 January 10 Going forth of Min to Coptus; Aset sees Wasir's face
27 January 11 Feast of Sokar
Month: Pamenot Netjer of the Month:Amun-Ra
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 Jan.uary 15 Month of Pamenot begins; Feast of entering Heaven and the Two Lands
5 January 19 The brilliant festival of lights as Nit goes forth from Sais
6 January 20 Going forth of Yinepu (Anubis); Festival of jubilation for Wasir i(Osiris)n Busiris
8 January 22 Day of making way for Khnum
9 January 23 Day of Het-Hert (Hathor)
10 January 24 Day of coming of Djehuty (Thoth)
13 January 27 Djehuty and and the khu go forth
16 January 30 Day of opening the doors and couts at Karnak
18 Feb. 1 Feast of Nut
19 February 2 Birthday of Nut
22 February 5 Birthday of Apep (Apophis)
23 February 6 Feast of Heru
26 February 9 Day of unseen in in the Underworld
28 February 11 Feast of Wasir (Osiris) in Abydos
30 February13 Feast of Wasir (Osiris) in Busiris; The Doorways of the Horizon are opened
Month: Parmutit Netjer of the Month:Renenutet
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 February 14 Month of Parmuti Begins
2 February 15 Geb proceeds to Busiris to see Anpu (Anubis)
7 February 20 Min goes forth in festivity
8 February 21 Day of coutning the parts of the Eye of Heru
13 February 26 Day of Nut
16 March 1 Going forth of Khepri
17 March 2 Going forth of Set, Son of Nut
19 March 4 Feast of Ra in His Barge at Heliopolis
27 March 12 End of the World by Sekhmet
29 March 14 Adoration of Uneffer
30 March 15 Offerings to Ra, Wasir, Heru, Ptah, Sokar and Atum
Month: Pachons Netjer of the Month:Khonsu Shemu (Summer) 
Season:Harvest  Netjer of the Season: Khonsu-Ra
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 March 16 Month of Pachons begins; Feast of Heru and His Companions
5 March 20 Feast of the good soul for sexual fertility
6 March 21 Spring Equinox; Harvest Festival; Festival of restructuring the Heavens; Coming forth of the Great Ones from the House of Ra
8 March 23 Festival of Aset (Isis)
10 Mar. 25 Day the Shining Ones of Heaven move upstream
14 March 25 Day of the cutting out of the tongue of Sobek
17 April 1 Day of Het-Hert (Hathor)
18 April 2 Day of Joy of the Ennead and crew of Ra
19 April 3 Day of the counting of Djehuty (Thoth) who heard Ma'at
20 Apr. 4 Ma'at judges the souls before the Netjeru
30 April 14 Celebrations in the House of Ra, Wasir (Osiris), and Heru (Horus)
Month:Payni Netjer of the Month:Heru (Horus)
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 April 15 Month of Payni Begins; Festival of Heru; Festival of Bast
2 April 16 Holiday of Ra and his Shemsu (followers)
7 April 21 Feast of Udjat (Udjet or Buto)
13 April 27 The Ennead sails throughout the land
18 May 2 Wasir (Osiris) goes forth from His mountain
21 May 5 Day of the living children of Nut
25 May 9 The Akhet eye pleases Ra
26 May 10 Going forth of Nit along the river
28 May 12 Day of purification of all things.
30 May14 Djehuty (Thoth) appears with Shu to bring back Tefnut
Month:Epipi Netjer of the Month:Udjat
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 May 15 Month of Epipi begins; Festivals of Het-Hert and Bast; Great feast of the Southern heavens
2 May 16 The Netjerts (Goddesses) feast in their temples
5 May 19 Het-Hert (Hathor) returns to Punt: the Netjeru are saddened
7 May 21 Sailing of the Netjeru after Het-Hert (Hathor)
12 May 26 Holiday of the receiving of Ra
15 May 29 Heru hears prayer in the presence of the Netjeru
16 May 30 Ma'at is taken to Ra in Heliopolis
18 June 1 Ma'at and Ra go forth in secret
29 June 12 Festival of Mut: feeding of the Netjeru
30 June 13 Ceremony of Heru the Beloved
Month:Mesore Netjer of the Month:Heru-Khuiti
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 June 14 Month of Mesore begins
2 June 15 Ma'at unites as one with all the Netjeru of the heavens
3 June 16 Feast of Raet; Feast of Het-Hert as Sirius
4 June 17 Day of the procession of Sopdu, the Warrior
5 June 18 Day of appearance of Min
7 June 20 Anpu travels to every necropolis
8 June 21 Summer Solstice; Udjat ceremony
10 June 23 Anpu (Anubis) Ceremony
13 June 26 Holiday for the Shemsu of Heru (Shemsu-Hor)
15 June 28 Ra goes forth to propitiate the Nun
19 July 2 the Udjat eye has returned complete
22 July 5 Feast of Anpu (Anubis) with the Children of Nut and Geb
28 July 11 Feast of Min
29 July 12 Holiday in the Temple of Sokar; Festival of the Estate of Ptah
30 July 13 Birthday of Ra
Egyptian Calendar Gregorian Calendar     Festival/Celebration
1 July 14 Birthday of Wasir (Osiris)
2 July 15 Birthday of Heru-Dunawhy
3 July 16 Birthday of Set
4 July 17 irthday of Aset (Isis)
5 July 18 Birthday of Nebet-Het (Nephthys)