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6m. Anne READE, born 1688, York co, VA; married ca 1709, Matthew PATE (bap. 1686 Feb 20, Abingdon, VA).

1n. Jacob PATE, born 1710, Abingdon, VA, died 1762, Gloucester co, VA; married 1738 Feb 13, Gloucester co, VA, Zillah BROACH (born 1723 Apr 13, Abingdon, VA, died 1760 Dec, New Bern, NC).

1o. Rebecca PATE, born 1739 Nov 10, Abingdon, VA; married William BARHAM.

1p. Sarah BARHAM.

2o. Rachel PATE; married _______ GROVES; married Capt. Hugh H. HOPKINS.

3o. Anne PATE, born 1741 Nov 8, VA; married 1762 Apr 22, Williamsburg, VA, George JACKSON (born 1739 Mar 24, Fearby, Yorks).

1p. George JACKSON, born 1763 Feb 25, Norfolk, VA.

2p. Jacob JACKSON, born 1865 May 20, Norfolk, VA.

3p. George Blackburn JACKSON, born 1769 May 19, Norfolk, VA, died 1818 Sep, Williamsburg, VA; married 1st, Susan PIERCE; married 2nd, Patsey WILKINSON.

1q. Martha Ann JACKSON, born 1800 Sep 8, died 1854 Feb 24, Williamsburg, VA; married 1818 Dec 15, William Tunstall BANKS.

1r. George Richard BANKS, born 1820 Feb 22, Williamsburg, VA, died 1838 Dec, York co, VA.

4p. Thomas JACKSON, born 1770 Jul 30, Norfolk, VA.

5p. William JACKSON, born 1775 Mar 6, Norfolk, VA.

6p. Esau JACKSON, born 1777 Nov, Bermuda.

7p. Zillah JACKSON, born 1766 Aug 5, Norfolk, VA.

8p. Mary JACKSON, born 1767 Nov 12, Norfolk, VA.

9p. Mary JACKSON, born 1771 Sep 3, Williamsburg, VA.

10p. Ann JACKSON, born 1774 Feb 6, died 1811 Jun 14, Williamsburg, VA, sp; married 1797, John Tyler ANDERSON (born 1768 Sep 7, Williamsburg, VA, died 1803 Jan, Hampton Road, VA) (see below).

11p. Rebecca JACKSON, born 1776 Jun 9, Bermuda, died there, 1779 Jul.

12p. Rachel JACKSON, born 1779 Jan 18, Bermuda.

13p. Sarah JACKSON, born 1781 Sep 19, Bermuda, died 1854 May 24, Yorktown, VA, unm.

14p. Elizabeth JACKSON, born 1782/83, Wililamsburg, VA, died young.

4o. Molly PATE, born 1745, died ca 1800, Williamsburg, VA, unm.

5o. Betsy PATE, died young.

2n. Jeremiah PATE, born 1717 Jan 15, Abingdon, VA, died 1803 Oct 26, Halifax co, VA; married _______ BENDER.

1o. Matthew PATE; married as 1st husband, Elizabeth CARDWELL.

1p. Nancy PATE; married Charles CORLING.

1q. William CORLING.

2q. Charles CORLING.

3q. Eliza CORLING, died 1840; married William Wilson LOVORING (died 1829 Jun 17).

2o. Elizabeth PATE; married James SHELBURN of James City co, VA (died ca 1828).

3n. Matthew PATE, born 1720 Jul, died 1768 or 1828 Oct?; married Ann BUCK.

1o. Matthew PATE, born ca 1750; married Ann DABNEY.

1p. John PATE, born ca 1765, died ca 1829; married 1788 Jan 19, Betty HAYNES.

2p. Cornelius PATE, born ca 1773, died ca 1807.

3p. Matthew PATE, born 1779/80, VA, died 1851; married 1811 Apr 4, Mary W. HARRISON (born 1789/90, VA, died ca 1856).

1q. Cornelius PATE, born 1817/18, VA; married Mary H. _______ (born 1824/25, VA); married 2nd, ca 1868, Elizabeth _______ (born 1832 Apr, VA).

1r. Cornelius PATE, born 1868/69, VA.

2r. Eliza A. PATE, born 1847 Mar, VA, died sp; married ca 1880, James GOAD (born 1849 Dec, VA, died 1900/10, Bedford co, VA).

3r. Mary S. PATE, born 1848/49, VA.

4r. Letitia PATE, born 1870 Feb, VA; married _______ WHITEHEAD (born VA, died by 1900).

1s. Joseph B. WHITEHEAD, born 1893 Jun, TN, fl. 1930, Jackson, OK; married ca 1915, Carol _______ (born 1900/01, OK).

1t. Carlin WHITEHEAD, born 1918/19, OK.

2t. Fay WHITEHEAD, born 1920/21, OK.

2s. Conkey P. WHITEKEAD, born 1896 Aug, TN.

2q. William H. PATE, born 1823/24, VA; married Lavinia M. _______ (born 1840/41, VA).

3q. Margaret PATE, born 1815/16, VA.

4q. Rhoda S. PATE, born 1825 Nov, VA; married John HANCOCK (born 1824/25, VA, died 1880/1900, Bedford co, VA).

1r. John M. HANCOCK, born 1862 Jan, VA, fl. 1930, Chamblissburg, VA; married ca 1914, Ella B. _______ (born 1876/77, VA).

1s. John M. HANCOCK, Jr., born 1917 Nov 14, VA, died 1997 Jul 12, Roanoke, VA.

2r. Mary F. HANCOCK, born 1858/59, VA.

3r. Emma L. HANCOCK, born 1868 Jan, VA, fl. 1930, Chamblissburg, VA, unm.

5q. Ann E. PATE, born 1833/34, VA.

4p. Edmund PATE, born 1783, Bedford co, VA, died 1852 Nov 22, Boone co, WV; married 1st, 1810 Apr 4, Campbell co, VA, Margaret CALLAWAY (born 1786 Jun 12, Campbell co, VA, died there, 1811 Jun 13); married 2nd, 1823 Jan 1, Sarah BAILEY (born 1802, VA, died 1878, Boone co, WV).

1q. William D. PATE, born 1827/28, Campbell co, VA; married 1st, 1860, Rebecca B. WARD (born ca 1827, VA) [children by Cynthia Ann ZIRKLE (born 1841 Sep 23, Cabell co, WV, died ca 1926, WV)].

[1r. William Edgar ZIRKLE, born 1871 Jan 4, Boone co, WV, died 1941 Nov 20, Kanawha co, WV; married Alice HOLSTEIN (born 1876 Apr 30, Boone co, WV, died 1930 Dec 19, Kanawha co, WV). Issue.].

[2r. Albert ZIRKLE, born 1871 Jan 4, Boone co, WV, died there, 1882 Aug 10].

[3r. Sygourney ZIRKLE, born 1868, Boone co, WV, died by 1920; married 1888 Jan 4, Perry HOLSTEIN (born ca 1856). Issue.].

[4r. Jeanette ZIRKLE, born 1876, Boone co, WV; married _______ RICE].

2q. Henry Clay PATE, born 1831/32, Bedford co, VA.

3q. Rev. Otho K. PATE, born 1840, Bedford co, VA, died 1870 Feb, Boone co, WV.

5p. William PATE, born ca 1785, died ca 1821.

6p. Anne N. PATE, born ca 1771, died 1863, MO; married 1791 Oct 20, William BUFORD/BEAUFORD (died 1842 Jan 17, MO).

7p. Agnes PATE, born ca 1774, died 1843 Oct 1, Brandenburg, KY; married 1797 Dec 5, Bedford co, VA, as 1st wife, William HAYNES (born 1774, VA, died 1856 Jul 28, Brandenburg, KY).

1q. Dr. John Pate HAYNES, born 1798, died 1826, Meade co, KY; married 1823 Nov 4, Bedford co, VA, Martha Ann CAMPBELL.

1r. John P. HAYNES.

2r. Eliza Anthony HAYNES, born 1824 Oct 23, Bedford co, VA, died 1911 Jan, Oakmont, PA; married William Duvall VERTREES (born 1817/18, KY).

1s. John Haynes VERTREES, born 1857/58, KY.

2s. Charles Churchill VERTREES, born 1861/62, KY.

3s. Martha Bell VERTREES, born 1855/56, KY.

4s. Catherine Davis VERTREES, born 1867 Jan, KY; married ca 1892, Rev. Christian D. YOUNG (born 1860 Dec, MD).

1t. Vertrees YOUNG, born 1893 Jul 16, OH, died 1981 May, Bogalusa, LA; married ca 1922, Sylvia _______ (born 1893/94, MO).

2t. Louise F. YOUNG, born 1899 Nov, PA.

2q. Millner HAYNES, born 1799 Nov 11, VA; married ca 1822, Susan Whitely SKILLMAN (born 1804 Feb 25, VA).

1r. John HAYNES, born 1831 Sep 24, Meade co, KY, died 1907 Sep 26, Parkville, MO; married 1856 Dec 29, Clay co, MO, Laurinda S. WIRT (born 1836 Aug 24, MO, died 1872 Jan 29, Parkville, MO).

1s. Henry HAYNES, born 1856/57, MO.

2s. Charles HAYNES, born 1861/62, MO.

3s. George O. HAYNES, born 1864 Aug, MO; married ca 1892, Malinda M. _______ (born 1873 Sep, MO).

1t. Irvin J. HAYNES, born 1893 Mar 29, KS, died 1961 Apr 1, Los Angeles co, CA; married ca 1916, Ida Elizabeth _______ (born 1896 Aug 10, MO, died 1983 Dec 6, Los Angeles co, CA).

1u. William J. HAYNES, born 1923 Oct 4, Los Angeles co, CA, died 1971 Nov, Huntington Beach, CA.

2u. Dorothy S. HAYNES, born 1917/18, KS.

3u. Alberta L. HAYNES, born 1919/20, CA.

4u. Virginia Lee HAYNES, born 1926 Jan 16, Los Angeles co, CA, died 2003 Apr 10, Yucca Valley, CA; married Raymond PESSA (born 1921 Aug 19, died 1977 Jan, Rosemead, CA).

1v. Raymond Louis PESSA, born 1946 Oct 4, Los Angeles co, CA.

2v. Robert Stanley PESSA, born 1951 May 26, Los Angeles co, CA.

3v. Ronald L. PESSA, born 1960 Apr 12, Los Angeles co, CA.

4v. Marguerite Elizabeth PESSA, born 1947 Sep 20, Los Angeles co, CA.

2t. Earl O. HAYNES, born 1894 Aug, KS.

3t. Helen M. HAYNES, born 1906/07, MO.

4s. Edward D. HAYNES, born 1866 Feb, MO; married ca 1893, Lulu A. _______ (born 1867 May, MO).

5s. Alice A. HAYNES, born 1860 Jan, MO, fl. 1930, Washington, DC; married ca 1885, Rev. William E. VOSS (born 1852 Dec, IN, died 1920/30).

1t. William L. VOSS, born 1891 Jan 13, MO, died 1969 Sep, Kansas City, MO.

2t. Earnest W. VOSS, born 1892 Nov, MO.

3t. Leslie M. VOSS, born 1898 Jun 9, OK, died 1981 Oct, Oklahoma City, OK.

4t. Amy VOSS, born 1887 Jan, ND; married ca 1907, Guy F. GLASSBRENNER (born 1879/80, IL).

1u. Voss George GLASSBRENNER, born 1911, OK.

2u. Guy F. GLASSBRENNER, Jr., born 1929, DC.

3u. Maxine A. GLASSBRENNER, born 1908, DC; married ca 1927, Mack H. GIBSON (born 1902/03, VA).

1v. William L. GIBSON, born 1928, DC.

4u. Ruby A. GLASSBRENNER, born 1919, DC.

5t. Dora VOSS, born 1889 Jan 13, SD, died 1977 Sep, Chelsea, OK; married ca 1908, Robert L. WATT (born 1884 Feb 14, OH, died 1970 Aug, Chelsea, OK).

1u. William J. WATT, born 1910, OK.

2u. Frederick WATT, born 1914, OK.

3u. Robert L. WATT, born 1927, OK.

4u. Martha A. WATT, born 1913, OK.

5u. Estell WATT, born 1923/24, OK.

6t. Child, died by 1900.

6s. Mollie HAYNES, born 1862/63, MO.

7s. Dora Lee HAYNES, born 1870 Apr 20, Parkville, MO, died 1946 Jun 6, Hope, AR; married 1896 Mar 30, St. Louis, MO, Thomas Rhodes KING (born 1867 Jul 30, Commerce, MO, died 1935 Dec 18, Hope, AR).

1t. Harold T. KING, born 1902 May 1, AR, died 1995 Jan 29, Oceanside, CA.

2t. Lucille Rhodes KING, born 1897 Apr 17, Black Rock, AR; married 1920 Sep 14, Hope, AR, Clell Andrew DILDY (born 1895 Mar 9, Nashville, AR, died 1991 Feb 22).

1u. Clell A. DILDY, born 1931 Nov 8, died 1993 Oct 12.

2u. Marjorie Lee DILDY, born 1922/23, AR.

2r. Charles Wesley HAYNES, born 1841 Aug 29, Liberty, MO, died 1914 Dec 16, Roswell, NM; married 1866 Mar 21, Lafayette, MO, Bettie G. EWING (born 1849 Apr 13, Lexington, MO, died 1903, Roswell, NM).

1s. Ewing HAYNES, born 1876 Sep 28, died 1877 Oct 31.

2s. Charles William HAYNES, born 1878 Jul 24, MO, died 1882 Jul 27.

3s. Jennie B. HAYNES, born 1867 Jan 6, MO; married 1888 Mar 22, W. C. BURRIS.

1t. D. Haines BURRIS, born 1891 Oct 20.

2t. Mildred BURRIS, born 1889 Mar 21, died 1890 Feb 7.

3t. Katherine BURRIS, born 1894 Jan 11.

4s. Nettie S. HAYNES, born 1869 Jul 1, MO, died 1872 Feb 9.

5s. Madora HAYNES, born 1873 Dec 29, MO.

6s. Maimee Burris HAYNES, born 1886 Nov 6, Nevada, MO, died 1961 Jun 14, Mission Hills, CA; married 1916 Dec 22, Roswell, NM (div ca 1932), as 1st wife, Leslie Harland BUTLER (born 1896 Apr 18, Estelline, TX, died 1979 Sep 5, Brilliant, AL).

1t. John Wesley BUTLER.

2t. James Gordon BUTLER, born 1921 Aug 5, Roswell, NM, died 2005 May 31, Gridley, CA; married 1941 Aug 2, Las Cruces, NM, Mary Boon HARDWICK (born 1924 Jul 14, Francis, OK, died 2003 Sep 12, Gridley, CA).

1u. _______ (dau) BUTLER; married _______ McGILVRAY.

1v. _______ (son) McGILVRAY; married _______ PASSEY.

1w. _______ (dau) McGILVRAY.

2v. _______ (son) McGILVRAY.

3v. _______ (son) McGILVRAY.

4v. _______ (dau) McGILVRAY.

5v. _______ (dau) McGILVRAY.

3t. Leslie Harland BUTLER, Jr.

4t. Eugene Haynes BUTLER.

5t. Betty Mildred BUTLER.

3r. Henry HAYNES, born 1844 Mar 29, MO, died 1921 Oct 4, Liberty, MO; married 1st, 1868 Jan 23, Mollie DAVIDSON; married 1873 Jun 28, Anna TILLMAN (born 1844 Apr, MO).

1s. Birdie Keziah HAYNES, born 1874 Nov 8, MO, died 1916 Apr 25, Liberty, MO.

2s. Susie Saralee HAYNES, born 1881 Aug 17, MO; married 1903 Jun 30, Louis R. MILLER (born 1868, AR).

1t. Louis H. MILLER, born 1904/05, AR.

2t. Forrest T. MILLER, born 1906, AR.

3t. Russell B. MILLER, born 1908, AR.

4t. Stewart C. MILLER, born 1910, AR.

3s. Minnie Eliza HAYNES, born 1883 Jan, MO.

4r. William Skillman HAYNES, born 1829 Aug 11, KY, died 1845 Jul 27.

5r. Nancy Ann HAYNES, born 1823 Oct 11, KY, died 1886 Jul 28, Kansas City, MO; married 1843 Jul 4, Thomas Allen DALE (born 1821 Oct 21, KY, died 1882 Sep 13, Parkville, MO).

1s. David William DALE, born 1845 Mar 25, MO, fl. 1930, Washington, IA; married Mary E. TURMAN (born 1853/54, MO, died 1880/1900, MO).

1t. Effie DALE, born 1878 Jan, MO; married (div by 1930) Frank M. WOOD (born 1866, OH).

1u. Marion L. WOOD, born 1914 Aug 9, IA, died 1992 Jun 4, Center Point, IA.

2u. Richard W. WOOD, born 1919, IA.

3u. Warren J. WOOD, born 1923 Jun 2, IA, died 1995 Jul 14, Cedar Rapids, IA.

4u. Lecastier WOOD, born 1911, IA.

5u. Ruth F. WOOD, born 1916, IA.

2s. Milner Haynes DALE, born 1847 Jul 6, MO; married ca 1883, Ida Kate ROBERTS (born 1862 Sep, TN).

1t. Willie DALE, born 1893 Mar, MO.

2t. Goldie DALE, born 1885 Dec, KS.

3s. Timothy Redden DALE, born 1849 Jul 26, MO.

4s. Harvey Talbot DALE, born 1851 Feb 9, Clay co, MO, died 1929 Oct 14, Kansas City, MO; married 1st, Alice THOMAS; married 2nd, ca 1894, Jennie _______ (born 1867 Feb, TN, died by 1910).

1t. Lee T. DALE, born 1881 Nov, MO; married 1st, _______ (died by 1910); married 2nd, ca 1910, as 2nd husband, Alice Margaret _______ (born 1887, KS).

1u. Robert J. DALE, born 1903, MO; married ca 1927, Georgia _______ (born 1903/04, MO).

1v. Donald J. DALE, born 1928, MO.

2u. Clifton A. DALE, born 1911, MO.

3u. Marvin L. DALE, born 1917, MO.

4u. Irene B. DALE, born 1903, MO; married _______ McCAULEY.

1v. Margaret A. McCAULEY, born 1920/21, MO.

2t. May B. DALE, born 1903, MO.

(2)3t. Child, died by 1900.

5s. John Lloyd DALE, born 1855 May 24, Barry, MO, died 1937 Aug 9, Wellsville, KS; married 1880 Dec 9, Maysville, MO, Alice Viola ROBERTS (born 1860 Jan 16, Maysville, MO, died 1934 Dec 1, Wellsville, KS).

1t. William A. DALE, born 1883 Jan, MO.

2t. Lloyd L. DALE; born 1886 Jun, MO; married ca 1925, Ethel _______ (born 1895/96, KS).

3t. Stanley R. DALE, born 1891 Feb 24, MO, died 1975 Jan, Paola, KS; married ca 1922, Evan A. _______ (born 1896/97, KS).

1u. Virginia A. DALE, born 1922/23, CO.

2u. Dorothy L. DALE, born 1923/24, KS.

4t. Robert R. DALE, born 1896 Sep, KS.

5t. Muriel I. DALE, born 1888 Nov, MO; married ca 1907, Donald HARBISON (born 1881 Jun 16, KS, died 1963 Mar).

1u. Lloyd HARBISON, born 1908/09, KS.

2u. Raymond C. HARBISON, born 1911 Mar 12, KS, died 1998 May 7, Ottawa, KS.

3u. Ralph G. HARBISON, born 1913 May 10, KS, died 1990 Jan 8, Cassville, MO.

6t. Florence DALE, born 1893 Aug, KS.

7-8t. Two children, died by 1900.

6s. Thomas Allen DALE, Jr., born 1859 May 6, nr Liberty, MO, died 1919 Feb 19, Gashland, MO; married 1887 Mar 10, Alice Davis SCOBEE (born 1860 Apr 20, Henry co, KY, died 1925 Apr 21, Gashland, MO).

1t. Archie Scobee DALE, born 1892 Dec 20, MO; married ca 1913, Katie _______ (born 1892/93, MO).

1u. Alta L. DALE, born 1913/14, MO.

2u. Evelyn DALE, born 1917/18, AZ.

3u. Jean DALE, born 1919/20, MO.

2t. Susie Lee DALE, born 1889 Jan, Gashland, MO, died 1972 Feb 22, Glendale, AZ; married 1912 Oct 5, Liberty, MO, Clyde Seldon STAGGS (born 1890 May 16, Liberty, MO, died 1944 Sep 6, Prescott, AZ).

1u. Clarence Seldon STAGGS, born 1913 Jul 10, Liberty, MO, died 1998 Apr 22, Prescott, AZ.

2u. Clyde Arthur STAGGS, born 1920 Aug 11, Mesa, AZ, died there, 1920 Aug 14.

3u. Ralph Eugene STAGGS, born 1922 Jan 9, Phoenix, AZ.

4u. Samuel Thomas STAGGS, born 1924 Jul 27, Glendale, AZ.

5u. Robert Vernon STAGGS, born 1927 Jan 15, Phoenix, AZ, died 1983 Nov 13, Denver, CO.

6u. Harold Leland STAGGS, born 1931 Aug 3, Phoenix, AZ, died there, 1933 Mar 15.

7u. Virginia Elizabeth STAGGS, born 1915 Aug 28, Liberty, MO; married 1933 Dec 28, Florence, AZ, George Andrew OLLER (born 1915 Oct 27, Headley, TX).

1v. _______ (son) OLLER.

2v. _______ (son) OLLER; married _______ WEIGEL.

1-2w. Two sons.

3v. _______ (dau) OLLER.

8u. Dorothy Katherine STAGGS, born 1918 Sep 17, Glendale, AZ.

9u. Betty Jean STAGGS, born 1929 Jan 16, Phoenix, AZ.

7s. Charles DALE, born 1862 Jun 8, MO.

8s. Henry S. DALE, born 1865/66, MO, died 1939 Mar, Clay co, MO; married ca 1901, Alma E. _______ (born 1868/69, MO).

1t. Franklin H. DALE, born 1909, MO, died 1938 Jun, Clay co, MO.

2t. Mable H. DALE, born 1902/03, MO.

9s. Laura DALE, born 1848.

10s. Susan Virginia DALE, born 1852 Dec 31, MO, died 1941 Dec, Clay co, MO; married ca 1870, Richard William PACK (born 1842 Sep 22, MO, died 1927 May 4, Excelsior Springs, MO).

1t. Byron PACK, born 1875 May, MO; married Leona _______ (born 1898, TN, died 1920/30).

2t. Harry PACK, born 1881 Jun, MO; married Ethel _______ (born 1882, MO).

3t. William PACK, born 1883 Dec, MO.

4t. Arvilla PACK, born 1871/72, MO, died by 1900.

5t. Anna PACK, born 1879 Jan 23, MO, died 1973 Jan, Topeka, KS; married Clarence McKINNEY (born 1880, MO).

1u. Kenneth McKINNEY, born 1904, MO.

11s. Mary Cornelia DALE, born 1857 Aug 14, MO.

12s. Lucy DALE, born 1863 Oct.

6r. Mary Jane HAYNES, born 1826 Jul 20, KY, fl. 1900, Concord, MO; married 1848 May 4, Lloyd R. LEACH (born 1818 Jan, KY).

1s. William W. LEACH, born 1850, MO; married ca 1875, Elizabeth N. _______ (born 1855, MO).

1t. Charles O. LEACH, born 1878, MO; married ca 1902, Mary J. _______ (born 1884, MO).

1u. Lloyd Ray LEACH, born 1906, MO.

2u. Viola Grace LEACH, born 1902, MO.

2s. Lloyd Burton LEACH, born 1861 Sep, MO, died 1941 Jun 16, St. Clair co, MO; married ca 1901, as 2nd husband, Ida E. _______ (born 1874 Jul, MO, died 1920/30).

1t. Lloyd Ray LEACH, born 1902, MO.

3s. Susan E. LEACH, born 1847, MO; married Charles W. PRICE (born 1834/35, KY, died 1880/1900).

1t. Stuart R. PRICE, born 1872/73, MO.

2t. Charles S. PRICE, born 1877, KY.

3t. Perry R. PRICE, born 1878/79, MO.

4t. Jay F. PRICE, born 1882 Jan, KY.

5t. Henry O. PRICE, born 1885 Jul, KS.

6t. Mattie R. PRICE, born 1874 Apr 10, MO, died 1944 Aug 18, Los Angeles co, CA; married ca 1902, James H. WALKER (born 1872, KY).

1u. Charles W. P. WALKER, born 1906, MO; married ca 1929, Irene _______ (born 1912/13, PA).

2u. Susan Price WALKER, born 1904, MO.

4s. Dora Ann LEACH, born 1864 Feb, MO, died 1936 Jun 18, Buchanan co, MO; married 1888, as 2nd wife, Benjamin Franklin METZGER (born 1837 Aug 8, Edwardsburg, MI, died 1928 Mar 6, Concord, MO).

1t. Mary Viola METZGER, born 1890 Jul 4, Plattsburg, MO, died 1990 Jan 19; married ca 1914, Clifton Riley CAREY (born 1892 Sep 30, MO, died 1955 Aug 26, Concord, MO).

1u. Clifton Riley CAREY, Jr., born 1918 Dec 23, MO, died 2000 Apr 13, Hustonville, KY.

2u. Julia L. CAREY, born 1915, MO.

2t. Child, died by 1900.

5s. Elizabeth LEACH, born 1864/65, MO.

6s. Viola LEACH, born 1867 Mar, MO.

7r. Eliza Burbridge HAYNES, born 1834 Jun 20, KY, died 1894 Aug 31, MO; married 1853 Apr 5, Leonard W. LIGON (born 1828 Aug, MO).

1s. William B. LIGON, born 1855 May, MO, fl. 1930, Kearney, MO; married ca 1892, Mary Frances _______ (born 1857 Apr, KY).

1t. Eunice LIGON, born 1894 Mar, MO.

2s. Albert LIGON, born 1860/61, MO.

3s. Charles LIGON, born 1862 Aug, MO; married ca 1889, Elizabeth _______ (born 1865 Apr, MO).

1t. John H. LIGON, born 1890 Aug 16, MO, died 1975 Jul, Plattsburg, MO.

4s. Emmett A. LIGON, born 1867 Apr, MO, fl. 1930, Liberty, MO; married ca 1905, Mattie M. _______ (born 1874, KS).

1t. Joseph Leonard LIGON, born 1906, MO.

2t. Allen P. LIGON, born 1910, MO.

5s. Leonard W. LIGON, Jr., born 1870 Aug, MO.

6s. Walter LIGON, born 1875/76, MO, fl. 1930, Grant, MO; married ca 1900, Mary _______ (born 1877/78, MO).

1t. Elmer LIGON, born 1911/12, MO.

2t. Nellie LIGON, born 1902/03, MO.

7s. Susan LIGON, born 1859/60, MO; married _______ DAVIS.

1t. Stella DAVIS, born 1883 Oct, MO.

8s. Allie May LIGON, born 1873 Aug, MO.

8r. Agnes Catherine HAYNES, born 1837 Sep 10, KY, died 1844 Mar 8.

3q. Jabez HAYNES, born 1801 Feb 20, died 1838 Sep 29, Brandenburg, KY, unm.

4q. Henry HAYNES, born 1805 Aug 16, KY, died 1870 Feb 4, Brandenburg, KY; married 1st, 1831 Dec 12, KY, Mary Ann BROWN (born 1807 Apr 26, Woodford co, KY, died 1840 Mar 3, Brandenburg, KY); married 2nd, 1841 Aug 12, Brandenburg, KY, Martha Jane JONES (born 1817 Jul 6, died 1894 Jul 1, Brandenburg, KY).

1r. William Dawson HAYNES, born 1840 Jan 23, Brandenburg, KY, died there, 1862 May 3, unm.

2r. Daniel Edward HAYNES, born 1842 Jun 1, died 1842 Oct 25, Brandenburg, KY.

3r. James Henry HAYNES, born 1843 Aug 18, Brandenburg, KY, died there, 1928 Apr 20; married 1st, 1864 Dec 20, KY, Mary Lou SPIRES (born 1843 Mar 23, died 1870 Mar 26, Brandenburg, KY); married 2nd, 1872 Feb 1, KY, Hester HAYNES (born 1847 Apr 19, Meade co, KY, died 1893 Jul 11, Brandenburg, KY) (see below).

1s. Henry Augustus HAYNES, born 1867 Jan 18, died 1930 May 14, Meade co, KY; married 1897 Apr 18, Etta NEAFUS (born 1877/78, KY).

1t. Herbert HAYNES, born 1899 Sep 27, died 1981 May, Brandenburg, KY; married 1930 Dec 28, Mary Alliene MURRAY (born 1904 Jan 27, died 1995 Feb, Brandenburg, KY).

1u. Herbert Ray HAYNES, born 1931 Dec 21, Meade co, KY.

2u. Lawrence HAYNES, born 1938 Jun 20, Meade co, KY.

3u. Houston HAYNES, born 1941 Sep 5, Meade co, KY.

4u. Fay HAYNES, born 1935 Sep 16, Meade co, KY; married _______ NORTON.

1v. Roger K. NORTON, born 1960 Oct 19, Jefferson co, KY; married 1985 Aug 9, Meade co, KY, as 2nd husband, Peggy S. LANGLEY (born 1961/62).

2v. Robert Scott NORTON, born 1962 Apr 8, Jefferson co, KY.

3v. Denise Lin NORTON, born 1967 Feb 28, Jefferson co, KY; married 1985 Feb 28, Meade co, KY, Gerald K. FOX (born 1964/65).

5u. May HAYNES, born 1935 Sep 16, Meade co, KY; married _______ JOHNSON.

1v. George S. JOHNSON, born 1960 Feb 9, Jefferson co, KY; married 1980 Jul 26, Hardin co, KY, Patricia M. MOORS (born 1958/59).

2v. Glenda Sue JOHNSON, born 1962 Feb 11, Jefferson co, KY; married 1981 Feb 28, Hardin co, KY, Terry A. STRANGE (born 1960/61).

1w. Bradley Thomas STRANGE, born 1984 Jan 3, Hardin co, KY.

2w. Michael Paul STRANGE, born 1988 Jan 4, Hardin co, KY.

2t. Harvey HAYNES, born 1904, KY; married ________.

1u. Two daughters.

3t. Frank H. HAYNES, born 1907, KY.

4t. Clarence HAYNES, born 1911 Mar 27, KY, died 1999 Feb 20, Frankfort, KY; married ________.

1u. One son, one daughter.

5t. Albert Lee HAYNES, born 1914 Oct 9, KY, died 1987 Sep 15, Louisville, KY.

6t. Curtis HAYNES, born 1918, KY.

7t. Child, died by 1910.

2s. John Crittenden HAYNES, born 1874 Aug 11, Meade co, KY, died 1875 Oct 19, KY.

3s. James Lawrence HAYNES, born 1882 Dec 10, Meade co, KY, died 1937 Apr 6; married 1909 Dec 19, Rose Ella FOUSHEE.

1t. James W. HAYNES, born 1913 Aug 18, Meade co, KY, died 1979 May, Shepherdsville, KY.

2t. Fred H. HAYNES, born 1922 May 23, Meade co, KY.

4s. Albert Sidney HAYNES, born 1887 Sep 14, Meade co, KY, died 1970 Feb 6, Brandenburg, KY; married 1908 Dec 20, Annie R. MEYERS (born 1890, KY).

1t. Albert Lamar HAYNES, born 1910, KY.

5s. Mable Ross HAYNES, born 1868 Jul 5, died 1869 Aug 16, Bradenburg, KY.

6s. Ella Isabelle HAYNES, born 1873 Feb 14, Meade co, KY, died 1921 Feb 19; married 1897 Feb 17, William Emmett NALL (born 1870 May, Allison, KY, died 1956 Sep 7, KY).

1t. Emma G./Imogene A. NALL, born 1898 Apr, KY.

7s. Nellie Grace HAYNES, born 1876 Feb 17, Meade co, KY, died there, 1908 Feb 26; married 1904 Dec 28, Meade co, KY, George EDMONDS.

8s. Mattie May HAYNES, born 1878 May 8, Meade co, KY, died 1953 Jul 3, Meade co, KY; married 1903 May 27, William Perry DUGAN (born 1875, KY).

1t. Hilda DUGAN, born 1904, KY; married _______ SANDERS.

1u. Ruth A. SANDERS, born 1941 Oct 28, Jefferson co, KY; married 1st, _______; married 2nd, 1986 Dec 30, Jefferson co, KY, Herschel ISAACS (born 1929/30).

2t. Ella J. DUGAN, born 1910, KY; married _______ HARDIN.

1u. Freddie B. HARDIN, born 1945 Sep 9, Jefferson co, KY.

2u. Ann D. HARDIN, born 1944 Sep 11, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ ARMSTRONG.

1v. Julie Ann ARMSTRONG, born 1973 Nov 19, Jefferson co, KY; married 1998 Aug 22, Kenton co, KY, Jon C. BENNIX (born 1973/74).

9s. Nancy Mary HAYNES, born 1880 Sep 21, Meade co, KY, died 1947 Aug 4, Brandenburg, KY; married 1900 Jul 24, William Woodward COLEMAN (born 1877 Jul 29, Mercer co, KY, died 1959 Dec 4, Brandenburg, KY).

1t. Charles COLEMAN.

2t. James Richard COLEMAN, born 1910 Feb 2, Brandenburg, KY, died 1976 Jul 18, Milan, KY; married Virginia Marie RICHARDSON (born 1920 Mar 12).

1u. Nancy COLEMAN; married Louis CRAWFORD.

1v. Celia J. CRAWFORD, born 1960 Feb 26, Hardin co, KY; married 1989 Aug 5, Meade co, KY, Kenneth B. ASKINS (born 1961/62).

2v. Cynthia A. CRAWFORD, born 1960 Feb 26, Hardin co, KY; married 1982 Jun 5, Meade co, KY, Thomas D. STANSBURY (born 1957/58).

1w. Daniel Thomas STANSBURY, born 1985 Nov 16, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. Jessica Jeanette STANSBURY, born 1988 May 7, Jefferson co, KY.

3t. Elisha A. COLEMAN, born 1912 Jan 5, Meade co, KY, died 2004 Oct 27, Brandenburg, KY.

4t. Henry William COLEMAN, born 1914 Mar 11, Meade co, KY.

5t. Joseph E. COLEMAN, born 1916 Apr 22, Meade co, KY.

6t. Albert L. COLEMAN, born 1918 Nov 4, Meade co, KY.

7t. Harry L. COLEMAN, born 1921/22, KY.

8t. Augustus Haynes COLEMAN, born 1926 May 15, Meade co, KY, died 1985 Sep.

9t. Hester COLEMAN.

10t. Louise M. COLEMAN, born 1907, KY.

4r. John Crittendon HAYNES, born 1848 Nov 7, KY, died 1869 Oct 29, Brandenburg, KY, unm.

5r. Volney James HAYNES, born 1851 Mar 15, KY, died 1855 Apr 16, Brandenburg, KY.

6r. Harvey Milner HAYNES, born 1853 Apr 5, died 1855 Apr 22, Brandenburg, KY.

7r. Pamela Adeline HAYNES, born 1833 Jun 13, died 1853 Jan 29, Brandenburg, KY, unm.

8r. Sarah Agnes HAYNES, born 1836 Oct 8, KY, fl. 1920, Esculapia, AR; married 1853 Aug 4, James G. MORGAN (born 1828/29, VA, died 1880/1900).

1s. James H. MORGAN, born 1854 Jul 24, KY, died young.

2s. William M. MORGAN, born 1857 Oct 25, KY, fl. 1930, Knob Noster, MO; married ca 1888, Ethel I. _______ (born 1868 Feb, IL).

1t. James F. MORGAN, born 1894 Nov 30, MO, died 1985 May, Sedalia, MO.

2t. Edna H. MORGAN, born 1889 Nov, AR.

3t. Beatrice MORGAN, born 1902, AR.

3s. James S. MORGAN, born 1861 Feb, KY, fl. 1930, South Canon, CO; married ca 1900, Effie A. _______ (born 1878 Oct, TN).

1t. Chester A. MORGAN, born 1904 Oct 7, AR, died 1996 Feb 15, Boulder, CO; married ca 1929, Rose S. _______ (born 1909 Jul 28, CO, died 2003 Dec 28, Longmont, CO).

1u. Patricia MORGAN, born 1930, CO.

2t. James A. MORGAN, born 1912, AR.

3t. Lulu A. MORGAN, born 1906, AR.

2t. Jean MORGAN, born 1915, KS.

4s. John H. MORGAN, born 1869 Oct, KY; married ca 1900, Elizabeth A. _______ (born 1870 Nov, AR).

5s. Edward MORGAN, born 1873 Mar, KY; married ca 1897, Ida L. _______ (born 1877 Oct, TX).

1t. Lloyd J. MORGAN, born 1897 Jun, AR; fl. 1930, Kansas City, MO; married ca 1925, Emma _______ (born 1898/99, MO).

2t. Thomas MORGAN, born 1902/03, AR; fl. 1930, Kansas City, MO; married ca 1927, Mildred _______ (born 1908/09, MO).

3t. Virgil MORGAN, born 1908, AR.

4t. Agnes MORGAN, born 1901/02, AR.

5-6t. Two children, died by 1910.

6s. Thomas D. MORGAN, born 1875 Jan, KY; married ca 1905, Blanche B. _______ (born 1881, MN).

1t. Sherwood H. MORGAN, born 1906, OK; married ca 1927, Kathryn R. _______ (born 1905/06, MO).

1u. Loren S. MORGAN, born 1930, OK.

2t. Thomas Max MORGAN, born 1911 Oct 15, AR, died 1975 May, Jena, LA.

2t. Sylvia B. MORGAN, born 1905, AR.

7s. Harvey MORGAN, born 1880 Apr 11, KY, died 1971 Dec, Rogers, AR; married Amy _______ (born 1884, AR).

1t. Raymond MORGAN, born 1914 Jul 27, AR, died 1999 Jan 23, Mountainburg, AR.

2t. Henry J. MORGAN, born 1918 Jul 26, AR, died 2001 Oct 9, Rogers, AR.

3t. Ralph MORGAN, born 1921 Aug 26, AR, died 1976 Oct.

8s. Mary Adeline MORGAN, born 1855 Aug 14, KY, died sp; married 1st, _______; married 2nd, ca 1907, Joseph E. STOCKING (born 1842/43, MI, died 1920/30, AR).

9s. Martha J. MORGAN, born 1859 Apr 17, KY; married _______ HARLEY.

1t. Walter HARLEY, born 1886 Apr, AR.

2t. Dorrah HARLEY, born 1883 Dec, AR.

10s. Ella MORGAN, born 1862/63, KY.

11s. Elizabeth MORGAN, born 1864/65, KY.

12s. Nancy A. MORGAN, born 1866/67, KY.

13s. Daisy MORGAN, born 1875/76, KY.

9r. Fanny Mae HAYNES, born 1846 Jul 12, KY, died 1929 Jan 31, Jefferson co, KY; married 1862 Sep 5, Thomas H. BOARD (born 1845 Oct, KY, died 1910/20).

1s. Henry Haynes BOARD, born 1871 Feb, KY, fl. 1930, Birmingham, AL; married ca 1893, Elizabeth B. _______ (born 1873 Nov, KY).

1t. William E. BOARD, born 1894 Oct, KY; married Lillian _______ (born 1892, IN).

1u. Roy BOARD, born 1911, IN.

2t. Harvey D. BOARD, born 1901 Mar 3, KY, died 1975 Feb 15, Louisville, KY.

2s. Gabe BOARD, born 1873/74, KY, died by 1900.

3s. Harvey BOARD, born 1880 Oct, KY; married Eula PARTRIDGE (born 1891. KY).

1t. Henry H. BOARD, born 1913 Sep 4, Meade co, KY, died 2002 May 30, Melbourne, FL.

2t. Randall M. BOARD, born 1920 May 28, Meade co, KY.

3t. William H. BOARD, born 1928 Dec 8, Meade co, KY.

4s. Martha C. BOARD, born 1886 Oct, KY; married ca 1916, as 2nd wife, Edward MAURER (born 1877, KY).

1t. Joseph E. MAURER, born 1918 Aug 16, Meade co, KY, died 1985 Jan, Louisville, KY.

2t. Frances B. MAURER, born 1920/21, PA; married _______ KEIGHTLEY.

1u. James M. KEIGHTLEY, born 1946 Dec 20, Jefferson co, KY.

2u. Julliene G. KEIGHTLEY, born 1947 Dec 19, Jefferson co, KY.

10r. Cornelia Isabelle HAYNES, born 1855 Nov 11, KY, died 1945 Oct 2, Jefferson co, KY; married 1872 Jan 18, Richard B. SHACKLETTE (born 1849 Dec, KY, died 1937 Jul 16, Meade co, KY).

1s. Richard L. SHACKLETTE, born 1895 Aug, KY, died 1911 Oct 29, Meade co, KY.

2s. Mattie F. SHACKLETTE, born 1878 Jan, KY.

3s. Mable SHACKLETTE, born 1880 May, KY.

4-7s. Four other children.

5q. William HAYNES, Jr., born 1816 Jul 8, died 1899 Dec 26.

6q. Edmund HAYNES, born 1818 Dec 18; married 1st, 1841 Sep 2, Frances Maria JONES (born 1822 Mar 8, died 1846 Aug 16, Brandenburg, KY); married 2nd, 1856 Jan 22, Elizabeth HUTCHINSON (born 1829 Sep 7, died 1857 Sep 9, Brandenburg, KY).

1r. William Lewis HAYNES, born 1842 Jun 8, died 1842 Oct 22.

2r. Laura Francis HAYNES, born 1844 Mar 12, KY, died 1936 Sep 25, Clay co, MO; married 1867 Sep 10, Clay co, MO, Lewis Walter TAPP (born 1840 Sep 10, MO, died 1933 May 21, Clay co, MO).

1s. Edmund P. TAPP, born 1869 Dec, MO; married ca 1895, Kate E. _______ (born 1873 Oct, MO).

1t. Lewis TAPP, born 1898 Nov 27, MO, died 1982 Nov, Liberty, MO; married ca 1920, Mary J. _______ (born 1896 Feb 7, MO, died 1984 Jul, Liberty, MO).

1u. Fred TAPP, born 1921 Aug 16, MO, died 2001 Jul 9, Gallatin, MO.

2u. Lewis TAPP, born 1930, MO.

3u. Laura TAPP, born 1924/25, MO.

4u. Lorena TAPP, born 1926, MO.

2t. Edmund P. TAPP, born 1911 Feb 13, MO, died 1997 May 28, Boise City, OK.

3t. Laura E. TAPP, born 1896 Jul, MO.

4t. Kathryn TAPP, born 1901, MO.

5t. Frances TAPP, born 1903, MO.

2s. Charles D. TAPP, born 1870 Dec, MO; married ca 1897, Bessie _______ (born 1878 Jul, MO).

3s. William P. TAPP, born 1874 Nov, MO.

4s. Ralph TAPP, born 1879 May, MO; married ca 1904, _______ (died by 1930).

7q. Cornelius HAYNES, born 1822 Jun 17, Meade co, KY, died 1896 Apr 22; married 1850 Aug 7, KY, Elizabeth BOONE (born 1831, Woodford co, KY, died 1891 Mar 18).

1r. Henry Clay HAYNES, born 1851/52, KY; married ca 1880, Mary _______ (born 1861/62, KY).

1s. Henry Clay HAYNES, Jr., born 1890/91, KY.

2r. William L. HAYNES, born 1854 Apr 22, Meade co, KY, died there, 1858 Dec 31.

3r. Jabez B. HAYNES, born 1856 Aug, KY; married ca 1887, Frankie J. _______ (born 1869 Jul, KY).

1s. William C. HAYNES, born 1888 Aug, KY.

2s. John E. HAYNES, born 1903, OK, died 1991 Jun 29, Bonners Ferry, ID; married 1927 Aug 29, Eads, CO, Florence Evelyn PORTREY (born 1908 Jun 29, nr Sidney, NE, died 2006 Jun 5, Bonners Ferry, ID). 21 gch, 43 g-gch, 8 g-g-gch, 2006.

1t. Jack HAYNES; married Norma _______.

2t. Larry HAYNES.

3t. Donald HAYNES.

4t. Derald HAYNES.

5t. Margaret E. HAYNES, born 1928, CO; married Frank KLEIN.

6t. Audrey HAYNES; married Russ DOOD.

3s. James O. HAYNES, born 1905, OK.

4s. Eula M. HAYNES, born 1890 Oct, KY.

5s. Ethel A. HAYNES, born 1893 Mar, KY.

6s. Bessie L. HAYNES, born 1895 May, KY; married ca 1920, Real J. MUSGRAVE (born 1899 Jul 3, KS, died 1987 Oct 18, Spokane, WA).

1t. Albert W. MUSGRAVE, born 1923 Jan 22, CO, died 1996 Feb 8, Dallas, TX*.

2t. Mary L. MUSGRAVE, born 1927, CO.

7s. Allie HAYNES, born 1898 Jan, KY; married ca 1921, John R. WOOD (born 1889/90, IN).

1t. Louis L. WOOD, born 1923/24, CO.

2t. Mildred L. WOOD, born 1921/22, CO.

8s. Vera E. HAYNES, born 1911, OK.

8q. Polly HAYNES, born 1796 May 23, died 1840 Dec 20, Brandenburg, KY; married John SKILLMAN.

1r. William SKILLMAN, born 1823/24, KY.

2r. Christopher SKILLMAN, born 1827/28, KY.

3r. John SKILLMAN, born 1832/33, KY.

4r. Junius SKILLMAN, born 1835/36, KY.

9q. Emily HAYNES, born 1803 Mar 24, VA, died 1858 Nov 3, Brandenburg, KY; married 1st, 1832 Nov 22, William BOWMAN; married 2nd, 1852 Mar 21, Buckner Jones STITH.

1r. William M. BOWMAN, born 1837 Feb, KY, died 1910/20, Louisville, KY; married ca 1860, Mary Victoria PARSONS (born 1840 Sep, KY).

1s. Edward S. BOWMAN, born 1865 Nov, KY; married ca 1892, Emma B. _______ (born 1870 Mar, KY).

1t. Edward S. BOWMAN, Jr., born 1897 Feb, KY; married ca 1926, Lucile E. _______ (born 1903/04, KY).

1u. James G. BOWMAN, born 1927, FL.

2u. Barbara L. BOWMAN, born 1928, FL.

2t. Grace B. BOWMAN, born 1900 Jan, KY.

3t. Blanche V. BOWMAN, born 1905/06, KY.

5-6t. Two children, died by 1900.

2s. Walter BOWMAN, born 1872/73, KY, died by 1900.

3s. John A. BOWMAN, born 1875 Jun, KY; married ca 1909, Antoinette E. _______ (born 1882/83, KY).

1t. Virginia A. BOWMAN, born 1908/09, KY.

4s. Frederick BOWMAN, born 1878, KY, died by 1900.

5s. Mary Josephine BOWMAN, born 1861/62, KY; married _______ SHAW.

1t. Ruby L. SHAW, born 1884 Sep, KY.

6-9s. Four other children.

2r. Robert BOWMAN, born 1838/39, KY.

3r. Elizabeth BOWMAN, born 1835/36, KY.

10q. Cornelia HAYNES, born 1813, Bedford co, VA, died sp; married 1st, 1833 May 23, David Cooper ARMSTRONG (born 1808, VA, died 1854 Sep 7, Brandenburg, KY); married 2nd, 1859 Sep 13, as 2nd wife, Summers DEAN (born 1799/1800, KY).

8p. Mary PATE, born ca 1775; married 1795 Oct 29, Lawrence McGEORGE (born ca 1773).

1q. Edmund McGEORGE, born 1799/1800, VA, fl. 1850, Buffalo, MO.

2q. Frances McGEORGE, born 1796, VA, died ca 1860, Breckinridge co, KY; married 1815 Feb 2, Bedford co, VA, Ezekiel DICKERSON (born 1791/92, VA, fl. 1870, Bewleyville, KY).

1r. Wingfield DICKERSON, born 1815, VA; married America _______ (born 1814/15, KY).

1s. Seymour S. DICKERSON, born 1857 Feb, KY, died 1931 Oct 11, Collin co, TX; married ca 1875, Melvina BASHAM (born 1857 Apr, KY, died 1941 Jun 21, Collin co, TX).

1t. William W. DICKERSON, born 1874 Oct, KY, fl. 1930, Taliaferro, OK; married Jennie _______ (born 1874/75, KY).

1u. Joe DICKERSON, born 1906, TX.

2u. Evelyn DICKERSON, born 1907, TX.

3u. Pearl DICKERSON, born 1911, KY.

2t. Vandora DICKERSON, born 1877/78, KY.

3t. Artie DICKERSON, born 1880 Jul, KY.

4t. Annie L. DICKERSON, born 1883 Mar, KY; married (div) _______ BALLARD.

1u. Arnold BALLARD, born 1909 May 31, TX, died 1993 Apr 28, Granbury, TX.

5-7t. Three children, died by 1900.

2s. Rachel A. F. DICKERSON, born 1836/37, KY; married A. J. HOSKINS (born 1846/47, KY).

1t. W. W. HOSKINS, born 1867/68, KY.

2t. J. L. HOSKINS, born 1869 Nov, KY.

2r. Hezekiah DICKERSON, born 1832/33, VA, died 1876/80, Breckenridge co, KY; married Sarah E. _______ (born 1841 Mar, KY, died 1936 Apr 2, Hardin co, KY).

1s. Richard L. DICKERSON, born 1866/67, KY.

2s. William Alva DICKERSON, born 1868 Oct, KY, died 1917 Feb 25, Breckenridge co, KY; married ca 1894, Amanda Alice _______ (born 1876 Jun, KY, died 1948 Feb 1, Breckenridge co, KY).

1t. John DICKERSON, born 1895 Jan 10, KY, died 1967 Nov, Pellville, KY; married Bradie MINTER (born 1897 Mar 18, KY, died 1975 Oct, Chrisney, IN).

1u. William C. DICKERSON, born 1919 Nov 28, Breckenridge co, KY, died 2004 Apr 19, Cannelton, IN.

2u. Verna R. DICKERSON, born 1914 Sep 9, Breckenridge co, KY, died 1995 Apr 21, Chrisney, IN; married _______ SCHROEDER.

2t. Jesse DICKERSON, born 1896 Nov, KY.

3t. Curtis DICKERSON, born 1899 Mar, KY, died 1980 Sep 27, Jefferson co, KY; married ca 1921, Beulah B. TRIPLETT (born 1907 Jul 20, KY, died 2002 Jul 31, Louisville, KY).

1u. Robert L. DICKERSON, born 1923 Oct 15, Breckenridge co, KY.

2u. Paul DICKERSON, born 1927 Jun 21, Breckenridge co, KY.

3u. Ronald E. DICKERSON, born 1945 Aug 16, Jefferson co, KY.

4u. Louise DICKERSON, born 1929, KY; married 1st, _______ GOLDEN; married 2nd, _______ DOUGLAS.

1v. Michael GOLDEN, born 1946 Oct 3, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. Stephen K. DOUGLAS, born 1950 Apr 4, Jefferson co, KY.

3v. Jeffrey A. DOUGLAS, born 1954 Jul 21, Jefferson co, KY.

4v. Kevin M. DOUGLAS, born 1959 Jun 11, Jefferson co, KY.

5v. Laura G. DOUGLAS, born 1949 Jan 29, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ FRIED.

1w. Charles Michael FRIED, born 1982 May 25, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. John Thomas FRIED, born 1987 Dec 28, Jefferson co, KY.

3w. Stella Ann FRIED, born 1983 Nov 1, Jefferson co, KY.

6v. Sharon L. DOUGLAS, born 1951 Nov 10, Jefferson co, KY.

[1w. Matthew Stephen DOUGLAS, born 1980 Mar 17, Jefferson co, KY.]

7v. Cathy E. DOUGLAS, born 1953 Jan 2, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ WEEDMAN.

1w. Melanie Louise WEEDMAN, born 1977 May 20, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ WOOSLEY.

1x. J. Carter Ray WOOSLEY, born 1998 Dec 25, Jefferson co, KY.

5u. Joice A. DICKERSON, born 1934 Sep 29, Breathitt co, KY.

6u. Carol R. DICKERSON, born 1939 Mar 29, Breckenridge co, KY.

4t. William L. DICKERSON, born 1913, KY.

5t. Viola DICKERSON, born 1909, KY; married ca 1928, as 2nd wife, Hubbard HORSLEY (born 1891/92, KY).

1u. Bernice HORSLEY, born 1932 Feb 2, Breckenridge co, KY.

2u. Dorothy J. HORSLEY, born 1943 Aug 6, Breckenridge co, KY; married _______ DRANE.

1v. Roxanne DRANE, born 1963 May 3, Breckenridge co, KY; married _______ ARNOLD.

1w. Joshua Dale ARNOLD, born 1985 Feb 13, Jefferson co, KY.

3u. Ruth HORSLEY, born 1948 Jul 10, Breckenridge co, KY; married _______ McCOY.

1v. Kristi Renee McCOY, born 1982 Mar 17, Breckenridge co, KY.

3s. John Thomas DICKERSON, born 1872 Aug, KY.

4s. James A. DICKERSON, born 1874 Mar, KY; married 1st, ca 1897, Mary C. _______ (born 1878 Oct, KY); married 2nd, ca 1907, Grace WHITWORTH (born 1885/86, KY).

1t. James A. DICKERSON, Jr., born 1924/25, died 1925 Feb 18, Breckenridge co, KY.

2t. Odie H. DICKERSON, born 1908 Jan 14, KY, died 1982 May 28, Irvington, KY, unm.

(1)3-4t. Two children, died by 1900.

5s. Ezra DICKERSON, born 1876/77, KY.

6s. Lucy DICKERSON, born 1870 May, KY.

7-9s. Three children, died by 1900.

3r. Benson DICKERSON, born 1834/35, VA.

4r. Elizabeth Ann DICKERSON, born 1820/21, VA, fl. 1880, Jack co, TX; married Hardin co, KY, John R. CAPPS (born 1817/18, KY).

1s. Ambrose G. CAPPS, born 1843 Mar, KY; married ca 1867, Eliza J. _______ (born 1846 Mar, MO).

1t. John R. CAPPS, born 1869/70, MO, fl. 1930, Comanche co, TX; married ca 1891, Mary L. _______ (born 1872/73, MO).

1u. Lomas A. CAPPS, born 1912/13, OK.

2u. Elaner CAPPS, born 1917/18, TX.

2t. Samuel CAPPS, born 1881 Nov, TX; married ca 1906, Mary A. _______ (born 1881/82, TX).

1u. Myrtue V. CAPPS, born 1906/07, TX.

3t. James Auebers CAPPS, born 1887 Sep, TX; married 1st, ca 1907, Bulah _______ (born 1888/89, TX); married 2nd, ca 1920, Euna Mae FOX (born 1900/01, TX).

1u. Byron S. CAPPS, born 1921/22, TX.

2u. Francis L. CAPPS, born 1922/23, TX.

3u. William R. CAPPS, born 1926, TX.

4u. J. C. CAPPS, born 1930 Nov 9, Wise co, TX.

5u. James Harlan CAPPS, born 1943 Feb 10, Wise co, TX; married 1st, Connie Cay MESWARB; married 2nd, 1987 Jun 20, Collin co, TX, Margaret S. WILLIAMS (born ca 1940).

1v. Easter Ann Marie CAPPS, born 1968 Apr 14, Harris co, TX.

6u. Tressie CAPPS, born 1907/08, TX.

7u. Helen B. CAPPS, born 1923/24, TX.

8u. Curtis L. CAPPS, born 1928, TX.

9u. Winona Marie CAPPS, born 1935 Aug 28, Wise co, TX.

10u. Myrna LaRuth CAPPS, born 1940 Apr 8, Wise co, TX; married 1st, Leon MORENO (born ca 1941); married 2nd, Benny Carlton BRANTNER; married 3rd, 1968 May 4 (div 1985 Nov 22, Dallas co, TX), Leon MORENO (born ca 1941).

1v. Benny Leon MORENO, born 1958 May 17, Harris co, TX; married 1980 Nov 22, Rockwall co, TX, Rosalba HERNANDEZ (born ca 1959).

2v. Vonda Lynn BRANTNER, born 1963 Jan 14, Harris co, TX; married 1984 Oct 1, Nacogdoches co, TX, Floyd Randall SHIPP (born ca 1960).

1w. Floyd Hunterman SHIPP, born 1986 Feb 21, Nacogdoches co, TX.

3v. Vanessa Rene MORENO, born 1979 Oct 6, Dallas co, TX.

4t. Thomas J. CAPPS, born 1890 Apr, TX.

5t. Lizzie CAPPS, born 1871/72, MO.

6t. Laura CAPPS, born 1872/73, MO.

7t. Lucy C. CAPPS, born 1875 Dec, MO, fl. 1930, Wise co, TX; married 1893 Feb 14, Wise co, TX, Joseph E. CARTER (born 1866 Mar, TN).

1u. Isaac Wilson CARTER, born 1903 Dec 31, TX, died 1978 Dec, Corpus Christi, TX; married Ruth Ferguson TAYLOR.

1v. Ben Joe CARTER, born 1936 Dec 18, Wise co, TX; married Marion Jane HOWE.

1w. Brent Alan CARTER, born 1962 Sep 26, Nueces co, TX; married 1991 Jun 29, Dallas co, TX, Dana Jean BALLARD (born ca 1963).

1x. Kendall Diane CARTER, born 1996 Jan 1, Comal co, TX.

2x. Katie Nicole CARTER, born 1997 Sep 25, Montgomery co, TX.

2v. Betty Larone CARTER, born 1941 Jan 23, Wise co, TX; married John Garrison MASCHO.

1w. April Athena MASCHO, born 1963 Apr 14, Nueces co, TX.

3v. Dorothy Jean CARTER, born 1942 Jun 18, Wise co, TX.

4v. Martha Ruth CARTER, born 1946 Sep 12, Nueces co, TX; married Ronald Boyd GENTRY.

1w. Ruth Anne GENTRY, born 1979 Jun 24, Hidalgo co, TX.

2u. Sarah I. CARTER, born 1894 Mar, TX.

3u. Clara B. CARTER, born 1896 Apr, TX.

4u. Lula CARTER, born 1900/01, TX.

5u. Ena G. CARTER, born 1904 May 23, TX, died 1990 Oct 15; married ca 1930, Virgil L. LUTHER (born 1902 May 26, TX, died 1986 Jan, Bowie, TX).

6u. Velma CARTER, born 1908, TX.

8t. Minnie L. CAPPS, born 1878/79, AR.

9t. Emma B. CAPPS, born 1884 Oct, TX.

10t. Ida L. CAPPS, born 1891 Sep, TX.

2s. James P. CAPPS, born 1844 Jun, KY; married ca 1877, Nancy Jane _______ (born 1859/60, LA).

1t. George M. CAPPS, born 1880 May, TX, died by 1910.

2t. Byron CAPPS, born 1882 May, TX, died 1900/10.

3t. Alex Leroy CAPPS, born 1886 Oct 23, TX, died 1979, Hamlin, TX; married ca 1911, Flocey CORLEY (born 1892/93, TX).

1u. James Corley CAPPS, born 1914 Jun 16, TX, died 1996 Aug 27, Ruidoso, NM; married Madelyn BLACKWELL (born 1916 Oct 10, died 2003 Feb 17, Las Vegas, NM).

1v. Theresa Madelyn CAPPS, born 1935 Nov 28, Jones co, TX.

2v. Dixie Lee CAPPS, born 1940 Mar 6, Jones co, TX.

2u. Patsy Sue CAPPS, born 1930 Jun 15, Jones co, TX; married Howard Leon MEHAFFEY.

1v. Keven Sue MEHAFFEY, born 1953 Apr 14, Jones co, TX; married 1977 Aug 13, Jones co, TX, Robert Bryce FOWLER (born ca 1954).

1w. Robert Adam FOWLER, born 1981 Dec 15, Taylor co, TX.

2w. Drew Patrick FOWLER, born 1988 Jun 21, Tarrant co, TX.

3w. Kimberlea Paige FOWLER, born 1983 Aug 3, Taylor co, TX.

2v. Kimi Lynn MEHAFFEY, born 1956 Dec 9, Jones co, TX; married 1st, William Ward SCHLITTLER; married 2nd, 1992 Oct 1, Ector co, TX, Richard Leland BEESON (born ca 1958).

1w. William Cole SCHLITTLER, born 1986 Feb 4, Bexar co, TX.

2w. Jordan Beth SCHLITTLER, born 1988 Dec 20, Ector co, TX.

3w. Chandler Renee BEESON, born 1993 Dec 5, Potter co, TX.

3v. Lea Kayla MEHAFFEY, born 1958 Nov 5, Jones co, TX; married 1st, David Paul MITCHELL; married 2nd, 1996 Jul 6, Palo Pinto co, TX, David A. LEE (born ca 1965).

1w. Monty Howard MITCHELL, born 1981 Feb 23, Palo Pinto co, TX.

2w. Heather Sue MITCHELL, born 1984 Nov 15, Palo Pinto, TX.

4t. Savana CAPPS, born 1884 Mar, TX, fl. 1930, Fort Worth, TX; married ca 1905, John BOBO (born 1884/85, TX).

1u. Ernest Ray BOBO, born 1905 Nov 16, TX, died 1982 Apr, Azle, TX; married Fay Leon HAMBY.

1v. James Lavon BOBO, born 1933 Apr 18, Tarrant co, TX; married 1st, Mary Estelle BENEAUX; married 2nd, 1975 Sep 5, Tarrant co, TX, Betty J. HAYES (born ca 1934).

1w. Vicki Lavon BOBO, born 1953 Jul 21, Tarrant co, TX; married 1976 Oct 22, Tarrant co, TX, Rickey Lynn MERCER (born ca 1952).

1x. Misty Dawn MERCER, born 1979 Dec 21, Tarrant co, TX.

2w. Kay Lynn BOBO, born 1961 Jun 28, Tarrant co, TX; married 1986 Dec 4, Tarrant co, TX, Franklin David BROCK (born ca 1965).

1x. Taylor Renae BROCK, born 1990 Apr 22, Tarrant co, TX.

2v. Wanda Fay BOBO, born 1945 Jan 31, Tarrant co, TX.

2u. John Clifton BOBO, born 1913 Feb 10, TX, died 1998 Jan 20, Hurst, TX; married Lois McDANIEL.

1v. Evelyn Bonita BOBO, born 1938 Oct 28, Tarrant co, TX; married 1967 Feb 16, Parker co, TX, Eugene ZUROBSKI (born ca 1934).

1w. Paul ZUROBSKI, born 1967 Sep 2, Tarrant co, TX.

2v. Paulette BOBO, born 1944 Sep 26, Tarrant co, TX; married 1st, 1969 Jul 11, Tarrant co, TX, Roy Talley KRUGER (born ca 1935); married 2nd, 1991 Sep 21, Michael R. TOUDOUZE (born ca 1950).

1w. Nathan Leslie KRUGER, born 1970 Feb 6, Tarrant co, TX; married 1995 Dec 30, Tarrant co, TX, Michele D. WHITE (born ca 1972).

2w. Karlton Nolan KRUGER, born 1972 Jul 10, Tarrant co, TX; married 1998 Feb 6, Dallas co, TX, Elga Y. OBANDO (born ca 1972).

3u. James Paul BOBO, born 1917 Jun 18, TX, died 2002 Apr 20, Odessa, TX; married Leta SORRELS.

1v. Paula Jean BOBO, born 1948 Jul 5, Tarrant co, TX; married 1st, 1968 Apr 26, Howard co, TX, John L. WHITMIRE III (born ca 1949); married 2nd, 1982 Jul 24, Williamson co, TX, Anthony K. HOLUBEC (born ca 1959).

1w. John Paul WHITMIRE, born 1976 Jul 13, Howard co, TX; married 1st, 1996 Jul 27, Travis co, TX, Kathryn Rose CHESTER (born ca 1976); married 2nd, 2001 May 18, Travis co, TX, Stephanie L. PEABODY (born 1980).

[1x. Amanda Leigh WHITMIRE, born 1995 Aug 12, Travis co, TX.]

2w. Tami Jean WHITMIRE, born 1969 Jun 20, Howard co, TX; married 1st, 1992 Jun 6, Tarrant co, TX, John S. GARDNER (born ca 1970); married 2nd, 2000 Feb 14, Midland co, TX, Bobby A. WILLIAMS (born ca 1961).

4u. Dorothy Louise BOBO, born 1920/21, TX; married Willie Howard COLLINS.

1v. Jack Wesley COLLINS, born 1955 Feb 3, Tarrant co, TX.

2v. Walter Howard COLLINS, born 1960 Nov 22, Tarrant co, TX.

3v. Judy Carol COLLINS, born 1952 Dec 31, Tarrant co, TX; married 1968 Dec 26, Stonewall co, TX, Richard I. McCOMACK (born ca 1949).

4v. Marla Gayle COLLINS, born 1957 Oct 4, Tarrant co, TX; married 1980 Jul 5, Travis co, TX, William Fredrick GRIMES (born ca 1946).

1w. Walter Andrew GRIMES, born 1981 Jan 17, Travis co, TX.

2w. William Howard GRIMES, born 1984 Jun 25, Travis co, TX.

3w. Katharine Amalia GRIMES, born 1989 Jan 12, Travis co, TX.

5u. Lee Ray BOBO, born 1922/23, TX.

6u. Nina Jewell BOBO, born 1923/24, TX; married James Laverne TILLERY.

1v. James Michael TILLERY, born 1952 Jun 13, Tarrant co, TX; married 1st, 1984 Jun 2, Tarrant co, TX, Linda F. DUVALL (born ca 1952); married 2nd, 1987 Aug 14, Parker co, TX, Vicky J. LOVE (born ca 1957).

2v. Joyce Ann TILLERY, born 1945 Sep 1, Tarrant co, TX; married 1975 Mar 21, Tarrant co, TX, James Edward THOMPSON (born ca 1934).

1w. Jeffrey Edward THOMPSON, born 1975 Sep 27, Tarrant co, TX; married 1996 Jun 1, Travis co, TX, Stella E. REYER (born ca 1970).

5t. Allice A. CAPPS, born 1889 Jan, TX, fl. 1930, Bangs, TX; married ca 1903, Rev. John Patrick SALYER (born 1885/86, TX).

1u. Oris O. SALYER, born 1903 Sep 23, TX, died 1991 May 22, Springdale, AR; married ca 1928, Nina Grace MEDCALF (born 1910 Oct 29, May, TX, died 2003 Oct 8, Springdale, AR).

1v. Clifton Bruce SALYER, born 1929 Oct 12, Brown co, TX; married 1st, Mary Ann SCHNITZ; married 2nd, ca 1962, Patricia Henrietta WHITLEY.

1w. Bruce Montgomery SALYER, born 1959 Feb 24, Guadalupe co, TX; married 1987 Sep 18, Jefferson co, TX, Teresa FRASHER (born ca 1965).

1x. Reese Montgomery SALYER, born 1991 Mar 14, Jefferson co, TX.

2x. Ashley Marie SALYER, born 1987 May 27, Jefferson co, TX.

3x. Chassis Elizabeth SALYER, born 1988 Jul 18, Jeffesron co, TX.

2w. Bradford Lancaster SALYER, born 1960 Nov 10, Harris co, TX; married 1999 Aug 28, Jefferson co, TX, Jennifer L. GARRETT (born ca 1974).

3w. Pamela Denise SALYER, born 1963 Mar 14, Harris co, TX.

2v. Patsy Joyce SALYER, born 1932 Nov 24, Brown co, TX.

3v. Linda Gayle SALYER, born 1944 Jan 19, Brown co, TX.

6t. Palistine CAPPS, born 1891, TX, fl. 1930, Dublin, TX; married ca 1917, Luther McDANIEL (born 1893 May 16, TX, died 1968 Jan, Brookston, TX).

7t. Leona Belle CAPPS, born 1893 Feb 13, TX, died 1980 Feb, Irving, TX; married 1st, _______ PIRKLE; married 2nd, ca 1911, Henry SPROULS (born 1860, TX).

1u. Thelma Louise PIRKLE, born 1913 Feb 2, TX, died 1994 Mar 2, Irving, TX; married Cecil Wright McCUAN (born 1908 Sep 2, died 1968 Dec, Lipan, TX).

1v. Jane Ann McCUAN, born 1934 May 30, Erath co, TX; married Arthur Dewayne COOPER.

1w. Vernon Kyle COOPER, born 1964 Sep 4, Dallas co, TX; married 1995 Mar 25, Tarrant co, TX, Carol Catherine COKER (born ca 1965).

1x. Kylie Catherine COOPER, born 1996 Jan 8, Tarrant co, TX.

2w. Kelly Ann COOPER, born 1961 Aug 16, Dallas co, TX; married 1985 Jul 26, Cooke co, TX, Georger W. PAYNE (born ca 1952).

3w. Shelley Sue COOPER, born 1963 Apr 26, Dallas co, TX; married Charles William COX.

2x. Kristin Shelby COX, born 1990 May 7, Tarrant co, TX.

2v. Darlavine McCUAN, born 1939 Mar 14, Erath co, TX; married 1970 Mar 21, Dallas co, TX, Evan J. RITTER (born ca 1937).

8t. Florence CAPPS, born 1898 Mar, TX.

9t. Tommie CAPPS, born 1899/1900, TX.

3s. Josiah CAPPS, born 1849 Mar, KY, died 1900/10, TX; married 1st, ca 1879, _______; married 2nd, ca 1890, Nancy _______ (born 1852 Jun, GA).

1t. James O. CAPPS, born 1881 Nov, TX.

2t. Etta CAPPS, born 1885 Jul, TX.

4s. Missouri CAPPS, born 1846/47, KY.

5s. Catharine CAPPS, born 1852/53, MO.

6s. Martha CAPPS, born 1855/56, MO.

5r. Margaret Frances DICKERSON, born 1826/27, KY, fl. 1880, Boggess, KY; married Hardin co, KY, Achilles M. CAPPS (born 1821 Feb, KY, fl. 1900, Boggess, KY).

1s. Alanson M. CAPPS, born 1844 Apr, KY, fl. 1930, Kansas City, MO; married 1st, Laura _______ (born 1845/46, KY); married 2nd, ca 1882, Mary E. _______ (born 1850 Jan, TN, died 1900/10, Muhlenberg co, KY).

1t. Eugene CAPPS, born 1871/72, KY.

2t. Thomas J. CAPPS, born 1875 Jun, KY, fl. 1930, Austin, TX; married ca 1894, Katie Lee _______ (born 1875 Mar, KY).

1u. Archie CAPPS, born 1895 Jul, KY.

2u. Clyde D. CAPPS, born 1898 Nov, KY.

3u. Laura G. CAPPS, born 1902, KY.

3t. James M. CAPPS, born 1887 May, KY, fl. 1930, Kansas City, MO; married ca 1909, Bessie _______ (born 1885/86, MO).

1u. John M. CAPPS, born 1909, MO.

2u. Leonard CAPPS, born 1915 Oct 11, MO, died 1986 Feb, Leavenworth, KS.

3u. Minnie M. CAPPS, born 1911, MO.

4u. Ruth A. CAPPS, born 1919, MO.

5u. Mary E. CAPPS, born 1921/22, MO.

6u. Marjorie G. CAPPS, born 1923/24, MO.

4t. Martha Emma CAPPS, born 1864/65, KY.

(2)5-7t. Three other children.

(2)8-9t. Two children died by 1900.

2s. Achilles CAPPS, born 1848/49, KY.

3s. Milton H. CAPPS, born 1855/56, KY; married 1877 Dec 20, Muhlenberg co, KY, Tempe BROWN (born 1855/56, KY).

1t. Maud CAPPS, born 1879, KY, died 1948 Oct 31, Muhlenberg co, KY; married 1897 Apr 14, Muhlenberg co, KY, Bradford NOFFSINGER (born 1870/71, KY, died 1951 May 7, Muhlenberg co, KY).

1u. Elvis M. NOFFSINGER, born 1900/01, KY, died 1919 Aug 15, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2u. Eclas K. NOFFSINGER, born 1909 Feb 20, KY, died 1991 Nov 9, Paducah co, KY.

3u. Eunice NOFFSINGER, born 1905/06, KY, died 1929 Jan 6, Muhlenberg co, KY, unm.

4u. Flossie NOFFSINGER, born 1917 Feb 11, Muhlenberg co, KY.

5-6u. Two children, died by 1910.

4s. Elijah/Elias J. CAPPS, born 1866 Nov, KY; married 1893 May 23, Muhlenberg co, KY, Ettalena SPURLIN (born 1880 Oct, KY).

1t. Gano CAPPS, born 1899 May, KY, died by 1910.

2t. Beckham CAPPS, born 1903/04, KY; married ca 1926, Minnie AUSTIN (born 1910/11, KY).

1u. William R. CAPPS, born 1928 Sep 8, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2u. Kenneth E. CAPPS, born 1933 Feb 16, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3u. Jewell A. CAPPS, born 1930 Jul 21, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3t. Rosa CAPPS, born 1897 Feb, KY.

4t. Linnie CAPPS, born 1900/01, KY; married 1st, ca 1922, _______ RISLEY; married 2nd, ca 1929, Floyd JARVIS (born 1894/95, KY).

1u. William F. JARVIS, born 1935 Mar 17, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2u. Anna L. RISLEY, born 1924 Oct 5, Muhlenberg co, KY; married _______ HOEWISCHER.

1v. Phillip W. HOEWISCHER, born 1942 Feb 28, Daviess co, KY.

2v. Rose M. HOEWISCHER, born 1943 Jun 3, Daviess co, KY.

3v. Carol A. HOEWISCHER, born 1946 Jul 21, Daviess co, KY.

4v. Linda J. HOEWISCHER, born 1947 Jul 21, Daviess co, KY.

5v. Wanda F. HOEWISCHER, born 1950 Aug 7, Christian co, KY.

3u. Jonell JARVIS, born 1932 Nov 28, Muhlenberg co, KY.

5s. America CAPPS, born 1845/46, KY; married _______ HANES (died by 1920).

6s. Florentine CAPPS, born 1847/48, KY; married 1871 Jul 23, Muhlenberg co, KY, John H. WILLIAMS (born 1843/44, KY).

1t. James A. WILLIAMS, born 1872/73, KY.

2t. Milton L. WILLIAMS, born 1875/76, KY.

3t. John H. WILLIAMS, born 1877/78, KY.

4t. Mary E. WILLIAMS, born 1874/75, KY.

7s. Catharine CAPPS, born 1851/52, KY.

8s. Anzonetta A. CAPPS, born 1852 Jul, KY, died 1920/30, Muhlenberg co, KY; married 1870 Jun 28, Mulhenberg co, KY, Rev. Samuel BROWN (born 1842 Dec, KY).

1t. Alonzo W. BROWN, born 1872/73, KY; married ca 1901, Florence E. _______ (born 1880/81, OH).

1u. Karl A. BROWN, born 1908 Feb 18, OH, died 1983 Mar, Oberlin, OH.

2u. G. Leigh BROWN, born 1913/14, OH.

3u. Helen Phyllis BROWN, born 1905/06, OH.

4u. Elyria G. BROWN, born 1912/13, OH.

2t. Ercles/Okley BROWN, born 1876/77, KY; married ca 1913, Cleo _______ (born 1892/93, KY).

3t. Charles BROWN, born 1887 Jul, KY; married ca 1911, Bernice _______ (born 1889/90, KY).

1u. Earl M. BROWN, born 1922/23, KY.

2u. Bernadine BROWN, born 1911/12, KY.

3u. Marjorie BROWN, born 1913/14, KY.

4u. Charlie A. BROWN, born 1920/21, KY.

4t. Lulu BROWN, born 1872/73, KY.

5t. Fannie BROWN, born 1874/75, KY.

6t. Ida BROWN, born 1880 Sep, KY, died 1912/20, Muhlenberg co, KY; married ca 1907, Lucian TYSON (born 1877/78, KY).

1u. Estill TYSON, born 1912/13, KY.

7t. Blanche BROWN, born 1882 Oct, KY.

8t. Elizabeth BROWN, born 1889 Aug, KY; married ca 1913, Jesse L. PATTERSON (born 1889/90, KY).

1u. Samuel H. PATTERSON, born 1919/20, KY.

2u. Anizo N. PATTERSON, born 1931 Jun 28, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3u. Luther PATTERSON, born 1934 Apr 23, Muhlenberg co, KY.

4u. Jessie M. PATTERSON, born 1914 Dec 26, Muhlenberg co, KY.

5u. Ethel M. PATTERSON, born 1917 Sep 6, Muhlenberg co, KY.

6u. Janette C. PATTERSON, born 1924 Feb 18, Muhlenberg co, KY.

7u. Betty G. PATTERSON, born 1926/27, KY.

9s. Belle Z. CAPPS, born 1857 May, KY; married 1873 Dec 23, Muhlenberg co, KY, Joseph A. EVITTS (born 1854 Oct, IL).

1t. Andrew EVITTS, born 1878/79, KY.

2t. Eulas EVITTS, born 1880 Jul 25, KY; married Ada M. EADES (born 1887/88, KY).

1u. James E. EVITTS, born 1916, KY.

2u. Laura L. EVITTS, born 1906, KY.

3u. Irene B. EVITTS, born 1908 Aug 6, KY, died 1985 Aug, Central City, KY; married ca 1925, Harvie G. STEELE (born 1905/06, KY).

1v. Carl T. STEELE, born 1925 Nov 4, Muhlenberg co, KY, died 1971 Aug.

2v. J. W. STEELE, born 1929 Dec 14, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3v. William E. STEELE, born 1932 May 25, Muhlenberg co, KY.

4v. Harvie STEELE, born 1934 May 18, Muhlenberg co, KY.

5v. Billy J. STEELE, born 1936 Apr 19, Muhlenberg co, KY.

6v. Thurman H. STEELE, born 1938 Aug 23, Muhlenberg co, KY.

7v. Carol Lu STEELE, born 1927 Sep 30, Muhlenberg co, KY.

8v. Brenda G. STEELE, born 1946 Aug 7, Muhlenberg co, KY; married _______ PIPER.

1w. Matthew Thomas PIPER, born 1977 Jul 20, Christian co, KY.

2w. Christi Gean PIPER, born 1968 Dec 24, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3w. Amanda Gail PIPER, born 1980 Mar 17, Daviess co, KY.

[1x. Austin Nathaniel PIPER, born 1999 Mar 31, Muhlenberg co, KY].

4u. Pearl E. EVITTS, born 1910, KY; married _______ BETHELL.

1v. Roosevelt BETHELL, born 1932 Jun 5, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2v. Roosevelt BETHELL, born 1933 Feb 5, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3v. Roosevelt BETHELL, born 1934 Jun 30, Muhlenberg co, KY.

5u. Ulis A. EVITTS, born 1913, KY.

3t. Samson EVITTS, born 1882 Oct, KY.

4t. Henry EVITTS, born 1884 Apr, KY; married ca 1913, Lillie _______ (born 1897/98, KY, died 1920/30, Muhlenberg co, KY).

1u. Pauline EVITTS, born 1913, KY; married 1st, _______ DOSS; married 2nd, _______ MYERS.

1v. Bruce L. DOSS, born 1948 May 21, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2v. Jerry P. MYERS, born 1953 Feb 12, Muhlenberg co, KY; married 1st, 1974 Aug 31, Jefferson co, KY (div), Betty A. McCELLON (born 1957/58); married 2nd, 1983 Mar 19, Jefferson co, KY, Vickie S. PICKLE (born 1951/52).

3v. Diana R. DOSS, born 1944 May 6, Muhlenberg co, KY.

4v. Mary S. MYERS, born 1950 Apr 18, Muhlenberg co, KY.

5t. Eli EVITTS, born 1888 Mar 10, KY, died 1970 Jul, Dawson Springs, KY; married ca 1910, Alma _______ (born 1891, KY).

1u. Lyndal EVITTS, born 1916, KY.

2u. Eugene EVITTS, born 1928/29, KY.

3u. Hazel V. EVITTS, born 1908, KY; married ca 1925, Clarence W. DAVIS (born 1905/06, KY).

1v. Clarence E. DAVIS, born 1929 Aug 22, Hopkins co, KY, died 1999 Sep 22, Lincoln Park, MI.

2v. Raymond E. DAVIS, born 1935 Jul 15, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3v. Maimie D. DAVIS, born 1925 Sep 30, Hopkins co, KY.

4u. Madeline EVITTS, born 1911, KY.

5u. Nellie B. EVITTS, born 1914, KY; married _______ DIVINE.

1v. Joe R. DIVINE, born 1936 Dec 5, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2v. Joyce A. DIVINE, born 1932 Aug 17, Muhlenberg co, KY.

6u. Gladys M. EVITTS, born 1919 Oct 1, KY, died 1999 Aug 5, Central City, KY; married 1st, _______ GRAY; married 2nd, _______ NOFFSINGER.

1v. Bobby J. GRAY, born 1933 Oct 22, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2v. Jerry L. NOFFSINGER, born 1936 Jul 22, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3v. Roy W. NOFFSINGER, born 1940 Oct 28, Muhlenberg co, KY.

4v. Donald R. NOFFSINGER, born 1942 Dec 20, Muhlenberg co, KY; married 1st, 1973 Dec 15, Muhlenberg co, KY (div), Shirley F. GRIMM (born 1946); and again, 1990 Dec 1, Muhlenberg co, KY.

5v. Bettie G. GRAY, born 1931 May 30, Muhlenberg co, KY.

6v. Bittie J. NOFFSINGER, born 1938 Aug 7, Muhlenberg co, KY.

7v. Carroll A. NOFFSINGER, born 1945 Feb 17, Muhlenberg co, KY.

8v. Glenda S. NOFFSINGER, born 1947 Feb 26, Muhlenberg co, KY.

7u. Thelma EVITTS, born 1922 Jan 21, KY, died 1985 Nov, Central City, KY; married _______ MOORE.

1v. James R. MOORE, born 1957 Feb 6, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2v. Romona A. MOORE, born 1947 Jan 2, Muhlenberg co, KY.

3v. Karen S. MOORE, born 1949 Jan 19, Muhlenberg co, KY; married _______ LOVELL.

1w. Tracy Allen LOVELL, born 1978 May 12, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2w. Kimberly Sue LOVELL, born 1966 Aug 31, Muhlenberg co, KY; married 1993 Oct 16, Muhlenberg co, KY, Robert R. DRAKE.

1x. Kara Elizabeth DRAKE, born 1994 Oct 24, Daviess co, KY.

8u. Ellanese EVITTS, born 1925, KY.

6t. Jack EVITTS, born 1895 Mar 26, KY, died 1981 Jun, Ogden, UT.

7t. Mary E. EVITTS, born 1875/76, KY.

8t. Lou A. EVITTS, born 1876/77, KY; married 1894 Aug 15, Muhlenberg co, KY, P. J. MASSEY.

9t. Otha EVITTS, born 1890 Sep, KY; married ca 1912, _______ CORNETTE (died by 1920).

1u. Shelby J. CORNETTE, born 1913 Nov 2, KY, died 2002 Jan 12, Ogden, UT.

10t. Bertha EVITTS, born 1896 May, KY; married _______ ZLOTKOWSKI.

1u. Margaret J. ZLOTKOWSKI, born 1924 Nov 22, Jefferson co, KY.

10s. Mary M. CAPPS, born 1860 May, KY; married 1877 Aug 26, Muhlenberg co, KY, Wilson G. ANDERSON (born 1855 Oct, KY).

1t. Willie ANDERSON, born 1889 Apr, KY.

2t. Drusilla ANDERSON, born 1878 Jun, KY.

3t. Effie P. ANDERSON, born 1879 Nov, KY, died by 1900.

4t. Pearl ANDERSON, born 1880 Oct, KY.

5t. Myrtle ANDERSON, born 1891 Jul, KY.

6t. Hazel ANDERSON, born 1892 Oct, KY.

7t. Ruth ANDERSON, born 1893 Nov, KY.

8t. Child, died by 1900.

3q. Mary McGEORGE.

4q. Rhoda McGEORGE; married 1826 Feb 9, Bedford co, VA, Creed MEADOR.

5q. Agnes McGEORGE, born 1810 Mar 22, VA; married 1830 Oct 25, Bedford co, VA, Joel MEADOR (died by 1850).

1r. William Henry MEADOR, born 1833/34, MO.

2r. Thomas W. MEADOR, born 1835/36, MO.

3r. Maria Frances MEADOR, born 1827/28, VA; married 1853 Aug 18, Morgan co, MO, Daniel ROSS (born 1821, Logan co, KY).

1s. William Francis ROSS, born 1869, Morgan co, MO.

2s. Agnes Ora ROSS, born 1859, Morgan co, MO.

4r. Sarah MEADOR.

5r. Harriet Powell MEADOR, born 1838/39, MO; married Moses Nimrod SEVIER.

6r. Mary Josephine MEADOR, born 1840/41, MO.

9p. Rhoda PATE, born ca 1781; married 1799 Dec 23, William SHREWSBURY (born ca 1779).

1q. John SHREWSBURY, born 1801, VA, died unm.

2q. Rhoda SHREWSBURY, born 1802 Oct 26, VA, died 1859 Aug 1; married 1823 Feb 10, VA, William SHREWSBURY (born 1794 Jun 23, VA, died 1882 Oct 3, Warren co, KY).

1r. James Thompson SHREWSBURY, born 1826 Jan 20, VA, fl 1900, Fostoria, MS; married 1849 May 7, Warren co, KY, Ann E. MITCHELL (born 1828/29, KY).

1s. James Thompson SHREWSBURY, born 1862 Oct, KY, fl. 1920, Frankfort, KY.

2s. Houston SHREWSBURY, born 1866/67, KY.

3s. Mollie SHREWSBURY.

4s. Fannie SHREWSBURY, born 1860/61, KY.

5s. Mattie SHREWSBURY, born 1864 Jan, KY; married ca 1888, William R. HAYNES (born 1860 May, TN).

1t. Harry S. HAYNES, born 1889 May, MS.

2t. Eunice HAYNES, born 1892 Apr, MS.

3t. Elun HAYNES, born 1894 Feb, MS.

4-5t. Two children, died by 1900.

2r. William SHREWSBURY, born 1842 Oct 10, VA, died 1843.

3r. William Dickerson SHREWSBURY, born 1847 Apr 23, Warren co, KY, died 1921 Dec 8, South Carrollton, KY; married 1878 Sep 12, Mahala A. WILHITE (born 1859 Jun 6, Daviess co, KY, died 1901 Dec 28).

1s. Ernest White SHREWSBURY, born 1879 Jul 12, Bowling Green, KY, died 1941, Vero Beach, FL; married 1st, 1903, Myrtle Fannie Rosie MILLER (born 1888 Sep 9, Dawson Springs, KY, died 1968 Sep 10, Jacksonville, FL); married 2nd, Sallie EDWARDS (sp).

1t. Houston SHREWSBURY, born 1905, KY, died 1906.

2t. William Hershel SHREWSBURY, born 1906 Jul 11, Central City, KY, died 1955 Nov 20, Jacksonville, FL; married 1931, Jackson co, FL, Edith FRANKLIN.

3t. Lyndal Thomas Wilhoite SHREWSBURY; married Mabel Helen SCHEEL.

1u. Lyndal Thomas SHREWSBURY, Jr; married 1976 Nov 14, Duval co, FL, Sharlene Gail PEAVY.


2v. Sheryl SHREWSBURY.

3v. Sabrina SHREWSBURY.

2u. Julie Ann SHREWSBURY; married 1983 Feb 12, Duval co, FL, Frank Forshee COOK.

1v. Skylar Christian COOK.

3u. Toni Lynn SHREWSBURY; married 1967 Dec, Duval co, FL, Dwight Royal WHITFIELD.

1v. Justin Royal WHITFIELD.

2v. Brandee Nicole WHITFIELD.

4u. Laura Jan SHREWSBURY; married 1986 Apr 12, Jackson co, FL, Gary Dickens SMITH.

1v. Emily Analynn SMITH.

4t. _______ (son) SHREWSBURY.

5t. Homer SHREWSBURY; married Katie DANKS.

1u. Harold SHREWSBURY.

2u. Barbara SHREWSBURY.

6t. Geneva SHREWSBURY, born 1904 Jan 9, South Carrollton, KY, died 1906.

7t. Thelma Rea SHREWSBURY, born 1908 Apr 8, KY, died 1992 Jun; married 1st, Timothy HUMPHREYS; married 2nd, 1953, Duval co, FL, Ernest EDENFIELD (born 1904 Jun 23, died 1967 May, Penama City, FL).

8t. Mildred Elizabeth SHREWSBURY, born 1911 Feb 28, KY, died 1997 Oct 4, Gainesville, FL; married John Edgar MASTERS.

9t. Ernestine Eileen SHREWSBURY, born 1913 Jul 21, Central City, KY, died 1934 Dec 18, Jacksonville, FL; married Joseph THOMAS.

1u. Elizabeth MASTERS.

10t. Laura Louise SHREWSBURY, born 1919 Jul 7, KY, died 2004 Feb 10, Leon co, FL; married 1944, Duval co, FL, Ralph J. WALDO.

2s. James Homer SHREWSBURY, born 1885 Jul 26, South Carrollton, KY, died 1953 Aug 27, Mesa, AZ; married 1st, 1911 Aug 5, Thatcher, AZ, Mary Stella PLATT (born 1888 Aug 28, St. Johns, AZ, died 1920 Aug 26, Pima, AZ); married 2nd, 1922 Dec 29, Pima, AZ, Alice Belle PRILL (born 1893 Apr 27, Sparta, WI, died 1954 Oct 7, Los Angeles, CA).

(1)1t. Kathleen SHREWSBURY, born 1915 Dec 15, Pima, AZ, died there, 1916 Dec 28.

(2)2t. Mae Belle SHREWSBURY, born 1923/24, CA; married Samuel Claude DE WEESE (born 1902 May 22, died 1990 Jul 17).

1u. Dana Wayne DE WEESE; married Loreene CHASE.

1v. Josh David DE WEESE.

2v. Stacie Elizabeth DE WEESE.

2u. Rex Stacy Shrewsbury DE WEESE; married Pamela RICHARDSON.

(2)3t. Alice Prill SHREWSBURY, born 1927, CA; married Evan Ray JULIAN.

1u. Richard Leroy JULIAN; married Lorraine _______.

2u. Thomas Brian JULIAN; married Candice CLARK.

1v. Alyssa Clark JULIAN.

3u. James Hunter JULIAN.

4u. Susan Jane JULIAN; married Dewayne NORTON.

1v. Charles Dewayne NORTON.

2v. Casandra Ann NORTON.

3s. William Dickerson SHREWSBURY, Jr., born 1887 Aug 24, died 1954 Oct 7; married ca 1915, Katherine DANKS (born 1897 Jul 15, KY, died 1974 Apr).

1t. Harold S. SHREWSBURY, born 1917 Jun 29, KY, died 1977 Mar.

2t. Barbara Nelle SHREWSBURY, born 1920 Jun 14, KY, died 1986 Oct, Central City, KY; married _______ CRAIG.

1u. Robert W. CRAIG, born 1950 May 21, Muhlenberg co, KY.

2u. Mary A. CRAIG, born 1947 Oct 7, Muhlenberg co, KY; married 1978 Feb 4, Jefferson co, KY, as 2nd wife, William R. WILSON (born 1941/42).

4s. Harry M. SHREWSBURY, born 1890 Jan 12, died 1903 Jan 15.

5s. Charles Van Meter SHREWSBURY, born 1893 Nov 24, died 1950; married Annabelle ROLE (born 1889, died 1964).

1t. Joe SHREWSBURY, born 1925, died 1985.

2t. Wilson SHREWSBURY.

3t. Clifton SHREWSBURY.




7t. Virginia SHREWSBURY, born 1920, died ca 1953.

8t. Marilyn SHREWSBURY.

6s. Mary SHREWSBURY, born 1880 Dec 23, died 1881 Sep 2.

7s. Fannie SHREWSBURY, born 1882 Aug 2, died 1897 Feb 21.

8s. Beulah SHREWSBURY, born 1891 Nov 19, KY, died 1964 Jul 23; married 1919 Oct 2, Ervin William VINCENT (born 1895 Sep 4, KY, died 1965 Jul 3).

1t. Dorothy Louise VINCENT, born 1920/21, KY; married Elbert Lee THOMASON (born 1919 Dec 23, died 1991 Sep 25, Newburgh, IN).

1u. William Thomas THOMASON, born 1943 Feb 3, Muhlenberg co, KY; married Judy Francis WARNER.

2u. Ronnie Ray THOMASON, born 1945 Dec 4, Muhlenburg co, KY; married Donna Fay SNODGRASS.

3u. Gordon Wayne THOMASON, born 1950 Oct 5, Muhlenberg co, KY.

4u. Lewis Don THOMASON, born 1951 Dec 12, Muhlenberg co, KY; married Pam RABY.

5u. Nancy Lee THOMASON, born 1941 Sep 12, Muhlenberg co, KY; married Windell Wayne WEST.

6u. Patricia Dean THOMASON; married Larry Dee HOLT.

7u. Barbara Mae THOMASON, born 1949 Mar 15, Muhlenberg co, KY; married Stephen P. DEMPSEY.

8u. Mickie Lynn THOMASON.

3t. Frances Mae VINCENT, born 1922 Jan 11, KY, died 2000 Oct 1, New Harmony, IN; married Lawrence Lennon BETHEL (died 1954 Dec 17).

1u. John Franklin BETHEL; married Sherry Kay PEKA.

2u. Rickie Grant BETHEL; married Jamie Ann BERRY.

3u. Lawrence Lennan BETHEL; married 1st, Phillis Ann LANDA; married 2nd, Linda Wannita CRAIG.

4u. Charolett Kay BETHEL; married Roy Gene PASCHALL.

3t. Willodean VINCENT, born 1924 Jan 28, KY, died 1986 Mar 24, Owensboro, KY; married 1st, Jacob Lilburn RHOADES; married 2nd, William Earl DAVIS.

4r. Mary Elizabeth SHRERWSBURY, born 1828 Feb 5, VA, died 1893 Jun 4, sp; married 1844 Dec 20, Warren co, KY, William Shrewsbury VAN METER.

5r. Martha Usher SHREWSBURY, born 1834 Mar 18, VA, died 1898, sp; married Granville HALL.

6r. Juliet Craik SHREWSBURY, born 1836 Jul 4, VA, died 1895 Jun 22, Logan co, KY; married Napoleon B. ASHBY (born 1826 Oct, KY).

1s. William S. ASHBY, born 1859/60, KY.

2s. Henry C. ASHBY, born 1864 Mar, KY; married ca 1898, Minnie _______ (born 1875 Jan, TX).

3s. Benjamin M. ASHBY, born 1869/70, KY.

4s. Linda ASHBY, born 1861/62, KY; married H. A. VAUGHAN.

1t. Charles A. VAUGHAN, born 1884 Sep, KY.

5s. Mary E. ASHBY, born 1865/66, KY, fl. 1930, Russellville, KY, unm.

6s. Emily E. ASHBY, born 1867/68, KY, fl. 1930, Russellville, KY, unm.

7r. Rhoda Pate SHREWSBURY, born 1840 Mar 28, KY, died 1868, sp; married Carroll L. McCOWN (born 1842/43, KY).

8r. Ellen Woodburn SHREWSBURY, born 1844 Feb 21, KY, died 1927 Apr 2, South Carrollton, KY; married 1866, John Lamb TAYLOR (born 1838 Jul 28, Muhlenberg co, KY, died 1916 Dec 4, South Carrollton, KY).

1s. Charles William TAYLOR, born 1872 Dec 6, died 1899 Dec 31, unm.

2s. James Shrewsbury TAYLOR, born 1877 Sep 10, Muhlenberg co, KY, died 1958; married ca 1899, Mabel C. _______ (born 1879/80, KY).

1t. Dudley K. TAYLOR, born 1900 Mar, KY; married ca 1922, Cordelia ROWE (born 1904/05, KY).

1u. James D. TAYLOR, born 1921/22, KY.

2u. Minnie TAYLOR, born 1924/25, TN.

3u. Beulah M. TAYLOR, born 1930, TN.

2t. Charles W. TAYLOR, born 1907/08, KY.

3t. Child, died by 1910.

3s. Maud TAYLOR, born 1867 Jul 17, Muhlenberg co, KY, died there, 1894 Jul 12; married William J. DAVIS.

4s. Rhoda TAYLOR, born 1870 Jun 12, South Carrollton, KY, died 1962 Feb 26, West Palm Beach, FL; married 1886, William Jackson WOLFE (born 1870 Sep, South Carrollton, KY, died 1962, West Palm Beach, FL).

1t. John WOLFE, born 1890 Jun, KY.

2t. Mary Ellen/Penny WOLFE, born 1891 Mar 29, South Carrollton, KY, died 1960 Apr 15, West Palm Beach, FL; married 1922 Jun 24, Louisville, KY, John Milton SHOEMAKER (born 1884 Mar 9, Borden, IN, died 1978 Aug, Louisville, KY).

1u. Mary SHOEMAKER; married _______ KLEINSTEUBER.

1v. Walter K. KLEINSTEUBER, born 1956 Mar 1, Fayette co, KY; married _______ BUNNY.

1w. _______ (son) KLEINSTEUBER.

2v. John P. KLEINSTEUBER, born 1960 Jan 30, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ DEUTSCH.

3v. Magdalene L. KLEINSTEUBER, born 1950 Oct 11, Fayette co, KY; married _______ RUSSO.

1w. _______ (son) RUSSO.

2w. Maggie RUSSO.

4v. Ellen K. KLEINSTEUBER, born 1951 May 11, Jefferson co, KY; married Michael FOX.

1-2w. One son, one daughter.

3t. Mary Elizabeth WOLFE, born 1898 Aug, IN.

5s. Jennie TAYLOR, born 1880 Feb 6, Muhlenberg co, KY, died 1962 Oct 23; married Benjamin WOLFE.

1t. _______ (dau) WOLFE.

6s. Mattie TAYLOR, born 1883 May 28, Muhlenberg co, KY, died there, 1973 Sep 14; married 1901 Dec 11, Samuel Palace JARVIS (born 1879/80, KY, died 1968 Oct 21, Muhlenberg co, KY).

1t. Samuel Taylor JARVIS, born 1915 Mar 23, Muhlenberg co, KY, died there, 1993 Aug 8.

2t. Mary Ellen JARVIS, born 1904, KY.

3t. Mabel Lucille JARVIS, born 1906, KY, died 1994 Feb 13, Muhlenberg co, KY, unm.

10p. Nancy PATE, born 1790, died 1839; married 1808 Jan 28, Bedford co, VA, as 1st wife, Millner HAYNES (born 1781, Bedford co, VA, died 1856 Nov 18, Brandenburg, KY).

1q. Henry HAYNES, born 1811 Oct 14, Bedford co, VA, died 1875 Mar 1, KY; married 1836 Jun 4, Jane STITH (born 1815 Mar 9, Big Spring, KY).

1r. John Millner HAYNES, born 1839/40, KY; married 1st, Mary Frances Virginia SMITH (born 1840/41, KY); married 2nd, Frances RUTHERFORD.

1s. Henry B. HAYNES, born 1863 May, KY.

2s. Florence B. HAYNES, born 1861/62, KY.

3s. Mattie J. HAYNES, born 1862/63, KY.

4s. Mary C. HAYNES, born 1865/66, KY.

2r. Henry Dixon HAYNES, born 1851/52, KY; married 1st, Susan LAYMAN; married 2nd, Margaret SCHAEFER.

3r. Nancy Susan HAYNES, born 1840 Jun, KY, fl. 1930, Brownville, NE; married ca 1858, Felix G. VANMETER (born 1836 May, KY, died 1910/20, OK).

1s. Henry B. VANMETER, born 1862 Mar, KY, died sp; married ca 1891, Martha E. _______ (born 1870 Mar, NE).

2s. David S. VANMETER, born 1863/64, KY, fl. 1930, Brownville, NE; married ca 1888, Joanna _______ (born 1865, NE).

1t. Wright W. VANMETER, born 1894, NE.

2t. Leonard F. VANMETER, born 1902, NE, fl. 1930, Brownville, NE; married ca 1926, as 2nd husband, Elsie A. _______ (born 1898/99, NE).

3t. Donald C. VANMETER, born 1907, MO, fl. 1930, Kansas City, KS; married ca 1927, Edna _______ (born 1907/08, NE).

4t. Gertie E. VANMETER, born 1891/92, NE.

5t. Mary E. VANMETER, born 1901/02, NE.

3s. Richard VANMETER, born 1869 Nov, KY, fl. 1930, Tulsa, OK; married ca 1894, Mahala A. _______ (born 1870 Oct, NE).

1t. Guy VANMETER, born 1898 Oct, NE, died by 1910.

2t. Henry D. VANMETER, born 1905/06, NE.

3t. Nina/Nanna B. VANMETER, born 1896 Oct, NE.

4t. Iva J. VANMETER, born 1903/04, NE.

5t. Helena Vesta VANMETER, born 1909, MO; married ca 1927, Edwin B. HENSON (born 1906/07, CO).

4s. Jennie VANMETER, born 1857/58, KY.

5s. Lucy VANMETER, born 1876/77, KY.

6s. Rebecca F. VANMETER, born 1879 Sep, KY.

7s. Lena Elizabeth VANMETER, born 1882 Feb, NE; married ca 1892, as 2nd wife, David JONES (born 1875 Aug, NE).

1t. Olen JONES, born 1902, NE.

2t. Howard JONES, born 1905, NE.

3t. Ben F. JONES, born 1916, NE.

4t. Mildred JONES, born 1907, NE.

5t. Mable JONES, born 1909, NE.

6t. Jessie M. JONES, born 1914, NE.

8-11s. Four children, died by 1900.

4r. Mary Jane Franklin HAYNES, born 1841 Dec 22, KY, died 1865 Jan 16; married William Boyd WITHERS (born 1840/41, KY).

1s. Annie Lee WITHERS, born 1863 Sep 9, KY, died 1949 Aug 18; married ca 1885, George W. PERRY (born 1862 Jan, IN, died 1900/10, Meade co, KY).

1t. T. F. PERRY, born ca 1887, died 1887 Sep 1, Meade co, KY.

2t. Wayne PERRY, born 1888 Jul, KY.

3t. Dr. Earl W. PERRY, born 1892 Jun 20, KY, died 1979 May, Louisville, KY; married ca 1916, Pearl E. WRIGHT (born 1896/97, KY).

1u. Earl W. PERRY, born 1916/17, KY.

2u. Eugenia PERRY, born 1919/20, KY; married _______ BURKE.

1v. Larry K. BURKE, born 1940 Jun 12, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. William E. BURKE, born 1944 Aug 9, Jefferson co, KY.

3u. Wanda L. PERRY, born 1922 Dec 19, Meade co, KY.

4t. Haynes Ralph PERRY, born 1894 Oct 20, Meade co, KY, died 1965 Feb 1, Muldraugh, KY; married 1916 Feb 7, Nora WATTS (born 1894, KY).

1u. Haynes Ralph PERRY, Jr., born 1918 Dec 18, Meade co, KY, died 1995 May 15, Radcliff, KY; married _______ JONES.

2u. George W. PERRY, born 1920 Dec 24, KY, died 1975 Jul, Louisville, KY.

3u. Paul D. PERRY, born 1925 Mar 22, KY, died 1993 Jun 20, Louisville, KY.

4u. Lee R. PERRY, born 1927, KY.

5u. Nora Lavinia PERRY, born 1917 Jan 17, Meade co, KY; married _______ SHUMATE.

6u. Evelyn PERRY, born 1923 Mar 22, Meade co, KY.

7u. Doris M. PERRY, born 1931 Jul 31, Meade co, KY, died 1996 Jul 18, Louisville, KY; married _______ WRIGHT.

1v. David B. WRIGHT, born 1951 Jun 7, Meade co, KY.

2v. Richard L. WRIGHT, born 1955 Dec 28, Meade co, KY; married 1978 May 22, Jefferson co, KY, Valda C. TAYLOR (born 1957/58).

5t. George W. PERRY, born 1903 Feb 20, KY; married ca 1925, Sue WHITEHURST (born 1907/08, KY).

1u. George W. PERRY, Jr., born 1926, KY.

2u. Dennis L. PERRY, born 1929 May 26, Meade co, KY, died 1975 Apr.

6t. Lela Katherine PERRY, born 1890 Mar 26, Bartles, KY, died 1976 Oct 27, Brandenburg, KY; married 1907 Sep 19, Jeffersonville, IN, William Stanton WATTS.

1u. John Browder WATTS, born 1908 Aug 1, died 1974 Feb, Muldraugh, KY.

2u. William Earl WATTS, born 1913 Oct 13, Muldraugh, KY, died 1985 Jan 3, Louisville, KY; married Lena Oneida BURNETT (born 1917 Nov 15, died 1989 Aug 9, Muldraugh, KY).

1v. Barbara L. WATTS, born 1934 Dec 12, Meade co, KY; married _______ CARROLL.

1w. Charles Stanton CARROLL, born 1967 Dec 1, Jefferson co, KY; married 1998 Sep 4, Meade co, KY, Kelly A. HANNA (born 1968/69).

2w. Carol A. CARROLL, born 1957 Feb 18, Jefferson co, KY; married 1977 May 7, Meade co, KY, John K. CHRISTIAN (born 1945/46).

1-3x. Two sons, one daughter.

3w. Victoria L. CARROLL, born 1959 Jul 11, Jefferson co, KY; married 1987 Nov 6, Hardin co, KY, Kenneth M. ESSEX (born 1960/61).

1x. Ian Martin ESSEX, born 1988 Jan 22, Hardin co, KY.

2x. Glen Dylan ESSEX, born 1989 Mar 14, Jefferson co, KY.

3x. Anna Lee ESSEX, born 1990 Jul 23, Jeffesron co, KY.

2v. Oneida E. WATTS, born 1940 Aug 27, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ SIBLEY.

1w. _______ (son) SIBLEY.

2w. _______ (son) SIBLEY; married _______ BOYS.

3w. _______ (dau) SIBLEY; married _______ ZUBLER.

3u. James Ralph WATTS; married Jewel Marjorie WILSON.

1v. Pamela WATTS, born 1948 Jul 3, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ CORUM.

1w. Jimmy John CORUM, born 1976 May 25, Jefferson co, KY; married 1999 Jan 2, Meade cop, KY, Rachel L. MEDLEY (born 1975).

2w. Lisa Leigh CORUM, born 1965 Oct 5, Jefferson co, KY; married 1987 May 17, Meade co, KY, Glen E. BUCKNER (born 1965/66).

2v. Rebecca N. WATTS, born 1954 Dec 1, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ RICHARDSON.

1w. Perry Benjamin RICHARDSON, born 1985 May 22, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. Rhoda Leann RICHARDSON, born 1982 Mar 18, Jefferson co, KY.

3v. Cynthia WATTS, born 1957 Sep 3, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ GREENE.

1w. Joseph Watts GREENE, born 1979 Dec 30, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. Wilson Watts GREENE, born 1981 Dec 10, Jefferson co, KY.

3w. Daniel Watts GREENE, born 1991 Jul 13, Jefferson co, KY.

4w. Sara Watts GREENE, born 1983 Aug 26, Jefferson co, KY.

4u. Ann WATTS, born 1910 Aug 17, died 1998 Apr 3, Greenville, SC; married Fort Knox, KY, Harrison Howell Dodge HEIBERG (born 1900 Jun 7, died 1991 Apr 20, Greenville, SC).

1v. Ann H. HEIBERG, born 1941 Apr 10, Jefferson co, KY.

5u. Verna Lorene WATTS; married _______ SCHLINK.

1-2v. One son, one daughter.

6u. Irma Arlene WATTS; married 1st, Jess SHUMATE; married 2nd, Ted HOFFMAN.

1v. Jesse A. SHUMATE, born 1953 Feb 27, Jefferson co, KY; married 1979 Aug 14, Meade co, KY, Deborah L. KRANZ (born 1957/58).

1w. Nathan Alan SHUMATE, born 1986 Mar 6, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. Luke Edward SHUMATE, born 1988 Jan 2, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. Susan W. SHUMATE, born 1947/48; married 1973 Mar 29, as 2nd wife, Spencer L. WYANT (born 1942/43).

[1w. Emilie Lorraine WYANT, born 1971 Dec 20, Medae co, KY.]

7u. Vivian Janet WATTS; married _______ HAWKINS.

1v. John H. HAWKINS, born 1951 Jan 10, Jefferson co, KY; married 1975 Jun 21, Fayette co, KY, Belinda J. ELSWICK (born 1953/54).

1w. Merritt Tyler HAWKINS, born 1981 Dec 19, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. Katherine A. HAWKINS, born 1952 Apr 10, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ HUTCHINS.

1w. Michael Jeffrey HUTCHINS, born 1979 Oct 13, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. Bradley David HUTCHINS, born 1981 Nov 3, Jefferson co, KY.

8u. Betty L. WATTS; married _______ WILSON.

1v. Ralph V. WILSON, born 1952 Jun 16, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ McNALLY.

1-2w. One son, one daughter.

2v. William Watts WILSON, born 1964 Jul 6, Jefferson co, KY; married 1991 Jun 28, Meade co, KY, Kellianne T. McCAA (born 1964/65).

1w. William Watts WILSON, born 1993 Jan 7, Fayette co, KY.

2w. Jacob Paul WILSON, born 1994 Nov 7, Fayette co, KY.

3w. Riley Elizabeth WILSON, born 1997 May 3, Fayette co, KY.

3v. Gayle WILSON, born 1958 Feb 1, Jefferson co, KY; married 1977 Aug 13, Meade co, KY, Garland R. WEST (born 1953/54).

1w. Michael Ray WEST, born 1990 Jun 28, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. Ellen Lynn WEST, born 1982 Jul 29, Jefferson co, KY.

3w. Jenna Katherine WEST, born 1985 Jul 27, Jefferson co, KY.

7t. Mary Etta PERRY, born 1896 Apr, KY.

8t. Elizabeth PERRY, born 1900 May, KY; married ca 1920, Chester J. CARRICO (born 1889/90, KY).

1u. John C. CARRICO, born 1923 Nov 1, Meade co, KY, died 1993 Mar, Eufaula, OK.

2u. Donald CARRICO, born 1929 Aug 25, Hardin co, KY.

3u. Robert R. CARRICO, born 1938 Dec 26, Meade co, KY.

4u. Helen M. CARRICO, born 1921 Jan 15, Meade co, KY, died 1993 Jul 22, Fayetteville, NC; married _______ FOUT.

1v. Jeffrey L. FOUT, born 1952 Oct 15, Hardin co, KY.

5u. Norma J. CARRICO, born 1932 Jan 11, Hardin co, KY; married _______ HAGAN.

1v. Henry H. HAGAN, born 1957 Jul 25, Jefferson co, KY; married 1988 Nov 19, Fayette co, KY, Kathryn A. HORN (born 1954/55).

2v. John J. HAGAN, born 1960 Aug 27, Fayette co, KY.

3v. Harriet A. HAGAN, born 1953 Jan 22, Jefferson co, KY.

4v. Mary E. HAGAN, born 1954 Sep 20, Jefferson co, KY.

6u. Joyce A. CARRICO, born 1935 Mar 9, Hardin co, KY; married _______ DOUGHERTY.

1v. Joseph William DOUGHERTY, born 1964 Jul 17, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. Mary Paula DOUGHERTY, born 1967 Oct 2, Jefferson co, KY; married 1993 Mar 6, Jefferson co, KY, John A. McCONVILLE (born 1965/66).

3v. Julie Anne DOUGHERTY, born 1970 Oct 8, Jefferson co, KY; married 1996 Feb 3, Jefferson co, KY, Jeffrey S. GUNDERSEN (born 1969/70).

5r. Caroline Mahala HAYNES, born 1843/44, KY; married ca 1866, Jesse Thompson TARPLEY (born 1841/42, KY, died 1910/20, Hardin co, KY).

1s. John C. TARPLEY, born 1869/70, KY, fl. 1930, Hardin co, KY; married ca 1920, Lottie B. RAINE (born 1897/98, KY).

1t. Luella Maxine TARPLEY, born 1921 Jun 5, Hardin co, KY.

2s. Jesse H. TARPLEY, born 1871/72, KY; married ca 1897, Florence _______ (born 1875/76, KY, died 1947 Dec 27, Jefferson co, KY).

1t. Nell S. TARPLEY, born 1897/98, KY, died 1923 May 16, Jefferson co, KY, unm.

3s. William L. TARPLEY, born 1882 Mar, KY; married ca 1907, Emma B. _______ (born 1887/88, KY, died 1970 Jan 3, Hardin co, KY).

3s. Ella L. TARPLEY, born 1867 Sep, KY; married ca 1903, Clarance HAYS (born 1867/68, KY).

4s. Jane D. TARPLEY, born 1875/76, KY.

5s. Emma TARPLEY, born 1877/78, KY; married _______ GORDON (died by 1910).

6r. Narcissa Ellen HAYNES, born 1848 Aug 16, Brandenburg, KY; married 1869 Nov 2, Grayson co, KY, Richard Foggitt STEUTEVILLE, Jr. (born 1844 Nov 5, Grayson Springs, KY).

1s. John Henry STEUTEVILLE, born 1873 Dec, Grayson co, KY; married _______.

1t. John A. STEUTEVILLE; married 1st, Eleanor WILLIAMS; married 2nd, Myrle Clark FOSTER (born 1915 Feb 8, died 1990 Jan 19, Lewis & Clark co, MT).

2t. Robert V. STEUTEVILLE; married 1st, Helen LEE; married 2nd, Karen COX (born 1941 Aug 9, died 1977 Nov, Las Vegas, NV).

(2)1u. John Ronald STEUTEVILLE, born 1942 Oct 23, Solano co, CA; married Anita L. _______ (born ca 1947).

(2)2u. Todd Lee STEUTEVILLE, born 1946 Mar 26, Contra Costa co, CA; married Vicki J. _______ (born ca 1948).

1v. Traci STEUTEVILLE, born 1965 Nov 13.

2s. William Vanmeter STEUTEVILLE, born 1876 Mar 12, Grayson co, KY, fl. 1930, South Sioux City, NE; married Stella VENNUM (born 1883 Jul 19, NE, died 1972 Sep 29, Old Saybrook, CT).

1t. William STEUTEVILLE, born 1922/23, IA; married _______ DRYDEN.

2t. Florence STEUTEVILLE, born 1916/17, IA; married William FITZGIBBON.

3t. Fern STEUTEVILLE, born 1917 Nov 11, IA; married Jack WILSON.

4t. Mary E. STEUTEVILLE, born 1917 Nov 11, IA, died 1991 May 15, Cromwell, CT; married Ben BRODINSKY.

5t. _______ (dau) STEUTEVILLE; married Gerald LIVINGSTON.

1u. _______ (dau) LIVINGSTON; married _______ HEMPHILL.

1v. _______ (son) HEMPHILL; married _______ BRESSMAN.

2v. _______ (dau) HEMPHILL; married _______ PETERSON.

3s. Charles Earl STEUTEVILLE, born 1884 Jan 22, Brownville, NE, died 1964 Oct; married ca 1912, Eva Lanore TODD (born 1892 Oct 9, NE, died 1966 Jul, Nebraska City, NE).

1t. John R. STEUTEVILLE, born 1913 Jul 3, NE, died 2004 Feb 13, Omaha, NE.

2t. Robert B. STEUTEVILLE, born 1920/21, NE.

3t. Genevieve STEUTEVILLE, born 1922/23, NE.

4s. Dey STEUTEVILLE, born Brownville, NE, died by 1900.

5s. Mary Jane STEUTEVILLE, born 1878 Oct, Grayson co, KY.

6s. Jessie Eleanor STEUTEVILLE, born 1881 Feb, Brownville, NE; married ca 1912, Elmer S. BERLIN (born 1870/71, IL).

7s. Annabelle STEUTEVILLE, born 1871, Graydon co, KY, died by 1900.

7r. Isabella HAYNES, born 1854/55, KY.

2q. Perry HAYNES, born 1816, VA; married 1853 May 3, Meade co, KY, Catharine GALLAGHER (born 1834).

3q. William Pate HAYNES, born 1822 Jul 1, VA, died 1878 Feb 17, Meade co, KY; married 1843 Aug 22, Meade co, KY, Nancy Gibson Callie BRANDENBURG (born 1822 Sep 23, Meade co, KY, died there, 1908 Feb 24).

1r. Clayton Boone HAYNES, born 1844 May 24, KY, died young.

2r. David Robinson HAYNES, born 1845 Sep 4, Meade co, KY, died there, ca 1907; married 1st, Susan MEEKS (born 1843/44, KY, died 1878/80, Meade co, KY); married 2nd, ca 1885, Georgia BURGESS (born 1872 Apr, KY).

1s. Edward HAYNES, born 1865/66, KY.

2s. Thomas H. HAYNES, born 1869 Jan, KY, died 1942; married ca 1895, Carrie _______ (born 1874 Apr, IL).

1t. Thomas H. HAYNES, Jr., born 1904/05, IL.

2t. Mabel A. HAYNES, born 1897 Nov, KY; married Russell C. FARR (born 1895/96, IL).

1u. Russell H. FARR, born 1922/23, AR.

2u. Harry C. FARR, born 1928, TN.

3s. John HAYNES, born 1876/77, KY.

4s. Boyd W. HAYNES, born 1879 May, KY; married ca 1904, Sallie ALLEN (born 1883, KY).

1t. Dr. Boyd W. HAYNES, Jr., born 1917 Jul 5, Meade co, KY, died 2003 Oct 28, Richmond, VA; married 1942, Nancy MOORE.

1u. Dr. Boyd W. HAYNES III.

2-3u. Two daughters.

5s. Arthur HAYNES, born 1887 May, KY; married ca 1911, Fannie _______ (born 1890/91, KY).

1t. James HAYNES, born 1915/16, KY.

2t. Robert HAYNES, born 1919/20, KY.

3t. John HAYNES, born 1921/22, KY.

4t. Lena HAYNES, born 1918/19, KY; married _______ BARGER.

1u. William H. BARGER, born 1933 Nov 17, Breckenridge co, KY.

2u. Richard O. BARGER, born 1935 Apr 12, Breckenridge co, KY.

3u. John K. BARGER, born 1938 Aug 10, Breckenridge co, KY.

4u. Kenneth S. BARGER, born 1951 Jun 10, Jefferson co, KY; married 1980 Apr 22, Jefferson co, KY, Lisa A. HITCHINGS (born 1959/60).

1v. Benjamin Scott BARGER, born 1990 Mar 19, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. Sara Elizabeth BARGER, born 1988 Nov 1, Jefferson co, KY.

5u. Helen F. BARGER, born 1942 Jun 15, Breckenridge co, KY; married _______ CISSELL.

1v. Troy Edmond CISSELL, born 1968 Jun 24, Jefferson co, KY; married 1998 Jun 13, Jefferson co, KY, Tania L. SIZEMORE (born 1971/72).

2v. Lisa Renee CISSELL, born 1965 May 2, Jeffesron co, KY; married 1985 Mar 15, Jefferson co, KY, as 2nd wife, Billy J. ALLEN (born 1948/49).

1w. Travis James ALLEN, born 1986 May 28, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. Nathan Wade ALLEN, born 1989 Aug 10, Jefferson co, KY.

6u. Doris M. BARGER, born 1948 May 3, Jefferson co, KY; married (again?) 1983 Mar 14, Jefferson co, KY, as 3rd wife, Donald L. HEADRICK (born 1922/23).

1v. Susan Geraldine HEADRICK, born 1970 Dec 17, Jefferson co, KY; married 1994 Sep 10, Jeffesron co, KY, Jackie C. SCOTT (born 1970/71).

1w. Matthew Lake SCOTT, born 1999 Feb 28, Jefferson co, KY.

2w. Morgan Elizabeth SCOTT, born 1996 Jan 6, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. Kathryn Ann HEADRICK, born 1973 Jun 17, Jefferson co, KY; married 1996 Sep 14, Jefferson co, KY, James B. LOWE (born 1958/59).

6s. Lambert HAYNES, born 1889 Jan, KY; married ca 1919, Nannie BEARD (born 1893/94, KY).

1t. Sam D. HAYNES, born 1932 Mar 23, Breckenridge co, KY, died 1984 Apr, Brandenburg, KY.

2t. Evie D. HAYNES, born 1914 Mar 4, Breckenridge co, KY.

3t. Mary HAYNES, born 1917 Dec 14, Breckenridge co, KY.

4t. Julia M. HAYNES, born 1922 Oct 3, Breckenridge co, KY.

5t. Wanda J. HAYNES, born 1924 Sep 17, Breckenridge co, KY; married _______ HUDSON.

1u. Julia E. HUDSON, born 1944 Oct 23, Breckenridge co, KY; married _______ FANCHER.

1v. James Roger FANCHER, born 1975 Feb 19, Jefferson co, KY.

6t. Daisy B. HAYNES, born 1927 Jan 9, Breckenridge co, KY.

7t. Rutha J. HAYNES, born 1929 Jun 6, Breckenridge co, KY, died 1991 Nov 1; married _______ DODSON.

1u. Charles E. DODSON, born 1950 Oct 17, Meade co, KY.

2u. Ronald L. DODSON, born 1960 Apr 10, Meade co, KY; married 1982 Aug 28, Meade co, KY, Dawn L. BANDY (born 1963/64).

3u. Mary L. DODSON, born 1951 Oct 13, Breckenridge co, KY.

7s. David HAYNES, born 1891 Sep, KY.

8s. Maud HAYNES, born 1870, KY.

9s. Annie HAYNES, born 1873/74, KY.

10s. Beulah HAYNES, born 1890 Sep, KY; married ca 1917, Hubert PENICK (born 1895 Nov 20, KY, died 1980 Oct, Louisville, KY).

1t. Russell J. PENICK, born 1917 Sep 13, Breckenridge co, KY.

2t. Dorothy A. PENICK, born 1919 Apr 28, Breckenridge co, KY; married _______ WRIGHT.

1u. Silas B. WRIGHT, born 1943 May 12, Breckenridge co, KY.

2u. Rose M. WRIGHT, born 1941 Dec 18, Breckenridge co, KY.

3u. Joyce E. WRIGHT, born 1946 Dec 24, Daviess co, KY.

4u. Susanne WRIGHT, born 1953 Jan 8, Jefferson co, KY; married 1975 Aug 30, Jefferson co, KY, Gary W. JENKENS (born 1948/49).

1v. Christian Blair JENKENS, born 1982 Jul 4, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. Aaron Fleming JENKENS, born 1986 Jun 10, Jefferson co, KY.

3v. Heather Susanne JENKENS, born 1976 Aug 11, Jefferson co, KY.

4v. Brittney Dawn JENKENS, born 1979 Mar 21, Jefferson co, KY.

3t. Anita L. PENICK, born 1922 Oct 1, Breckenridge co, KY, died 1994 Dec 12, Lousiville, KY; married _______ CHISM.

1u. Mary L. CHISM, born 1941 Sep 5, Breckenridge co, KY.

2u. Dorothy L. CHISM, born 1943 Jun 5, Jefferson co, KY.

3u. Shirley E. CHISM, born 1944 Oct 13, Jefferson co, KY.

4u. Beulah J. CHISM, born 1947 Feb 26, Jefferson co, KY; married _______ FAULKENBERG.

1v. Chad Murl FAULKENBURG, born 1965 Feb 24, Jefferson co, KY.

2v. Timothy Len FAULKENBURG, born 1966 Jun 11, Jefferson co, KY.

3v. Todd Earl FAULKENBURG, born 1968 Nov 8, Jefferson co, KY.

4v. Tarra Sue FAULKENBURG, born 1972 Jul 1, Jefferson co, KY.

5u. Patricia A. CHISM, born 1957 Apr 23, Jefferson co, KY; married 1976 Oct 23, Jefferson co, KY, Russell L. BOGARD (born 1955/56).

1v. Jason Lamar BOGARD, born 1979 Oct 5, Jefferson co, KY.

4t. Alma L. PENICK, born 1930 Jan 29, Breckenridge co, KY.

11s. Dallas HAYNES, born 1893 Aug, KY.

3r. William H. HAYNES, born 1855 Feb 6, Meade co, KY, died 1908 Oct 17, Brandenburg, KY; married 1878 Jan, Daviess co, KY, Sallie PATE.

4r. John Millner HAYNES, born 1858 Feb, KY, died 1934 Sep 11; married ca 1881, Anna CURRENT (born 1854 Sep, IN).

1s. Charles HAYNES, born 1881 Sep, KY.

2s. Ernest HAYNES, born 1884 Oct, KY.

3s. John Millner HAYNES, Jr., born 1893 Apr, KY; married ca 1914, Gracie _______ (born 1894, KY).

1t. Edward L. HAYNES, born 1918 Jun 24, Meade co, KY, died 19789 May, Battletown, KY.

2t. Paul D. HAYNES, born 1923 Jan 25, Meade co, KY, died 1990 Feb 9, Mt. Vision, NY.

3t. Viola HAYNES, born 1915, KY.

4s. Agnes HAYNES, born 1896 Apr, KY.

5r. Hester HAYNES, born 1847 Apr 19, Meade co, KY, died 1893 Jul 11, KY; married 1872 Feb 1, Brandenburg, KY, James Henry HAYNES (born 1843 Aug 18, Brendenburg, KY, died 1928 Apr 20, Meade co, KY) (see above).

6r. Mary HAYNES, born 1849, died 1852.

7r. Henrietta HAYNES, born 1851 Jan 18, Meade co, KY, died there, 1930 Jan 30; married ca 1881, Meade co, KY, William Dodd COLEMAN (born 1854 Aug, Meade co, KY, died there, 1925).

1s. Alonzo P. COLEMAN, born 1887 Nov, KY, fl. 1930, Brandenburg, KY; married ca 1925, Bernie BAKER (born 1886/87, KY).

2s. Mable COLEMAN, born 1883 Jan, KY; married ca 1906, Samuel H. STITH (born 1868/69, KY).

1t. William Thomas STITH, born 1906/07, KY.

2t. Samuel Henry STITH, Jr., born 1911 Nov 30, Meade co, KY.

3t. James B. STITH, born 1914 Sep 21, Meade co, KY.

4t. Ruth C. STITH, born 1908, KY; married _______ RINEHART.

1u. Patricia A. RINEHART, born 1935 Jul 20, Meade co, KY.

3s. Lucy COLEMAN, born 1884 Jan, KY; married ca 1905, Harry SMITH (born 1877/78, KY, died 1920/30, Meade co, KY).

1t. Henry Herbert SMITH, born 1916 Sep 19, Meade co, KY.

2t. Robert H. SMITH, born 1921 Mar 6, Meade co, KY, died 1997 Oct 15, Brandenburg, KY.

3t. Mabel Frances SMITH, born 1905/06, KY.

4t. Lillian Rose SMITH, born 1906/07, KY; married _______ SHUMATE.

1u. Lucy E. SHUMATE, born 1942 May 4, Meade co, KY.

5t. Lucille SMITH, born 1909, KY; married _______ HARDIN.

1u. Willie E. HARDIN, born 1935 Aug 8, Meade co, KY.

6t. Anita SMITH, born 1911 Jul 17, Meade co, KY, died 19976 Nov 6, Brandenburg, KY, unm.

7t. Dorothy L. SMITH, born 1914 Mar 5, Meade co, KY, died 1996 May 5, Brandenburg, KY, unm.

8t. Marietta SMITH, born 1918 Sep 19, Meade co, KY.

4s. Willie E. COLEMAN, born 1886 Feb, KY; married ca 1910, Henry H. ALLEN (born 1885/86, KY).

1t. William H. ALLEN, born 1912 Nov 28, Meade co, KY, died 2003 Jun 19, Brandenburg, KY.

2t. Virginia H. ALLEN, born 1924 Feb 14, Meade co, KY.

8r. Mary Elizabeth HAYNES, born 1852 Dec 5, KY.

9r. Narcissa Jane HAYNES, born 1861 Feb 4, Meade co, KY, died 1861 May 11.

10r. Jenny HAYNES, born 1862 Feb 4, died young.

11r. One other child.

4q. Matthew HAYNES, born 1823 Nov 23, VA, died 1897 Oct 29, unm.

5q. John HAYNES, born ca 1832; married 1852 Jun 10, Meade co, KY, Julia Ann HORSLEY.

6q. Narcissa HAYNES, born 1809 Oct 22, VA, died 1891 Jan 23, Brandenburg, KY; married 1836 Jul 31, Brandenburg, KY, Robert S. ABELL (born 1813 Sep 23, KY. died 1884 Nov 4, Brandenburg, KY).

1r. John Pate ABELL, born 1839 Jun 17, Brandenburg, KY, died there, 1915 Jun 15; married 1867 Jul 24, Sarah Caroline BRANDENBURG (born 1848 Jul, KY).

1s. Robert Swan ABELL, born 1869 Mar 4, Brandenburg, KY, died 1918 Mar 17, Camden, CA; married 1893 Nov 5, Rosa Eugenia BROWN (born 1877 May, KY).

1t. Robert Lee ABELL, born 1894 Dec 25, KY, died 1958 Nov 21, Fresno co, CA; married ca 1918, Aleta D. HEINZ (born 1899, IL).

1u. Robert E. ABELL, born 1918 Nov 18, CA, died 1959 Nov 16, Los Angeles co, CA.

2u. Kenneth L. ABELL, born 1921 Jul 18, CA, died 2004 Jun 25, Avenal, CA; married _______ GAUNT.

1v. Kenneth Leroy ABELL, born 1943 Feb 14, Kings, CA, died 1988 Dec 8, Fresno co, CA.

2v. Cheryl Lynne ABELL, born 1946 Oct 2, Fresno co, CA.

3v. Luann ABELL, born 1957 Nov 13, Kings co, CA.

2t. Edward Bruce ABELL, born 1896 Jun 21, Brandenburg, KY, died 1949 May 5, Placer co, CA; married 1917 Sep 12, Dora Estelle FARMER (born 1899, TN).

1u. Edward Bruce ABELL, Jr., born 1918 Jul 29, Kings co, CA, died 1963 Jun 20, Tulare co, CA.

2u. Robert Samuel ABELL, born 1931 Dec 18, Fresno co, CA, died 1997 Aug 24, Marin co, CA.

3u. _______ (dau) ABELL, born 1920 Feb 5, Kings co, CA.

4u. Elma L. ABELL, born 1921 Jun 24, Kings co, CA, died 1994 Apr 23, Monterey co, CA; married _______ BERGIN.

5u. Doris D. ABELL, born 1924 Apr 28, Tulare co, CA.

6u. Mary Fern ABELL, born 1926 Aug 9, Kings co, CA.

7u. Lillian Elizabeth ABELL, born 1929 Nov 9, Fresno co, CA, died 1985 Jan 7, Monterey co, CA; married _______ NEWTON.

1v. Garry Leroy NEWTON, born 1949 Oct 17, Fresno co, CA.

2v. David A. NEWTON, born 1956 Sep 25, Monterey co, CA.

3v. Brian E. NEWTON, born 1958 Feb 23, Monterey co, CA.

4v. Thomas G. NEWTON, born 1959 Jun 7, Monterey co, CA.

5v. James E. NEWTON, born 1960 Nov 14, Monterey co, CA.

6v. Joel T. NEWTON, born 1962 Mar 15, Monterey co, CA.

7v. Douglas B. NEWTON, born 1964 Mar 12, Monterey co, CA.

8v. Karen Suzanne NEWTON, born 1952 Jul 30, Fresno co, CA.

9v. Leanne E. NEWTON, born 1965 Dec 18, Monterey co, CA.

8u. Shirley Edna ABELL, born 1934 Nov 25, Fresno co, CA.

3t. Fred ABELL, born 1904 Jun 12, OK, died 1966 Nov 23, San Joaquin co, CA.

4t. John Samuel ABELL, born 1908 Dec 10, OK, died 1979 Apr 4, Fresno co, CA.

5t. Anna L. ABELL, born 1899 Sep, KY, died by 1910.

6t. Hazel D. ABELL, born 1901/02, OK.

7t. Evelyn Rosa ABELL, born 1907 Mar 26, OK, died 1995 Aug 22, Fresno co, CA; married ______ VAUGHN.

1u. Charles Gordon VAUGHN, born 1935 Jun 17, Fresno co, CA.

2u. Pauline Laverne VAUGHN, born 1926 Jun 14, Fresno co, CA.

3u. Edna May VAUGHN, born 1929 May 7, Fresno co, CA.

8t. Child, died by 1900.

2s. John B. ABELL, born 1883 Sep, KY; married Ben R. _______ (born 1891, KY).

1t. Robert L. ABELL, born 1914 Jun 4, KY, died 1943 Aug 31.

3s. Samuel ABELL, born 1885 Oct, KY.

4s. Child, died by 1900.

2r. Samuel A. ABELL, born 1840/41, KY, fl. 1910, Hickman co, KY, unm.

3r. Nathan A. ABELL, born 1845/46, KY.

4r. Margaret E. ABELL, born 1836/37, KY.

5r. Nancy ABELL, born 1842/43, KY.

6r. Mary Jane ABELL, born 1848/49, KY.

7r. Narcissa R. ABELL, born 1853 Jan, KY; married ca 1877, John T. WILLIAMS (born 1845/46, KY, died by 1900).

1s. Samuel B. WILLIAMS, born 1877/78, KY, fl. 1930, Columbus, KY; married ca 1898, Lily M. _______ (born 1879/80, KY).

1t. Robert H. WILLIAMS, born 1907, KY.

2t. Charlie L. WILLIAMS, born 1910, KY.

3t. Sue Reid WILLIAMS, born 1901, KY.

4t. Ruth WILLIAMS, born 1903, KY.

5t. Nannie Belle WILLIAMS, born 1906, KY.

2s. Robert Y. WILLIAMS, born 1879 Dec, KY.

3s. Harriett WILLIAMS, born 1883 Dec, KY.

7q. Elizabeth HAYNES, born 1814, Meade co, KY, died 1863 Apr 10, Paradise, KY; married 1834 Jul 10, Meade co, KY, Thomas C. HENDRICK (born ca 1812).

1r. Bernard C. HENDRICK.

2o. Elizabeth PATE.

3o. Rebecca PATE, born ca 1758.

4n. Thomas PATE, born 1729 Mar 11, Gloucester co, VA, died 1814 Nov 24, James City co, VA; married, as 2nd husband, Hannah PHILLIPS (born 1742 Aug 20). ch not in Gorman

1o. Thomas PATE, born ca 1755; married _______.

1p. Samuel Randolph PATE, born 1789; married 1815 Dec, Ohio co, KY, Sally BARRETT (born 1793, MD).

2o. Peter PATE.

3o. Matthew PATE.

4o. Mark PATE.

5o. Lucas PATE.

6o. Mary Lee PATE.

7o. Rebecca PATE.

8o. Hannah PATE.

9o. Martha PATE, died Buncombe co, NC; married 1780 Mar 5, Washington co, NC, John RANDOLPH (born ca 1755, Henrico co, VA.

1p. John William RANDOLPH, later PATE, born ca 1789, Washington co, NC, died 1872 Oct 16, Washington co, TN; married 1808 Jun 16, Bumcombe, NC, Fanny BARRETT (born ca 1795, KY, died 1846, Yancy co, NC).

1q. Thomas PATE, born ca 1815, TN; married 1st, Sylva HENSLEY; married 2nd, 1856 Mar 12, Yancey co, NC, Susan WILSON (born 1804/05, NC).

1r. Doctor O. PATE, born 1838, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, 1868 Aug 22, Malinda HIGGINS (born 1841/42, TN); married 2nd, _______ SHELTON; married 3rd, Louise _______.

1s. General J. PATE, born 1871, TN.

2s. Morris E. PATE, born 1875, TN.

3s. Julia Ann PATE, born 1863 Aug 5, NC, died 1934 May 10, Yancey co, NC; married 1878 Jun 9, Yancey co, NC, Swinfield KING (born 1857 Jan, NC, died 1928 Jan 16, Yancey co, NC).

1t. William Bachus KING, born 1879 Apr 21, NC, died 1898 Jul 13, sp; married Rosetta AYRES (born 1880 Jan, NC).

2t. Hiram B. KING, born 1880 Dec 16, NC, died 1973 Mar 27; married 1st, Loretta McINTOSH; married 2nd, ca 1907, Rachael _______ (born 1885/86, NC).

1u. Alborn KING, born 1903 Jul 4, Yancey co, NC, died 1976 Feb, Kingsport, TN.

2u. Earl H. KING, born 1909 Feb 15, NC, died 1996 Jan 20, Leicester, NC; married ca 1928, Allie L. SHARP (born 1906/07, NC).

1v. Lucy Mae KING, born 1930, NC.

3u. Pearl KING, born 1907/08, NC.

3t. Abraham KING, born 1889 Apr, NC, died 1958 Feb 12; married Letha BAILEY.

4t. John P. KING, born 1891 Jan, NC; married ca 1912, Donnie B. WALDROP (born 1893/94, NC).

1u. Yates KING, born 1914 Aug 22, Yancey co, NC, died by 1920.

2u. Louis/Posey KING, born 1922 Jan 3, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Lucius J. KING, born 1924/25, NC.

4u. Dewies KING, born 1928, NC.

5u. Leah KING, born 1918, NC.

6u. Lessie C. KING, born 1920 Mar 12, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Nona KING, born 1926 Apr 10, Yancey co, NC, died young.

8u. Oma KING, born 1926 Apr 10, Yancey co, NC, died young.

9u. Violet/Lula E. KING, born 1927 Oct 23, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Barnett KING, born 1892 Mar, NC, died 1973 Aug 28; married ca 1916, Hattie BAILEY (born 1890/91, NC).

1u. Royce F. KING, born 1919 May 30, Yancey co, NC, died 1975 Sep, Unicoi, TN.

2u. Oneil R. KING, born 1919 May 30, Yancey co, NC, died 1922 Sep 1, NC.

3u. Dan J. KING, born 1921 Dec 19, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Helen Irene KING, born 1917 Mar 16, Yancey co, NC.

6t. James M. KING, born 1893 Jan 31, NC, died 1893 Jul 3.

7t. Thomas Bachus KING, born 1897 May, NC, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1972 Dec 24; married 1914 Aug 25, Bertie FOX (born 1897/98, NC).

1u. Ophir Barnett KING, born 1915 May 23, Yancey co, NC, died 1968 Jan 21, Jonesboro, TN; married Sue DEYTON.

1v. Ophir Barnett KING, Jr., born 193? Feb 25, Yancey co, NC.

2v. R. D. KING, born 1942 Oct 29, Yancey co, NC.

3v. William T. KING, born 1944 Mar 15, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Evert KING, born 1920/21, NC.

3u. Roy Dennis KING, born 1926 Aug 30, Yancey co, NC; married Lucille WHITSON.

1v. _______ (dau) KING, born 1951 Jun 20, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Thelma Clela KING, born 1917 Aug 11, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Burgess KING, born 1906 Apr 27, NC; married Lena BAILEY.

9t. Raymond KING, born 1908 Feb 2, NC; married ca 1927, Viola HUGHES (born 1908/09, NC).

10t. Hester Lee KING, born 1882 Apr 8, died 1962 Feb 2; married Thomas Gilbert ROBINSON (born 1882/83, NC).

1u. Bachus G. ROBINSON, born 1903 Mar 29, Yancey co, NC, died 1993 Sep 19, Erwin, TN; married Ida J. HENSLEY.

1v. John A. ROBINBSON, born 1921 Jan 26, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Milt ROBINSON, born 1911, NC; married Cora McINTOSH.

1v. James ROBINSON, born 1935 May 18, Yancey cco, NC.

3u. Boyd ROBINSON, born 1926 Sep 20, Yancey co, NC, died 1985 Mar.

4u. Minnie Viola ROBINSON, born 1906 May 23, Yancey co, NC; married Wyatt L. HOILMAN (born 1914 Oct 26, died 2001 Jan 8, Burnsville, NC).

1v. Ruby HOILMAN, born 1934 Nov 8, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Robert Lee WILSON; married 2nd, Lawrence J. JONES; married 3rd, Robert Lee WILSON.

1w. Timothy D. WILSON, born 1954 Mar 16, Yancey co, NC; married Iris Y. EDMONDS.

1x. Robert L. WILSON, born 1981 Mar 9, Yancey co, NC.

2x. Wenda A. WILSON, born 1978 Apr 17, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Robert Lawrence JONES, born 1963 Sep 5, Burke co, NC.

3w. Matthew WILSON, born 1971 Jan 28, Yancey co, NC.

4w. Pamela WILSON, born 1952 Nov 16, Yancey co, NC; married Danny L. LAWS.

1x. Amber D. LAWS, born 1978 May 16, Yancey co, NC.

5w. Regina Ann JONES, born 1961 Mar 26, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Jennie M. HOILMAN, born 1939 Nov 14, Yancey co, NC; married Albert R. PITMAN.

1w. Linda Viola PITMAN, born 1960 Sep 24, Yancey co, NC; married Lloyd Garrison BARRIER.

1x. Lloyd Garrison BARRIER II, born 1981 Jan 16, Watauga co, NC.

5u. Sue ROBINSON, born 1910 Feb 24, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1928, as 2nd wife, Ellis McINTOSH (born 1889/90, NC).

1v. Mildred C. McINTOSH, born 1929 Jul 15, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Effie ROBINSON, born 1915 Mar 1, Yancey co, NC; married Adam F. CARROLL.

1v. Leroy Thomas CARROLL, born 1949 May 23, Yancey co, NC; married Vonita Fern McPETERS.

1w. Michael Lee CARROLL, born 1977 May 23, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Krista Lynn CARROLL, born 1982, Rutherford co, NC.

2v. Laura F. CARROLL, born 1938 Dec 25, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Elsie Lois CARROLL, born 1940 Jan 17, Yancey co, NC; married as 2nd wife, Kenneth Dean RENFRO.

1w. Kenneth Frank RENFRO, born 1963 Sep 11, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Timothy Lee RENFRO, born 1967 Dec 24, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1x. Julia Leann RENFRO, born 1990 Feb 4, Mitchell co, NC.

2x. Kayla Nicole RENFRO, born 1992 Nov 16, Mitchell co, NC.

3w. Mark Lane RENFRO, born 1969 Feb 23, Yancey co, NC.

4w. Doyle Anthony RENFRO, born 1971 Jan 4, Yancey co, NC.

5w. Karen Renee RENFRO, born 1965 Apr 22, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Mildred A. CARROLL, born 1942 Aug 19, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Clyde E. EVANS; married 2nd, Johnny A. LETTERMAN.

1w. Ronnie Ray LETTERMAN, born 1969 May 6, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Mark A. LETTERMAN, born 1974 Jun 7, Yancey co, NC.

3w. Linda K. EVANS, born 1962 Apr 6, Yancey co, NC.

4w. Rhonda Kaye LETTERMAN, born 1970 Apr 21, Yancey co, NC.

5w. Rita Faye LETTERMAN, born 1970 Apr 21, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Greta A. CARROLL, born 1946 Aug 19, Yancey co, NC; married _______ YOUNG.

1w. Lisa Michele YOUNG, born 1967 Aug 23, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Mildred Lois ROBINSON, born 1918 Feb 8, Yancey co, NC; married Dock WOODY.

1v. Dennis Keith WOODY, born 1955 Nov 23, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Dennis Keith WOODY, Jr., born 1977, Alamance co, NC.

2v. Sandra I. WOODY, born 1953 Jun 23, Yancey co, NC; married David COX.

1w. Johnny E. COX, born 1979 Mar 9, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Tammy M. COX, born 1978 Apr 1, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Virgie A. ROBINSON, born 1921 May 13, Yancey co, NC; married Henry WILLIS.

1v. Burdett WILLIS, born 1939 Sep 13, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Junior WILLIS, born 1946 Dec 3, Madison co, NC.

3v. Marie WILLIS, born 1937 Jun 23, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Mittie L. WILLIS, born 1941 Apr 7, Yancey co, NC.

11t. Mary KING, born 1883 Sep 6, NC, died 1971 May 13; married ca 1907, Bachus N. HENSLEY (born 1885 Jun 2, NC, died 1965 Feb).

1u. Von HENSLEY, born 1910/11, NC.

2u. Homer B. HENSLEY, born 1916 May 1, Yancey co, NC, died 1976 Jun; married Nancey FOX.

1v. James B. HENSLEY, born 1938 Jul 12, Yancey co, NC; married Eddith E. PEAKE.

1w. James B. HENSLEY, born 1959 Sep 18, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Cathy Lee HENSLEY, born 1961 May 7, Yancey co, NC.

3u. James W. M. HENSLEY, born 1920 Sep 14, Yancey co, NC, died 1990 Oct 5.

4u. Elva HENSLEY, born 1908, NC; married Troy A. ROSS.

1v. Ray Lee ROSS, born 1943 Jul 22, Burke co, NC.

5u. Vera Gladys HENSLEY, born 1912 May 5, Yancey co, NC, died 2004 Dec 9, Greenmountain, NC; married C. Hicks FOX (born 1902 Jan 31, died 1971 Feb, Greenmountain, NC).

1v. Clarence FOX, born 1938 Dec 5, Yancey co, NC; married Senia Mae McCURRY.

1w. Terry Clarence FOX, born 1966 Feb 14, Yancey co, NC; married Jackie Rena MEDFORD.

1x. Haleigh Danielle FOX, born 1990 Mar 27, Avery co, NC.

2w. Sanja Rena Gail FOX, born 1961 Jul 12, Yancey co, NC; married Ricky E. MURPHY.

1x. Leslie D. MURPHY, born 1980 Dec 18, Yancey co, NC.

3w. Vicky D. FOX, born 1964 Jul 5, Yancey co, NC; married Gary L. STINSON.

1x. Gary J. STINSON, born 1983 Jul 30, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Verlon K. FOX, born 1932 Mar 16, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Dorothy E. FOX, born 1934 May 8, Yancey co, NC; married Anthony CABEZA.

1w. Toni Anita CABEZA, born 1957 Apr 28, Yancey co, NC; married Danny R. CANIPE.

1x. Melissa N. CANIPE, born 1979 Nov 6, Yancey co, NC.

2x. Rebecca M. CANIPE, born 1981 Apr 25, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Norma Jean FOX, born 1946 Mar 27, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, David Allan EDWARDS; married 2nd, Jackie Woodrow POTTER.

1w. Christopher Allan EDWARDS, born 1974 Sep 5, Lenoir co, NC.

2w. Jackie Woodrow POTTER, Jr., born 1980 Jul 21, Pitt co, NC.

6u. Ethel HENSLEY, born 1918/19, NC; married Arvil TIPTON (born 1910 Apr 30, died 1984 Jan, Johnson City, TN).

1v. Wilbern L. H. TIPTON, born 1940 Jun 23, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Bettie TIPTON, born 1934 Apr 16, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Geneva TIPTON, born 1935 Aug 26, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Bessie TIPTON, born 1938 Mar 22, Yancey co, NC.

12t. Thursa KING, born 1888 Jun 28, died 1890 Nov 6.

13t. Augusta KING, born 1894 May 26, NC, died 1995 Sep 18, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1912, Marcus Wesley LAWS (born 1889/90, NC, died 1977 Aug 26, Yancey co, NC).

1u. Charles LAWS, born 1912 Nov 29, NC, died 1985 Feb, Greenmountain, NC.

2u. Clarence LAWS, born 1913, NC.

3u. Swin LAWS, born 1914 May 14, Yancey co, NC, died by 1920.

4u. William Ratha/Rothie LAWS, born 1915 Oct 9, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Arnold LAWS, born 1917 Jun 29, Yancey co, NC; married Alma MURPHY.

1v. Addie M. LAWS, born 1948 Feb 12, Yancey co, NC; married Richard M. INGLE.

1w. Melvin David INGLE, born 1971 Nov 25, Burke co, NC.

6u. Lloyd David LAWS, born 1919 Jan 20, Yancey co, NC; married Clela McCOURRY (born 1923 Nov 7, died 2000 Mar 17, Burnsville, NC).

1v. Auburn David LAWS, born 1942 Jan 26, Yancey co, NC; married Alma Ruth ADKINS.

1w. Lisa Marie LAWS, born 1963 Jun 7, Burke co, NC.

2w. Teresa Lynne LAWS, born 1967 Nov 14, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Phillip Lance LAWS, born 1943 Dec 20, Yancey co, NC; married Wilma J. HONEYCUTT.

1w. Anna Maria LAWS, born 1975 Sep 29, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Tony Warren LAWS, born 1948 Oct 1, Yancey co, NC; married Betty J. DELANEY.

1w. Stanley Lee LAWS, born 1972 Jun 7, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Michael Warren LAWS, born 1977 Feb 25, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Sidney LAWS, born 1921 Nov 8, Yancey co, NC; married Kitty RIDDLE.

1v. Richard LAWS, born 1946 Dec 13, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Mary E. A. LAWS, born 1943 Aug 23, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Markus Wesley LAWS, Jr., born 1924 Jan 24, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. Marcia Delores LAWS, born 1955 Apr 29, Transylvania co, NC.

2v. Lisa Denise LAWS, born 1957 Dec 22, Transylvania co, NC.

9u. Jesse Wayne LAWS, born 1929 May 2, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. Julian David LAWS, born 1953 Jul 1, McDowell co, NC.

2v. Mark Dwayne LAWS, born 1960 Sep 19, McDowell co, NC.

3v. Barbara Susan LAWS, born 1958 Sep 23, McDowell co, NC.

10u. Julia LAWS, born 1931 Jan 23, Yancey co, NC.

14t. Ida KING, born 1898 Apr 16, Yancey co, NC, died 1980 Feb 25; married ca 1924, Walter G. DUNCAN (born 1893/94, NC).

15t. Beatrice KING, born 1900 Mar 19, NC, died 1993 Sep 2, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1928, George Dewey CANIPE (born 1900 Nov 23, NC, died 1990 May 6, Yancey co, NC).

1u. Chester L. CANIPE, born 1929 Mar 4, Yancey co, NC, died 1973 Jul.

2u. Paul CANIPE, born 1930 Nov 1, Yancey co, NC, died 1990 Nov 21.

3u. Jimmie K. CANIPE, born 1934 May 10, Yancey co, NC; married B. Elizabeth URBAN.

1v. Larry K. CANIPE, born 1960 Sep 26, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Tedd CANIPE, born 1939 Feb 19, Yancey co, Nc.

5u. George Richard CANIPE, born 1941 Jan 22, Yancey co, NC; married Eyvonne BRIGGS.

1v. Rodney M. CANIPE, born 1965 Nov 7, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Regina D. CANIPE, born 1964 Oct 31, Yancey co, NC.

16t. Zora KING, born 1902 Jun 9, NC, died 1978 May 21; married ca 1920, Eli M. SHELTON (born 1895/96, NC).

1u. Wilkie Lewis SHELTON, born 1921 Oct 4, NC, died 1979 Jan; married Imelda Lorraine SCHIMMEL.

1v. Mary Margaret SHELTON, born 1959, Rutherford co, NC.

2u. Everett/Ernest A. SHELTON, born 1925 Mar 1, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Marion Eli SHELTON, born 1931, Rutherford co, NC; married Annie Bell LEDFORD.

1v. Doyle Eugene SHELTON, born 1953 Aug 20, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1w. Kenneth Doyle SHELTON, born 1970 Jul 4, Buncombe co, NC.

2w. Stephen Boyd SHELTON, born 1971 Sep 1, Buncombe co, NC.

3w. Allen Wayne SHELTON, born 1973 Apr 26, Buncombe co, NC.

4w. Tracie Lee SHELTON, born 1974 Sep 16, Buncombe co, NC.

5w. Regina Mae SHELTON, born 1975 Jun 30, Buncombe co, NC.

6w. Tonya Michele ShELTON, born 1976 Jun 3, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Larry Dale SHELTON, born 1955 Feb 4, Buncombe co, NC.

3v. Michael Marion SHELTON, born 1961, Rutherford co, NC.

4v. Alma Gail SHELTON, born 1949 Nov 4, Buncombe, co, NC.

5v. Barbara Ann SHELTON, born 1959 Oct 7, Buncombe co, NC.

4u. Charles Wendell SHELTON, born 1942, Rutherford co, NC; married Rhonda Gayle RHYNE.

1v. Charles Wendell SHELTON II, born 1970, Rutherford co, NC.

2v. James Eric SHELTON, born 1977, Rutherford co, NC.

3v. Shelia Maria SHELTON, born 1973, Rutherford co, NC.

17t. Margaret KING, born 1904 Mar 9, Yancey co, NC, died 1995 May 27, Bakersville, NC; married ca 1923, Moses MASTERS (born 1899 May 20, NC, died 1995 Sep 21, Bakersville, NC).

1u. Norris MASTERS, born 1925 Jan 30, Mitchell co, NC; married _______.

1v. Donald Keith MASTERS, born 1946 Dec 6, Mitchell co, NC; married Carol L. RIDDLE.

1w. Jason Keith MASTERS, born 1975 Oct 21, Yancey co, Nc.

2u. Denna MASTERS, born 1927 Jun 4, Mitchell co, NC.

18-19t. Two children, died by 1900.

4s. Lillie Ella PATE, born 1868 Jun 13, Yancey co, NC, died 1950 Sep 22, Madison co, NC; married 1st, William TAFFER; married 2nd, Anderson MOORE.

1t. John L. TAFFER, born 1888 Sep 29, Madison co, NC, died 1976 Nov, Sevierville, TN; married Elizabeth WEBB.

1u. Carl D. TAFFER, born 1922 Feb 25, died 2001 Jun 5, Sevierville, TN.

2u. Bud TAFFER.

3u. Ruby TAFFER, born 1920 Jan 4.

4u. Pauline TAFFER.

2t. Dock TAFFER, born 1890 Feb 16, Madison co, NC, died 1942 Sep 14; married Nila BARNES (born 1899/1900, NC).

1u. Lezar TAFFER, born 1914, NC.

2u. Delmer Lawson BARNES, born 1917 Nov 17, Haywooc co, NC, died 2000 Sep 20, Jamesville, NC; married Gladys _______ (born 1919 May 21, died 2000 Sep 27, Jamesville, NC).

1v. Edward Delmer TAFFER, born 1946 Nov 19, Washington co, NC.

2v. Carl William TAFFER, born 1948 Aug 14, Washington co, NC; married Barbara Ann SPRUILL.

1w. Edward Delmer TAFFER, born 1970 Feb 19, Washington co, NC.

2w. Anthony Dana TAFFER, born 1974 Dec 31, Chowan co, NC.

3t. George Washington TAFFER, born 1891 Jul 22, Yancey co, NC, died 1970 Feb, Greenville, SC; married Minnie Jane HOLT (born 1897, TN).

1u. Mark Ridle TAFFER, born 1920 Nov 17.

2u. Edward Bruce TAFFER, born 1928 Apr 27, died 1993 Nov 1, Wickliffe, KY.

3u. _______ (son) TAFFER.

4u. John Wilson TAFFER, born 1937 Nov 22, Greenville, SC, died 1998.

5u. Viola Cindy TAFFER, born 1914 Jan 27, NC, died 1996 Feb 5, Greenville, SC; married _______ WHITAKER.

6u. Zola Linda TAFFER, born 1916 Mar 18, TN, died 1978 Mar, Greenville, SC; married _______ SIMPSON.

7u. Flurisdellis TAFFER, born 1917 Jul 14, TN.

8u. Flora Mae TAFFER, born 1919 Mar 3, TN.

9u. Mary Ella TAFFER, born 1923 Jan 22, died 1994.

10u. _______ (dau) TAFFER.

11u. _______ (dau) TAFFER.

4t. Fate English TAFFER, born 1894 Sep 29, Madison co, NC, died 1961; married ca 1915, Zora Jane LAWS (born 1896/97, TN).

1u. J. C. TAFFER.

2u. Olenis TAFFER, born 1921/22, TN.

3u. Roman TAFFER, born 1923/24, TN.

4u. _______ (dau) TAFFER, born 1918 May 23, Haywood co, NC.

5u. Bernita TAFFER, born 1919/20, TN.

6u. Hazel TAFFER, born 1926, TN.

7u. Freda TAFFER, born 1928, TN.

8u. Evalee TAFFER.

9u. Effie TAFFER.

5t. James Ardle TAFFER, born 1900 Mar 13, Madison co, NC, died 1984 Dec 1, Asheville, NC; married ca 1928, Nell SHELTON (born 1910 Dec 28, NC, died 1981 Sep 30, Madison co, NC).

1u. Landon Rase TAFFER, born 1937 May 24, Madison co, NC; married _______.

1v. Kenneth Ardle TAFFER, born 1962 Mar 16, Guilford co, NC; married 1991 Oct 26, Rockingham co, NC, Tammy Jo FORD.

2v. Sarah Nell TAFFER, born 1963 May 12, Guilford co, NC.

2u. L. Woodrow TAFFER, born 1939 Dec 20, died 1984 Oct 17, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1v. Marsha Renee TAFFER, born 1965 Jul 18, Buncombe co, NC; married Lonnie Ray ROMINES.

1w. Kyle Ray ROMINES, born 1995 Jan 1, Onslow co, NC.

3u. Doyle TAFFER, born 1943 Jul 31, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1v. James Doyle TAFFER, born 1966 Jun 16, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Gregory Dean TAFFER, born 1968 Apr 6, Buncombe co, NC.

3v. Tammy Lorrane TAFFER, born 1963 Jan 22, Buncombe co, NC.

4v. Brenda Jo TAFFER, born 1969 Aug 19, Buncombe co, NC.

4u. _______ (dau) TAFFER; married Johnnie EDMONDS.

5u. _______ (dau) TAFFER.

6t. Odert Gaston TAFFER, born 1903 Mar 13, Madison co, NC, died 1988 May 6, Sevierville, TN; married Ella _______ (born 1905 Jan 3, died 1984 Oct, Weaverville, NC).

1u. James Mead TAFFER, born 1933 May 14, died 1990 Dec 19, Asheville, NC; married _______.

1v. James Mead TAFFER, Jr.

2u. _______ (son) TAFFER.

3u. _______ (dau) TAFFER.

4u. _______ (dau) TAFFER.

7t. Jane D. TAFFER, born 1891 Feb.

8t. Mary Melinda TAFFER, born 1897 Jun 3, Madison co, NC.

9t. Vashti MOORE, born 1913 Mar 25, Madison co, NC, died 1992 Feb 12, Asheville, NC; married Garlen Litton SHOOK (born 1912 May 16, died 1995 Dec 2, Madison co, NC).

1u. Garland Dale SHOOK, born 1938 Apr 30, Madison co, NC, died 1975 Jun 25, Monroe, NC; married _______.

1v. Garland Mark SHOOK, born 1973 May 30, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Harland Lane SHOOK, born 1973 May 30, Buncombe co, NC.

3v. Carol Diane SHOOK, born 1969 Apr 1, Buncombe co, NC.

2u. _______ (son) SHOOK.

3u. _______ (son) SHOOK.

4u. _______ (dau) SHOOK.

5u. Barbara Jean SHOOK, born 1945 Mar 4, Buncombe co, NC; married Richard E. ABERNATHY.

1v. Terry Richard ABERNATHY, born 1973 Jun 25, Burke co, NC.

2v. Robert Christopher ABERNATHY, born 1974 Sep 1, Burke co, NC.

6u. Melinda Gale SHOOK, born 1947 Feb 13, Buncombe co, NC.

5s. Patricia Cordeles PATE, born 1870 Jul 5, Flag Pond, TN, died 1935 Oct 14, Newton co, AR; married ca 1888, Eliphes PATE, later SHELTON (born 1868 Sep 3, Shelton Laurel, NC, died 1941 Oct 16, Newton co, AR) (see below).

1t. Marcelles PATE, born 1889 Aug 28, Yancey co, NC, died 1975 Feb 10, Portland, OR; married 1925 Sep 4, Matilda Elizabeth HUMPHREYS (born 1909 Apr 27, TN, died 1986 Jun, Brookings, OR).

1u. Harold PATE, born 1926/27, PA.

2u. Bernice PATE, born 1928/29, PA; married _______ GRIFFITH.

3u. Jane PATE, born 1929, PA.

2t. Samuel Erve PATE, later SHELTON, born 1890 Aug, NC; married ca 1911, Allie G. PARKER.

1u. Charles Burgess SHELTON, born 1915 Jun 20, Madison co, NC.

2u. Eli C. SHELTON, born 1918 May 12, NC, died 1980 Apr, Weaverville, NC.

3u. Clyde D. SHELTON, born 1920 Aug 8, NC, died 1976 Nov, Weaverville, NC.

4u. T. E. SHELTON, born 1923, NC.

5u. Paul E. SHELTON, born 1928, NC.

6u. Nancie T. SHELTON, born 1913/14, NC.

7u. Bonnie M. SHELTON, born 1924, NC.

3t. John PATE, later SHELTON, born 1893 Feb, NC.

4t. William Reily PATE, later SHELTON, born 1897 Mar, NC; married Della HUDSON.

1u. Joel Ford SHELTON, born 1924 Aug 13, Newton co, AR, died 1994 Jun 16, Boone co, AR.

5t. Robert PATE, later SHELTON, born 1901/02, NC.

6t. Thomas PATE, later SHELTON, born 1904/05, AR.

7t. Malinda Jane PATE, born 1895 Apr 2, Upper Laurel, NC, died 1973 Mar 11, McPherson, KS; married William T. WHITTAKER.

8t. Lucinda L. PATE, born 1898 Apr, NC.

9t. Martha PATE, born 1899 Nov 18, NC; married 1916 Aug 18, Mineral Springs, AR, Chester/Chesley Gerrome HOLCOMBE (born 1887, NC, died 1920/30, AR).

1u. Kenneth HOLCOMBE, born 1922/23, AR.

2u. Edna May HOLCOMBE, born 1917, AR.

3u. Violet HOLCOMBE, born 1920/21, AR.

4u. Erma Lee HOLCOMBE, born 1925/26, AR.

10t. Child, died by 1910.

6s. Sarah E. PATE, born 1875 Mar 7, TN, died 1931 Nov 7, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1891, Robert W. HENSLEY (born 1871 Oct 4, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1949 Jan 13).

1t. Garfield HENSLEY, born 1892 Jun 4, NC, died 1979 Jan, Asheville, NC; married ca 1915, Myrtle DUNCAN (born 1892. NC).

1u. Harley HENSLEY, born 1915 Mar 15, NC, died 1987 Oct 15, Asheville, NC; married Grossie PHILLIPS (born 1918 Jan 12, died 1977 Feb, Asheville, NC).

1v. Donald Ray HENSLEY, born 1941 Jul 6, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1w. Donald Kirk HENSLEY, born 1973 Jun 16, Buncombe co, NC.

2w. Shannon Michele HENSLEY, born 1971 Mar 28, Buncombe co, NC.

3w. Angela Beth HENSLEY, born 1977, Wayne co, Nc.

2v. Harley Troy HENSLEY, born 1943 Jan 18, Buncombe co, NC.

3v. Howard Douglas HENSLEY, born 1944 Sep 25, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1w. Pamela Renee HENSLEY, born 1964 Feb 17, Buncombe co, NC; married Terry Gene STANLEY.

1x. Jeremy Gene STANLEY, born 1987 May 5, Onslow co, NC.

2w. Rhonda Lynn HENSLEY, born 1966 Apr 25, Buncombe co, NC.

4v. Herman Dewey HENSLEY, born 1947 Oct 3, Buncombe co, NC.

5v. Homer Eugene HENSLEY, born 1950 Mar 31, Buncombe co, NC.

6v. Huie Lee HENSLEY, born 1952 Sep 7, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1w. Huie Dewey HENSLEY, born 1970 Oct 31, Buncombe co, NC.

7v. Bulah HENSLEY, born 1935 Nov 2, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Earl HENSLEY, born 1916 Aug 25, Yancey co, NC, died 1977 Aug, Asheville, NC.

3u. Hall James HENSLEY, born 1920 Feb 15, Yancey co, NC, died 2002 Oct 26, Asheville, NC; married _______.

1v. Jerry Hall HENSLEY, born 1945 Aug 1, Transylvania co, NC; married _______.

1w. Rebecca Kay HENSLEY, born 1964 Nov 23, Buncombe co, NC.

2w. Susan Dean HENSLEY, born 1967 Oct 17, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Bobby Lee HENSLEY, born 1947 Mar 10, Transylvania co, NC.

4u. Wayman Jack HENSLEY, born 1923 May 20, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. Judy Marie HENSLEY, born 1943 Aug 14, Buncombe co, NC.

5u. Paul HENSLEY, born 1931 May 25, Yancey co, NC, died 2007 Jun 4, Arden, NC; married _______.

1v. Gary Wayne HENSLEY, born 1953 Dec 18, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Paul HENSLEY, Jr., born 1961 May 17, Buncombe co, NC.

3v. Kim Alane HENSLEY, born 1965 Dec 23, Buncombe co, NC.

4v. Kathy Lynn HENSLEY, born 1956 Apr 16, Buncombe co, NC; married Stephen Craig ALEXANDER.

1w. Steven Bruce ALEXANDER, born 1990 Jul 31, Jackson co, NC.

5v. Mary Alice HENSLEY, born 1959 May 21, Buncombe co, NC.

6v. Peggy Lee HENSLEY, born 1952 Jun 6, Buncombe co, NC; married Wayne Leroy SEARCY.

1w. Tina Rebecca SEARCY, born 1973 Jul 14, Henderson co, NC.

6u. Inez HENSLEY, born 1921 May 27, Yancey co, NC; married Sam Howard MILLSAPS.

1v. Dale Howard MILLSAPS, born 1951 Jul 13, Graham co, NC.

2v. Danny Ray MILLSAPS, born 1953 Nov 15, Graham co, NC; married Donna Annette HEAFNER.

1w. Adam Lee MILLSAPS, born 1980 Jan 15, Alexander co, NC.

2w. Lydia Rae MILLSAPS, born 1983, Alexander co, NC.

3v. Homer MILLSAPS, born 1955 Jul 23, Graham co, Nc.

4v. Wila Mena MILLSAPS, born 1947 Jul 19, Graham co, NC; married Robert Anthony MOORE.

1w. James Anthony MOORE, born 1965 Jul 23, Graham co, NC.

2w. Joey Glenn MOORE, born 1966 Dec 16, Graham co, NC.

5v. Deanna Kathie MILLSAPS, born 1949 Nov 1, Graham co, NC; married Von Frank ROGERS.

1w. Angela Annette ROGERS, born 1968 Jan 29, Graham co, NC.

7u. Ruth M. HENSLEY, born 1929 Jan 25, Yancey co, NC; married Ralph Reed WELBORN.

1v. John T. WELBORN, born 1961 May 22, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Connie L. WELBORN, born 1963 Jun 5, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Loretta Ann WELBORN, born 1966 Jun 10, Burke co, NC.

2t. Mack Daniel HENSLEY, born 1896 Jul 2, Yancey co, NC, died 1992 Jun 8, Burnsville, NC; married ca 1911, Sarah PHILLIPS (born 1897, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1959).

1u. Clinton HENSLEY, born 1913 Jul 11, Yancey co, NC, died 1991 Dec 18; married _______.

1v. Jerry DeWyatt HENSLEY, born 1947 Nov 22, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1w. David Vincent HENSLEY, born 1970 Apr 15, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Dennis Bruce HENSLEY, born 1951 Jan 19, Buncombe co, NC; married Hazel Ethelene SUMMEY.

1w. Dennis Bruce HENSLEY II, born 1975 Jun 27, Haywood co, NC.

2w. Bradley Dallas HENSLEY, born 1977 Mar 31, Haywood co, NC.

3v. Michael Clinton HENSLEY, born 1952 Sep 20, Buncombe co, NC.

4v. Bonnie Lou HENSLEY, born 1946 Mar 6, Buncombe co, NC; married Frank Carroll SURRETT, Jr.

1w. Shirley Mae SURRETT, born 1965 May 12, Haywood co, NC.

5v. Genevieve HENSLEY, born 1949 Mar 12, Buncombe co, NC.

2u. Grant N. HENSLEY, born 1917 Jul 25, Yancey co, NC; married Mamie HIGGINS.

1v. Adeline HENSLEY, born 1937 Sep 11, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Sandra Jean HENSLEY, born 1948 Nov 26, Buncombe co, NC; married Wesley Kevin MILLS.

1w. Celby Heath MILLS, born 1981 Aug 7, Henderson co, NC.

2w. April Charmaine MILLS, born 1978 Apr 18, Henderson co, NC.

3w. Colleen Naomi MILLS, born 1983 Jul 13, Henderson co, NC.

3u. Harn HENSLEY, born 1918 Dec 21, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Ed HENSLEY, born 1922 Dec 16, Yancey co, NC, died 2003 Jun 2, Burnsville, NVC; married Mary Ann HONEYCUTT.

1v. Bterigal Lee HENSLEY, born 1949 Feb 18, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Carl HENSLEY, born 1924 Apr 17, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Oxie HENSLEY, born 1914 Sep 19, Yancey co, NC; married Lida EDWARDS.

1v. Lida EDWARDS, Jr., born 1935 Jan 17, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Marshall EDWARDS, born 1936 Apr 4, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Marshall Kenneth EDWARDS, born 1960 Aug 3, McDowell co, NC.

2w. Timothy Lee EDWARDS, born 1961 Sep 28, McDowell co, NC.

3v. Harold Gene EDWARDS, born 1944 Sep 4, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Allen Eugene EDWARDS, born 1967 Nov 12, McDowell, NC.

2w. James Curtis EDWARDS, born 1971 Feb 22, McDowell co, NC.

4v. Irolene EDWARDS, born 1934 Jan 1, Yancey co, NC.

5v. _______ (dau) EDWARDS, born 1937 Dec 1, Yancey co, NC.

6v. Jervina EDWARDS, born 1940 Sep 28, Yancey co, NC.

7v. Gwenda L. EDWARDS, born 1942 Oct 11, Ycncey co, NC.

8v. Peggy Ann EDWARDS, born 1946 Nov 3, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Sarah Ersie HENSLEY, born 1916 Apr 5, Yancey co, NC; married Vance HENSLEY (born 1910 Jul 22, died 1971 Apr, Marion, NC).

1v. _______ (son) HENSLEY, born 1935 Nov 15, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Arnold Dean HENSLEY, born 1940 Aug 6, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Jimmy Dean HENSLEY, born 1965 Mar 25, McDowell co, NC; married Esther Kathleen SHELTON.

1x. Justin Matthew HENSLEY, born 1983 Jun 16, Henderson co, NC.

2x. Caleb Joshua HENSLEY, born 1986 Jul 11, Henderson co, Nc.

3v. Genell HENSLEY, born 1937 Feb 23, Yancey co, NC; married Glenn ADKINS.

1w. Bobby D. ADKINS, born 1956 Jul 30, Yancey co, NC.

2w. David L. ADKINS, born 1961 Nov 19, Yancey co, NC.

3w. Doyle G. ADKINS, born 1967 Mar 1, Yancey co, NC.

4w. Kathrina A. ADKINS, born 1958 Jul 8, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Lallie HENSLEY, born 1921 May 11, Yancey co, NC.

9u. Alice HENSLEY, born 1926 May 2, Yancey co, NC; married Claude WATTS (born 1914 Nov 23, Yancey co, NC, died 1997 Jul 21, Burnsville, NC) (see below).

1v. Paul WATTS, born 1948 Sep 4, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Patricia Ann WATTS, born 1945 Jul 29, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Karen Ray L. WATTS, born 1959 Aug 28, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Child, died by 1900.

2r. Marcelles PATE, born 1839 Dec, NC, died 1926 Jan 20, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Iona SHELTON; married 2nd, 1870 Apr 7, Yancey co, NC, Barbara Jane HIGGINS.

1s. Eliphes PATE, later SHELTON, born 1868 Sep 3, Shelton Laurel, NC, died 1941 Oct 16, Newton co, AR; married Patricia Cordeles PATE (born 1870 Jul 5, Flag Pond, TN, died 1935 Oct 14, Newton co, AR) (see above).

2s. Robert L. PATE, born 1872 Sep, NC; married ca 1888, Harriet HOILMAN (born 1871 Oct, NC).

1t. John PATE, born 1891 Feb, TN; married Hattie _______ (born 1895, NC).

1u. Cartie Lee PATE, born 1912 Jun 8, NC, died 1980 Aug, Burnsville, NC; married Grace Rebecca BUSH (born 1921 Jul 30, died 1989 Jun 15, Weaverville, NC).

1v. Cartie Lee PATE, Jr.; married Lois Ann SNELSON.

1w. Robert Lee PATE, born 1974 May 9, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Roy Wayne PATE, born 1946 Oct 13, Yancey co, NC; married Georgie A. SEAY.

1w. Charles Gregory PATE, born 1974 Oct 5, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Glen S. PATE, born 1959 Oct 4, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Marty D. PATE, born 1963 Jun 4, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Eula F. PATE, born 1945 Feb 11, Yancey co, NC.

6v. Retie L. PATE, born 1958 Apr 3, Yancey co, NC.

7v. Helen A. PATE, born 1961 Jun 4, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Grover H. PATE, born 1915, NC; married Manervia HENSLEY.

1v. William Grover PATE, born 1945 Feb 15, Burke co, NC; married _______.

1w. William Scott PATE, born 1970 Oct 30, Mitchell co, NC.

2w. Latishia Jeanene PATE, born 1973 Mar 27, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Wanda PATE, born 1950 May 13, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Elsie PATE, born 1913, NC.

4u. Nora PATE, born 1918, NC.

2t. Perry Franklin PATE, born 1895 May, TN, died 1956 Dec 12; married Annie WILSON (born 1900, NC).

3t. Pender PATE, born 1903/04, NC; married ca 1923, Dulles HENSLEY (born 1904/05, NC).

1v. _______ (son) PATE, born 1930 Feb 1, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Callie PATE, born 1924 May 4, Yancey co, NC.

3u. _______ PATE (dau), born 192_ Feb 17, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Florence PATE, born 1936 Jan 1, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Ban PATE, born 1938 Apr 26, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Nelerie PATE, born 1940 Apr 16, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Lora PATE, born 1890 Apr, TN.

5t. Julia Ida PATE, born 1893 Jun, TN.

6t. Letha PATE, born 1900 Feb, TN; married ca 1920, Gus WILSON (born 1896/97, NC).

1u. Hubert WILSON, born 1921 Mar 8, NC, died 1966 Mar; married Dessie M. WILLIS.

1v. Basil M. WILSON, born 1952 Jul 5, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Bobby L. WILSON, born 1959 Nov 22, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Fredia L. WILSON, born 1954 May 21, Yancey co, NC; married Ronnie WHITSON.

1w. Rodney Mac WHITSON, born 1973 May 24, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Randy L. WHITSON, born 1975 Sep 14, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Garrett WILSON, born 1923 Oct 10, NC, died 1995 Apr 11, Burnsville, NC; married Roxie B. TIPTON (born 1912 Jun 13, died 2004 Oct 31, Burnsville, NC).

1v. Judith E. WILSON, born 1943 Jan 29, Yancey co, NC; married Stephen H. SOUTHERS.

1w. Sheba D. SOUTHERS, born 1974 Mar 27, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Joyce E. WILSON, born 1950 Mar 3, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Rotha Merrit WILSON, born 1926 Feb 12, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. Royce Lee WILSON, born 1947 Jul 5, Davidson co, NC.

2v. Darrell Reid WILSON, born 1949 Mar 3, Davidson co, NC.

3v. Michael Leon WILSON, born 1952 Jun 24, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1w. Christopher Michael WILSON, born 1973 Apr 13, Buncombe co, NC.

4v. Marlene WILSON, born 1955 Feb 14, Buncombe co, NC.

4u. Wayne WILSON, born 1928 May 13, Yancey co, NC, died 1997 Aug 20, Burnsville, NC; married Minnie J. WILLIS.

1v. Jimmy Lee WILSON, born 1947 Jan 24, Yancey co, NC; married Mary Jane GARLAND.

1w. Russell R. WILSON, born 1974 Sep 5, Yancey co, Nc.

2v. David W. WILSON, born 1955 Aug 19, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Helma C. GORTNEY; married 2nd, Diana J. JOHNSON.

(1)1w. David K. WILSON, born 1976 Jan 13, Yancey co, NC.

(2)2w. Shawn A. WILSON, born 1982 Apr 26, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Elizabeth G. WILSON, born 1950 Apr 25, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Roger Dean SNELSON; married 2nd, Herman J. CARROLL.

1w. Roger Wayne SNELSON, born 1968 Mar 17, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Rebecca Jayne SNELSON, born 1971 May 25, Yancey co, NC.

3w. Rachel Eva CARROLL, born 1976 Feb 6, TYancey co, NC.

5u. Wade WILSON, born 1934 Dec 22, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Frances Sheila CROFT; married 2nd, ca 1967, Lucille WILSON.

1v. A. Wade WILSON, born 1960 Mar 5, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Jeffrey R. WILSON, born 1964 Apr 11, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Ronald D. WILSON, born 1969 May 26, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Keith WILSON, born 1970 Aug 26, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Norris M. WILSON, born 1939 Oct 17, Yancey co, NC; married Carrie M. GARDNER.

1v. Douglas Keith WILSON, born 1958 Jul 7, Mitchell co, NC.

2v. Teresa Lynn WILSON, born 1965 Mar 11, Burke co, NC.

7u. Agnes WILSON, born 1932 Jul 25, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Mary WILSON, born 1937 Jun 7, Yancey co, NC.

9u. Dorris WILSON, born 1939 Oct 17, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Bessie PATE, born 1905 Apr 28, NC, died 1990 Aug 4, Burnsville, NC; married ca 1922, Red McINTOSH (born 1893/94, NC).

1u. Atlas McINTOSH, born 1923 Jan 19, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Zora PATE, born 1910 Jan 15, NC, died 2002 Mar 17, Burnsville, NC; married ca 1926, Ragan FENDER (born 1904 Oct 4, NC, died 1981 Mar, Burnsville, NC).

1u. Albert FENDER, born 1926 Jun 25, Yancey co, NC; married Nan Lou MITCHELL.

1v. Albert J. FENDER, born 1956 Jan 11, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Delanie FENDER, born 1954 Jan 14, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Alice R. FENDER, born 1960 Apr 20, Yancey co, NC.

4v. A. Anita FENDER, born 1962 Feb 22, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Duke FENDER, born 1928 Mar 20, Yancey co, NC, died 1996 Jan 28, Burnsville, NC; married Atlas McCURRY.

1v. Carl FENDER, born 1954 Jun 22, Yancey co, NC.

2v. David Duke FENDER, born 1970 Dec 13, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Yvonne FENDER, born 1951 May 25, Yancey co, NC; married Larry R. McINTOSH.

1w. Russell C. McINTOSH, born 1969 Aug 22, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Dwight D. McINTOSH, born 1975 Oct 4, Yancey co, NC.

3w. Donna Ray McINTOSH, botrn 1967 Oct 16, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Linda M. FENDER, born 1956 May 24, Yancey co, NC; married Ted WALLACE.

1w. Kimberly WALLACE, born 1980 Jan 1, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Elaine FENDER, born 1958 Nov 3, Yancey co, NC; married Donald WALLACE.

1w. Melissa S. WALLACE, born 1982 Aug 14, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Donald R. FENDER, born 1928 Mar 20, Yancey co, NC, died 1997 Aug 20, Mosheim, TN; married _______.

1v. Amy Yvonne FENDER, born 1966 Aug 8, Cumberland co, NC.

2v. Sandra Arletta FENDER, born 1968 Jun 1, Cumberland co, NC.

4u. James FENDER, born 1932 Apr 7, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Carl FENDER, born 1937 May 8, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Tommie D. FENDER, born 1942 May 9, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Gladis FENDER, born 1930 Jul 3, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Geneva E. FENDER, born 1934 May 6, Yancey co, NC; married Roy E. AYERS.

1v. Roy R. AYERS, born 1956 Jul 6, Yancey co, NC.

9u. Jennie Lee FENDER, born 1934 May 6, Yancey co, NC; married James Worsley HENSLEY, Jr.

1v. James Worsley HENSLEY III, born 1960 Jan 9, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Edward HENSLEY, born 1967 Oct 6, TYancey co, NC.

3v. Palemia J. HENSLEY, born 1956 Mar 29, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Betty Jean HENSLEY, born 1957 Jun 7, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Brenda Lee HENSLEY, born 1963 May 12, Yancey co, NC.

10u. Katherine Joyce FENDER, born 1939 Dec 4, Yancey co, NC; married Norman Jones OSTEEN.

1v. Norman Jones OSTEEN, Jr., born 1961 Dec 15, Henderson co, NC.

2v. Byron Conley OSTEEN, born 1966 Jan 30, Henderson co, NC; married Tracy Lynn WIGGINS.

1w. Uriah Chance OSTEEN, born 1987 Apr 15, Henderson co, NC.

2w. Jessica Hope OSTEEN, born 1988 Sep 7, Henderson co, NC.

3v. Cynthia Dawn OSTEEN, born 1963 Jan 31, Henderson co, NC; married Douglas Wayne SCHWEITZER.

1w. Brandon Wayne SCHWEITZER, born 1984 Mar 11, Henderson co, NC.

2w. Tiffany Nichole SCHWEITZER, born 1987 Jul 27, Henderson co, NC.

11u. Geraldine FENDER, born 1944 Jun 4, Yancey co, NC; married L. Hoyle LEDFORD.

1v. Reginoeld H. LEDFORD, born 1963 Oct 14, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Timmy LEDFORD, born 1966 Feb 28, Yancey co, NC.

9t. Child, died by 1900.

10-12t. Three children, died 1900/10.

3s. John F. PATE, born 1872 Mar, NC; married 1891 Mar 19, Yancey co, NC, Julia Laura KING (born 1875 Dec, NC).

1t. James M. PATE, born 1893 Sep, NC.

2t. Zeb F. PATE, born 1902 Apr 2, NC, died 1984 Feb 26, New Oxford, PA.

3t. Dora J. PATE, born 1892 Aug 25, NC, died 1968 Feb, Burnsville, NC; married Irvin HENSLEY (born 1848/49, NC, fl. 1930, Egypt, NC).

1u. Vance HENSLEY, born 1910 Jul 22, NC, died 1971 Apr, Marion, NC; married Agnes HILL.

1v. _______ (son) HENSLEY, born 1938 Jan 18, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Charlie Lee HENSLEY, born 1940 Jul 19, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Parsie Fee HENSLEY, born 1940 Jul 19, Yancey co, NC.

4v. David V. HENSLEY, born 1945 Jul 16, Yancey co, NC; married Alva Janie STUMP.

1w. David Keith HENSLEY, born 1971 Sep 18, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Scotty Jerome HENSLEY, born 1984 Mar 18, Yancey co, NC.

3w. Mary Lynn HENSLEY, born 1975 Jan 31, Yancey co, NC.

4w. Melanie R. HENSLEY, born 1977 Jun 6, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Alice HENSLEY, born 1944 Jan 8, yancey co, NC.

2u. Roxie Verlin HENSLEY, born 1917 Mar 19, Yancey co, NC; married Ossie EDWARDS (born 1917 Sep 11, died 2005 Jan 28, Burnsville, NC).

1v. D. L. H. EDWARDS, born 1936 Nov 17, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Wannell EDWARDS, born 1939 Jan 9, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Roxanna PATE, born 1898 Jan, NC, died 1900/10, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Hattie B. PATE, born 1900 Mar, NC.

6t. Sarah Pansy PATE, born 1904 Jan 29, NC; married Hobart HARDING.

1u. Ralph HARDING, born 1933 Aug 12, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Glenna Geneva HARDING, born 1945 May 1, Yancey co, NC; married Grover Cleveland CLARK.

1v. Timothy Dean CLARK, born 1965 Apr 20, Caldwell co, NC.

2v. Gelene A. CLARK, born 1963 Dec 19, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Patricia F. HARDING, born 1949 Nov 4, Yancey co, NC; married James W. STAMEY.

1v. Tammy Annette STAMEY, born 1968 Jun 15, Yancey co, NC; married Stephen Ray BURLESON.

1w. Victoria Michelle BURLESON, born 1987 Sep 15, Avery co, NC.

7t. Frances A. PATE, born 1906/07, NC.

4s. Doctor F. PATE, born 1873 Sep 6, NC, died 1963 Mar 11; married 1893 Oct 19, Yancey co, NC, Mary Jane HENSLEY (born 1873 Sep, NC, died 1944 Jun 2).

1t. John W. PATE, born 1894 Aug 23, NC, died 1977 Aug 5, Burnsville, NC; married Hattie KING (born 1897/98, NC).

1u. Arne PATE, born 1921 Apr 26, Yancey co, NC; married Opal PHILLIPS (born 1921 Aug 20, Yancey co, NC) (see below).

1v. Lana Maxine PATE, born 1946 Oct 16, McDowell co, NC.

2v. Sheila L. PATE, born 1949 Jan 25, Yancey co, NC; married Ernest RAMSEY.

1w. Andrea R. RAMSEY, born 1973 Aug 6, Yancey co, NC.

2u. William G. PATE, born 1923 Sep 30, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Minerva HENSLEY; married 2nd, Peggy Jean WATTS.

1v. John Harrel PATE, born 1940 Apr 8, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Walter J. PATE, born 1952 May 27, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Willno Lee PATE, born 1948 May 13, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Wanda PATE, born 1950 May 13, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Latishia J. PATE, born 1973 Mar 27, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Wayne PATE, born 1927 Nov 29, Yancey co, NC; married Evelyn J. GILBERT.

1v. David Wayne PATE, born 1972 Feb 20, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Paul Nelson PATE, born 1973 Jun 16, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Marshall PATE, born 1931 Aug 3, Yancey co, NC, died 2006 May 28, Burnsville, NC; married Emma C. ROBINSON.

1v. Larry D. PATE, born 1953 May 5, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Iva PATE, born 1919 Apr 20, Yancey co, NC; married Harvie EDWARDS.

1v. Joe EDWARDS, born 1936 Mar 4, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Geraldine EDWARDS, born 1941 Apr 12, Yancey co, NC.
2t. William Martin PATE, born 1896 Apr 26, NC, died 1969 Aug, Marion, NC.

3t. Andrew PATE, born 1904 Aug 21, NC, died 1986 Oct, Burnsville, NC; married 1st, Floy VICKERS; married 2nd, ca 1945, Gladys ROBINSON.

1u. J. D. PATE, born 1946 May 30, Yancey co, NC; married Elizabeth WILCOX.

1v. Jacquline D. PATE, born 1968 Sep 7, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Misty Michelle PATE, born 1976 May 28, Mitchell co, NC.

2u. Marjorie PATE, born 1934 Dec 7, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Floy Mac PATE, born 1952 Jul 13, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Alvin PATE, born 1907 Mar 24, NC, died 1987 Jul, Burnsville, NC; married ca 1927, Minnie McINTOSH (born 1905 Jul 26, Yancey co, NC, died 2000 Jan 25, Burnsville, NC).

1u. Bruce PATE, born 1928 Dec 31, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Brisco PATE, born 1930 Nov 28, Yancey co, NC.

3u. _______ (son) PATE.

4u. Mary PATE, born 1932 Dec 6, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Alma Aline PATE, born 1934 Feb 15, Yancey co, NC; married William B. SHUFORD.

1v. Edward Gene SHUFORD, born 1956 Jun 14, Yancey co, NC; married Rebecca Sue SMITH.

1w. Macie Suzanne SHUFORD, born 1992 Jun 21, Jackson co, NC.

6u. Lillian PATE, born 1942 Aug 15, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Baxter PATE, born 1914, NC; married Edith PHILLIPS (born 1917 Jan 17, Yancey co, NC, died 2004 May 16, Burnsville, NC) (see below).

1u. Alden PATE, born 1936 May 17, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Reece PATE, born 1938 May 9, Yancey co, NC; married Rosie C. HOILMAN.

1v. Richard Dean PATE, born 1965 Sep 27, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Michael Bo PATE, born 1990 Mar 10, Mitchell co, NC.

3u. Jewell PATE, born 1941 Sep 30, Yancey co, NC; married Johnny ROBINSON.

1v. Johnny J. ROBINSON, born 1975 Apr 26, Yancey co, NC.

4u. June PATE, born 1944 Jun 17, Yancey co, NC; married Leonard FENDER.

1v. Kathy J. FENDER, born 1964 Feb 11, Yancey co, NC; married Gary R. EDWARDS.

1w. Latonya R. EDWARDS, born 1984 Feb 4, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Joyce PATE, born 1946 Sep 17, Yancey co, NC.

6t. Dollie Loney PATE, born 1899 Aug, NC; married McKinley FENDER (born 1896 Dec 16, died 1965 Nov, Marion, NC).

1u. _______ (son) FENDER, born 1927 Sep 16, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Everett FENDER, born 1936 Mar 15, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Velva FENDER, born 1922 Jan 5, Yancey co, NC; married Dave L. FENDER.

1v. Garry M. FENDER, born 1950 Sep 7, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Wilma FENDER, born 1923 Mar 7, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Lester WILSON; married 2nd, ca 1954, Clifton T. WILSON.

1v. Lawrence C. WILSON, born 1939 Nov 18, Yancey co, NC; married Wanda J. HENSLEY.

1w. Teresa J. WILSON, born 1958 Jan 21, Yancey co, NC; married Kenneth CARROLL.

1x. Kelly B. CARROLL, born 1978 Aug 9, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Glen WILSON, born 1942 Apr 23, Yancey co, NC.

3v. _______ (son) WILSON, born 1955 May 20, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Darrell R. WILSON, born 1956 Sep 4, Yancey co, NC; married Donna M. LAWING.

1w. Jeremy Darrell WILSON, born 1977 Oct 14, Burke co, NC.

5v. Dianne WILSON, born 1953 Feb 9, Yancey co, NC.

6v. Rita A. WILSON, born 1953 Feb 9, Yancey co, NC; married Donald R. LOGAN.

1w. Daris Ray LOGAN, born 1977 Nov 6, Burke co, NC.

5u. Ruth FENDER, born 1930 Jun 18, Yancey co, NC; married Gail T. ROLAND (born 1925 Jun 10, died 2000 Sep 29, Wellington, OH).

1v. Kenneth G. ROLAND, born 1949 Jun 24, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Nancy J. PATE, born 1902, NC; married ca 1927, Austin J. JONES (born 1897 Jul 2, TN, died 1979 Jun, Asheville, NC).

1u. F. C. JONES, born 1932 Feb 17, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Paul JONES, born 1939 May 16, Yancey co, NC; married Mary L. HANEY.

1v. Brenda R. JONES, born 1958 Apr 24,Yancey co, NC.

3u. Mary Pauline JONES, born 1929 Feb 7, Yancey co, NC; married Carmon R. HANEY.

1v. Linda K. HANEY, born 1958 Feb 21, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Lora P. JONES, born 1933 Sep 11, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Jane PATE.

9t. Sarah A. PATE, born 1909 Nov 7, NC, died 2000 Oct 31, Nebo, NC; married Willie GARLAND.

1u. James Everett GARLAND, born 1934 Mar 28, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. James Edward GARLAND, born 1960 Dec 7, McDowell co, NC; married Carol Ann VINCENT.

1w. Chad Vincent GARLAND, born 1981, Rutherford co, NC.

2w. Jodi Amanda GARLAND, born 1985 Apr 9, Avery co, NC.

2v. Joseph Daniel GARLAND< born 1972 Nov 28, McDowell co, NC; married _______.

1w. Jesse Everett GARLAND, born 1992 Feb 14, Mitchell co, NC.

3v. Sheila Ann GARLAND, born 1957 May 6, McDowell co, NC; married David Eugene JONES.

1w. David Gabriel JONES, born 1983, Rutherford co, NC.

10t. Rosa PATE, born 1912, NC; married Frank MITCHELL.

1u. Brisco MITCHELL, born 1931 Nov 20, Yancey co, NC.

11t. Child, died by 1900.

5s. Thomas James Robert PATE, born 1878, NC; married ca 1902, Kittie _______ (born 1883/84, NC).

1t. Edd PATE, born 1908 Apr 4, Yancey co, NC, died 1988 Oct, Asheville, NC; married Madge PEEK.

1u. _______ (son) PATE, born 1927 Jun 25, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Bill PATE, born 1930 Jul 8, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Roy E. PATE, born 1915 May 29, NC, died 2000 Mar 24, Rives, TN; married Evelyn HUNTER (born 1917 Oct 1, died 2004 Sep 9, Burnsville, NC).

1u. James K. PATE, born 1944 Oct 27, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Van H. PATE, born 1949 Jan 8, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Barbara E. PATE, born 1942 Jun 27, Yancey co, Nc.

3t. Hugh Hubert PATE, born 1920 Oct 31, Yancey co, NC, died 1990 Jul 21; married Mary D. BAILEY.

1u. _______ (son) PATE, born 1948 Aug 23, Buncombe co, NC.

2u. Gary DeWeese PATE, born 1949 Oct 10, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Carolyn PATE, born 1947 Feb 11, Chatham co, Nc.

4u. Mary J. PATE, born 1950 Oct 24, Yancey co, NC.

4t. James Robert PATE, Jr., born 1927 Apr 29, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1u. Ruth Elaine PATE, born 1948 Jan 14, Buncombe co, NC.

5t. Ruth PATE, born 1903, NC.

6t. Bessie PATE, born 1904 Jul 9, NC, died 1977 Oct, Marion, NC; married Robert D. GRINDSTAFF (born 1900 Aug 23, died 1994 Dec 13, Old Fort, NC).

1u. Robert GRINDSTAFF, born 1934 May 26, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Jula GRINDSTAFF, born 1936 Jan 10, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Lucile PATE, born 1909, NC; married Charles WHITSON.

1u. Reece WHITSON, born 1933 Apr 13, Yancey co, NC; married Iva B. LEDFORD.

1v. Mack L. WHITSON, born 1962 Sep 13, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Teresa Gail WHITSON, born 1966 Sep 12, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Harold H. WHITSON, born 1944 Jan 26, Yancey co, NC; married Frances P. WHITSON.

1v. Harold Wayne WHITSON, born 1969 Jan 16, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Jo Ann WHITSON, born 1970 May 2, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Ellowe WHITSON, born 1934 Apr 10, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Jane PATE, born 1911, NC.

9t. Edith PATE, born 1917 Nov 27, Yancey co, NC.

10t. Wanda Lee PATE, born 1922 Aug 2, Yancey co, NC.

11t. Hazel PATE, born 1924 Jul 10, Yancey co, NC; married Hubert Blaine SWANN (born 1925 Jun 19, died 2000 Sep 13, Burnsville, NC).

1u. Robert Michael SWANN, born 1944 Oct 8, Buncombe co, NC; married Judy F. STEVENS.

1v. Douglas Patrick SWANN, born 1968 Apr 17, Burke co, NC.

2v. Kelly Denise SWANN, born 1969 Aug 14, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Larry Roger SWANN, born 1947 Jan 24, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. Jeffrey Britt SWANN, born 1967 Apr 1, Buncombe co, NC.

3u. Hubert Blaine SWANN, Jr., born 1952 Sep 29, Yancey co, NC, died 2002 Mar 29, Vine Grove, KY.

4u. Kevin Dale SWANN, born 1960 Dec 20, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Rebecca A. SWANN, born 1957 Jun 23, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Alesia Jeanne SWANN, born 1964 Apr 1, Yancey co, NC.

7s. Sarah L. PATE, born 1871 Feb, NC, fl. 1930, McMinn co, TN; married ca 1886, William I. DUNCAN (born 1868 Jun, NC).

1t. John L. DUNCAN, born 1886 Dec, NC.

2t. Molt F. DUNCAN, born 1890 Aug 3, Yancey co, NC, died 1968 May, Erwin, TN; married Augusta GARLAND (born 1895, NC).

1u. Clarence DUNCAN, born 1908/09, NC; married Hassie WHITSON (born 1906 Nov 9, died 1977 Jun, Erwin, TN).

1v. James C. DUNCAN, born 1936 Feb 6, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Augusta A. DUNCAN, born 1937 Dec 6, Avery co, NC.

3v. Ruth DUNCAN, born 1939 Mar 28, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Edmond/Edwin DUNCAN, born 1914 May 1, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Garland DUNCAN, born 1926 Jan 1, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Madge DUNCAN, born 1916 Sep 6, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Blanche DUNCAN, born 1921 Jan 24, Yancey co, NC, died by 1930.

6u. Catherine Alma DUNCAN, born 1922 Apr 30, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Adeline DUNCAN, born 1924 Mar 22, Yancey co, NC, died 1989 Mar, Louisville, KY; married _______ BRYANT*.

8u. Virginia L. DUNCAN, born 1930 Jun 27, Yancey co, NC.

9u. Annie DUNCAN, born 1932 Jan 9, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Thomas I. DUNCAN, born 1892 Nov, NC.

4t. David E. DUNCAN, born 1893 Oct, NC.

5t. Everett R. DUNCAN, born 1898 May, NC; married ca 1921, Losha _______ (born 1901/02, NC).

1u. Milburn DUNCAN, born 1921/22, NC.

2u. Roy DUNCAN, born 1928, NC.

3u. Irene DUNCAN, born 1923/24, NC.

6t. Richard Earl DUNCAN, born 1905 Apr 7, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Troy DUNCAN, born 1906, NC.

8t. Penwalis DUNCAN, born 1907/08, TN.

9t. Fred DUNCAN, born 1911, TN.

10t. Edd DUNCAN, born 1914, TN.

11t. Lovina J. DUNCAN, born 1888 Dec, NC.

12t. Maud E. DUNCAN, born 1896 Feb, NC; married (div by 1920), _______ COFFEE.

1u. Wesley COFFEE, born 1911, TN.

13t. Candis DUNCAN, born 1900/01, NC.

14t. Kathleen DUNCAN, born 1910, TN.

8s. Martha Malisa PATE, born 1875 Jul, NC; married ca 1893, Turner A. EDWARDS (born 1875 Jun, NC).

1t. John Marcellus EDWARDS, born 1894 Sep, NC; married ca 1911, Tinie HENSLEY (born 1891, NC).

1u. Pless EDWARDS, born 1913 Jul 19, Yancey co, NC, died 1974 Oct, Arden, NC; married Maude SOUTHERLAND.

1v. Eva EDWARDS, born 1946 Dec 17, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Lee EDWARDS, born 1915 Sep 6, NC, died 2002 Jul 3, Burnsville, NC.

3u. William Anderson EDWARDS, born 1917 Aug 29, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Paul EDWARDS, born 1920 Jul 3, Yancey co, NC, died 1979 Aug, Fletcher, NC; married Hattie Mae FENDER.

1v. Charlie EDWARDS, born 1939 Dec 27, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Therman EDWARDS, born 1940 Dec 17, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Farrell EDWARDS, born 1944 Mar 27, Yancey co, NC; married Linda Gail LIVELY.

1w. Anthony Farrell EDWARDS, born 1956 Nov 28, Henderson co, NC; married Tracy Michelle TUTTLE.

1x. Morgan Abigayle EDWARDS, born 1998 May 16, Henderson co, NC.

2w. Matthew Todd EDWARDS, born 1970 Jun 29, Henderson co, NC.

3w. Kimberly Delynn EDWARDS, born 1967 Dec 3, Handerson co, NC; married Richard Bryan CAPPS.

1x. Jordan Farrell CAPPS, born 1988 Oct 26, Henderson co, NC.

2x. Matthew Thomas CAPPS, born 1990 Apr 25, Handerson co, NC.

3x. Christian Bryan CAPPS, born 1993 Feb 12, Handerson co, NC.

4x. Rachel Victoria CAPPS, born 1997 Aug 18, Henderson co, NC.

4v. Patsey Sue EDWARDS, born 1942 Oct 23, Yancey co, NC; married David Edgar CHAMPION.

1w. David Blake CHAMPION, born 1974 Jan 25, Cleveland co, NC.

2w. Kristi Suzanne CHAMPION, born 1970 Dec 24, Cleveland co, NC.

5u. George EDWARDS, born 1923 Apr 24, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Wayne EDWARDS, born 1924 Aug 9, Yancey co, NC, died 1981 Jan, Arden, NC.

7u. Vestal C. EDWARDS, born 1930 Sep 19, Yancey co, NC; married Evelyn ALLEN.

1v. Fredia M. EDWARDS, born 1953 Dec 21, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Ray EDWARDS, born 1935 Jan 13, Yancey co, NC; married Dorothy L. WILSON.

1v. Carolyn I. EDWARDS, born 1957 Aug 4, Yancey co, NC; married Danny W. BALL.

1w. Anna M. BALL, born 1973 Oct 11, Yancey co, NC.

9u. Rose M. EDWARDS, born 1919 Feb 5, Yancey co, NC.10u. Minnie EDWARDS, born 1921 Dec 29, Yancey co, NC.

11u. Georgia EDWARDS, born 1924/25, NC.

12u. Lillian EDWARDS, born 1925 Nov 19, Yancey co, NC; married Holt MILLER (born 1920 Aug 22, died 2000 Feb 29, Virginia Beach, VA).

1v. Joseph C. MILLER, born 1961 May 24, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Jonathan B. MILLER, born 1964 May 23, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Carolyn Denise MILLER, born 1957 Dec 22, Buncombe co, NC.

13u. Thelma Lee EDWARDS, born 1927 Dec 18, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Edward C. WILLIS; married 2nd, Floyd AYERS.

1v. Gary Wayne AYERS, born 1966 Jul 25, Burke co, NC.

2v. Judy WILLIS, born 1949 Jul 23, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Carolyn T. AYERS, born 1968 Oct 9, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Lifus M. EDWARDS, born 1897 Nov, NC; married ca 1927, Annie MOORE (born 1906/07, NC).

1u. R. B. EDWARDS, born 1928 Oct 1, Yancey co, NC; married Helena JOHNSON.

1v. Richard Bernard EDWARDS, born 1963 Jan 12, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Evelyne EDWARDS, born 1930 Aug 22, Yancey co, NC; married as 2nd wife, Eranious WOODY (born 1931 Nov 15, died 1996 May 27, Burnsville, NC).

1v. Eranious WOODY, Jr., born 1961 Jun 25, Yancey co, NC, died 2002 Sep 19, Micaville, NC; married _______.

1w. Jared Alan WOODY, born 1984 Sep 4, Mitchell co, NC.

2w. Juli Ann WOODY, born 1986 Jun 7, Mitchell co, NC.

2v. Jerry Lee WOODY, born 1967 Oct 21, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Robert Thomas WOODY, born 1984 Oct 4, Mitchell co, NC.

2w. Billy Ray WOODY, born 1989 Oct 24, Mitchell co, NC.

3w. Wendy Leann WOODY, born 1987 Jan 12, Mitchell co, NC.

3v. Janet S. WOODY, born 1963 May 19, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Jennifer Lynn WOODY, born 1969 Mar 16, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Berniece EDWARDS, born 1932 Sep 27, Yancey co, NC.

3t. William E. EDWARDS, born 1900 Mar, NC.

4t. Arthur EDWARDS, born 1902, NC.

5t. Allison EDWARDS, born 1908 May 22, NC, died 1994 Mar 15, Burnsville, NC; married Dorothy HENSLEY.

1u. Stuard EDWARDS, born 1932 Jun 11, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Creed Daniel EDWARDS, born 1933 Oct 15, Yancey co, NC; married Mamie PETERSON.

1v. Craig D. EDWARDS, born 1966 Sep 12, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Dana Michelle EDWARDS, born 1970 Apr 15, Mitchell co, NC.

6t. George EDWARDS, born 1909, NC; married ca 1929, Ida MATHIS (born 1910/11, NC).

1u. Coy EDWARDS, born 1932 Jun 19, Yancey co, NC; married Joan RANDOLPH.

1v. Dairen EDWARDS, born 1958 Dec 29, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Aaron EDWARDS, born 1965 Jan 7, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Faron C. EDWARDS, born 1966 May 18, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Cecil EDWARDS, born 1934 Oct 14, Yancey co, NC; married Ruby P. FOX.

1v. Cecil S. EDWARDS, born 1954 Aug 5, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Randy Lee EDWARDS, born 1958 Jul 31, Yancey co, NC; married Cynthia A. FORTNER.

1w. Jerramie Lee EDWARDS, born 1983 Dec 13, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Heather N. EDWARDS, born 1979 Sep 2, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Ricky L. EDWARDS, born 1960 Sep 22, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Charles J. EDWARDS, born 1970 Apr 7, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Dora M. EDWARDS, born 1939 Nov 22, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Anderson EDWARDS, born 1913, NC.

8t. Sarah J. EDWARDS, born 1895 Oct, NC.

9t. Texie K. EDWARDS, born 1904 Apr 9, NC, died 2001 Jan 18, Arden, NC; married Joseph L. HONEYCUTT (born 1906 Jan 2, NC, died 1987 Jan, Arden, NC).

1u. Ruby HONEYCUTT, born 1930 Oct 24, Yancey co, NC.

10t. Laury Belle EDWARDS, born 1906, NC.

11t. Josie EDWARDS, born 1911, NC; married ca 1927, Coy PHILLIPS (born 1908 Nov 15, NC, died 1984 Jan, Burnsville, NC).

1u. Bronas PHILLIPS, born 1932 Sep 26, Yancey co, NC; married Genevieve FENDER.

1v. Jupper PHILLIPS, born 1953 Aug 30, Yancey co, NC; married Sherian Beth ABERNETHY.

1w. John D. PHILLIPS, born 1979 Oct 5, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Lucas Jupper PHILLIPS, born 1980 Oct 24, Yancey co, NC.

3w. Kelly Rochelle PHILLIPS, born 1974 Apr 25, Lincoln co, NC.

4w. Brandi Elease PHILLIPS, born 1977 Sep 6, Gaston co, NC.

2v. Cash PHILLIPS, born 1956 Jul 29, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Sanja Jo PHILLIPS, born 1951 Dec 8, Yancey co, NC.

12t. Donnie Mae EDWARDS, born 1915 Aug 12, NC, died 2006 Oct 26, Shelby, NC; married William McKinley FENDER (born 1914 Feb 17, died 1996 Nov 20, Shelby, NC).

1u. B. M. FENDER, born 1946 Apr 9, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Linda Sue BOWEN; married 2nd, Mary R. CONLEY.

1v. Tammy Lynn FENDER, born 1968 Apr 29, Cleveland co, NC.

2v. Melissa Lea FENDER, born 1969 Apr 11, Cleveland, co, NC.

13t. Child, died by 1910.

9s. Barbara E. PATE, born 1880 Feb 18, NC; married as 1st wife, John D. WATTS (born 1875, NC).

1t. Luther WATTS, born 1903 Dec 11, NC, died 1982 Aug, Erwin, TN; married ca 1928, Madge McINTOSH (born 1905 Aug 29, NC, died 1994 Apr 15, Erwin, TN).

1u. Avery Raymond WATTS, born 1929 Feb 4, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Marie Mable WATTS, born 1931 Feb 20, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Lillian WATTS, born 1933 Jun 19, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Catheleen WATTS, born 1936 Jan 9, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Claude WATTS, born 1914 Nov 23, Yancey co, NC, died 1997 Jul 21, Burnsville, NC; married Alice HENSLEY (see above).

3t. Virgie WATTS, born 1905, NC.

4t. Josie WATTS, born 1907, NC; married Luster WILSON.

1u. Mary E. WILSON, born 1942 Sep 14, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Dorothy WATTS, born 1910 Sep 16, Yancey co, NC, died 2003 Oct 24, Burnsville, NC; married Carmon SILVERS (born 1911 Mar 2, died 2003 Jul 6, Burnsville, NC).

1u. C. B. SILVERS, born 1933 Aug 17, Yancey co, NC; married Edna June BERRY.

1v. Donald SILVERS, born 1954 May 10, Yancey co, NC; married Carolyn RAY.

1w. Jeffrey D. SILVERS, born 1975 Apr 19, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Travis Lee SILVERS, born 1979 Oct 7, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Roger Lee SILVERS, born 1956 Jan 7, Yancey co, NC; married Revonda Lynn EDWARDS.

1w. Michael Lee SILVERS, born 1976 Feb 17, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Shochonia M. SILVERS, born 1981 Jun 13, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Morris L. SILVERS, born 1962 Mar 6, Yancey co, NC; married Judith Lynn BROWN.

1w. Brian Morris SILVERS, born 1981 Sep 18, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Cynthia Ann SILVERS, born 1957 Jun 7, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Steve Afton SILVERS, born 1945 Jul 15, Yancey co, NC; married Brenda J. BUCHANAN.

1v. Stephen Eric SILVERS, born 1971 Jun 22, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Willie J. SILVERS, born 1937 Jun 20, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Sinda SILVERS, born 1939 Nov 15, Yancey co, NC.

10s. Dollie PATE, born 1880 Feb 18, NC, died 1923 Jan 6; married as 2nd wife, John D. WATTS.

1t. Anderson WATTS, born 1923 Jan 1, Yancey co, NC, died by 1930.

2t. Madge WATTS, born 1919 Apr 2, Yancey co, NC, died 2007 Apr 27, Burnsville, NC; married Hoy J. EDWARDS (died 1980).

1u. J. B. EDWARDS, born 1949 Oct 11, Yancey co, NC; married Virginia Gwen FENDER.

1v. Hoy Adam EDWARDS, born 1976 Sep 17, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Shonna N. EDWARDS, born 1979 Feb 23, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Gary R. EDWARDS, born 1951 Oct 17, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Kathy J. FENDER; married 2nd, Glenda _______.

1v. Latonya R. EDWARDS, born 1984 Feb 4, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Faye EDWARDS, born 1948 Jan 16, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Norma EDWARDS; married Troy COLE.

5u. Barbara Edwards; married Gene ABSHER.

6u. Brenda Sue EDWARDS, born 1956 Sep 27, Yancey co, NC, died an infant.

3r. John Oliver PATE, born 1839 May, NC, died 1923 Mar 1, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1860, Margaret L. _______ (born 1842/43, NC).

1s. Thomas D. PATE, born 1874, NC.

2s. William R. PATE, born 1879, NC; married 1899 Aug 8, Yancey co, NC, Julia HILEMON (born 1883/84, NC).

1t. Earl M. PATE, born 1904 Mar 21, NC, died 1994 Apr 22, Elizabethton, TN.

2t. Fred PATE, born 1910, TN.

3t. Cora M. PATE, born 1906, NC.

3s. Dulcenia M. PATE, born 1869 May, NC; married ca 1892, George W. HIGGINS (born 1867 Oct, TN, died 1910/20, Unicoi co, TN).

1t. James A. HIGGINS, born 1891 Aug, NC; married ca 1916, Florence _______ (born 1892/93, NC).

1u. Belva HIGGINS, born 1921/22, NC.

2u. Pauline HIGGINS, born 1925 Mar 12, Jones co, NC.

2t. William E. HIGGINS, born 1899 Jan, NC.

3t. John Wesley HIGGINS, born 1900/01, NC; married ca 1925, Rachel J. _______ (born 1898/99, TN).

1u. Jimmie W. HIGGINS, born 1925/26, TN.

4t. Margaret C./Sela Jane HIGGINS, born 1895 Mar 6, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Flossie A. HIGGINS, born 1897 May, NC.

6t. Martha L. HIGGINS, born 1903/04, NC.

7t. Cinda HIGGINS, born 1907, NC.

8t. Child, died by 1900.

4s. Samantha S. PATE, born 1869/70, NC.

5s. Julia A. PATE, born 1876 Jan, NC.

4r. James M. PATE, born 1843/44, NC, died by 1860.

5r. Samuel W. PATE, born 1845/46, NC, died by 1860.

6r. George W. PATE, born 1848/49, NC; married Caroline _______ (born 1843/44, NC).

1s. Julia A. PATE, born 1863/64, NC.

2s. Mary A. PATE, born 1869, TN.

7r. Cornwallis PATE, born 1850 Jan, NC.

8r. Jane PATE.

9r. Fanny F. PATE, born 1853/54, NC.

2q. Wallace PATE, born 1820 Nov 8, Yancey co, NC; married Rowena TERRENC (born 1816/17, TN).

1r. Elmira PATE, born 1850/51, NC.

2r. Jane PATE, born 1856/57, NC; married John WATSON (born ca 1855, MO).

1s. Carry A. WATSON, born 1877/78, MO, died 1904, OR; married as 1st wife, Elmer L. MATHEWS (born 1879 Dec 5, Salem, AR, died 1961 Jan 23, Topeka, KS).

1t. Jane Irene MATHEWS, born 1902 Nov 28, Salem, OR, died 1980 Aug 9, Austin, TX; married Juan DELGADO (born 1901 May 18, Laredo, TX, died 1980 Aug 8, Austin, TX).

1u. Elmer Mathew DELGADO, born 1929 Mar 15, Driftwood, TX, died there, 2000 Dec 1; married _______ SANDERS.

1v. _______ (dau) DELGADO.

3r. Irene PATE.

3q. Jessie PATE, born 1820 Nov 8, Yancey co, NC, died 1903 Dec 26, Cherokee co, NC; married 1840 Sep 18, Washington co, TN, Martha A. CRAWLEY (born 1923/24, Chester co, SC).

1r. Elijah C. PATE, born 1842, Washington co, NC, died 1862 Oct, unm.

2r. William E. PATE, born 1844, Washington co, NC, died 1864, unm.

3r. Clingman PATE, born 1856, Cherokee co, NC, died by 1870.

4r. Patrick H. PATE, born 1860 Apr, Cherokee co, NC, died by 1870.

5r. Robert Lee PATE, born 1861 Apr, died 1900/10, Viola, AR; married 1879 Jan 6, Cherokee co, NC, as 1st husband, Lucretia Cordelia KEITH (born 1859 Feb, NC, fl. 1930, Fulton, AR).

1s. Osborn Lee PATE, born 1887 Mar 8, NC, fl. 1930, Waco, KS; married 1910, Rebecca _______ (born 1893 Sep 5, AR, died 1976 Nov, Wichita, KS).

1t. Carman H. PATE, born 1916, AR.

2t. Monteen PATE, born 1919, AR.

3t. Cordelia PATE, born 1914, AR.

4t. Darline Lee PATE, born 1930, KS.

2s. Willie PATE, born 1890 Aug 19, NC, died by 1900.

3s. Mary Lee PATE, born 1881 Sep 14, NC, fl. 1930, Fulton, AR; married 1903 Oct 25, AR, John Madison BROWN (born 1886/87, AR).

1t. Leman BROWN, born 1904/05, AR, died by 1920.

2t. Curtis N. BROWN, born 1911 Sep 19, AR, died 2006 Aug 19, West Plains, MO).

3t. Noble A. BROWN, born 1913 Apr 5, AR, died 1972 Oct.

4t. Roscoe BROWN, born 1915, AR.

5t. Eveline R. BROWN, born 1909, NC.

6t. Irene L. BROWN, born 1917, AR.

7t. Iris BROWN, born 1919, AR.

8t. Child, died by 1910.

4s. Augusta Lee PATE, born 1879 Aug 18, NC; married 1st, _______ CLEMENT (died by 1900); married 2nd, ca 1906, as 2nd wife, Andrew T. BROWN (born 1879/80, TN).

1t. Orval Lee CLEMENT, born 1899 Feb, AR.

2t. Gladdis D. BROWN, born 1908, AR.

5s. Martha Lee PATE, born 1883 Jul 17, NC; married _______ HOWARD (died by 1910).

1t. Opal HOWARD, born 1907/08, AR.

2t. Illa HOWARD, born 1909, AR.

3t. Child, died by 1910.

6s. Blanche Lee PATE, born 1885 Aug 16, NC; married ca 1906, Richard WELLEFORD (born 1878/79, MO).

1t. Adam R. WELLEFORD, born 1906/07, AR.

2t. Manda L. WELLEFORD, born 1908, NC.

7s. Cora PATE, born 1890 Aug 18, NC, died by 1900.

8s. Myrtle PATE, born 1893, NC, died by 1900.

9s. Lottie Lee PATE, born 1896 Oct 10, AR; married _______ PATTEN.

1t. Allen PATTEN, born 1915, AR.

6r. Elijah Clayton PATE, born 1865 Oct 14, Cherokee co, NC, died 1942 Oct 15, Polk co, TN; married ca 1902, Elizabeth Ann HALL (born 1883/84, GA).

1s. Carson Homer PATE, born 1903 Aug 16, Polk co, TN, died 1966 Mar 16, Essex co, NJ; married Mary Gertrude LIPFORD.

1t. _______ (dau) PATE; married TIMMANN.

1-4u. Two sons, two daughters.

2s. Baze H. PATE, born 1905, TN.

3s. Lawrence L. PATE, born 1907, TN.

4s. Winfred PATE, born 1909 Oct 24, TN, died 1987 Feb, Oak Ridge, TN.

5s. Vaughan PATE, born 1922/23, TN.

6s. Varnell PATE, born 1924/25, TN.

7s. Floyd PATE, born 1911, TN.

8s. Flora PATE, born 1914, TN.

9s. Vesta PATE, born 1916, TN.

10s. Thelma PATE, born 1918, TN.

7r. Catherine PATE, born 1842 Jan, Washington co, NC, died 1924; married ca 1866, William G. PAYNE (born 1846 Jun, NC).

1s. William Elbert PAYNE, born 1866.

2s. Isaac Napoleon PAYNE, born 1872, NC, died 1942; married ca 1895, Ida Buchanan WEESE (born 1879 Aug, NC).

1t. James Ralph PAYNE, born 1898, NC, fl. 1930, Danville, VA; married ca 1920, Annie LEWIS (born 1896/97, NC).

1u. James Ralph PAYNE, Jr., born 1921/22, NC.

2u. Calvin PAYNE, born 1923/24, NC.

3u. Dorothy PAYNE, born 1927, VA.

2t. Raymond Napoleon PAYNE, born 1903, NC.

3t. Rufus Floyd PAYNE, born 1909, NC.

3s. John Milton PAYNE, born 1873 Jun, NC, died 1955; married ca 1894, Mary Roxanna JOHNSON (born 1877 Sep, NC).

1t. William Ray PAYNE, born 1894, NC, died by 1900.

2t. Claude Freeman PAYNE, born 1896 Mar 19, NC, died 1980 Aug, Kingsport, TN; married Bonnie LEAPER (born 1904 Jul 22, died 1993 Jul 7, Kingsport, TN).

3t. Fred Napoleon PAYNE, born 1900 Sep 7, NC, died 1973 May, Donalds, SC; married Lota GRIFFITH (born 1907 May 1, died 2001 Sep 8, Simpsonville, SC).

4t. Wade Albert PAYNE, born 1902 May 25, NC, died 1976 Dec, Sumter, SC; married Lillian P. WELLS.

5t. Clyde William PAYNE, born 1904 Feb 7, NC, died 1968 Dec; married Ruby COOPER.

6t. Edwin Lee PAYNE, born 1905 Jun 30, NC, died 1974 May, Fayetteville, TN; married Mildred Ann ARCHER (born 1905 Jul 21, died 1999 Aug 13, Layetteville, TN).

7t. Troy Thomas PAYNE, born 1907, NC, died 1981; married Lucille PATTON.

8t. Earl Thomas PAYNE, born 1911 Jul 28, NC, died 1965 Apr; married Lena Faye CROWE.

1u. Elizabeth Ann PAYNE, born 1941 Jan 15, Cherokee co, NC.

9t. Harold Milton PAYNE, born 1914 Nov 19, NC, died 1975 Feb, Culberson, NC; married Elva HARRIS.

1u. Harold Paul PAYNE, born 1945 Jan 17, Cherokee co, NC.

10t. Maude Ann PAYNE, born 1897 Jul, NC, died 1974; married Quince ALLEN.

11t. Lattie Florence PAYNE, born 1898 Sep, NC, died 1962; married Elbert Milton ALLEN.

12t. Lola Rosie PAYNE, born 1910, NC.

13t. Wiluma Kate PAYNE, born 1917, NC; married Lamar PUCKETT.

14t. Child, died 1900/10.

4s. Florence A. PAYNE, born 1868 Mar, NC; married 1892 Oct 20, Cherokee co, NC, John A. NICHOLSON (born 1861 May, GA).

1t. Kate NICHOLSON, born 1893 Aug, GA.

2t. Minnie NICHOLSON, born 1894 Dec, GA.

3t. Grace NICHOLSON, born 1896 Dec, GA.

5s. Rosella Hazeltine PAYNE, born 1869 Aug, NC; married 1st, 1893 Mar 12, Cherokee co, NC, Thomas R. HYATT (born 1869 Jan, NC); married 2nd, Isaac Milton SHAFFER.

1t. Victor SHAFFER, born 1910.

2t. Ruth HYATT.

3t. Carrie Sue HYATT, born 1899 Dec, NC.

6s. Francis Josephine PAYNE, born 1875 Dec, NC, died 1963; married 1893 Dec 15, Cherokee co, NC, Robert L. HARRIS (born 1868 Apr, NC).

1t. Willie HARRIS, born 1894.

2t. Clyde W. HARRIS, born 1896 Aug, NC.

3t. Cammie H./Lena HARRIS, born 1899 Feb, NC.

4t. Irene HARRIS, born 1902, NC.

5t. Madelyn HARRIS, born 1910, TN.

7s. Harriet Catherine PAYNE, born 1877 Jul, NC; married Poley CUBERSON.

1t. Malcolm CUBERSON.

2t. Marion CUBERSON.

8r. Martha Matilda PATE, born 1848, Washington co, NC; married 1867 May 21, Cherokee co, NC, James Wesley MONTGOMERY.

9r. Pheriba PATE, born 1850 Apr, Cherokee co, NC, died 1880/1900, Roane co, TN; married 1876 Mar 5, Cherokee co, NC, as 1st wife, John R. SANDERS (born 1851/52, TN).

1s. Rufus Marion SANDERS, born 1878 Mar, NC; married Mitchie Elizabeth MORGAN (born 1882, NC).

1t. Charlie SANDERS, born 1895, TN.

2t. Clarence SANDERS, born 1911, TN.

3t. Clyde M. SANDERS, born 1918 Jun 3, TN, died 1995 Apr 20, Ghent, KY.

4t. Bessie SANDERS, born 1901, TN.

2s. James SANDERS, born 1880 Jan, TN.

3s. Henry SANDERS, born 1883 Feb, TN.

4s. Martha SANDERS, born 1876/77, NC.

5s. Annie B. SANDERS, born 1889 Jul, TN.

10r. Rose Ellen PATE, born 1852, Cherokee co, NC, died 1886, Rockwood, TN; married 1872 Oct 23, Cherokee co, NC, as 2nd wife, Jehu Chastain MONTGOMERY (born 1845 Oct 16, Cherokee co, NC, died 1924 Jan 14, Rockwood, TN).

1s. Alfred Clingman MONTGOMERY, born 1873 Dec 6, Cherokee co, NC, died 1936, Rockwood, TN; married 1898 Sep 20, Martha DODSON.

1t. Alfred Clingman MONTGOMERY, Jr., born 1902 Jul 19, Cardiff, TN, died 1980 Dec, Chattanooga, TN; married 1923 Dec 10, Loraine JANEY (born 1902/03, TN).

1u. _______ (dau) MONTGOMERY.

2u. Child, born and died 1929.

2t. Edd MONTGOMERY, born 1910 Jul 18, Browntown, TN, died 1983 Jul 17, Rockwood, TN; married 1942 May 24, GA, Billie Mae DEVANEY (born 1921 May 30, Sugar Grove, TN).

1-2u. Three daughters.

3t. Minnie MONTGOMERY, born 1899 Oct 15, Cardiff, TN, died 1950 Apr 29, Rockwood, TN; married ca 1919, Howard BOWLING (born 1892/93, TN).

1u. James H. BOWLING, born 1919/20, TN.

2u. Mildred L. BOWLING, born 1924/25, TN.

2s. Sidney Ira MONTGOMERY, born 1875 Jul 23, Cherokee co, NC, died 1971 May 12, OH; married 1904, Florence A. WINTERS (born 1880/81, TN).

1t. Sidney Ira MONTGOMERY, Jr., born 1908, died 1961.

2t. Edward W. MONTGOMERY, born 1911, TN, died 1994 Jan 3.

3t. Lawrence MONTGOMERY, born 1916, TN, died 1923.

4t. Dallas S. MONTGOMERY, born 1918 Aug 31, TN, died 1998 May 25, Lebanon, OH.

5t. Mallie Ellen MONTGOMERY, born 1906 Jun 6, TN, died 1992 Jun 8, Lebanon, OH; married _______ GETTELFINGER.

3s. Allen Lafayette MONTGOMERY, born 1883 Jan 19, Rockwood, TN, died there, 1955; married ca 1907, Anna Laura BLAKE (born 1884/85, TN).

1t. Ellen Fay MONTGOMERY, born 1908 Mar 25, TN, died 1998 Jan 9, Harriman, TN, unm.

4s. Florence Hasseltine MONTGOMERY, born 1877 Jan 14, Cherokee co, NC; married 1898, Rockwood, TN, Thomas W. WILSON (born 1873 Mar, TN).

1t. Charlene Leota WILSON, born 1899 Jul, TN; married _______ DOUGLAS.

1u. Linda Ruth DOUGLAS; married _______ LAHUE.

5s. Loretta Celia MONTGOMERY, born 1879 Feb 20, Cherokee co, NC, died 1950 Aug 17; married 1897, Roane co, NC, James GRAY (born 1875 Jun).

1t. Charlie B. GRAY, born 1897 May 6, died 1925 Apr 11, unm.

6s. Lilly May MONTGOMERY, born 1886 Apr 21, Cardiff, TN, died there, 1886 Sep 18.

11r. Susannah PATE, born 1854, Cherokee co, NC; married 1874 Dec 27, Cherokee co, NC, Charles Carson RAXTER.

12r. Mary Elizabeth PATE, born 1863; married Milow E. BEAVER.

4q. John Eason Perry PATE, born 1822 Sep 12, Buncombe co, NC, died 1911 Dec 23, Unicoi co, TN; married Hannah HONEYCUTT (born 1824 Jun 6, Buncombe co, NC).

1r. George Washington PATE, born 1844, died 1862 Aug 28, Cumberland Gap, TN; married 1862 Feb 23, Yancey co, NC, Polley E. PETERSON.

2r. Nathaniel T. PATE, born 1846 Apr 3, Scott co, VA, died 1920 Apr 15, Unicoi co, TN; married 1871 Oct 29, Carter co, TN, Luvina J. GARLAND.

1s. William Perry PATE, born 1872 Sep 5, Carter co, TN, died Adrian, MI; married 1895 Jul 14, Unicoi co, TN, Laura NELSON.

1t. Frank PATE, born 1896 Jun.

2t. Roy PATE, born 1898 Jun 12, died 1976 Apr, Hamilton, OH.

3t. Earnest E. PATE, born 1914 Apr 12, Adrian, MI, died there, 1996 Jul 29; married 1936 Mar 14, IN, Margaret DUERR.

1u. Marilyn PATE; married Douglas KRUSE.

2u. Virginia PATE; married Ralph TILLOTSON.

3u. Judy PATE; married 1st, Alex PIRAN-VESSAH; married 2nd, _______ LONG.

4t. Cordia PATE; married _______ SONCRANT.

5t. Cleo PATE; married _______ MAIDLOW.

6t. Annabelle PATE; married _______ ROBINSON.

2s. George Washington PATE, born 1875 Jan 8, Carter co, TN, died 1934 Mar 19, Washington co, TN; married 1901 Jul 24, Unicoi co, TN, Charlotte Rachel BOOTHE (born 1878 Oct 9, Washington co, TN, died there, 1974 Aug 14).

1t. James Nathaniel PATE, born 1909 Jun 4, Carter co, TN, died 1977 Jan, Montgomery, AL; married Bernita OLIVER (born 1917 Jul 23, Carter co, TN, died 1994 Dec 20, Montgomery co, NC).

1u. James N. PATE, born Washington co, TN.

2u. Jenneane PATE, born Washington co, TN.

3u. Jackie PATE, born Washington co, TN.

2t. Georgia Booth PATE, born 1903 Feb 1, Carter co, TN, died 1969 Nov 9, Mecklenburg co, NC; married 1924 Jan 24, Jonesboro, TN, William Rufus NAVEY.

1u. William Rufus NAVEY, Jr., born 1924 Nov 19, Mecklenburg co, NC, died 2005 Feb 11, Jacksonville, NC; married 1946 Nov 17, Mecklenburg co, NC, Lola Jeanette McCORKLE (born 1927 Mar 9, Mecklenburg co, NC, died 1993 Dec 27, Onslow co, NC).

1v. William Rufus NAVEY III, born 1948 Jun 9, Mecklenburg co, NC; married 1st, Susan Ann BUTLER; married 2nd, ca 1973, Veda Margo MORRISON (born 1947 Dec 15, Mecklenburg co, NC).

1w. Jeffrey William NAVEY, born 1970 Jun 15.

2w. Staci Lynn NAVEY, born 1973 Dec 22, Mecklenburg co, NC; married 1st, Billy MARKWELL; married 2nd, Warren FORQUER.

1x. Jacon William Cody MARKWELL, born 1996 Nov 30.

3w. Traci Renee NAVEY, born 1973 Dec 22, Mecklenburg co, NC; married Danny O'NEAL.

4w. Jill Michelle HAVEY, born 1975 Aug 23, Mecklenburg co, NC.

5w. Lori Ann NAVEY, born 1969 May 30, Mecklenburg co, NC; married 1st, _______ COLE; married 2nd, John D. MEADOWS.

1x. John Daniel MEADOWS, born 1992 Dec 24.

2x. Amber COLE, born 1988.

2v. Beverly Lynn NAVEY, born 1952 Mar 28, Mecklenburg co, NC; married 1st, James TEAL; married 2nd, Victor Vencen FARRELL (born 1944 Nov 16, Cabarrus co, NC).

1w. Michael Vencen FARRELL, born 1979 Nov 10, Mecklenburg co, NC.

2w. Sean Victor FARRELL, born 1983 Nov 7, Mecklenburg co, NC.

2u. Edwin Eugene NAVEY, born 1927 Dec 8, Mecklenburg co, NC, died 1995 Nov 2, Surfside Beach, SC; married Angelia Victoria LYONS (born 1927 Feb 8, TX).

1v. Allen Eugene NAVEY, born 1950 Jul 19, NY; married 1985 Dec 28, San Antonio, TX, Nancy Caroline NAU.

1w. Nathaniel Cornelius NAVEY, born San Antonio, TX.

2w. William Allen NAVEY, born San Antonio, TX.

2v. Christopher Robert NAVEY, born 1959 Jul 9, Westover, MA; married Kathy _______.

1w. Adam Christopher NAVEY.

2w. Jessica NAVEY.

3v. Leanne NAVEY, born 1952 Oct 1, NY.

[1w. John Carroll NAVEY.]

4v. Lisa Victoria NAVEY, born 1953 Dec 8, NY; married Judson DUTTON.

1w. Sean DUTTON, born Myrtle Beach, SC.

2w. Willard Cole DUTTON, born Myrtle Beach, SC.

3w. Vickie DUTTON, born Myrtle Beach, SC.

3u. Betty Jeanette NAVEY, born 1926 Oct 21, Mecklenburg co, NC; married 1st, Clarence Hunter ABERNATHY (born 1918 Dec 21, Mecklenburg co, NC, died there, 1968 Feb 14); married 2nd, Julian Braxton WAGNER (born 1924 May 27, Lexington, NC, died 1989 Feb 25, Mecklenburg co, NC).

1v. Rita Lane ABERNATHY, born 1951 Jul 3, Mecklenburg co, NC; married Douglas GEHLEY.

1w. Eliot August GEHLEY, born 1991 Apr 19, Vienna, VA.

2w. Jordan Elizabeth GEHLEY.

2v. Elizabeth Jane ABERNATHY, born 1954 Aug 18, Mecklenburg co, NC; married 1st, Howard Dean McCLAMROCK; married 2nd, Dr. Steven John TREMONT.

1w. William Hunter McCLAMROCK, born 1982 Aug 2.

2w. Alexander Lane TREMONT.

2w. John Garrison TREMONT.

4w. Steven Pate TREMONT.
3t. Gladys PATE, born 1904 Sep 6, Carter co, TN, died 1985 May, Washington co, TN; married Rossie R. ROBERTS (born 1901 Jun 25, died 1978).

1u. Robert R. ROBERTS, born Carter co, TN.

2u. Norman L. ROBERTS, born Carter co, TN.

4t. Pansy Pardue PATE, born 1907 Mar 23, Carter co, TN, died 1987 Jul 11, Washington co, TN; married 1st, William David HAYS (born 1899 Nov 11, died 1966 Dec 8, Oteen, NC); married 2nd, Arthur GRAY (born 1907 Jan 8, died 1996 Jan 5, Washington co, TN).

1u. Jimmie Jack HAYS, born 1928 Dec 18, Johnson City, TN, died 1999 Feb 23, Johnson City, TN; married Betty Sue TROTTER (born 1931 Jun 3).

1v. David Alan HAYS, born 1954 Feb 20; married Lenann TURK (born 1956 Sep 9).

2v. John Paul HAYS, born 1955 Feb 14; married Sherry Carroll SAUCEMAN (born 1968 Apr 8).

3v. Terry Lynn HAYS, born 1960 Aug 12; married Michael Wilson JACKSON (born 1960 Mar 1).

2u. Sharon Ruth GRAY, born 1941 Jun 15, Washington co, TN; married John Frank ROBERTS (born 1942 Apr 5, Washington co, TN).

5t. Mary PATE, born 1912 Oct 11, Carter co, TN, died 1972 Dec, Washington co, TN; married George Washington FREDERICKS (born Wilmington, NC, died Washington co, TN).

1u. George Washington FREDERICKS, Jr., born Washington co, TN.

3s. John E. PATE, born 1879 Dec 6, Unicoi co, TN, died 1945 Oct 5, Lenawee co, MI; married 1898 Mar 13, Unicoi co, TN, Ellie NELSON (born 1879 Dec 10, Unicoi co, TN, died 1941 May 7, Adrian, MI).

1t. George Frederick PATE, born 1901 Aug 10, Unicoi co, TN, died 1959 Dec 4; married 1922 Nov 30, Florence BOCKMAN.

1u. Lawrence F. PATE; married _______.

1v. Janice PATE; married Steve RABINOWITZ.

2v. Patricia PATE; married Darrell HARRINGTON.

3v. Michelle PATE.

2u. Jean PATE; married _______ LENZ.

1v. Tom LENZ.

2v. Carol LENZ.

3v. Terry LENZ.

3u. Ruth PATE; married Herbert SUMMERS.

1v. Mark SUMMERS.

2t. Robert Carl PATE, born 1904 Feb 2, Unicoi co, TN, died 1983 Jun 23, Adrian, MI; married Beulah BURKHART (born 1909 Oct 8, died 1977, Adrian, MI).

1u. Robert PATE; married Shirley _______.

1v. Robert A. PATE.

2v. Brinda PATE; married Russ STAFFORD.

3v. Jean PATE; married Douglas BEDEE.

2u. Kenneth PATE.

3u. David PATE.

4u. Pauline PATE; married Lloyd BEAL.

1v. Bill BEAL.

2v. Dan BEAL.

3v. Joe BEAL.

5u. Louise PATE; married John KELSEY.

1v. Jim KELSEY.

2v. Sharon KELSEY; married Charles RUPERT.

3v. Connie KELSEY; married _______ BARBER.

6u. Betty PATE; married Richard JENKINS.

1v. Richard JENKINS.

2v. Debbie JENKINS; married Mark CHASTEEN.

3v. Cindy JENKINS; married Randall PALMER.

7u. Arlene PATE; married Charles BATES.

1v. Charles BATES.

2v. Steven BATES.

3v. Tim BATES.

8u. Nancy PATE; married Jack DAUGHEY.

1v. Kay DAUGHEY; married Alan BACON.

3t. Oliver O. PATE, born 1906 Mar 10, Unicoi co, TN, died 1975 Aug 29, Adrian, MI; married Adaline FOSTER.

1u. Sanford PATE.

1v. Mike PATE; married _______.

1w. Scott PATE.

2v. Tony PATE.

3v. Kathy PATE; married Charles BLAKE.

4v. Debbie PATE; married James KIMBRELL.

5v. Beverly PATE; married Nelson GILES.

2u. Richard PATE; married _______.

1v. Cheryle PATE.

3u. Marion PATE; married Leo CLARK.

4t. William Arthur PATE, born 1908 Jun 4, Unicoi co, TN, died 1964 Dec 23; married 1st, Pearl INGRAHAM (sp); married 2nd, Marian KELLER.

1u. Judy PATE; married Larry LONG.

2u. Shirley PATE; married Frank REICHENBAUGH.



3u. Karen PATE; married Duane SAGER.

4u. Linda PATE.

5u. Kathy PATE; married Steven SENN.

5t. Nathaniel Jasper PATE, born 1910 Nov 2, Unicoi co, TN, died 1971 Nov 2, Toledo, OH; married 1930 Feb 15, Wausen, OH, Evelyn HEDGE.

1u. Milton PATE, born 1930 Nov 12, Adrian, MI; married Doris TUCKER.

1v. Dennis PATE.

2v. Keith PATE.

2u. James Harvey PATE, born 1936 Apr 5, Adrian, MI; married _______.

1v. Donna PATE; married Ron DILS.

3u. Joyce J. PATE, born 1941 Apr 21, Clayton, MI; married Jack LUDMAN.

1v. Kirk LUDMAN.

2v. Kevin LUDMAN.

6t. Eason John PATE, born 1916 Aug 31, TN, died 1997 Nov 3, Jackson co, MI; married Dorothy SNYDER.

1u. Gerald PATE.

2u. Sharon PATE.

7t. Vina Alice PATE, born 1899 Jan 20, Unicoi co, TN, died 1928 Jun 26, sp; married 1st, 1915 Jul 3, John WOODBY; married 2nd, Art BAKER.

8t. Lorna PATE, born 1912 Nov 27; married 1931 Aug 23, Ed MULSON.

9t. Magnolia May PATE, born 1914 Oct 14, died 1956 May 19; married 1942 Feb 7, Leland ROHRBACK.


10t. Gladys Bell PATE, born 1919 Jan 5, died 1978 Sep 22; married 1943 Jun 27, Roy OVERBAUGH.

11t. Lethia E. PATE, born 1921 May 8; married 1940 May 25, Roy CORNELL.

1u. Richard CORNELL.

2u. Larry CORNELL; married Linda _______.

3u. Ronald CORNELL.

4u. Joanne CORNELL; married John GRIFFITH.

5u. Joyce CORNELL; married Patrick BOWL.

6u. Barbara CORNELL; married Jeffrey WYSE.

7u. Mary Lou CORNELL; married Edwin HOLMAN.

8u. Marylin CORNELL; married _______ SPEISER.

9u. Colleen CORNELL; married _______ HALLET.

10u. Kathy CORNELL; married John CLARK.

12t. Luella Fern PATE, born 1923 Jul 15, Adrian, MI, died 1994 May 7, Tecumseh, MI; married Ellis Cernal HONEYCUTT (born 1920 Oct 14, Poplar, NC, died 1994 Feb 26, Tecumseh, MI).

1u. Gerald Ellis HONEYCUTT, born 1944 Nov 21, MI; married 1st, Kathryn Louise SOUTHWELL (born 1947 Feb 18, Tecumseh, MI); married 2nd, Cathy DUBARRY; married 3rd, Shirley HOLT.

1v. Jordan Dubarry HONEYCUTT, born 1988 Aug 29.

2v. Austin Ellis HONEYCUTT, born 1990 Dec 28.

3v. Tammi Jo HONEYCUTT, born 1968 Sep 19; married 1st, Dennie REDKE; married 2nd, Christopher Walton HAMBRICK; married 3rd, Lonnie HOWELL.

1w. Joshua Aaron REDKE, born 1992 Sep 12.

4v. Amy Joel HONEYCUTT, born 1970 Sep 16.

2u. Phyllis J. HONEYCUTT, born 1942 Nov 27, IL; married 1st, Gerald O. CHASE (born 1941 Nov 6, MI); married 2nd, Charles ST. JOHN.

1v. Scott Ellis CHASE, born 1967 Jul 12, MI; married Rhonda SWAFFORD.

1w. Derick Nathan Ellis CHASE, born 1990 Aug 22.

2v. Kimberly Kae CHASE, born 1961 May 24; married Duane A. McKITTERICK (born 1960 Nov 17); married 2nd, Robert SWITCH.

1w. Michael O. McKITTERICK, born 1960 Nov 17.

2w. Robert Matthew SWITCH, born 1989 Sep 16.

3w. Kaitlyn Nichole SWITCH, born 1992 Aug 1.

3v. Debra Sue CHASE, born 1963 Oct 30; married Shawn D. STRALEY.

1w. Joshua Amos STRALEY, born 1990 Aug 12.

4s. Arthur R. PATE, born 1884 Sep 15, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1935; married 1904 Oct 15, Unicoi co, TN, Hannah WHITE.

1t. Clifford PATE, born 1912 Apr 12, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1983 Sep.

2t. Thelma PATE.

3t. Geneva PATE.

5s. Laura PATE, born 1873 Dec 29, Carter co, TN, died 1967 Dec 31, Adrian, MI; married 1896 Apr 13, Unicoi co, TN, John Fuller MILLER (born 1878 May, TN).

1t. George H. MILLER, born 1900 Feb, TN.

2t. Richard C. MILLER, born 1908, TN.

3t. Hannah MILLER, born 1898 Jun 13, TN, died 1992 Mar 3; married ca 1915, Raymond RUFF (born 1893, IL).

1u. Thomas F. RUFF, born 1918, IL.

2u. Raymond RUFF, Jr., born 1920/21, IL.

3u. Richard RUFF, born 1926/27, IL.

4u. Beatrice RUFF, born 1915, IL.

5u. Josephine RUFF, born 1916, IL.

6u. Ruth RUFF, born 1922/23, IL.

7u. Hannah L. RUFF, born 1929, IL.

4t. Ethel MILLER, born 1902/03, TN; married Rep HILL.

5t. Mary E. MILLER, born 1903, TN; married 1st, Lester MANNING; married 2nd, ________ BALLENTINE.

6t. Nellie MILLER, born 1911, TN; married 1st, John HERZY; married 2nd, _______ BROCK.

7t. Eva MILLER, born 1915, IL; married Aron BAUGHRY.

8t. Ruth MILLER, born 1919 Jan 1, IL; married _______ WOFFLE.

9t. Child, died by 1910.

6s. Susan PATE, born 1876 May 1, died 1879 Jul 11.

7s. Hannah PATE, born 1877 Jun 9, Unicoi co, TN, died 1947 Jun, Cincinati, OH; married 1895 Nov 24, Unicoi co, TN, John Thomas Draper SUTPHIN (born 1859 Dec 26, Pulaski co, VA, died 1932 May 30, Cincinnati, OH).

1t. George Roswell SUTPHIN, born 1896 Oct 7, died 1955 Sep 13; married Frieda WOEHRLIN (born 1897 Mar 6, died 1984 Mar 14).

1u. William SUTPHIN; married 1st, Bonnie _______ (sp); married 2nd, Margaret _______.

1v. Richard SUTPHIN; married Margaret _______.

1w. Richard SUTPHIN.

2w. Kathy SUTPHIN.

2u. Richard SUTPHIN; married Clare _______.

1v. Michael SUTPHIN, born 1947 Jul 13; married Carol GUY.

1w. Scott SUTPHIN, born 1973 Oct 22.

2w. Brandee SUTPHIN, born 1978 Jul 23.

2v. Thomas SUTPHIN, born 1949 Apr 22; married Wendy SCHAEFER.

1w. Christa SUTPHIN, born 1973 Aug 25.

3v. William SUTPHIN, born 1950 Sep 1; married Donna MAYS.

1w. Paul SUTPHIN, born 1983 Mar 8.

2w. Luke SUTPHIN, born 1991 Feb 1.

4v. Richard SUTPHIN, born 1951 Oct 10; married Linda RITTMEYER.

1w. Zachary SUTPHIN, born 1977 Oct 14.

2w. Andrew SUTPHIN, born 1979 Oct 10.

5v. Marcia SUTPHIN, born 1958 Feb 7; married Don MARSHALL.
1w. Sadie MARSHALL, born 1985 Aug 30.

2t. Admiral Dewey SUTPHIN, born 1898 Mar 27, died 1971 May, Dallas, OR; married ca 1922, Abbey Mae WRIGHT (born 1898/99, OR).

3t. William Nathan SUTPHIN, born 1900 Apr 23, died 1972 Jan 15, Cincinnati, OH; married 1st, Esther HELMSING; married 2nd, Alma Marie DICKHAUS (born 1919 Jul 5, died 2004 Mar 19, Cincinnati, OH).

(1)1u. Robert SUTPHIN, born 1921, died 1987; married Vera _______.

(2)2u. Thomas Paul SUTPHIN, born 1950 Jan 21; married Carolyn BAKER (born 1952 May 7).

1v. Thomas Scott SUTPHIN, born 1982 Jan 29.

2v. Erin Marie SUTPHIN, born 1977 Oct 6.

(1)3u. June SUTPHIN, born 1919.

(2)4u. Betty Jo SUTPHIN, born 1947 Aug 9; married 1st, Jerry THOMPSON (born 1946); married 2nd, Ronald Joseph FRALEY (born 1945 Nov 22).

1v. Brian Joseph FRALEY, born 1985 Aug 23.

2v. Kristine THOMPSON, born 1964 Dec 3; married Barry BOTTOMS (born 1965 Aug 30).

3v. Sara Marie FRALEY, born 1988 Nov 25.

4t. Joseph SUTPHIN, born 1902 Jul 20, TN, died 1962 Jun 23, Cincinnati, OH; married May _______.

5t. Arthur Lee SUTPHIN, born 1904 Mar 25, TN, died 1950.

6t. Benjamin Bold SUTPHIN, born 1912 Jun 13, TN, died 1983 Jun, Hamilton, OH; married 1st, May NEWLAND; married 2nd, Jennie BOGGS.

(1)1u. Steven SUTPHIN.

(2)2u. Ben SUTPHIN.

7t. Bonnie Laura SUTPHIN, born 1912 Jun 13, TN, died 1975 Dec 8, Cincinnati, OH; married Louis LANGHORST (born 1910, died 1955 Jan 8).

1u. Larry LANGHORST, born 1935 Oct 5; married 1st, Patty _______; married 2nd, ca 1965, Charlene _______.

1v. Randy LANGHORST, born 1960 Aug; married ROBIN BROWN.

2v. David LANGHORST, born 1966 Apr 6.

3v. Connie LANGHORST, born 1955 Nov.

4v. Lora Lee LANGHORST, born 1957 Nov; married _______ CRAWFORD.

1w. Julie Ann CRAWFORD.

5v. Melissa LANGHORST, born 1969 Feb 9.

8t. Virginia Luvina SUTPHIN, born 1921 Feb 12, OH; married John MURPHY (born 1916 Aug 9, died 1970 Aug 16).

1u. John Dennis MURPHY, born 1953 Sep 4; married Michell SANDERS.

1v. Christopher MURPHY, born 1976 Aug 26.

2v. Kellie MURPHY, born 1978 Apr 7.

3v. Kaycie MURPHY, born 1981 Dec 1.

2u. Deborah MURPHY, born 1941 Mar 12; married Carl RAYBURN.

1v. Samantha Michelle RAYBURN, born 1992 Jun 17.

3r. Moses PATE, born 1848 Sep 26, Yancey co, NC, died 1931 May 2, Unicoi co, TN; married 1st, 1868 Dec 23, Yancey co, NC, Margaret WOODBY (born 1850, TN); married 2nd, 1888 Mar 30, Anna Rollings WILLIAMS (born 1845 May 22, SC, died 1937 Oct 21).

1s. David L. PATE, born 1869 Nov 11, TN; married 1st, 1888 Mar 22, Unicoi co, TN, Ellen JONES (born 1879 Oct 19, died 1932, Elkhart, IN); married 2nd, ca 1910, Mary Jane GOUGH (born 1892, NC).


1t. Arnold PATE.

2t. Daniel PATE, born 1891 Dec.

3t. Walter H. PATE, born 1897 Jan 29. MI.

4t. Lester M. PATE, born 1900 Apr.

5t. Jessie PATE, born 1913, NC.

6t. Mary A. PATE, born 1889 Apr.

7t. Sarah Estella PATE, born 1894 Apr.

8t. Myrtle PATE, born 1911, NC.

9t. Hassie R. PATE, born 1916, TN.

2s. William Henry PATE, born 1871 Aug 3, TN; married 1893 Mar 19, Unicoi co, TN, Eliza SCHULTZ (born 1873 Jan, TN).

1t. Dewey PATE, born 1898 Sep, TN; married Litha _______ (born 1901, TN).

2t. Julia PATE, born 1902/03, TN.

3-6t. Four children, died by 1910.

3s. John Wesley PATE, born 1873 Aug 29, TN; married ca 1891, Ella May BURLESON (born 1878 Jun, NC).

1t. Jesse PATE, born 1903, TN; married ca 1926, Gladys Mae HOMESLEY (born 1910/11, NC).

1u. Bobby PATE, born 1927 Jul 28, Gaston co, NC.

2u. _______ (son) PATE, born 1930 Aug 9, Gaston co, NC.

2t. Earl W. PATE, born 1911, NC; married Violet JENKINS.

1u. Rose Marie PATE, born 1940 Oct 25, Gaston co, NC.

3t. Rosa A. PATE, born 1895 Apr, TN; married ca 1914, Ardie W. HUFFSTICKLER (born 1895/96, NC).

1u. Walter Carl HUFFSTICKLER, born 1914 Jul 18, Lincoln co, NC.

2u. _______ (son) HUFFSTICKLER, born 1928 Oct 30, Gaston co, NC, died by 1930.

3u. Jettie Inez HUFFSTICKLER, born 1916 Aug 12, Gaston co, NC; married Troy Albert WEBB.

1v. Carl Glenn WEBB, born 1938 Mar 2, Gaston co, NC; married Ann McClure MACE.

1w. Jack Albert WEBB, born 1959 Mar 21, Gaston co, NC.

2w. Theresa Ann WEBB, born 1961 Mar 19, Gaston co, NC.

2v. Bonnie Rose WEBB, born 1942 Oct 6, Gaston co, NC.

3v. Selma Jane WEBB, born 1948 Aug 29, Lincoln co, NC.

4u. Ruby T. HUFFSTICKLER, born 1919 Oct 22, Gaston co, NC; married Everett Allison SECREST.

1v. Everett Allison SECREST, Jr., born 1939, Mecklenburg co, NC.

5u. Ethel P. HUFFSTICKLER, born 1924 Aug 22, Gaston co, NC; married Raymond Dodson BIDDIX.

1v. Jerry Wayne BIDDIX, born 1946 Apr 18, Gaston co, NC.

4t. Ida Jane PATE, born 1897 Oct, TN; married ca 1915, George S. CALDWELL (born 1895/96, NC).

1u. Roy Claude CALDWELL, born 1915 Jun 3, Lincoln co, NC.

2u. _______ (son) CALDWELL, born 1921 Aug 26, Lincoln co, NC.

3u. Mildred Mae CALDWELL, born 1919 Oct 27, Lincoln co, NC; married Rimmer W. BIRD.

1v. Sybil Faye BIRD, born 1936 Nov 22, Lincoln co, NC.

4u. Bessie Ethel CALDWELL, born 1924 Jul 25, Lincoln co, NC; married Herman L. PAYSEUR.

1v. Dennis Lee PAYSEUR, born 1944 Jun 15, Lincoln co, NC.

5u. _______ (dau) CALDWELL, born 1933 May 26, Lincoln co, NC.

5t. Minnie A. PATE, born 1898/99, IL; married ca 1917, Lawrence A. BEAL (born 1898, NC).

1u. Floyd Augustus BEAL, born 1917 Oct 16, Lincoln co, NC; married Mary Rachel RUSS.

1v. Billie Frank BEAL, born 1938 Jan 25, Gaston co, NC; married Sarah Lee BENFIELD.

1w. Billy Frank BEAL II, born 1975 Oct 9, Cleveland co, NC.

2w. Tonja Leann BEAL, born 1961 Aug 31, Cleveland co, NC.

3w. Shasta Dannette BEAL, born 1963 Nov 19, Cleveland co, NC.

2v. Floyd Augustus BEAL, Jr., born 1962 Jan 16, Gaston co, NC.

3v. Rachel Imogene BEAL, born 1946 Nov 26, Lincoln co, NC; married James Palmer HENLEY.

1w. James Palmer HENLEY II, born 1964 Jul 9, Cleveland co, NC.

2w. Andrew Jefferson HENLEY, born 1966 Dec 13, Lincoln co, NC.

3w. John Patrick HENLEY, born 1967 Dec 19, Lincoln co, NC.

4w. Joshua William Ervin HENLEY, born 1971 Nov 2, Lincoln co, NC.

5w. Myra Ann HENLEY, born 1962 Dec 13, Cleveland co, NC.

4v. Cynthia Jane BEAL, born 1950 Mar 21, Lincoln co, NC.

2u. Fred BEAL, born 1921 May 3, Lincoln co, NC.

3u. Nellie Ruth BEAL, born 1923 May 8, Lincoln co, NC.

4u. Mary Helen BEAL, born 1928 Sep 17, Gaston co, NC; married Roy Peeler HUSS.

1v. Michael Edward HUSS, born 1947 Jul 7, Lincoln co, NC; married Rebecca Ann HOUSER.

1w. Jennifer Mary HUSS, born 1971 Jul 14, Lincoln co, NC.

2v. Randy Kevin HUSS, born 1954 Jan 6, Lincoln co, NC; married Robin L. CROUSE.

1w. Trent Alan HUSS, born 1984 Feb 5, Lincoln co, NC.

5u. Elsie Faye BEAL, born 1934 Jul 15, Gaston co, NC; married Robert H. WILLIAMSON.

1v. Robert Eugene WILLIAMSON, born 1952 Jul 10, Lincoln co, NC.

6u. Ruby Aline BEAL, born 1938 Aug 11, Gaston co, NC; married Darrell F. DEVINE.

1v. Christi Darlene DEVINE, born 1958 Mar 4, Gaston co, NC; married Arthur W. JONES.

1w. Jeremy Wayne JONES, born 1981 Aug 25, Lincoln co, NC.

6t. Nettie Emma PATE, born 1904/05, TN; married ca 1922, Perry D. POOVEY (born 1900/01, NC).

1u. Walter C. POOVEY, born 1923 Oct 22, Lincoln co, NC; married Reatha L. FISHER.

1v. William David POOVEY, born 1957 Sep 17, Lincoln co, NC.

2v. Timothy Wayne POOVEY, born 1962 Nov 23, Lincoln co, NC.

3v. Pricilla Ealine POOVEY, born 1944 May 6, Gaston co, NC.

2u. Clarence David POOVEY, born 1930 Aug 5, Lincoln co, NC, died 1998 Nov 25, Lincolnton, NC; married Nancy J. GARDNER.

1v. Keith David POOVEY, born 1957 Dec 9, Lincoln co, NC; married Daphne L. RUSS.

1w. Keith David POOVEY, Jr., born 1983 Oct 12, Lincoln co, NC.

2v. Kevin Wayne POOVEY, born 1958 Nov 2, Lincoln co, NC.

3v. Deiedra Ann POOVEY, born 1954 Jun 28, Lincoln co, NC; married Larry Young SIMS.

1w. Larry Young SIMS, Jr., born 1974 Jan 23, Lincoln co, NC.

3u. Bonnie Mae POOVEY, born 1925/26, NC; married Gaither Lee CROUSE.

1v. Fred David CROUSE, born 1949 Jan 20, Lincoln co, NC; married Neta Lois WESSON.

1w. Rhonda Ann CROUSE, born 1970 Jan 23, Lincoln co, NC.

2w. Fran Annette CROUSE, born 1971 May 19, Lincoln co, NC.

2v. Glenda Lee CROUSE, born 1944 Oct 19, Lincoln co, NC; married Tony M. SMITH.

1w. Tamera Dawn SMITH, born 1965 Jan 23, Lincoln co, NC.

2w. Susan Michelle SMITH, born 1968 May 31, Lincoln co, NC.

3v. Rebecca Ann CROUSE, born 1946 Dec 12, Lincoln co, NC.

4u. Margaret P. POOVEY, born 1928 Mar 2, Lincoln co, NC; married Oscar BLANTON.

1v. Sandra Lavonne BLANTON, born 1947 Jul 19, Lincoln co, NC; married Billy Weldon WOOD.

1w. Billy Weldon WOOD, Jr., born 1967 Sep 6, Franklin co, NC.

2w. Travis McKinley WOOD, born 1976 Dec 9, Franklin co, NC.

3w. Tracy Yvonne WOOD, born 1966 Nov 8, Franklin co, NC.

4w. Melissa Renee WOOD, born 1970 Apr 5, Franklin co, NC.

2v. Susan Beth BLANTON, born 1955 Mar 31, Lincoln co, NC; married Billy Joe CANIPE.

1w. Bradley Justin CANIPE, born 1981 Oct 19, Gaston co, NC.

3v. Donna Kay BLANTON, born 1956 Sep 9, Lincoln co, NC; married Paul S. LAIL.

1w. Christopher Jordan LAIL, born 1983 Jul 24, Lincoln co, NC.

7t. Frankie L. PATE, born 1908, NC; married ca 1925, Cecil L. McGINNIS (born 1905/06, NC).

1u. Margaret Pauline McGINNIS, born 1926 Feb 11, Gaston co, NC; married Grier William FRIDAY, Jr.

1v. Donald William FRIDAY, born 1959 May 31, Gaston co, NC; married Beth Allison DYER.

1w. Jeffrey William FRIDAY, born 1980 Jan 13, Gaston co, NC.

8t. Pearl S. PATE, born 1916, NC; married Hayes MEWS.

1u. Dolly Ann MEWS, born 1935 Dec 16, Gaston co, NC; married George Thomas ERVIN.

1v. Hazel Ann ERVIN, born 1953 Apr 22, Gaston co, NC; married Jackson Maurice KING.

1w. Angela Marie KING, born 1971 Sep 19, Gaston co, NC.

2u. Iris Rose MEWS, born 1938 Nov 9, Gaston co, NC.

9t. Virginia Bryte PATE, born 1919, NC; married William Kenneth BYNUM.

1u. _______ (dau) BYNUM, born 1940 Jan 5, Lincoln co, NC.

2u. Marilyn Jane BYNUM, born 1951 Mar 2, Lincoln co, NC; married Terry W. BARKER.

1v. Alisa Dawn BARKER, born 1970 Sep 30, Lincoln co, NC.

10t. Mary Lee PATE, born 1924/25, NC; married Lawrence Edward SMITH.

1u. Ted Lawrence SMITH, born 1953 Sep 15, Gaston co, NC.

2u. Joe Arnold SMITH, born 1956 Sep 10, Gaston co, NC; married Sherry Anne CHRONISTER.

1v. Laura Suzanne SMITH, born 1979 Sep 14, Gaston co, NC.

11t. Child, died by 1900.

4s. Eason Perry PATE, born 1878 May 10, TN, fl. 1930, Adrian, MI; married ca 1898, Eliza Jane JONES (born 1878/79, TN).

1t. Lloyd M. PATE, born 1902, TN; married ca 1922, Grace H. _______ (born 1904/05, MI).

1u. James A. PATE, born 1924/25, MI.

2u. Lloyd M. PATE, born 1928, MI.

3u. Stella J. PATE, born 1926, MI.

2t. Bernie F. PATE, born 1905, TN.

3t. Elmer PATE, born 1914, MI.

4t. Mary J. PATE, born 1899/1900, TN.

5t. Lelia E. PATE, born 1908, MI, died by 1920.

6t. Ida PATE, born 1910, MI; married ca 1929, Roy WOODLEY (born 1909/10, MI).

7t. Hazel PATE, born 1916, MI.

8t. Mable PATE, born 1919, MI.

9t. Grace PATE, born 1920/21, MI.

10-11t. Two children, died by 1910.

5s. Samuel Barlow PATE, born 1880 Apr 27, TN, died 1954 Apr 3, Cochranville, PA; married 1899 May 19, Unicoi co, TN, Mary Catherine JOHNSON (born 1879 Aug 30, Poplar, NC, died 1954 Apr 3, Cochranville, PA) (see below).


1t. George W. PATE, born 1900 Mar 29, TN, died 1959 Apr; married Marie ANDERSON.

2t. Garfield PATE, born 1907 Apr 10, IL, died 1983 Jan 7; married ca 1925, Alice V. SHILLING (born 1907/08, IL).

1u. Kenneth E. PATE, born 1927, IL.

2u. Louis A. PATE, born 1930, IL.

3t. Carl Edward PATE, born 1919 Jun 10, IL; married 1939 Jul 20, Esther RUNYON.

4t. Laura Emmaline PATE, born 1901 Dec 22, TN, died 1983 May 18; married 1929 Oct 26, Arthur SHILLING.

5t. Carrie PATE, born 1903 Oct 9, OH, died 1986 May 9; married William Grover ELLIS.

6t. Goldie Evelyn PATE, born 1905 Aug 14, TN, died 1971 Jan 1; married ca 1924, Owen THOMPSON (born 1903/04, IL).

1u. Claudia THOMPSON, born 1927, IL.

2u. Helen THOMPSON, born 1928, IL.

7t. Julia Olive PATE, born 1907 Apr 2, OH, died 1978 Dec 15; married Victor JONES.

8t. Dorothy Jane PATE, born 1912 Aug 21, OH; married 1931 Nov 23, Earl McDONALD.

9t. Marie Vera PATE, born 1917 Jan 20, IL; married 1943 Dec 18, Forrest HEATH.

6s. Thomas PATE, born 1882 Mar 29, TN; married ca 1905, Mary C. _______ (born 1887/88, NC, died 1929/30).

1t. Authur PATE, born 1908/09, TN.

2t. Thomas J. PATE, born 1923/24, AR.

3t. Ogal E. PATE, born 1926, AR.

4t. Oscar L. PATE, born 1929, AR.

5t. Ellen PATE, born 1906/07, TN.

6t. Marie PATE, born 1911/12, AR; married ca 1928, _______ POTTER (died by 1930).

7t. Elsie D. PATE, born 1914/15, AR; married ca 1929, Johnny BRITT (born 1906/07, AR).

1u. Jefferson C. BRITT, born 1929, AR.

8t. Helen PATE, born 1919/20, AR.

9t. Opal P. PATE, born 1926, AR.

7s. Robert PATE, born 1884 Jul 11.

8s. Hester Emaline PATE, born 1876 Apr 20, TN, died 1959; married 1895 Mar 20, Nathaniel JOHNSON (born 1873 Dec, Mitchell co, NC, died 1961, Pontiac, MI) (see below).

1t. William JOHNSON, born 1900, TN, died 1967; married Bertha _______ (born 1895. IL).

2t. Franklin Theodore JOHNSON, born 1902 Dec 29, TN, died 1988 Aug 2; married ca 1920, Mabel J. _______ (born 1900/01, IL).

1u. Donald V. JOHNSON, born 1923/24, SD.

2u. Virginia M. JOHNSON, born 1921/22, IL.

3t. Solomon JOHNSON, born 1908, IL, died 1927.

4t. Earl N. JOHNSON, born 1914, IL; married Clara GILLER.

5t. Sarah M. JOHNSON, born 1895 Feb, TN, died 1946; married Frank PARKER.

1u. Ernest Leroy PARKER.

6t. Minnie C. JOHNSON, born 1897 Jul, TN; married William HEISNER.

7t. Mary Ella JOHNSON, born 1898 Dec, TN, died 1991; married 1st, Jack PHIPPS; married 2nd, John J. HANDY.

8t. Ida JOHNSON, born 1904, TN, died young.

9t. Angie B. JOHNSON, born 1910 Apr 22, IL; married Ralph TULLOS.

10t. Gladys M. JOHNSON, born 1916, IL.

11t. Ida JOHNSON, born 1919 Dec 15, IL; married Delbert JONES.

9s. Mary Ellen PATE, born 1886 Jul 23.

4r. Reuben Brownlow PATE, born 1855 Nov 3, Yancey co, NC, died 1945 Aug 2, Unicoi co, TN; married 1st, 1876 Oct 8, Unicoi co, TN, Mary Ann WOODBY (born 1856 Oct 8, died 1896); married 2nd, 1898 Jan 25, Unicoi co, TN, Sarah GRINDSTAFF (born 1881 May 17, Unicoi co, TN, died 1975 May 26, Johnson City, TN).

1s. McAllis PATE, born ca 1878.

2s. John H. PATE, born 1882 Feb 28, TN, died 1975 Jul; married 1st, ca 1906, Louisa McCOURY (born 1892, NC); married 2nd, Laura KING (sp).

1t. Clarence PATE, born 1914 Dec 3, Mitchell co, NC, died 2004 May 23, Unicoi co, TN; married Grace HONEYCUTT.

1u. Elizabeth Ruth PATE, born 1950 Mar 31, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Dewey PATE, born 1918 May 1, Mitchell co, NC; married Irene JOHNSON.

1u. Dewey PATE, Jr., born 1948 Mar 27, McDowell co, NC; married Rebecca H. CARROLL.

1v. John Michael PATE, born 1974 Jun 23, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Joseph Brian PATE, born 1979 Feb 12, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Melvin L. PATE, born 1953 Nov 18, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Betty Jean PATE, born 1946 Aug 8, McDowell co, NC; married Roger Lee BOONE.

1v. Rodney S. BOONE, born 1971 Jan 28, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Randy Lee BOONE, born 1978 Nov 4, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Marjorie PATE, born 1913, NC; married Isaac W. JOHNSON.

1u. Jay Harold JOHNSON, born 1947 Sep 9, Yancey co, NC; married Wilma Jean PITMAN.

1v. Amanda M. JOHNSON, born 1972 Jul 22, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Carolyn JOHNSON, born 1956 May 20, Yancey co, NC; married Scotty R. WILSON.

1v. Kenneth Ray WILSON, born 1977 Nov 14, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Florence PATE, born 1914, NC.

5t. Hattie PATE, born 1922/23, NC; married J. E. WALKER.

1u. Jerry WALKER, born 1947 Jul 20, Yancey co, NC.

6t. Mamie PATE.

3s. Nathaniel PATE, born 1883 Oct 27, Unicoi co, TN, died 1977 Oct 19, Erwin, TN, sp; married 1st, as 2nd husband, Lottie WOODBY (born 1875/76, TN); married 2nd, as 2nd husband, Lydia CHESSER (born 1881/82, TN).

4s. William Eason PATE, born 1887 Aug 15, died 1900 Feb 20.

5s. Moses PATE, born 1896 Feb 23, Unicoi co, TN, died ca 1927; married Stella CLARK (born 1901, Unicoi co, TN).

1t. Jessie PATE.

2t. Robert PATE.

3t. Frank James PATE, born 1914 Jan 29, Unicoi co, TN, died 1986 Feb, Channahon, IL; married 1939 Nov 8, Lavora June FROBISH (born 1921 Jan 27).

1u. James Clark PATE, born 1946 Oct 14, died 1980 Nov 25; married _______ BROWN.

2u. _______ (son) PATE.

3u. _______ (son) PATE; married _______ CRAIG.

4u. _______ (dau) PATE; married 1st, _______ SEATON; married 2nd, _______ HILL.

6s. Dewey Sampson PATE, born 1898 Sep 10, died 1977 May 26, Bakersville, NC; married Litha _______ (born 1901, TN).

7s. Earl M. PATE, born 1902 Mar 21, died 1994 Apr 22, Johnson co, TN; married 1st, Ann PERSINGER (sp); married 2nd, Nervie Stevens McCOURY (born 1899 Sep 30, died 1989 Jul 27, Carter co, TN).

1t. _______ (son) PATE.

2t. Estel M. PATE, born 1928; married Ray Edward CULLEN.

3t. _______ (dau) PATE; married Roy BURCHFIELD.

8s. Beryl Grant PATE, born 1906 Aug 27, died 1980 Apr 29, Johnson City, TN; married Ida Mae STEVENS (born 1908 Feb 16, Carter co, TN, died 1986 Apr 13, Elizabethton, TN).

1t. Beryl Grant PATE, Jr., born 1927 Jun 29, Elizabethton, TN, died there, 1978 Aug 28; married Elaine McCOURY (born 1933 Sep 27, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1998 Jun 27).

2t. Jack D. PATE, born ca 1928, Carter co, TN.

3t. Bobby PATE, born 1930 May 4, Carter co, TN, died 1998 Dec 8, Johnson City, TN; married _______ ALREDGE.

1-2u. One son, one daughter.

4t. _______ (son) PATE.

5t. _______ (son) PATE.

6t. _______ (dau) PATE; married Joe CAMPBELL.

7t. Nellie Jane PATE, born 1934 Nov 10, Carter co, TN, died there, 2000 Jan 27; married 1st, _______ REED; married 2nd, _______ KIRK.

9s. Jessie J. PATE, born 1910 May 24, Elizabethton, TN, died 1983 May 24, Johnson City, TN; married ca 1929, Pearl GRINDSTAFF (born 1912, TN).

1-2t. Two sons.

10s. Paul Ernest PATE, born 1922 Jan 2, Elizabethton, TN, died there, 1984 Nov 26; married 1st, ca 1941, Norma Maria HUGHES (born 1924); married 2nd, Rozella LEACH; married 3rd, 1943, Pearl BENNETT; married 4th, 1944 Aug, Elizabethton, TN, as 2nd husband, Norma Louisa BENTLEY (born 1920 Apr 29, Boone, NC, died 1980 Jun 18, Buena Park, CA); married 5th, as 2nd husband, Irene Agnes ADKINS (born 1921 Jan 30, Carter co, TN, died 1994 Feb 14, Elizabethton, TN).

(4)1t. Paul Ernest PATE, Jr., born 1948 Feb 27, Johnson City, TN, died 1971 Nov 5, Long Beach, CA; married _______ MUMAW.

(4)2t. _______ (son) PATE; married 1st, _______ SANFORD; married 2nd, _______ GRIFFIN.

(1)1u. _______ (son) PATE.

(4)3t. Richard Brent PATE, born 1953 Oct 27, Johnson City, TN, died 1988 Oct 24, Newport Beach, CA; married _______ SANCHEZ.

1-3u. Two sons, one daughter.

(1)4t. Lois Ann PATE, born and died 1942.

11s. Mary Alice PATE, born 1876 May 15, died 1919 Sep 7; married James BRITT.

12s. Vicey PATE, born 1885 Sep 4, died 1973 Jun 4; married ca 1907, James C. MORTON (born 1883/84, TN).

1t. Jessie MORTON, born 1914, TN.

2t. Elmer MORTON, born 1916, TN.

3t. Montie MORTON, born 1920/21, TN.

4t. Ralph MORTON, born 1925, TN.

5t. Flora MORTON, born 1909, TN.

6t. Daisy MORTON, born 1911, TN.

7t. Stella MORTON, born 1912, TN.

8t. Hazel MORTON, born 1918, TN.

13s. Bessie/Bertie PATE, born 1889 Sep 20, died 1954 Oct 3; married Alfred SNEYD.

14s. Nola Jane PATE, born 1899 Jul 5, TN, died 1989 Oct 17; married ca 1915, Luther M. HARVELL (born 1893/94, NC).

1t. Earnest R. HARVBELL, born 1916/17, TN.

2t. Vernon L. HARVELL, born 1918/19, TN.

3t. Mack M. HARVELL, born 1921/22, TN.

4t. Milton L. HARVELL, born 1925, TN.

5t. Viola M. HARVELL, born 1920/21, TN.

6t. Eunice M. HARVELL, born 1927, TN.

15s. Hazel Pearl PATE, born 1901 Oct 24, died 1974 Oct 20; married 1915 Jul 4, Frank Oscar McKEEHAN (born 1895 Nov 28, TN, died 1965 Sep 17, Elizabethton, TN).

1t. Charles Raymon McKEEHAN, born and died 1918 Mar 9, Elizabethton, TN.

2t. Hubert Allen McKEEHAN, born 1919 Dec 13, Elizabethton, TN, died there, 1925 Sep 25.

3t. Harold Eugene McKEEHAN, born 1922 Jun 15, Carter co, TN, died there, 1979 Jan 12; married 1st, 1939 Dec 23, Mildred LAYMOND; married 2nd, Loraine BALLARD; married 3rd, Della Mae MORROW (born 1906 Jun 25, died 1993 Feb 9, Carter co, TN); married 4th, _______ DAVIS.

(1)1u. _______ (son) MCKEEHAN.

(1)2u. Zeona Eugenia McKEEHAN, born 1941 Sep 15, Knoxville, TN, died 2000 Jun 17, Tampa, FL; married 1st, _______ BURRIS; married 2nd, _______ SMITT; married 3rd, _______ BARSZCZ.

4t. Luther Bryan McKEEHAN, born 1927 Oct 21, Elizabethton, TN, died there, 1935 Jun 17.

5t. Ronnie Devere McKEENAH, born 1931 Oct 26, Elizabethton, TN, died there, 1990 Jun 9; married 1st, _______ GUINN; married 2nd, _______ CART (sp); married 3rd, _______ HUMPHREY (sp).

1u. _______ (son) McKEEHAN.

2u. _______ (son) McKEEHAN.

3u. Gregory Glenn McKEEHAN, born 1955 Nov 23, Carter co, TN, died 1985 Aug 18, Fort Knox, KY.

4u. _______ (son) McKEEHAN.

6t. _______ (son) McKEEHAN; married _______ BRABHAM.

1u. _______ (son) McKEEHAN; married _______.

1v. _______ (son) McKEEHAN.

2u. _______ (son) McKEEHAN; married Donna _______.

3u. _______ (dau) McKEEHAN.

7t. Lee Roy McKEEHAN, born and died 1942 Sep 5, Elizabethton, TN.

8t. Kenneth Edward McKEEHAN, born 1947 Nov 10, Carter co, TN, died 2003 Jan 7, Johnson City, TN; married 1st, _______ GRINDSTAFF; married 2nd, _______ HYDER; married 3rd, _______ ARWOOD; married 4th, _______ JOHNSON; married 5th, ________ CAMPBELL; married 6th, _______ McCOURY.

(3)1u. Keith McKEEHAN, born 1970 Sep 10, Elizabethton, TN, died 2002 Mar 9, Johnson City, TN; married _______.

1-2v. Two sons.

(4)2u. _______ (son) McKEEHAN.

(3)3u. _______ (dau) McKEEHAN.

(6)4u. _______ (dau) McKEEHAN.

9t. Ossie May McKEEHAN, born 1916 Nov 26, Elizabethton, TN, died there, 1916 Dec 17.

10t. Verona Nicia McKEEHAN, born 1924 Aug 13, Carter co, TN; married 1st, 1939 Dec 24, Carres HILL (born 1912 Sep 12, died 1988 Aug 23, Walterboro, SC); married 2nd, Ralph HOPKINS.

1u. Darrell Ray HILL, born 1945 Jul 5, Carter co, TN, died there, 1996 Oct 20; married 1st, _______ STEINS; married 2nd, _______ TRIVETTE; married 3rd, _______ VIERHELLER.

1v. _______ (son) HILL; married _______ STEVENS.

1w. _______ (son) HILL.

2v. _______ (son) HILL; married 1st, _______ MILLER; married 2nd, _______ ELLIOTT.

(1)1w. _______ (son) HILL.

3v. _______ (dau) HILL; married _______ JOHNSON.

1-3w. Three sons.

4v. _______ (dau) HILL.

2u. _______ (dau) HILL; married _______ MILLER.

1v. _______ (son) MILLER; married _______ WILSON.

1w. _______ (son) MILLER; married _______ WILLIAMS.

1x. _______ (son) MILLER.

2w. _______ (son) MILLER.

3w. _______ (dau) MILLER.

2v. _______ (son) MILLER.

3v. _______ (son) MILLER.

4v. Barbara Allen MILLER, born 1957 Apr 19, died 1957 Apr 20.

5v. _______ (dau) MILLER; married _______ MOOREFIELD.

1w. _______ (dau) MOOREFIELD.

3u. Lois HILL; married _______ HUTTO.

1v. _______ (son) HUTTO; married _______ DEAVER.

1w. _______ (son) HUTTO.

2v. _______ (dau) HUTTO; married _______ ANDERSON.

1-2w. One son, one daughter.

4u. Roma Jean HILL, born 1947 Jul 5, died 1994 Jun 6; married 1st, _______ DAVIS; married 2nd, _______ LOVELESS; married 3rd, _______ HARRIS.

1v. _______ (son) DAVIS; married _______ BURKE.

1-2w. One son, one daughter.

2v. _______ (dau) LOVELESS.

5r. Bachus PATE, born 1857 Sep, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1877, Susan MILLER (born 1857 Oct, NC).

1s. Charles PATE, born 1879 Aug, NC; married 1900 Apr 21, Martha SNEYD (born 1876 Mar, TN).

2s. Thomas PATE, born 1884 Sep, NC; married Mary C. PATE.

1t. Arthur PATE, born 1909 Jan 22, died 1978 Nov, Johnson City, TN.

2t. Ellen PATE, born ca 1907.

3s. Moses PATE, born 1891 Feb 4, NC.

4s. Daniel PATE, born 1897 May, NC.

5s. Evelyn PATE.

6s. Ollie PATE.

7-9s. Three children, died by 1900.

6r. James Perry PATE, born ca 1864, Yancey co, NC, died ca 1951; married Annie STREET (born 1865 Oct 24, Herrell, NC, died ca 1944).

1s. Uriah R. PATE, born 1884 Dec 29, Yancey co, NC, died 1965 Nov, Mitchell co, NC; married 1st, Kettie WELLS; married 2nd, after 1925, Bessie STREET.

1t. Virgil PATE, born 1914 May 14, Mitchell co, NC, died 2005 Mar 5, Concord, PA.

2t. Clifton PATE, born 1921 Oct 11, Mitchell co, NC.

3t. Eston/Eason PATE, born 1925, Mitchell co, NC.

(2)4t. Dallas PATE; married _______.

1u. Dallas PATE, Jr.; married Geneva BLACK.

1v. Timothy Scott PATE, born 1967 Dec 13, Yancey co, NC; married Rachel Dianne ROBERTS.

1w. Elijah Adam Frank PATE, born 1991 Jan 29, Avery co, NC.

2v. Stephanie Lynn PATE, born 1975 Aug 6, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Elinor PATE, born 1916, Mitchell co, NC.

6t. Edith PATE, born 1919 Oct 22, Mitchell co, NC; married William L. FOXX.

1u. William Randy FOXX, born 1955 Jun 3, Yancey co, NC; married Lana Sue BINDIX.

1v. Laura Ann FOXX, born 1979 Mar 16, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Lynn FOXX, born 1948 Oct 5, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Janet G. FOXX, born 1953 Aug 9, Yancey co, NC.

(2)7t. Frances PATE; married John D. MILLER.

1u. Walter U. MILLER, born 1966 Jan 24, Yancey co, NC.

2s. Garfield PATE, born 1897 May, Yancey co, NC, died 1974 Dec 24, Green Mountain, NC; married Hattie EVANS.

1t. Pansy PATE, born 1924 Oct 3, Yancey co, NC.

3s. William Hobard PATE, born 1899 Sep 6, Yancey co, NC, died 1966 Jul, Johnson City, TN; married ca 1920, Leatha EDWARDS (born 1902 Mar 14, died 1987 Oct 6, Johnson City, TN).

1t. Arnold PATE; married _______ JARRETT.

1-3u. One son, two daughters.

2t. Dorothy PATE, born 1921 Feb 14, NC, died 1967 Sep 8, Johnson City, TN; married 1942 Jul 27, Jack ROBERTSON.

[1u. Geneive PATE, born 1938 Dec 1, died 1947 Apr 17.]

2u. _______ (dau) ROBERTSON.

3t. Hazel PATE, born 1924 Dec 6, NC; married Barney JOLLY.

1-2u. One son, one daughter.

4t. Glessie PATE, born 1928 Mar 25, NC; married James CHURCH (born 1921 Mar 25).

1-2u. One son, one daughter.

5t. Thelma PATE; married Floyd SMITH (born 1918 Jan 1, died 1987 Mar 20).

4s. Nathan PATE, born 1901 Nov 9, Mitchell co, NC, died 1960 Oct 22; married 1st, 1920 Oct 16, Stella WHITSON (born ca 1901, died ca 1926); married 2nd, ca 1923, Hattie STREET.

1t. J. D. Naff PATE, born 1921 Mar 6, Yancey co, NC, died 1988 Jun 2, Green Mountain, TN; married Trula BRYANT.

1u. Jimmie PATE, born 1948 Dec 16, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Jerry Lee PATE, born 1952 Jan 9, Yancey co, NC; married Beverly J. HANEY.

1v. Rachel Denise PATE, born 1977 Jun 13, Yancey co, NC.

3u. _______ (dau) PATE.

2t. Floyd PATE, born 1924 Feb 11, Mitchell co, NC.

3t. Perry PATE, born 1930 Sep 18, Yancey co, NC.

4t. _______ (son) PATE.

5t. Arnold Paul PATE, born 1954 Jan 17, Yancey co, NC.

(1)6t. Jane PATE, born 1923 Jun 10, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Rothie BRYANT; married 2nd, Earl LAURELWOOD.

1-2u. Two sons LAURELWOOD.

7t. Hettie PATE, born 1930 Feb 11, Mitchell co, NC.

8t. Pansy Kay PATE, born 1937 May 20, Mitchell co, NC, died 2003 Apr 29, Johnson City, TN; married George Vernon GARLAND (born 1928 Apr 28, Mitchell co, NC, died 2004 Jun 19, Johnson City, TN).

1u. _______ (son) GARLAND.

2u. _______ (son) GARLAND.

3u. _______ (dau) GARLAND; married _______ HUMAN.

4u. _______ (dau) GARLAND; married _______ ATKINSON.

5u. _______ (dau) GARLAND; married _______ SOMMERS.

6u. _______ (dau) GARLAND.

9t. Betty PATE, born 1946 Dec 15, Yancey co, NC; married Roger Lee BOONE.

1u. Rodney S. BOONE, born 1971 Jan 28, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Randy Lee BOONE, born 1978 Nov 4, Yancey co, NC.

5s. Amy PATE, born Yancey co, NC; married Anderson EDWARDS.

1t. Hoyt EDWARDS, born 1926 May 24, Mitchell co, NC.

6s. Lavinnia PATE, born 1886 Mar 18, Yancey co, NC.

7s. Hester PATE, born 1889 Nov, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Donald GRIFFIN; married 2nd, Frank HENSLEY.

8s. Rebecca PATE, born 1893 Jan 9, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1928 Jan 28.

9s. Hannah PATE, born 1894, Yancey co, NC.

7r. Mary Polly PATE, born 1851 Oct, Yancey co, NC, died 1896, Unicoi co, TN; married 1872 Sep 15, Mitchell co, NC, Simpson Lewis JOHNSON (born 1855 Oct 9, Salisbury, NC, died 1943 Dec 18, Adrian, MI).

1s. Nathaniel JOHNSON, born 1873 Dec, Mitchell co, NC, died 1961, Pontiac, MI; married 1st, _______; married 2nd, 1895 Mar 20, Hester Emaline PATE (born 1876 Apr 20, Mitchell co, NC, died 1959) (see above).

2s. Charles C. JOHNSON, born 1881 Jul; married Hannah GRIFFIN.

1t. Floyd JOHNSON, born 1905 Jun 5, Yancey co, NC; married Pansy May ELKINS.

1u. Carl JOHNSON, born 1935, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Pansy JOHNSON, born 1933 Nov 7, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Alma L. JOHNSON, born 1938 Feb 5, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Grace JOHNSON, born 1940 Mar 28, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Barbara Jean JOHNSON, born 1946 Oct 9, Madison co, NC.

2t. Dewey JOHNSON, born 1908.

3t. Hobert JOHNSON, born 1916 Nov 30, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Birdie JOHNSON, born 1904.

5t. Etta JOHNSON, born 1906.

6t. Pansy JOHNSON, born 1915 May 30, Yancey co, NC; married Robert F. HUGHES.

1u. _______ (dau) HUGHES, born 1939 Oct 5, Yancey co, NC.

3s. Henry JOHNSON, born 1884 Aug 1, died 1974 Mar, Detroit, MI; married Rachel GOUGE (born 1894, Unicoi co, TN).

1t. Walter JOHNSON; married Virginia WHITE.

2t. Annie Mae JOHNSON; married Earl RICH.

4s. Perry JOHNSON, born 1891 Feb.

5s. Hannah Eliza JOHNSON, born 1876 Feb 14, Mitchell co, NC, died 1932 May 17, Adrian, MI; married 1st, William VARDAMAN; married 2nd, Moses JOHNSON.

6s. Nancy Ellen JOHNSON, born 1878 Apr 10, Mitchell co, NC, died 1952 Jul 3, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, 1898 Mar 7, Mitchell co, NC, Russell BARNETT (born 1877 Jun, NC); married 2nd, 1919 Nov 21, as 3rd wife, Nathan Aaron HONEYCUTT (born 1869 May 17, Poplar, NC, died 1952 Jan 25, Mitchell co, NC).

1t. Pearson BARNETT, born 1898 Dec, NC; married Ellen _______ (born 1902, NC).

1u. _______ BARNETT, born 1924 Feb 14, Mitchell co, NC.

2t. Woodard BARNETT, born 1909, NC.

3t. Bertha BARNETT, born 1900 Mar, NC; married Richard RENFRO.

1u. James RENFRO, born 1923 Jun 11, Mitchell co, NC.

4t. Essa BARNETT, born 1901, NC; married George MOORE.

1u. Mildred Gertrude MOORE, born 1934 Sep 18, Gaston co, NC; married Bobby Lee BRYMER.

1v. Jackie Lee BRYMER, born 1951 Aug 2, Gaston co, NC; married Susan Joyce BRADSHAW.

1w. Joseph Lee BRYMER, born 1975 Aug 9, Gaston co, NC.

2v. Gema Lynett BRYMER, born 1960 May 22, Gaston co, NC; married William Mark RIKARD.

1w. Adam Tudd RIKARD, born 1978 Jan 11, Gaston co, NC.

2w. Ryan Nicholas RIKARD, born 1980 May 30, Gaston co, NC.

5t. Dona BARNETT, born 1913, NC.

6-7t. Two children, died by 1910.

7s. Mary Catherine JOHNSON, born 1879 Aug 30, Poplar, NC, died 1954 Apr 3, Cochranville, PA; married 1899 May 19, Unicoi co, TN, Samuel Barlow PATE (born 1880 Apr 27, TN, died 1954 Apr 3, Cochranville, PA) (see above).

8s. Rebecca Jane JOHNSON, born 1886 Nov, NC; married ca 1909, Frank E. BARNES (born 1882/83, OH).

1t. Benjamin F. BARNES, born 1917/18, OH.

2t. Fred R. BARNES, born 1920/21, OH; married Ruth _______.

3t. Carl R. BARNES, born 1926, OH.

4t. Ethel E. BARNES, born 1913/14, OH.

5t. Mary M. BARNES, born 1915/16, OH; married Leon QUIGLEY.

6t. Clarice I. BARNES, born 1927, MI.

7t. Marie BARNES.

8t. Dolly BARNES.

9t. Doris BARNES; married 1st, Fred MARSH; married 2nd, Homer HARCOURT.

9s. Anna Rosetta JOHNSON, born 1893 Feb, NC; married ca 1919, Quince JOHNSON (born 1897/98, NC).

1t. Robert Bert JOHNSON, born 1929 May 24, Mitchell co, NC; married _______.

1u. Robert Earnest JOHNSON, born 1951, Rockingham co, NC; married _______.

1v. Curry Ann JOHNSON, born 1975, Rockingham co, NC.

2u. _______ (son) JOHNSON, born 1954, Rockingham co, NC.

3u. Barbara Jean JOHNSON, born 1956, Rockingham co, NC.

2t. Allie May JOHNSON, born 1920, Mitchell co, NC.

3t. Edith JOHNSON, born 1924 Feb 23, MItchell co, NC.

8r. Martha Malinda PATE, born ca 1853, Yancey co, NC; married Charles C. JOHNSON (born 1853 Nov, NC).

1s. Charles JOHNSON, born 1880 Dec.

2s. Robert JOHNSON, born 1883 Feb; married 1910, Mitchell co, NC, Lillie _______.

3s. Malloy JOHNSON, born 1885 Jun.

4s. Loretta JOHNSON, born 1877, NC.

5s. Orna JOHNSON, born 1888 Sep.

6s. Sarah J. JOHNSON, born 1891 Apr.

7s. Julia JOHNSON, born 1894 Apr.

9r. Rebecca PATE, born 1857 Feb, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1880, Alexander BENNETT (born 1849 Mar, NC, fl. 1930, Bradshaw, NC).

1s. Eason BENNETT, born 1883 Jul, Mitchell co, NC; married ca 1901, Martha J. HONEYCUTT (born 1887 Feb, Poplar, NC).

1t. Roscoe BENNETT, born 1903 Nov 3, Mitchell co, NC, died there, 1986 Jun 24; married ca 1925, May _______ (born 1906/07, NC).

1u. Ed BENNETT, born 1930 Jan 2, Mitchell co, NC; married Jammie HOWELL.

1v. Joan Marie BENNETT, born 1956 Dec 21, Mitchell co, NC; married Johnny Odell BRIGHT.

1w. Emy Marie BRIGHT, born 1979 Feb 7, Beaufort co, NC.

2u. Ethel BENNETT, born 1927 Jul 27, Mitchell co, NC; married Loss McCURRY.

1v. Loss McCURRY, born 1949 Jun 30, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Richard BENNETT, born 1908, Mitchell co, NC; married _______.

1u. Dainey BENNETT, born 1941 Aug 31, Mitchell co, NC.

2u. Troy BENNETT, born 1945 Aug 20, Mitchell co, NC.

3t. Dewey BENNETT, born 1910, Mitchell co, NC; married _______.

4t. Frank BENNETT, born 1912, Mitchell co, NC.

1u. Lenoir BENNETT, born 1938 May 11, Mitchell co, NC.

2u. J. C. BENNETT, born 1942 May 7, Mitchell co, NC.

3u. R. L. BENNETT, born 1943 May 26, Mitchell co, NC.

4u. Helen BENNETT, born 1940 Apr 25, Mitchell co, NC; married Edward L. PETERSON.

1v. Eddie G. PETERSON, born 1958 Oct 30, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Randall T. PETERSON, born 1962 May 26, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Debbie A. PETERSON, born 1960 Dec 29, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Donnie M. PETERSON, born 1964 Aug 12, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Jessie Lynn PETERSON, born 1966 Sep 5, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Martha Lee BENNETT, born 1945 Jul 14, Mitchell co, NC.

6u. Jerlean BENNETT, born 1949 Jul 9, Mitchell co, NC.

5t. Charlie BENNETT, born 1915/16, NC; married _______.

1u. Darrell BENNETT, born 1945 Dec 17, Mitchell co, NC.

2u. Larry BENNETT, born 1949 Apr 4, Mitchell co, NC.

6t. Sidney BENNETT, born 1916/17, NC; married _______.

1u. Clinton BENNETT, born 1943 Jun 1, Mitchell co, NC.

2u. Wade BENNETT, born 1944 Aug 20, Mitchell co, NC.

3u. Gene BENNETT, born 1948 Aug 25, Mitchell co, NC.

4u. Wanda Lee BENNETT, born 1945 Jan 1, Mitchell co, NC; married Ralph B. MILLER.

1v. Donna Lynn MILLER, born 1969 Mar 11, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Samantha Lee MILLER, born 1970 Feb 2, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Sally A. MILLER, born 1973 Feb 15, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Ada BENNETT, born 1947 Feb 6, Mitchell co, NC.

7t. Robert BENNETT, born 1922 Dec 29, Mitchell co, NC; married _______.

1u. Pauline BENNETT, born 1948 Jan 1, Mitchell co, NC.

2s. Jessie BENNETT, born 1887 Mar, NC; married ca 1914, Alice HONEYCUTT (born 1896, Herrell, NC).

1t. Gervas BENNETT, born 1914 Sep 18, Mitchell co, NC.

2t. Orb/Arbe BENNETT, born 1917/18, NC.

3t. William BENNETT, born 1924 Nov 26, Mitchell co, NC.

4t. Silva BENNETT, born 1919/20, NC.

5t. Dorthy BENNETT, born 1926 Dec 10, Mitchell co, NC.

3s. Moses BENNETT, born 1895 Nov, NC; married ca 1921, Ella HUGHES (born 1904/05, NC).

1t. Pete BENNETT, born 1921 Nov 6, Mitchell co, NC.

2t. Albert BENNETT, born 1923 Apr 1, Mitchell co, NC.

3t. Ada BENNETT, born 1926 Jun 29, Mitchell co, NC.

4t. Annie BENNETT, born 1928 May 6, Mitchell co, NC.

4s. Elmyra BENNETT, born 1885 Jul, Mitchell co, NC; married ca 1914, Avery BARNETT (born 1878/79, NC).

1t. George BARNETT, born 1920 Jun 7, Mitchell co, NC; married _______.

1u. Clinton BARNETT, born 1942 Oct 7, Mitchell co, NC.

2u. Avery Gene BARNETT, born 1960 Jun 9, Mitchell co, NC.

3u. ________ BARNETT, born 1964 Jan 11, Mitchell co, NC.

4u. Pennie Cille BARNETT, born 1946 Dec 29, Mitchell co, NC.

5u. Wanda Gail BARNETT, born 1953 Jul 9, Mitchell co, NC.

2t. Smith BARNETT, born 1922 Jan 9, Mitchell co, NC.

3t. Norman BARNETT, born 1926 Jan 2, Mitchell co, NC.

4t. Rosa BARNETT, born 1918 Oct 7, Mitchell co, NC.

5t. Daisy BARNETT, born 1919, NC.

6t. Hannah BARNETT, born 1924 Apr 6, Mitchell co, NC.

5s. Hannah BENNETT, born 1889 Jul, NC; married ca 1903, Sherman H. LEWIS (born 1880/81, NC).

1t. Leland LEWIS, born 1906 Sep 6, Mitchell co, NC.

2t. Jessie LEWIS, born 1907, NC; married ca 1929, Lovina _______ (born 1906/07, NC).

1u. Ivan LEWIS, born 1930 Jun 8, Mitchell co, NC.

2u. Alzy Jenee LEWIS, born 1934 Aug 13, Mitchell co, NC.

3t. Carlie LEWIS, born 1909, NC.

4t. Forrest LEWIS, born 1911, NC.

5t. Stokes LEWIS, born 1915 Feb 18, Mitchell co, NC, died by 1930.

6t. William LEWIS, born 1918, NC.

7t. M. V./Clinton LEWIS, born 1920 Feb 27, Mitchell co, NC.

8t. Harrison LEWIS, born 1923 Jul 12, Mitchell co, NC, died young.

9t. Vernon LEWIS, born 1927/28, NC.

10t. Taft LEWIS, born 1932 Feb 1, Mitchell co, NC.

11t. Madge LEWIS, born 1912 Dec 16, Mitchell co, NC.

12t. Nancy LEWIS, born 1916 Sep 28, Mitchell co, NC.

13t. Sarah LEWIS, born 1921 Nov 3, Mitchell co, NC.

14t. Julia LEWIS, born 1925 Jun 18, Mitchell co, NC.

15t. Mary Lee LEWIS, born 1928 Jun 12, Mitchell co, NC.

7s. Sarah BENNETT, born 1891 May, NC.

8s. Laura BENNETT, born 1897 May, NC.

9s. Julia BENNETT, born 1900, NC.

10-11s. Two children, died by 1900.

10r. Nancy Elmyra PATE, born 1861, Yancey co, NC; married 1879 Mar 24, Cornelius MILLER (born 1858 Aug 25).

1s. Marcus MILLER, born 1882 Jan.

2s. Harrison MILLER, born 1890 Mar, NC; married Lizzie _______ (born 1884, NC).

1t. Dock MILLER, born 1914, TN.

2t. Nettie MILLER, born 1913, TN.

3s. Nathaniel MILLER, born 1895 Jun, NC, fl. 1930, Madison, MI; married ca 1917, Elizabeth _______ (born 1899, TN).

1t. Virginia B. MILLER, born 1919, MI.

4s. Evaline MILLER, born 1880 Mar.

5s. Isabel MILLER, born 1892 Aug.

5q. John PATE, born 1833 Jul 4, Yancey co, NC, died 1904 Mar 18; married 1st, Elizabeth MASHBURN (died sp); married 2nd, ca 1861, Arcy BRITTAIN (born ca 1837, TN); married 3rd, ca 1880, Artemese M. FOREHAND (born 1837 Aug 17, IL, died 1894 Aug 24, Searcy co, AR).

1r. Robert Henry PATE, born 1865 Sep 23, AR, died 1920/30, Searcy co, AR; married ca 1887, Susan _______ (born 1867 Dec, AR).

1s. Leon PATE, born 1895 Nov, AR; married ca 1918, Hattie _______ (born 1900, AR).

1t. Wilma PATE, born 1920/21, AR.

2t. Willie PATE, born 1922/23, AR.

2s. Roxy L. PATE, born 1887 Sep, AR; married ca 1908, Thomas ALLRED (born 1887/88, AR).

1t. Claiborne ALLRED, born 1909, AR.

3s. Mable PATE, born 1898 Mar, AR; married ca 1914, Blain J. HENSLEY (born 1887, AR).

1t. Fern HENSLEY, born 1917, AR.

2t. Geraldine HENSLEY, born 1919, AR.

2r. Margaret A. PATE, born 1861 Jul 3, AR; married ca 1883, as 2nd wife, James Thomas GUILLIAM (born 1836 Jul, KY).

1s. Thomas Robert GUILLIAM.

2s. James Samuel Tuly GUILLIAM, born 1888 May, AR.

3s. George Richard GUILLIAM.

4s. Dewey Marshall Hobson GUILLIAM, born 1898 Sep, AR, died 1973 Feb, Oklahoma City, OK; married Leona DREWEY (born 1898 Mar 27, died 1982 Dec, Harrison, AR).

1t. Thanos B. GUILLIAM, born 1917/18, AR.

2t. Hazel G. GUILLIAM, born 1928, AR.

5s. Jessie C. GUILLIAM.

6s. Arie Mesa Jane GUILLIAM, born 1884 Mar, AR.

7s. Elva Ellen GUILLIAM, born 1890 Jul, AR; married James MILAN.

8s. Winnie Safrana Elizabeth GUILLIAM, born 1893 Oct, AR.

9s. Frances Isabelle GUILLIAM, born 1896 Jun, AR; married ca 1916, Allen Vanzo RAGLAND (born 1897, AR).

1t. Allen Blaine RAGLAND, born 1917, AR; married 1st, Virginia Bernice FOSTER; married 2nd, DeAnn BURRUP (sp).

1u. _______ (son) RAGLAND; married _______ WALTON.

1v. _______ (son) RAGLAND.

2v. _______ (son) RAGLAND; married Karissa _______.

1w. _______ (dau) RAGLAND.

2u. _______ (son) RAGLAND; married 1st, Janet _______; married 2nd, _______ WARD; married 3rd, _______ WRIGHT.

(2)1v. _______ (son) RAGLAND.

(1)2v. _______ (dau) RAGLAND.

3u. _______ (son) RAGLAND; married _______ ROBINS.

1-2v. Two sons.

4u. _______ (son) RAGLAND; married _______ MORRISON.

1-3v. Two sons, one daughter.

5u. _______ (son) RAGLAND; married 1st, Ruthy _______; married 2nd, _______ FARRIS.

(2)1v. _______ (son) RAGLAND.

6u. _______ (son) RAGLAND; married _______ DOWNING.

1v. _______ (dau) RAGLAND.

7u. _______ (dau) RAGLAND; married _______ GARRISON.

1v. _______ (son) GARRISON; married Margaret _______.

1w. _______ (dau) GARRISON.

2v. _______ (dau) GARRISON.

8u. _______ (dau) RAGLAND; married _______ SUMPTER.

1v. _______ (dau) SUMPTER; married ______ MAHAN.

1-2w. One son, one daughter.

2v. _______ (dau) SUMPTER; married _______ TYLER.

1w. _______ (dau) TYLER.

9u. _______ (dau) RAGLAND; married _______ WOODS.

1-2v. Two daughters.

10u. _______ (dau) RAGLAND; married 1st, _______ ATTALES; married 2nd, _______ SCOTT.

1-3v. One daughter ATTALES; two daughters SCOTT.

11u. _______ (dau) RAGLAND; married _______ GROTTS.

1v. _______ (son) GROTTS; married Vicki _______.

2v. _______ (son) GROTTS.

3v. _______ (dau) GROTTS.

2t. James Alton RAGLAND; married Maudie WARD.

1u. James Alton RAGLAND, Jr.

2u. _______ (dau) RAGLAND.

3u. _______ (dau) RAGLAND.

3t. Charles Raban RAGLAND; married _______ WARD.

1-2u. Two sons.

4t. _______ (son) RAGLAND; married _______ WARD.

1-3u. Two sons, one daughter.

5t. Veda Virginia RAGLAND, born 1919, AR; married Virgle B. ROBERTSON.

1-4u. Three sons, one daughter.

6t. Tura Leona RAGLAND, bron 1921/22, AR; married William WATTS.

1u. _______ (dau) WATTS.

7t. Bonnie RAGLAND, born 1924/25, AR.

8t. Josephine RAGLAND; married Quincy GARNER.

1-2u. One son, one daughter.

9t. Alma Oleta RAGLAND.

10t. Virnie Irene RAGLAND, born 1927/28, AR; married Fred L. McCURRY.

11t. Betty Ruth RAGLAND; married James Nally CARR.

1-2u. Two daughters.

10s. Maranda L. M. GUILLIAM, born 1901/02, AR; married John F. CLAYTON.

3r. Mary J. PATE, born 1868 Apr 12, AR.

4r. Lowenia PATE, born 1869/70, AR.

5r. Lula Cordelia PATE, born 1876 Jul 16, AR.

[1s. Manuel PATE, born 1898 Nov, AR.]

6r. Belle PATE, born 1877/78, AR.

7r. Rogenia PATE, born 1880 Jan, AR.

8r. Martha Clementine PATE, born 1885 Dec 27, Searcy co, AR, died there, 1934 Mar 11; married ca 1901, Martin Van Buren SCOTT (born 1883 Nov 10, Searcy co, AR, died 1946 Sep 10, Fort Smith, AR).

1s. Alfonzo SCOTT, born 1901 Jun 22, Searcy co, AR, died 1967 Jun 21, Parma, MO; married Verbie Leona REVES (born 1904 Feb 7, Searcy co, AR, died there, 1937 Apr 30).

2s. Lawson A. SCOTT, born 1903, AR.

3s. Truman L. SCOTT, born 1905, AR.

4s. A. Rhodell SCOTT, born 1912, AR.

5s. Jess W. SCOTT, born 1915, AR.

6s. Ollie M. SCOTT, born 1907, AR.

7s. Ora J. SCOTT, born 1910, AR.

8s. Edith SCOTT, born 1921/22, AR.

9r. Liddie PATE, born 1888 Oct, AR.

6q. George Washington PATE, born 1834 Jun 4, Buncombe co, NC, died 1906 Dec 23; married 1st, Blanronea WILLIAMS (born 1830 Jul 18, died 1870); married 2nd, Polly E. PETERSON (died sp); married 3rd, 1872 Oct 26, Yancey co, NC, Mary Eveline ROBERSON; married 4th, Sally RANDOLPH (died sp).

1r. John A. PATE, born 1852 Sep 15, NC, died 1923 Nov 6; married 1871 Aug 4, Yancey co, NC, Nicie Mariah HENSLEY (born 1849 May 15, NC, died 1942 Jan 31).

1s. Sarah E. PATE, born 1871 Nov, NC, died 1912 Jan 31; married ca 1888, Elbert Liney EDWARDS (born 1869 Sep 1, NC, died 1941 Jul 17).

1t. William B. EDWARDS, born 1889 Jan 6, died by 1900.

2t. Andrew EDWARDS, born 1895 Sep 6, Yancey co, NC, died 1990 Aug 18, Asheville, NC; married ca 1920, Carrie Virginia HENSLEY (born 1901/02, NC).

1u. Phillip EDWARDS, born 1920 Sep 17, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Johnnie EDWARDS, born 1933 Mar 19, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Ruby EDWARDS, born 1922 Mar 14, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Delma EDWARDS, born 1926 Feb 7, Bee Log, NC; married 1945 Dec 18, Asheville, NC, Chad WILLIAMS, born 1914 Jul, Yancey co, NC, died 1989 Sep 21, Spartanburg, SC).

1v. Larry Eugene WILLIAMS, born 1948 Jun 14, Johnson City, TN; married _______ MASON.

1-2w. Two daughters.

2v. Allan R. WILLIAMS, born 1951 May 11, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Garry D. WILLIAMS, born 1953 Sep 12, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, _______ RICHARDSON; married 2nd, _______.

(1)1w. _______ (dau) WILLIAMS.

4v. Walter M. WILLIAMS, born 1958 May 5, Yancey co, NC; married _______ BALLENGER.

1-2w. One son, one daughter.

5u. Ethel EDWARDS, born 1928 Feb 9, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Sallie May EDWARDS, born 1930 Jan 11, Yancey co, NC; married Briscoe RANDOLPH.

1v. David E. RANDOLPH, born 1958 Feb 22, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Amelia Gwin RANDOLPH, born 1955 Apr 6, Yanecy co, NC; married Richard Raymond POULIOT.

1w. Teresa Renee POULIOT, born 1977, Rutherford co, NC.

7u. Ruth EDWARDS, born 1931 Aug 30, Yancey co, NC; married Gudger S. HENSLEY.

1v. Steward H. HENSLEY, born 1953 Feb 2, Yancey co, NC.

2v. William H. HENSLEY, born 1957 Apr 30, Yancey co, NC; married Rhonda S. SPARKS.

1w. Willie Joe HENSLEY, born 1980 Apr 25, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Joshua Lee HENSLEY, born 1983 Jun 5, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Donny R. HENSLEY, born 1960 Nov 7, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Ruby R. HENSLEY, born 1954 May 19, Yancey co, NC; married Johnny D. McCURRY.

1w. Ivan Jason G. McCURRY, born 1981 Nov 21, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Rita S. HENSLEY, born 1955 Oct 26, Yancey co, NC; married Thomas H. HUGHES.

1w. Shannon K. HUGHES, born 1976 Mar 9, Yancey co, NC.

6v. Juanita HENSLEY, born 1958 Jul 31, Yancey co, NC; married Gary G. LAWS.

1w. Candida R. LAWS, born 1980 Sep 29, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Lillian EDWARDS, born 1936 May 11, Yancey co, NC; married Holt MILLER.

1v. Joseph C. MILLER, born 1961 May 24, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Jonathan B. MILLER, born 1964 May 23, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Tilman F. EDWARDS, born 1904 Mar 2, Yancey co, NC, died 1990 Jul 22, Unicoi co, TN; married Kate WILLIS.

4t. Texanna EDWARDS, born 1890 Oct, NC, died 1914 Feb 26; married ca 1902, as 1st wife, John Will McINTOSH (born 1879/80, NC).

1u. Coy McINTOSH, born 1908 May 4, Yancey co, NC; married Truley McCURRY.

1v. _______ (dau) McINTOSH, born 1932 Feb 29, Yancey co, NC.

2u. William Van McINTOSH, born 1912/13, NC; married _______.

1v. William Carroll McINTOSH, born 1937 Jun 17, Davidson co, NC.

5t. Emma EDWARDS, born 1894 Feb, NC; married ca 1913, Horace HENSLEY (born 1889/90, NC).

1u. Wade HENSLEY, born 1928 Dec 28, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Verl HENSLEY, born 1915 Jan 19, Yancey co, NC.

3u. _______ (dau) HENSLEY, born 1916 Aug 15, Yancey co, NC, died young.

4u. Void HENSLEY, born 1918 Oct 9, Yancey co, NC, died young.

5u. Vaughtie HENSLEY, born 1920 Sep 19, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Violet HENSLEY, born 1921/22, NC; married Paul Marklin MARKLAND.

1v. Betty Marklin MARKLAND, born 1947 Mar 5, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Viola HENSLEY, born 1926 Jul 18, Yancey co, NC.

6t. Sallie L. EDWARDS, born 1897 Oct, NC; married ca 1916, Edd RIDDLE (born 1897/98, NC).

1u. Robert Lee RIDDLE, born 1917 May 4, Yancey co, NC; married Maxine HUGHES.

1v. Roger D. RIDDLE, born 1944 Dec 15, Yancey co, NC; married Dorothy S. WINTERS.

1w. Betty Anne RIDDLE, born 1968 Jun 10, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Linda Sue RIDDLE, born 1970 Dec 29, Yancey co, NC.

2v. James G. RIDDLE, born 1947 Apr 28, Yancey co, NC; married Connie J. GARLAND.

1w. April Diane RIDDLE, born 1974 Nov 9, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Lonnie Mac RIDDLE, born 1949 Jan 19, Yancey co, NC; married Ruth M. BIGGS.

1w. Joseph Mac RIDDLE, born 1976 Feb 9, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Emily Suzanne RIDDLE, born 1978 Jan 20, Yancey co, NC.

4v. George Edward RIDDLE, born 1951 Oct 14, Yancey co, NC; married Patricia D. TAYLOR.

1w. Christal Lynn RIDDLE, born 1976 Dec 1, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Shelly Marie RIDDLE, born 1978 Jun 3, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Christine RIDDLE, born 1943 Apr 24, Yancey co, NC.

6v. Mary E. RIDDLE, born 1953 Dec 9, Yancey co, NC.

7v. Lois K. RIDDLE, born 1956 Apr 8, Yancey co, NC; married Billy Joe McLAUGHLIN.

1w. Elizabeth D. M. McLAUGHLIN, born 1976 Nov 22, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Melissa V. L. McLAUGHLIN, born 1979 Jul 12, Yancey co, NC.

8v. Lydia K. RIDDLE, born 1958 Aug 29, Yancey co, NC.

9v. Helen D. RIDDLE, born 1966 Jan 16, Yancey co, NC; married Alan D. NESS.

1w. Heather M. NESS, born 1981 Mar 12, Yancey co, NC.

2u. _______ (son) RIDDLE, born 1919 Feb 20, Yancey co, NC, died young.

3u. John E. RIDDLE, born 1922 Nov 5, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Ray RIDDLE, born 1927 Jan 28, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Ted RIDDLE, born 1929 Mar 25, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Kenneth T. RIDDLE, born 1933 May 21, Yancey co, NC; married Nancy Sue DALE.

1v. Kenneth Edward RIDDLE, born 1957 May 14, Burke co, NC.

2v. _______ (son) RIDDLE, born 1959 Jul 3, Burke co, NC.

3v. Gregory Dale RIDDLE, born 1961 Apr 15, Burke co, NC.

4v. Chuck Eric RIDDLE, born 1968 Oct 6, Burke co, Nc.

7u. Bennie RIDDLE, born 1935 Jul 17, Yancey co, NC.

8u. J. C. RIDDLE, born 1937 May 22, Yancey co, NC.

9u. _______ (dau) RIDDLE, born 1916 Feb 12, Yancey co, NC, died young.

10u. Dorothy May RIDDLE, born 1920 Aug 30, Yancey co, NC; married Walter C. MILLER.

1v. Charles MILLER, born 1945 Nov 9, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Bobby L. MILLER, born 1951 Dec 7, Yancey co, NC.

11u. Mary E. RIDDLE, born 1924 Dec 30, Yancey co, NC; married E. R. RIDDLE.

1v. Lecia R. RIDDLE, born 1962 Jan 5, Yancey co, NC.

2r. Alfred J. PATE, born 1853, NC; married Celia A. BRIGGS (born 1852/53, NC).

1s. William Garrison PATE, born 1872 May, NC, died 1957; married ca 1894, Della R. _______ (born 1876 May, NC).

1t. William Joseph PATE, born 1900 Mar, TN.

2t. Troy PATE, born 1909, TN.

3t. Albert PATE, born 1913, TN.

4t. Roscoe PATE, born 1916, TN.

5t. Lillian B. PATE, born 1898 Dec, NC.

6t. Bessie PATE, born 1901/02, TN.

7t. Bertie M. PATE, born 1910, TN.

8-10t. Three children, died by 1910.

2s. Howell PATE, born 1876, NC.

3r. Joseph PATE, born 1860, NC.

4r. William PATE, born 1865/62, NC.

5r. Isaac A. PATE, born 1867/68, NC; married as 1st husband, Mintie EDWARDS (born 1871 Nov 24, died 1944 Dec).

1s. John Washington PATE, born 1887 Nov 26, Yancey co, NC, died 1981, Landrum, SC; married 1905 Oct 11, Yancey co, NC, Martha Melissa BRADFORD (born 1886 Jun 7, NC, died 1934 Dec 4) (see below).

1t. Isaac Roger PATE, born 1908 Jan 8, Yancey co, NC, died 1993 Jul 2, Columbus, NC; married 1936 Aug 12, Spartanburg, NC, _______.

1u. _______ (son) PATE; married _______.

1v. _______ (son) PATE.

2t. Grady PATE, born 1912/13, NC.

3t. Clyde PATE, born 1915 Oct 29, Yancey co, NC; married Marjorie E. CULBREATH.

1u. Betty Jean PATE, born 1945, Polk co, NC; married Roger Lee BOONE.

1v. Rodney S. BOONE, born 1971 Jan 28, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Randy Lee BOONE, born 1978 Nov 4, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Coy D. PATE, born 1918/19, NC; married Lillie EDWARDS.

1u. Cecil Coy PATE, born 1937 Jul 5, Polk co, NC.

5t. Hagon PATE, born 1927, NC.

6t. Velva Ofa PATE, born 1914/15, NC; married JOhn Marvin STOTT.

1u. Gerald Dean STOTT, born 1935 Dec 30, Polk co, NC.

2u. Shirley Mae STOTT, born 1939 Aug 7, Polk co, NC; married Jessie Lewis FOY.

1v. Lewis Keith FOY, born 1959, Polk co, NC.

2v. Timothy Dewayne FOY, born 1960, Polk co, NC; married Deborah Lynn BRITTAIN.

1w. Raegan Brittain FOY, born 1980, Rutherford co, NC.

2w. Brittany Mae FOY, born 1985 May 1, Polk co, NC.

3v. Sonya Renee FOY, born 1966, Polk co, NC.

3u. Joyce Linda STOTT, born 1945, Polk co, NC; married Richard Eldon ESTEP.

1v. Michelle Gwen ESTEP, born 1970, Polk co, NC.

7t. Pearl PATE, born 1921/22, NC.

8t. Lola/Lillian PATE, born 1924, Polk co, NC.

2s. Monroe H. PATE, born 1893 Mar 1, Yancey co, NC; married Palace YONCE (born 1896/97, NC).

1t. Horace PATE, born 1914 Jan 1, Macon co, NC.

2t. Herbert Monroe PATE, born 1928 Sep 28, Catawba co, NC.

3t. Pauline PATE, born 1914/15, NC.

4t. Geneva PATE, born 1919/20, NC.

5t. Christine PATE, born 1922/23, NC.

6t. Juanita PATE, born 1924/25, Nc.

6r. Silas PATE, born 1874 Apr 29, NC, died 1921 Nov 2; married 1895 Mar 7, Yancey co, NC, Nancy J. HOWARD.

1s. Bascom Columbus PATE, born 1904, NC, died 1966 Aug 11, Rutherford co, NC; married Carrie _______ (born 1908/09, NC).

1t. Colleen PATE, born 1928, Rutherford co, NC; married Cicero D. WALL.

1u. Sharon Olivia WALL, born 1948, Rutherford co, NC; married 1st, Gerald Lee SHORT; married 2nd, George William FOX; married 3rd, Michael Lee RIDINGS.

1v. Todd William FOX, born 1969, Rutherford co, NC.

2v. Scott Michael RIDINGS, born 1975, Rutherford co, NC.

3v. Tanya Lynn SHORT, born 1967 Jan 14, Rutherford co, NC; married Richard Dean WALKER.

1w. Shala Renee WALKER, born 1985, Rutherford co, NC.

4v. Sharon Renee FOX, born 1971 Feb 16, Cleveland co, NC.

2t. _______ PATE, born 1931, Rutherford co, NC.

2s. Lora A. PATE, born 1895 Dec, NC, died 1985 Apr 21, Mitchell co, NC; married ca 1916, Harrison PHILLIPS (born 1894, NC, died 1977 Nov 9, Mitchell co, NC).

1t. Edgar PHILLIPS, born 1919 Jul 17, Yancey co, NC, died young.

2t. Edith PHILLIPS, born 1917 Jan 17, Yancey co, NC; married Baxter PATE (born 1914, NC) (see above).

3t. Opal PHILLIPS, born 1921 Aug 20, Yancey co, NC; married Arne PATE (born 1921 Apr 26, Yancey co, NC) (see above).

4t. Josephine PHILLIPS, born 1924 May 12, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Lois M. PHILLIPS, born 1926 May 3, Yancey co, NC; married Virgil ROBINSON.

1u. Keith ROBINSON, born 1950 Jan 19, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Kenneth E. ROBINSON, born 1964 Nov 9, Yancey co, NC.

6t. Edna PHILLIPS, born 1929 May 24, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Georgie PHILLIPS, born 1932 Feb 25, Yancey co, NC.

7r. Bacchus PATE, born 1877, NC.

8r. Merrit PATE, born 1883 Nov 4, died 1966 Dec 19, Rutherford co, NC; married ca 1903, Laura HENSLEY (born 1886/87, NC).

1s. William G. PATE, born 1903, NC.

2s. Riley Arthur PATE, born 1908 Mar 24, NC, died 1967 Nov 27, Rutherford co, NC.

3s. Coy C. PATE, born 1912, NC.

4s. George W. PATE, born 1915, NC.

5s. Eddie Austin PATE, born 1918 Jun 7, Yancey co, NC, died 1975 Nov 27.

6s. Teddy Roosevelt PATE, born 1921 Feb 2, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1t. David Hugh PATE, born 1943 Oct 27, Buncombe co, NC.

7s. Martha Janie PATE, born 1905, NC.

8s. Eva K. PATE, born 1911, NC.

9s. Luna Belle PATE, born 1922 Dec 29, Yancey co, NC; married Burwell Bridges JENKINS.

1t. Burwell Jean JENKINS, born 1942, Rutherford co, NC.

2t. Jackie Claude JENKINS, born 1946, Rutherford co, NC; married Margaretta Louise HORTON.

1u. Richard Shawn JENKINS, born 1970, Rutherford co, NC.

3t. Alice Florence JENKINS, born 1944, Rutherford co, NC.

9r. Turner Riley PATE, born 1885 Aug 10, Yancey co, NC, died 1979 May 29, Burnsville, NC; married 1904 Nov 12, Yancey co, NC, Elizabeth EDWARDS (born 1883/84, NC).

1s. Floyd Stewart PATE, born 1906 Feb 19, Yancey co, NC, died 1997 Apr 12, Rutherford co, NC; married ca 1918, Dora SILVERS (born 1912/13, TN).

1t. Lloyd PATE, born 1929, SC.

2t. _______ (son) PATE.

2s. William C. PATE, born 1908 Jul 20, Yancey co, NC.

3s. Isaac Berry PATE, born 1911/12, NC; married Clara Belle SMITH.

1t. Johnny Steve PATE, born 1948, Rutherford co, NC; married Carol Kaye STALLINGS.

1u. Melissa Renee PATE, born 1968, Rutherford co, NC.

2u. Jamie Michelle PATE, born 1972 Jun 20, Guilford co, NC.

3u. Alicia Carol PATE, born 1977 Jun 9, Guilford co, NC.

2t. Rosemary PATE, born 1937, Rutherford co, NC.

4s. Zona E. PATE, born 1914 May 1, Yancey co, NC.

5s. Zula PATE, born 1917 Apr 9, Yancey co, NC; married Paul Cleaphone JONES.

1t. Boyce Edward JONES, born 1942, Rutherford co, NC; married Jo Ann BEHELER.

1u. Boyce Edward JONES, Jr., born 1971, Rutherford co, NC.

2t. Phyliss Jean JONES, born 1939, Rutherford co, NC.

6s. Mary Lula PATE, born 1920 Sep 19, Yancey co, NC; married Ernest E. MILLER.

1t. Jerry Blaine MILLER, born 1942, Rutherford co, NC.

7s. Hazel PATE, born 1922/23, NC; married Thomas C. HOLLIFIELD.

1t. Michael Thomas HOLLIFIELD, born 1952, Rutherford co, NC.

2t. Donna Rea HOLLIFIELD, born 1948, Rutherford co, NC.

10r. Mary PATE, born 1857.

11r. E. PATE, born 1871.

12r. Nancy J. PATE.

13r. Martha J. PATE, born 1880 Jan, NC.

7q. Baxter S./Bacchus S./William Baxter PATE, born 1836, died 1858 Jun 28, Scott co, VA, or 1879; married Asta COOPER (born NC, died TX).

1r. Susan Clarinda PATE, born 1860 Feb 4, Cherokee co, TX, died 1949 Jan 14, Upshur co, TX; married 1880 Feb 19, Henderson co, TX, Frank Marshall BARTLETT (born 1853 Jun 30, Chatfield, TX).

1s. Hubert Clay BARTLETT, born 1880 Nov 14, Bright Star, TX, died 1963 Aug 24, Grand Saline, TX; married 1901 Dec, Nancy Josephine WHITESCAVER (born 1879 Dec 14, died 1955 May 1).

1t. F. C. BARTLETT, born 1901 Oct 10, Van Zandt co, TX, died 1909 Apr 22.

2t. Charles M. BARTLETT, born 1905 Nov 14, Van Zandt co, TX, died 1940 Mar 3, Tarrant co, TX.

3t. Thomas Estis BARTLETT, born 1917 Dec 26, Van Zandt co, TX, died 1969 Sep 26, Dallas co, TX.

4t. Hubert Cleveland BARTLETT, born 1919 Aug 17, died 1975 Apr 20, Dallas co, TX; married Opal Patricia GUILLORY.

1u. Karen Anne BARTLETT, born 1953 Oct 26, Dallas co, TX; married 1976 Apr 13, Dallas co, TX (div 1987 Sep 17, Dallas co, TX), as 1st wife, Dale Wayne McGILL (born ca 1951).

[1v. Robert Dale McGILL, born 1971 Aug 14, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1991 Mar 15, Dallas co, TX (div 1995 Jan 30, Dallas co, TX), Patricia A. BURNETT (born ca 1969); married 2nd, 1997 Mar 29, Dallas co, TX, Kristina K. KENNEDY (born ca 1978). Two daughters by 1st marriage]

2v. Michael Wayne McGILL, born 1979 Sep 28, Dallas co, TX.

[3v. Erica Lynne McGILL, born 1974 Dec 27, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1994 Jun 11, Dallas co, TX, Richard Glenn GARRETT, Jr (born ca 1971); married 2nd, 1999 Feb 27, Kaufman co, TX, Christopher K. SCHLEBACH (born ca 1975). One son by 1st marriage.]

2u. Bette Gay BARTLETT, born 1955 Apr 9, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1972 Apr 15, Dallas co, TX (div 1974 May 9, Dallas co, TX), Michael W. FLOWERS (born ca 1954); married 2nd, 1977 Feb 5, Rockwall co, TX (div 1978 Aug 11, Dallas co, TX), Byron C. SEEGAR, Jr. (born ca 1957); married 3rd, 1980 Jul 17, Dallas co, TX, James David TATUM (born ca 1956).

1v. Matthew Ryan TATUM, born 1981 Jun 14, Dallas co, TX.

2v. Christen Lee TATUM, born 1984 Jun 2, Dallas co, TX.

3u. Susan Janice BARTLETT, born 1958 Mar 30, Dallas co, TX; married 1975 Apr 11, Dallas co, TX (div 1991 Jan 7, Dallas co, TX), David Gene BRADLEY (born ca 1957).

1v. David Gene BRADLEY, Jr., born 1975 Aug 27, Dallas co, TX; married 1996 Mar 9, Dallas co, TX, Erica L. THOMAS (born ca 1973).

2v. Jason Paul BRADLEY, born 1979 Aug 3, Potter co, TX.

5t. Nannie Bell BARTLETT, born 1903 Jul 14, Van Zandt co, TX, died 1990 Sep 6.

6t. Luvenia BARTLETT, born 1907 Feb 18, Van Zandt co, TX, died there, 1907 Mar 21.

2s. Jessie Ferguson BARTLETT, born 1883 May 5, Bright Star, TX, died 1972 Apr 17, Canton, TX; married 1905 Sep 28, _______.

3s. Lucien Meredith BARTLETT, born 1885 Sep 16, Whitton, TX, died 1956 Feb 25, Navarro co, TX; married 1913 Dec 22, Florence E. BLASINGAME (born 1889 May 15, died 1972 Aug 23, Cooke co, TX).

4s. Mat Bell BARTLETT, born 1888 Feb 17, died 1889 Aug 26.

5s. John Pate BARTLETT, born 1890 Aug 22, Van Zandt co, TX, died 1977 Oct 2, Kaufman co, TX; married 1914 Oct 24, Eva Velera FLOWERS (born 1900 Feb 17, died 1986 Apr 10, Kaufman co, TX).

6s. Samuel Lusk BARTLETT, born 1892 Sep 13, Canton, TX, died 1977 Apr 10, Dallas co, TX; married 1914 Oct 24, _______.

1t. Juanita Mae BARTLETT, born 1917 Feb 2, Van Zandt co, TX, died 1989 Nov 3, Denton co, TX; married 1935 Sep 9, _______ MABERRY.

1u. Mitchel MABERRY, born 1939 Apr 2, Van Zandt co, TX.

2t. Birdie Oleta BARTLETT, born 1920 Sep 11, died 1997 Sep 1; married 1940 Aug 4, D. W. NICHOLS.

1u. Francis Joan NICHOLS, born 1941 Nov 12, Kaufman co, TX.

2u. Norma Jean NICHOLS, born 1941 Nov 12, Kaufman co, TX; married Allen Stuart ROSE.

1v. Robert Barry ROSE, born 1963 Mar 31, Dallas co, TX; married 1991 Jan 12, Travis co, TX, Cynthia Lynn SAXMAN (born ca 1962).

1w. Benjamin Allen ROSE, born 1994 Apr 28, Travis co, TX.

2w. Christopher James ROSE, born 1995 Oct 17, Travis co, TX.

2v. Shari Lee ROSE, born 1965 Aug 30, Dallas co, TX.

3u. Janice Oleta NICHOLS, born 1946 Dec 5, Dallas co, TX; married Donald Ward CHILD.

1v. Russell Stuart CHILD, born 1976 Feb 23, Dallas co, TX.

7s. Frank B. BARTLETT, born 1895 Nov 12, died 1900 Aug 7.

8s. Nellie Earl BARTLETT, born 1898 Feb 6, died 1899 May 1.

9s. Mary Lou BARTLETT, born 1902 Dec 22, Van Zandt co, TX, died 1996; married 1921, William Monroe AUTRY (born 1900 Mar 12, Tarrant co, TX, died 1966 Aug 9, Van Zandt co, TX).

1t. Angus Marshall AUTRY, born 1922/23, TX; married Arminta Leellen KING.

1u. Daryle Marshall AUTRY, born 1943 Jul 4, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1964 Mar 7 (div 1973 Oct 15, Dallas co, TX), Cherry Guinn COMBS; married 2nd, 1974 Jul 3 (div 1975 Jun 27, Denton co, TX), Dorothy E. _______; married 3rd, 1975 Nov 17, Dallas co, TX (div 1976 Aug 18, Dallas co, TX), Marsha E. WILLIS (born ca 1955); married 4th, 1977 Jan 5 (div 1986 Mar 7, Dallas co, TX), Linda Gail RUYLE.

1v. Darrin Marshall AUTRY, born 1967 Apr 17, Kaufman co, TX; married 1982 Oct 22, Collin co, TX (div 1993 Feb 19, Collin co, TX), Maria Irene DELEON RODRIGUEZ (born 1968 May 17, Collin co, TX).

1w. Bryan Alexander AUTRY, born 1992 Jul 14, Denton co, TX.

2w. Jamie Ryan AUTRY, born 1992 Jul 14, Denton co, TX.

3w. Crystal Lynn AUTRY, born 1983 Mar 6, Collin co, TX.

4w. Nicole AUTRY, born 1988 Aug 17, Collin co, TX.

2v. Teddy Wayne AUTRY, born 1969 May 14, Kaufman co, TX; married 1st, 1988 Jun 18, Collin co, TX (div 1991 Nov 26, Denton co, TX), Jennifer Dee GRIFFIN (born ca 1969); married 2nd, 1999 Jun 30, Denton co, TX, Amy L. PERRY (born ca 1970).

1w. Dakota Griffin AUTRY, born 1990 Jun 5, Dallas co, TX.

3v. Zachary Isaac AUTRY, born 1979 Jan 17, Dallas co, TX; married 1997 Mar 8, Dallas co, TX, Kristi Lynn HARDAWAY (born ca 1980).

1w. Shelby Lynn AUTRY, born 1997 Jul 16, Dallas co, TX.

2u. Jay Marlan AUTRY, born 1947 Dec 11, Kaufman co, TX.

3u. Angus Gordon AUTRY, born 1955 Apr 17, Dallas co, TX; married 1991 Feb 16, Dallas co, TX, Terrie I. STARR (born ca 1952).

4u. William Price AUTRY, born 1957 Jul 17, Dallas co, TX; married 1980 Sep 26, Dallas co, TX, Sharon Janine STEELE (born ca 1954).

1v. William Price AUTRY II, born 1982 Jan 4, Dallas co, TX.

5u. Anita Leellen AUTRY, born 1946 Oct 28, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, Franklin Coy KUHL; married 2nd, 1968 Aug 12, Dallas co, TX (div 1970 Apr 2, Dallas co, TX), Aubrey Lynn WOOD (born ca 1943); married 3rd, 1970 Jul 16, Dallas co, TX (divc 1976 Dec 1, Dallas co, TX), Jackie L. WATERS (born ca 1945); married 4th, 1976 Apr 5, Dallas co, TX (div 1977 Jun 7/1983 Jun 3, Dallas co, TX), Jerry J. LUECK (born ca 1945); married 5th, 1985 Feb 8, Dallas co, TX (div 1988 Sep 30, Harris co, TX), William G. BRICKER (born ca 1954); married 6th, 1995 May 28, Dallas co, TX (div 1998 Sep 29, Dallas co, TX), Aubrey Lynn WOOD (as above).

1v. Franklin Coy KUHL, Jr., born 1964 Jul 22, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1985 Jul 10, Hunt co, TX, Barbara L. BURROW (born ca 1955); married 2nd, 1988 May 22, Hopkins co, TX, Sarah Lucy ASHFORD (born ca 1966); married 3rd, 1997 Jul 18, Hopkins co, TX, Candy L. RUSHING (born ca 1971).

1w. Cody Shane KUHL, born 1989 Jul 20, Galveston co, TX.

2v. Terry Duane KUHL, born 1965 Aug 2, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1987 Nov 28, Hunt co, TX (div 1987 Nov 25, Hunt co, TX), Shannon Lee BUCHANAN (born ca 1967); married 2nd, 1995 Feb 4, Hopkins co, TX (div 2002 Nov 11), Shanna Nicole SMITH (born ca 1971).

1w. Katelyn Nicole KUHL, born 1988 Mar 25, Hunt co, TX.

2w. Shayla Cheyanne KUHL, born 1996 Mar 28, Hopkins co, TX.

3v. Stacy Lynn WOOD, born 1968 Jul 4, Dallas co, TX; married 1997 Apr 21, Leon co, TX, Denise D. STRICKLAND (born ca 1973).

6u. Mary Lynne AUTRY, born 1949 Jan 12, Dallas co, TX.

7u. Ivy Joann AUTRY, born 1959 Jan 3, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, Danny Wayne JOHNSON; married 2nd, 1982 Oct 25, Dallas co, TX, David E. WOMACK (born ca 1953); married 3rd, 1994 Sep 10, Eastland co, TX, Johnny L. McGOUGH (born ca 1950); married 4th, 1997 Aug 23, Shackelford co, TX, Stanley Benjiman HONEA, Jr. (born ca 1957).

1v. David Eric Marshall WOMACK, born 1984 Oct 5, Dallas co, TX.

2v. Jeff Ray HONEA, born 1989 Feb 15, Comanche co, TX.

3v. Leellen Geneva JOHNSON, born 1978 Oct 2, Dallas co, TX.

4v. Verna Danyell JOHNSON, born 1981 Aug 25, Dallas co, TX.

5v. Laura Leanna HONEA, born 1986 Dec 23, Taylor co, TX.
2t. Ancel Monroe AUTRY, born 1927 Jan 13, Van Zandt co, TX, died 1994 Apr 1; married Helen Ann RUSSELL.

1u. William Monroe AUTRY, born 1967 May 19, Dallas co, TX; married 1993 Oct 23, Dallas co, TX, Christie L. BALLARD (born ca 1972).

2u. Tom Harold AUTRY, born 1969 Apr 18, Dallas co, TX; married 1995 Apr 29, Kaufman co, TX, Amy D. EASLEY (born ca 1972).

3t. George Wayne AUTRY, born 1928 Nov 26, Van Zandt co, TX; married Homma Lou MORGAN.

1u. David Michael AUTRY, born 1957 Mar 14, Dallas co, TX; married 1978 Jun 13, Camp co, TX, Phyllis Ann DONALDSON (born ca 1954).

1v. David Michael AUTRY II, born 1979 Apr 15, Camp co, TX.

2u. Mark Paul AUTRY, born 1960 Aug 8, Dallas co, TX; married 1986 Nov 14, Van Zandt co, TX, Donna Lynn BARNES (born ca 1962).

1v. Ryan Paul AUTRY, born 1987 Oct 5, Smith co, TX.

2v. Joshua Paul AUTRY, born 1993 May 7, Smith co, TX.

3u. Barbara Elaine AUTRY, born 1955 Sep 8, Van Zandt co, TX; married 1971 Dec 22, Rains co, TX, William T. SHAFER II (born ca 1954).

1v. Misty Elaine SHAFER, born 1973 Aug 16, Kaufman co, TX; married 1995 Jul 1, Van Zandt co, TX, John A. BATTS (born ca 1972).

2v. Amy Renee SHAFER, born 1977 Dec 10, Titus co, TX.

4u. Donna Beatrice AUTRY, born 1958 Nov 29, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1975 May 30, Van Zandt co, TX (div 1984 Aug 13, Van Zandt co, TX), Ronald Edwin GRAY (born ca 1955); married 2nd, 1985 Mar 8, Van Zandt co, TX, Barton Wayne SHAFER (born ca 1956).

1v. Travis Wayne SHAFER, born 1990 Jun 27, Gregg co, TX.

2v. Cassie Lyn GRAY, born 1982 Jan 26, Smith co, TX.

4t. Bobby Gene AUTRY, born 1931 Sep 23, Van Zandt co, TX; married Gloria Ann WEEDIN.

1u. Bobby Gregory AUTRY, born 1954 Feb 13, Kaufman co, TX; married 1st, 1974 Sep 14, Kaufman co, TX, Lizabeth Ann CAPEHART (born ca 1956); married 2nd, 2002 Mar 29, Dallas co, TX, Diane T. TAMEZ (born ca 1966).

1v. Gregory Shayne AUTRY, born 1975 Oct 9, Smith co, TX; married 1997 Jan 26, Collin co, TX, Jessica M. ORTIZ (born ca 1975).

2v. Alisha Suzanne AUTRY, born 1977 Jun 21, Titus co, TX; married 1997 Jun 28, Ellis co, TX, Ryan E. MANES (born ca 1974).

2u. Barry Craig AUTRY, born 1961 Aug 20, Kaufman co, TX; married 1983 May 14, Henderson co, TX, Jana Lynn SEABOURNE (born ca 1962).

1v. Brady Craig AUTRY, born 1988 Jun 19, Smith co, TX.

2v. Whitney Nicole AUTRY, born 1986 Mar 14, Smith co, TX.

3u. Geneva Annette AUTRY, born 1951 Nov 7, Kaufman co, TX; married 1970 Jun 5, Kaufman co, TX, Steven Arnold SHIPLEY (born ca 1950).

1v. Steven Daniel SHIPLEY, born 1971 Aug 2, Kaufman co, TX; married 1995 Aug 17, Sherman co, TX, Shel Renee BARNES (born ca 1968).

1w. Callie Beth SHIPLEY, born 1997 Aug 6, Moore co, TX.

2v. Jeffrey Michael SHIPLEY, born 1975 Jan 4, Brazos co, TX.

3v. Sarah Elizabeth SHIPLEY, born 1981 Mar 20, Dallas co, TX.

4u. Gail Lynn AUTRY, born 1955 Nov 22, Kaufman co, TX; married 1975 Dec 20, Kaufman co, TX, James Ray LEWIS (born ca 1957).

1v. James Adam LEWIS, born 1976 Jul 17, Smith co, TX.

2v. Jonathan Ray LEWIS, born 1978 Dec 1, Navarro co, TX; married 1999 May 1, Smith co, TX, Joanna L. VEAZEY (born ca 1978).

3v. Benjamin Ellis LEWIS, born 1982 Apr 15, Navarro co, TX.

4v. Rachel Ann LEWIS, born 1984 Oct 13, Dallas co, TX.

5u. Sarah Beth AUTRY, born 1958 Sep 28, Kaufman co, TX; married 1984 Jun 1, Henderson co, TX, Raymond Floyd WILLIAMS (born ca 1962).

1v. Jacob Christopher WILLIAMS, born 1995 May 3, Henderson co, TX.

2v. Jordan Elizabeth WILLIAMS, born 1989 May 30, Henderson co, TX.

3v. Jessi Rae WILLIAMS, born 1992 Apr 1, Henderson co, TX.

(1)2r. Mary Ella PATE, born 1865, Shelby co, TX, died ca 1922, Northfield, TX; married ca 1890, Edward M. FRAZOR (born 1851 May 12, Cass co, TX).

1s. James Marvin FRAZOR, born 1894 Sep 24, Johnson co, TX.

2s. William Marion FRAZOR, born 1895 Oct, Johnson co, TX, died 1926 Mar.

3s. Tommy FRAZOR, born ca 1902, Johnson co, TX, died young.

4s. Edward FRAZOR, born 1891 Mar/1909 Sep 18, Johnson co, TX, died ca 1927.

5s. Ada C. FRAZOR, born 1886 Jan 31, Johnson co, TX, died 1959.

6s. Annie Josephine FRAZOR, born 1895 Oct, TX.

7s. Donna FRAZOR, born 1900 May, Johnson co, TX; married Roy Lee HODGE.

1t. _______ (son) HODGE, born 1926 Oct 30, Dallas co, TX.

8s. _______ (dau) FRAZOR, died by 1910.

8q. Elizabeth PATE, born 182/13, Egypt, NC, died there, ca 1870; married Samuel BRADFORD (born 1808/09, NC).

1r. William Ervin BRADFORD, born 1834 Feb, NC; married ca 1866, Emoline _______ (born 1844/45, NC).

1s. Perry BRADFORD, born 1876 Apr, NC, fl. 1930, Egypt, NC; married 1902 Sep 21, Yancey co, NC, as 2nd husband, Mintie EDWARDS (born 1871 Nov 24, died 1944 Dec).

1t. Charles E. BRADFORD, born 1909, NC.

2t. Francis M. BRADFORD, born 1913, NC; married 1st, Kate PHILLIPS; married 2nd, ca 1938, Kitty SILVERS.

1u. Kenneth BRADFORD, born 1936 Oct 4, Yancey co, NC.

2u. J. C. BRADFORD, born 1939 May 6, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Coy H. BRADFORD, born 1945 Oct 10, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Jack BRADFORD, born 1947 Dec 26, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Violena BRADFORD, born 1941 Apr 24, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Wilma J. BRADFORD, born 1943 Jul 2, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Loretta BRADFORD, born 1899/1900, NC; married McKinley EDWARDS.

1u. Andrew H. EDWARDS, born 1920 May 2, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Minty EDWARDS, born 1917 Mar 1, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Flossy/Frances BRADFORD, born 1901/02, NC.

5t. Ora BRADFORD, born 1906, NC; married (div by 1930), Thomas HIGGINS (born 1896/97, NC).

1u. James P. HIGGINS, born 1924 Apr 18, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Palace HIGGINS, born 1923 Feb 14, Yancey co, NC; married Ova O. TIPTON.

1v. Brenda S. TIPTON, born 1954 Jul 20, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Betty G. TIPTON, born 1956 Mar 16, Yancey co, NC.

6t. Mattie BRADFORD, born 1916/17, NC; married James SILVERS.

1u. McKinley SILVERS, born 1946 Oct 14, Yancey co, NC.

2s. Nathan Dempsey BRADFORD, born 1879 Aug 15, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1914 Aug 2; married 1898 Jukl 27, Yancey co, Nancy J. LEWIS (born 1875, Yancey co, NC).

1t. James D. BRADFORD, born 1899 Jul, NC.

2t. Sanders BRADFORD, born 1902/03, NC.

3s. Jane BRADFORD, born 1868, Egypt, NC.

4s. Alice G. BRADFORD, born 1870 May, Egypt, NC; married ca 1888, Philmore YOUNG (born 1868 Jan, NC).

1t. Fred C. YOUNG, born 1888 Oct, NC.

2t. Walter YOUNG, born 1895 Feb, NC; married Lula B. SIMMONS (born 1900/01, NC).

1u. Bruce Clyde YOUNG, born 1923 Jun 10, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Alain YOUNG, born 1925 Jan 29, Yancey co, NC.

3u. William J. YOUNG, born 1938 Feb 14, Yancey co, Nc.

4u. Joseph David YOUNG, born 1940 May 10, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Mary L. YOUNG, born 1926 Jan 9, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Grace YOUNG, born 1931 May 3, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Alton P. YOUNG, born 1905/06, NC; married Virginia SIMS.

1u. Sylvia A. YOUNG, born 1938 Sep 20, Yancey co, NC.

4t. William YOUNG, born 1908, NC.

5t. Claude YOUNG, born 1914 Jan 3, Yancey co, NC.

6t. Maude YOUNG, born 1890 Feb, NC; married A. Tate HOOVER (born 1890, NC).

1u. Robert Ward HOOVER, born 1915 May 30, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Ford HOOVER, born 1921 Feb 6, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Thelma HOOVER, born 1913 Jan 26, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Alma HOOVER, born 1918 Dec 25, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Erma HOOVER, born 1923 Mar 2, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Effie A. YOUNG, born 1897 Sep, NC; married Plyler Leon McMAHON (born 1889 Oct 29, NC, died 1982 Mar 23, Brevard, NC).

1u. Claud McMAHON, born 1922 Dec 25, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Dale McMAHON, born 1927 Sep 3, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Gale McMAHON, born 1927 Sep 3, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Vivian McMAHON, born 1921 May 20, Yancey co, NC; married George C. MURDOCK.

1v. Gerald L. MURDOCK, born 1940 Jul 21, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Gerry J. MURDOCK, born 1942 Mar 19, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Millard Bruce MURDOCK, born 1944 Jan 6, Yancey co, NC; married S. Jean WOODY.

1w. Bryan Scott MURDOCK, born 1969 May 24, Transylvania co, NC; married Thela Babette McFARLIN.

1x. Timothy Colton MURDOCK, born 1999 Sep 20, Handerson co, NC.

2x. Kristin Leigh MURDOCK, born 1993 Feb 11, Transylvania co, NC.

2w. Vicki A. MURDOCK, born 1963 Dec 5, Yancey co, NC; married Jeffery K. MURDOCK.

1x. Elizabeth Michaela MURDOCK, born 1994 May 24, Avery co, NC.

5u. Lela H. McMAHON, born 1924 Jul 2, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Hope McMAHON, born 1926 Apr 15, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Ethel YOUNG, born 1903/04, NC; married Johncie WILSON.

1u. James WILSON, born 1934 Dec 6, Yancey co, NC.

2u. J. W. WILSON, born 1937 Jul 26, Yancey co, NC.

9t. Child, died by 1900.

10t. Child, born and died 1900/10.

5s. Sallie BRADFORD, born 1873/74, NC; married Jonathan WILLIAMS (born 1866, Yancey co, NC).

1t. Perry WILLIAMS, born 1892 Mar, NC; married Lyda HENSLEY (born 1894/95, NC).

1u. Laurence WILLIAMS, born 1913/14, NC.

2u. Saunders G. WILLIAMS, born 1916 Mar 14, Yancey co, NC; married Mildred HARRISSON.

1v. Carolyn Sue WILLIAMS, born 1938, Rutherford co, NC.

3u. William C. WILLIAMS. born 1920/21, NC.

4u. Myrtle WILLIAMS, born 1918 Feb 18, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Maude L. WILLIAMS, born 1929, Nc.

2t. Rachel E. WILLIAMS, born 1894 Nov, NC; married Monroe WATTS (born 1890/91, NC).

1u. _______ WATTS, born 1914 May 9, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Dover WATTS, born 1916 Jul 3, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Eve WATTS, born 1921/22, NC; married William Ben STROUP.

1v. Donald Keith STROUP, born 1946 Jul 12, Haywood co, NC.

2v. William Ben STROUP, Jr., born 1948 Jan 24, Haywood co, NC; married Carolyn Elizabeth RATHBONE.

1w. Angela Candace STROUP, born 1971 Mar 2, Haywood co, TN.

6s. Martha BRADFORD, born 1874 Dec, NC; married 1895 Nov 15, Yancey co, NC, Avery C. HANEY (born 1876 Dec, NC).

1t. Henry G. HANEY, born 1896 Aug, NC; married Naomi LEWIS.

1u. Ward HANEY, born 1922 Apr 20, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Ruby M. HANEY, born 1916 Jun 8, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Neona HANEY, born 1925 Apr 9, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Samuel HANEY, born 1898 May 17, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Dempsey HANEY, born 1898 May, NC; married Georgia HUNTER.

1u. Betty Jo HANEY, born 1934 Oct 18, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Kinsey G. HANEY, born 1900, NC.

5t. David HANEY, born 1907/08, NC.

6t. Princy HANEY, born 1901/02 (1906 Apr 28, Yancey co), NC.

7t. Roxie L. HANEY, born 1904/05, NC; married Charles G. HIGGINS.

1u. Charles W. HIGGINS, born 1924 Aug 4, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Bessie L. HANEY, born 1909, NC; married W. D. WESTALL.

1u. Donald G. WESTALL, born 1926 Sep 19, Yancey co, NC; married Edna E. HALL.

1v. Anne K. WESTALL, born 1966 Jun 26, Yancey co, NC.

6s. Child, died by 1900.

2r. John C. BRADFORD, born 1836 May, Yancey co, NC, died 1915 Jun 9, Claiborne co, TN; married 1866 Feb 8, Harlan co, KY, Martha HENSLEY (born 1849 Apr 10, Catterns Creek, KY, died 1913 Aug 12, Claiborne co, TN).

1s. Noah BRADFORD, born 1866, Harlan co, KY, died there, 1878.

2s. Sherman BRADFORD, born 1867, Harlan co, KY, died young.

3s. Wilson BRADFORD, born 1874 Apr 2, Harlan co, KY, died 1958 Feb 14, TN.

4s. Nathan Dempsey BRADFORD, born 1875 Jul 7, Martins Fork, KY, died 1935 Nov 9; married 1896 Dec 2, Harlan co, KY, Nancy Adeline HENSLEY (born 1869 Mar 22, Catterns Creek, KY, died 1961 Feb 28, Bell co, KY).

1t. John Modecia BRADFORD, born 1897, KY; married ca 1916, Daisy _______ (born 1899/1900, KY).

1u. Jenals H. BRADFORD, born 1919/20, KY.

2u. Junior BRADFORD, born 1923/24, KY.

3u. Earl E. BRADFORD, born 1925, TN.

4u. Hazel BRADFORD, born 1917/18, KY.

5u. Jerlean W. BRADFORD, born 1921/22, KY.

6u. Zola B. BRADFORD, born 1928, KY.

2t. Sherman BRADFORD.

3t. Robert Clarence BRADFORD, born 1897/98, KY.

4t. Joseph Sefus BRADFORD, born 1903/04, KY; married ca 1922, Kata _______ (born 1902/03, TN).

1u. Jesse M. BRADFORD, born 1927, TN.

2u. Zona E. BRADFORD, born 1923/24, TN.

5t. Wilson BRADFORD, born 1910, TN.

6t. Martha Rebecca BRADFORD, born 1901/02, TN.

7t. Audna Marie BRADFORD, born 1904/05, TN.

8t. Axie Lee BRADFORD, born 1913, TN.

9t. Child, died by 1910.

5s. Josephus S. BRADFORD, born 1880 May 29, Harlan co, KY, died 1960 Jan 23, TN; married ca 1905, Minnie _______ (born 1885/86, KY).

1t. Thomas BRADFORD, born 1914, TN.

2t. Moses BRADFORD, born 1917, TN.

3t. Pascal BRADFORD, born 1922/23, TN.

4t. Ethel BRADFORD, born 1907, TN.

5t. Elsie BRADFORD, born 1909, TN.

6t. Allie BRADFORD, born 1912, TN.

7t. Bertha BRADFORD, born 1920/21, TN.

8t. Opal BRADFORD, born 1922/23, TN.

9t. Hazel BRADFORD, born 1926/27, TN.

6s. John G. BRADFORD, born 1882 Apr 29, Harlan co, KY, died 1933 Apr 9; married 1911 Aug 8, Bessie DIXON (born 1896/97, TN).

1t. Efford BRADFORD, born 1915, TN.

2t. Odra BRADFORD, born 1928, TN.

3t. Pearl BRADFORD, born 1913, TN.

4t. Naomi BRADFORD, born 1917, TN.

5t. Juanita BRADFORD, born 1919, TN, died by 1930.

6t. Lora BRADFORD, born 1920, TN.

7t. Lois BRADFORD, born 1924/25, TN.

7s. Henry W. BRADFORD, born 1885 Apr, Harlan co, KY.

8s. Mary Jane BRADFORD, born 1872 Nov 5, Harlan co, KY, died 1951 Jan 5, Wallins Creek, KY; married 1st, _______ GILLIAM; married 2nd, ca 1901, Moses J. STANTON (born 1873, Harlan co, KY).

1t. Bertha GILLIAM, born 1897, KY.

[1u. Cletis GILLIAM, born 1918, TN.]

9s. Axia BRADFORD, born 1878 Jun 20, Harlan co, KY, died there, 1915 Jan 20, sp; married ca 1907, as 1st wife, Andrew J. SUTTON (born 1886/87, KY).

3r. Thomas BRADFORD, born 1838, Yancey co, NC, died 1862 Dec 31, Murfreesboro, TN, unm.

4r. Samuel BRADFORD, born 1842, Yancey co, NC.

5r. Eason BRADFORD, born 1844 Dec, NC, died 1915 Aug 2, Puckett's Creek, KY; married 1876, Rachel LEE (born 1845 May, Harlan co, KY).

1s. Noah BRADFORD, born 1882 Dec, Harlan co, KY; married 1st, ca 1899, Mary _______ (born 1884, KY); married 1915, Harlan co, KY, Laura BROCK (born 1899, Harlan co, KY).

1t. Arthur BRADFORD, born 1900 Mar, KY; married ca 1923, Linda _______ (born 1907/08, VA).

1u. Sarah BRADFORD, born 1926, VA.

2u. May BRADFORD, born 1927, VA.

2t. Dempsey BRADFORD, born 1911, KY.

3t. Otis BRADFORD, born 1919, KY.

4t. Homer RADFORD, born 1921/22, KY.

5t. John M. BRADFORD, born 1925, KY.

6t. Laura BRADFORD, born 1901, KY.

7t. Virlie BRADFORD, born 1903, KY.

8t. America BRADFORD, born 1906, KY.

9t. Frances BRADFORD, born 1909, KY.

10t. Myrtle BRADFORD, born 1917, KY.

11t. Child, died by 1910.

2s. Nathan Dempsey BRADFORD, born 1879 Jan, KY; married 1909 Dec 12, Yancey co, NC, America HERWIRD (born 1876/77, KY).

[1t. Neely BRADFORD, born 1898 Jul, KY.]

2t. James H. BRADFORD, born 1904/05, KY.

3t. Lawrence BRADFORD, born 1906/07, KY.

[4t. Malynda E. BRADFORD, born 1896 Sep, KY.]

5t. Birdie BRADFORD, born 1898/99, KY.

6t. Audna Marie BRADFORD, born 1914 Jun 7, Harlan co, KY.

3s. Martha E. BRADFORD, born 1883 Feb, KY.

6r. Cornelius R. BRADFORD, born 1853 Sep, NC, died 1934 Nov 3, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, 1877 Jan 8, Yancey co, NC, Sarah Adeline WOODBY (born 1857 May 10, Carter co, TN, died 1911 Aug 5, Yancey co, NC); married 2nd, 1911 Jul 20, Yancey co, NC, Roseanne BENNETT (born ca 1876, Yancey co, NC); married 3rd, ca 1912, Vina WILSON (born 1865 Jun 10, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1942 May 22); married 4th, Tina _______.

1s. William E. BRADFORD, born 1879 Feb 23, Yancey co, NC, died 1927 Jan 11, Burnsville, NC; married 1898 Jan 4, Jack's Creek, NC, Nora E. RADFORD (born 1884 Sep 19, NC, died 1976 Aug 28, Bee Log, NC).

1t. Richmond BRADFORD, born 1906, NC; married 1st, ca 1927, Rosette BAILEY; married 2nd, ca 1931, Ruhanie PHILLIPS.

1u. Marjorie BRADFORD, born 1928 Jul 26, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Alice P. BRADFORD, born 1933 Jun 4, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Willard Samuel BRADFORD, born 1912 Apr 23, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1974 Apr 22; married Jonnie EDWARDS.

3t. Cashus Nathan BRADFORD, born 1915 May 7, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1971 Feb 16; married _______.

1u. Bruce Edward BRADFORD, born 1946 Jan 7, Buncombe co, NC; married _______.

1v. Eric Michael BRADFORD, born 1976 Jul 11, Buncombe co, NC.

2u. Doris Marie BRADFORD, born 1943 Aug 15, Buncombe co, NC.

4t. Burnis BRADFORD, born 1916 Aug 25, Yancey co, NC, died 1993 Oct 7, Egypt, NC; married Gertrude R. WILSON.

1u. William J. BRADFORD, born 1951 Apr 29, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Wiley Woodrow BRADFORD, born 1918 Aug 5, Egypt, NC, died there 1999 Jul 11.

6t. Joseph BRADFORD, born 1920 Mar 18, Yancey co, NC; married Nellie HENSLEY.

1u. Junior Ray BRADFORD, born 1941 Jun 10, Yancey co, NC; married Ethel Lou FENDER.

1v. Keith Jason BRADFORD, born 1974 Jul 4, McDowell co, NC.

2v. Kelly Joe BRADFORD, born 1974 Jul 4, McDowell co, NC.

3v. Crystal Anne BRADFORD, born 1969 Aug 4, McDowell co, NC.

2u. Albert D. BRADFORD, born 1945 Mar 8, Henderson co, NC; married Carol A. BELISLE.

1v. Sam BRADFORD, born 1974 May 31, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Judy A. BRADFORD, born 1951 Jun 5, Yancey co, NC; married Edward T. ROBINSON.

1v. Amanda d. ROBINSON, born 1979 Sep 6, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Georgia Sylvia BRADFORD, born 1900 Apr 19, Yanecy co, NC, died there, 1978 Jul; married 1916 Sep 20, Egypt, NC, Perry Dempsey BRYANT (born 1897/98, NC).

1u. Page BRYANT, born 1924 Feb 22, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Segal Wiley BRYANT, born 1927, NC; married Betty Sue JOHNSON.

1v. Eric Segal BRYANT, born 1969 Jun 4, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Shelia Yvonne BRYANT, born 1948 Mar 10, Graham co, NC.

3v. Tammy Denise BRYANT, born 1959 Sep 28, Cumberland co, NC.

4v. Laurie Francine BRYANT, born 1974 Sep 23, Buncombe co, NC.

3u. William BRYANT, born 1929 Feb 21, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Loyce Paul BRYANT, born 1931 Oct 11, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. Eddie Paul BRYANT, born 1958 Aug 25, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Gregory Alan BRYANT, born 1963 Nov 19, Buncombe co, NC.

3v. Brendia Lee BRYANT, born 1953 Apr 26, Buncombe co, NC.

4v. Sharon Kay BRYANT, born 1956 Mar 5, Buncombe co, NC.

5u. Edna/Elva BRYANT, born 1917 Dec 14, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Mary M. BRYANT, born 1919 Jul 16, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Zora BRYANT, born 1922 May 14, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Princy Arline BRADFORD, born 1902 Dec 22, Yancey co, NC, died 1982 Oct 4, Egypt, NC; married ca 1927, Robert Vance EDWARDS (born 1905 Dec 2, Yancey co, NC, died 1971 Jul 17, Egypt, NC).

1u. Virgie V. EDWARDS, born 1928 Sep 30, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Lester H. BOONE; married 2nd, Clyde C. GREGORY.

1v. Alvin E. BOONE, born 1956 Jan 13, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Larry L. BOONE, born 1958 Mar 22, Yancey co, NC.

3v. James H. BOONE, born 1959 Apr 5, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Charles S. GREGORY, born 1960 Dec 18, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Syvella A. GREGORY, born 1962 Jan 30, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Verginia EDWARDS, born 1934 Jun 16, Yancey co, NC.

9t. Flossie Bietis BRADFORD, born 1904 Jul 14, NC; married ca 1921, Claude HUNTER (born 1897/98, NC).

1u. Jay D. HUNTER, born 1921/22, NC.

2u. L. C. HUNTER, born 1926 Mar 25, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Claude HUNTER, Jr., born 1928 Jul 5, Yancey co, NC; married Lucille PHILLIPS.

1v. Robert D. HUNTER, born 1951 Sep 21, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Clarence B. HUNTER, born 1931 Apr 11, Yancey co, NC; married Emma J. BROWN.

1v. Allen C. HUNTER, born 1959 Jan 3,. Yancey co, NC.

2v. Thomas L. HUNTER, born 1960 Oct 1, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Charles L. HUNTER, born 1936 May 11, Yancey co, NC; married Diane BENNETT.

1v. Anthony James HUNTER, born 1977 Oct 25, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Pansy HUNTER, born 1924 Feb 5, Yancey co, NC; married Billie F. HENSLEY.

1v. Michael K. HENSLEY, born 1960 Aug 20, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Lyda HUNTER, born 1933 Nov 8, Yancey co, NC; married Kirby Lee JOHNSTON.

1v. Larry Richard JOHNSTON, born 1945, Mecklenburg co, NC.

2v. Harriet Susan JOHNSTON, born 1940, Mecklenburg co, NC; married Richard Horton MULLIGAN.

1w. Susan Lynelle MULLIGAN, born 1972 Jul 7, Scotland co, NC.

8u. Jessie I. HUNTER, born 1938 Jan 16, Yancey co, NC; married Jasper B. ROBINSON.

1v. Doyle Lee ROBINSON, born 1957 Dec 28, Yancey co, NC; married Gayla J. HAYES.

1w. Steven Doyle ROBINSON, born 1976 Mar 31, Yancey co, NC.

9u. Bessie Lou HUNTER, born 1940 Oct 31, Yancey co, NC; married Jack Dennis BUCHANAN.

1v. Timothy J. BUCHANAN, born 1963 Jan 28, Yancey co, NC.

2v. David Mark BUCHANAN, born 1964 Nov 18, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Cindy BUCHANAN, born 1967 Oct 30, Yancey co, NC.

10t. Lula Frances BRADFORD, born 1907 May 1, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1988 Mar 1; married Charles CANNON.

1u. Ford E. CANNON, born 1928 Feb 9, Yancey co, NC; married Pearl PHILLIPS.

1v. Jerry Lynn CANNON, born 1954 Sep 25, Yancey co, NC; married Helen TIPTON.

1w. Jennifer Lynn CANNON, born 1977 Feb 3, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Dennis S. CANNON, born 1958 Jul 31, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Michael K. CANNON, born 1959 Aug 27, Yancey co, NC; married Wanda Lee TIPTON.

1w. Brian Keith CANNON, born 1980 Jun 12, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Joyce Nell CANNON, born 1950 Oct 19, Yancey co, NC; married James G. McINTOSH.

1w. James R. McINTOSH, born 1972 Aug 14, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Michael McINTOSH, born 1973 Dec 12, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Norma F. CANNON, born 1956 Oct 8, Yancey co, NC.

6v. Johanna CANNON, born 1960 Nov 20, Yancey co, NC.

7v. Deborah CANNON, born 1972 Sep 19, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Stanley CANNON, born 1938 Apr 10, Yancey co, NC; married Esta F. STATZER.

1v. Shelia M. CANNON, born 1966 Aug 7, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Ted CANNON, born 1941 Jun 17, Yancey co, NC; married Betty C. MILLER.

1v. Eric S. CANNON, born 1968 Oct 16, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Lester CANNON, born 1945 Apr 1, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Mary J. CANNON, born 1929 Apr 6, Yancey co, NC; married Ralph T. BOONE.

1v. James H. BOONE, born 1952 Jul 21, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Shelia J. BOONE, born 1953 Nov 24, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Daisy M. CANNON, born 1932 Nov 27, Yancey co, NC; married Donald RENFRO.

1v. Johnny F. RENFRO, born 1952 Nov 14, Yancey co, NC.

2v. George Dean RENFRO, born 1954 May 24, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Nathan Dale RENFRO, born 1977 Oct 1, Buncombe co, NC.

7u. Doris CANNON, born 1936 Mar 5, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Esther Cannon, born 1943 Apr 25, Yancey co, NC; married Joseph PHILLIPS.

1v. Travis D. PHILLIPS, born 1966 Oct 12, Yancey co, NC.

11t. Bertie BRADFORD, born 1910, NC; married Hiram WILLIS (born 1905/06, NC).

1u. Johnny W. WILLIS, born 1938 Jun 21, Yancey co, NC; married Dorlis Kathy BOONE.

1v. W. Carter WILLIS, born 1960 Oct 28, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Hiram Burdette WILLIS, born 1962 Jun 19, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Daniel Burdette WILLIS, born 1989 Oct 3, Mitchell co, NC.

2w. Shains Bernadette WILLIS, born 1986 Apr 27, Mitchell co, NC.

3v. Robert D. WILLIS, born 1964 Sep 7, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Carson Lee WILLIS, born 1966 Jun 20, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Andrew Floyd WILLIS, born 1990 Nov 2, Mitchell co, NC.

2u. James WILLIS, born 1948 Mar 15, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Dessie M. WILLIS, born 1926 Mar 5, Yancey co, NC; married Hubert WILSON.

1v. Bobby L. WILSON, born 1959 Nov 22, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Fredia L. WILSON, born 1954 May 21, Yancey co, NC; married Ronnie WHITSON.

1w. Rodney Mac WHITSON, born 1973 May 24, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Randy L. WHITSON, born 1975 Sep 14, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Minnie J. WILLIS, born 1928 Feb 9, Yancey co, NC; married Wayne WILSON.

1v. Jimmy Lee WILSON, born 1947 Jan 24, Yancey co, NC; married Mary Jane GARLAND.

1w. Russell R. WILSON, born 1974 Sep 5, Yancey co, NC.

2v. David W. WILSON, born 1955 Aug 19, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Helma C. GORTNEY; married 2nd, ca 1980, Diana J. JOHNSON.

1w. David K. WILSON, born 1976 Jan 13, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Shawn A. WILSON, born 1982 Apr 26, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Ruby WILLIS, born 1930 Jul 29, Yancey co, NC; married Coy E. WARD.

1v. Thurlene WARD, born 1952 Aug 13, Yancey co, NC; married Jerry T. LEDFORD.

1w. Jerry Mark LEDFORD, born 1972 May 23, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Thomas LEDFORD, born 1981 Apr 25, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Geraldine WARD, born 1954 Feb 11, Yancey co, NC; married Larry E. TIPTON.

1w. Thomas S. W. TIPTON, born 1983 May 11, Yancey co, NC.

2w. Shelly L. TIPTON, born 1980 Jan 19, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Wilma L. WARD, born 1955 Jun 7, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Lyda WILLIS, born 1933 Apr 7, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Linda H. WILLIS, born 1940 Nov 14, Yancey co, NC; married Tony MILLER.

1v. Kenneth MILLER, born 1966 Nov 4, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Craig Allen MILLER, born 1968 Feb 1, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Mildred Ann WILLIS, born 1943 Oct 20, Yancey co, NC; married Lloyd RENFRO.

1v. Ethan D. RENFRO, born 1980 Jun 9, Yancey co, NC.

12t. Rosa BRADFORD, born 1912, NC; marries Jesse PHILLIPS (born 1908, Yancey co, NC).

1u. Paul Charles Lee PHILLIPS, born 1932 Jul 30, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Flay PHILLIPS, born 1934 May 31, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. Kenneth Dean PHILLIPS, born 1956 Nov 19, Buncombe co, NC.

3u. Ray PHILLIPS, born 1934 May 31, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Earl PHILLIPS, born 1942 Jan 15, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Reggie PHILLIPS, born 1948 Oct 1, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Ivan W. PHILLIPS, born 1950 Oct 14, Yancey co, NC.

7u. John PHILLIPS, born 1954 Aug 4, Yaney co, NC.

8u. Shelia PHILLIPS, born 1947 Jun 20, Yancey co, NC.

9u. Elizabeth A. PHILLIPS, born 1956 Nov 23, Yancey co, NC.

2s. Willard F. BRADFORD, born 1886 Sep, Yancey co, NC; married 1912 Apr 23, Yancey co, NC, Maggie WOODBY (born 1895/96, Yancey co, NC).

1t. Lenoir BRADFORD, born 1915 Feb 25, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Nina Ocena BRADFORD, born 1912 Dec 23, Yancey co, NC.

3t. _______ (dau) BRADFORD, born 1914 Mar 11, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Hazel K. BRADFORD, born 1917/18, NC.

5t. Mary J. BRADFORD, born 1924/25, NC.

6t. Joann BRADFORD, born 1930, NC.

3s. Joseph BRADFORD, born 1890 May, Yancey co, NC.

4s. Carter C. BRADFORD, born 1893 Apr 7, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1948 May 18; married 1910 Jan 10, Yancey co, NC, Anna BENNETT (born 1887 Dec 24, Yancey co, NC, died 1969 Jul 25, NC).

1t. Arcemus BRADFORD, born 1911 Apr 7, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Frank BRADFORD, born 1913 Mar 24, Yancey co, NC, died 1996 Mar 30, TN; married 1st, Kate PHILLIPS; married 2nd, ca 1938, Kitty Fay SILVERS.

1u. Kenneth BRADFORD, born 1936 Oct 4, Yancey co, NC.

2u. J. C. BRADFORD, born 1939 May 6, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Coy H. BRADFORD, born 1945 Oct 10, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Jack BRADFORD, born 1947 Dec 26, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Violena BRADFORD, born 1941 Apr 24, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Wilma J. BRADFORD, born 1943 Jul 2, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Thaddeus C. BRADFORD, born 1917 Jan 30, Yancey co, NC; married Beatrice BLACK.

1u. Herbert Carter BRADFORD, born 1938 Jan 24, McDowell co, NC; married Norma M. PEREGOY.

1v. Sharon M. BRADFORD, born 1967 May 18, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Allen E. BRADFORD, born 1943 Sep 23, Yancey co, NC; married Virgie J. BOONE.

1v. Gregory A. BRADFORD, born 1964 Feb 18, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Billy Ray BRADFORD, born 1947 Jun 10, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Randall BRADFORD, born 1960 Aug 12, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Annie Jean BRADFORD, born 1940 Feb 18, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Naoma Sue BRADFORD, born 1945 Mar 5, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Ralph J./Charlie BRADFORD, born 1921 Aug 10, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Jack BRADFORD, born 1927 Mar 13, Yancey co, NC.

6t. Kate BRADFORD, born 1919 Oct 2, Yancey co, NC, died by 1930.

7t. Anna Gene BRADFORD.

5s. Milburn BRADFORD, born 1898 Apr 23, Yancey co, NC, died 1980 May 6, Lewisburg, NC; married ca 1917, Loretta WILSON (born 1902 Feb 28, Yancey co, NC, died 1988 Dec 31, Lewisburg, NC).

1t. Hubert C. BRADFORD, born 1918 Apr 2, Yancey co, NC; married 1st, Nola PATE; married 2nd, ca 1959, Norma C. PEREGORY.

1u. Dorice BRADFORD, born 1939 Apr 24, Yancey co, NC; married Emma/Elma J. PROFFITT.

1v. Kevin Patrick BRADFORD, born 1966 Dec 15, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1w. Kevin Patrick BRADFORD II, born 1990 Nov 8, Mitchell co, NC.

2w. Heather Patricia BRADFORD, born 1988 Dec 2, Mitchell co, NC.

3w. Kendra Leanne BRADFORD, born 1992 Mar 11, Mitchell co, NC.

2v. Kathy Dale BRADFORD, born 1960 Nov 5, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Roger BRADFORD, born 1943 Oct 5, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Stevie BRADFORD, born 1949 Dec 12, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Danny Farrell BRADFORD, born 1953 Jul 14, Yancey co, NC; married _______.

1v. Jeremy BRADFORD, born 1976 Jul 9, Buncombe co, NC.

2v. Jamie Diane BRADFORD, born 1979 Mar 15, McDowell co, NC.

5u. Nina J. BRADFORD, born 1940 Jun 9, Yancey co, NC; married Bobby E. HAMMONDS.

1v. Kimberly J. HAMMONDS, born 1968 Feb 7, Yancey co, NC.

6u. Joann BRADFORD, born 1942 Feb 15, Yancey co, NC.

7u. _______ (dau) BRADFORD, born 1947 Dec 6, Yancey co, NC.

8u. Broma Faye BRADFORD, born 1956 May 26, Yancey co, NC; married Edward Dean STILES.

1v. Robert Christopher STILES, born 1979 Oct 10, Moore co, NC.

9u. Debra M. BRADFORD, born 1960 Dec 22, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Theo B./Alex BRADFORD, born 1923 Oct 25, Yancey co, NC; married Jessie M. EDWARDS.

1u. Harry BRADFORD, born 1945 Jan 16, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Layrie BRADFORD, born 1946 Oct 19, Yancey co, NC.

3u. John Lee BRADFORD, born 1954 Aug 27, Yancey co, NC.

4u. Ellen BRADFORD, born 1948 May 24, Yancey co, NC.

5u. Susan BRADFORD, born 1950 Mar 23, Yancey co, NC; married Mack Arthur EDWARDS.

1v. Valerie Lynn EDWARDS, born 1969 Feb 2, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Karen Sue EDWARDS, born 1970 May 31, Rowan co, NC.

3v. Brandy Elaine EDWARDS, born 1980 Mar 20, Iredell co, NC.

6u. Judy Fay BRADFORD, born 1952 Sep 1, Yancey co, NC.

7u. Glenda L. BRADFORD, born 1956 Jun 10, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Sarah Jane BRADFORD, born 1920 Jun 11, Yancey co, NC; married Tilden D. FENDER (born 1919, NC, died 1987 Dec 8, Asheville, NC).

1u. Tilden Gerald FENDER, born 1949 Mar 1, Yancey co, NC; married Janet L. FOX.

1v. Adam Fitzgerald FENDER, born 1969 Jun 18, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Nicky Cam FENDER, born 1970 Sep 23, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Jewel E. FENDER, born 1942 Jan 8, Yancey co, NC; married James Albert WARRICK.

1v. James M. WARRICK, born 1969 Dec 26, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Lisa Rena WARRICK, born 1963 Aug 5, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Lila D. WARRICK, born 1964 Jul 4, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Levetta Jean WARRICK, born 1965 Oct 13, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Loretta Jayne WARRICK, born 1967 Jul 5, Yancey co, NC.

6v. Linda S. WARRICK, born 1968 Nov 18, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Teresa L. FENDER, born 1955 May 15, Yancey co, NC.
4t. Monie BRADFORD, born 1928, NC.

5t. Winnie BRADFORD, born 1935 Jun 12, Yancey co, NC.

6s. John E. BRADFORD, born 1913, NC; married Essie HILEMAN.

1t. Isaac Sam BRADFORD, born 1938 Jan 28, Yancey co, NC; married Sarah CALLOWAY.

1u. Charles S. BRADFORD, born 1965 Apr 9, Yancey co, NC.

2u. David BRADFORD, born 1973 Oct 14, Yancey co, NC.

3u. Kathy D. BRADFORD, born 1966 May 5, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Della BRADFORD, born 1935 Jun 10, Yancey co, NC.

7s. Lovaska BRADFORD, born 1880 Mar, Yancey co, NC; married 1899 May 30, Yancey co, NC, McDaniel Berry HONEYCUTT.

8s. Mary Emmeline BRADFORD, born 1882 Feb, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1904, Yancey co, NC, William B. PHILLIPS (born 1885, Yancey co, NC).

1t. Vester PHILLIPS, born 1905 Sep 8, Ramseytown, NC, died 1985 Feb 16, Zephyrhills, FL; married 1930 Mar 23, Cleveland, OH, Corrine Louise MUELLER (born 1909 Feb 27, Cleveland, OH, died there, 1966 Dec 14).

2t. Troy PHILLIPS, born 1912 Apr 13, Yancey co, NC.

3t. John PHILLIPS, born 1914 Jul 28, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Flora PHILLIPS, born 1908 May 27, Yancey co, NC.

9s. Sintha BRADFORD, born 1884 May, NC.

10s. Hannah Agnes BRADFORD, born 1892 May 7, Yancey co, NC, died 1966 Aug 20, Unicoi co, TN; married 1909, Yancey co, NC, Robert Andrew BAILEY (born 1888/89, Yancey co, NC).

1t. Cleophus BAILEY, born 1913 Dec 29, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Ed BAILEY, born 1918/19, NC.

3t. Melvin BAILEY, born 1919/20, NC.

4t. Bliss BAILEY, born 1923 Mar 1, Yancey co, NC, died by 1930.

5t. Lula Mae BAILEY, born 1910 Feb 18, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1926, Charles EDWARDS (born 1900/01, NC).

1u. Marion EDWARDS, born 1930 Jul 10, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Nina Opal EDWARDS, born 1928 Oct 29, Yancey co, NC; married Kie Roy TOMBERLIN.

1v. Dennis K. TOMBERLIN, born 1958 Jul 7, Yancey co, NC.

2v. Paul M. TOMBERLIN, born 1960 Feb 6, Yancey co, NC.

3v. Marion S. TOMBERLIN, born 1962 Oct 26, Yancey co, NC.

4v. Linda L. TOMBERLIN, born 1953 Mar 28, Yancey co, NC.

5v. Phyllis Juanita TOMBERLIN, born 1955 Oct 19, Yancey co, NC; married James Dalton CAMPBELL, Jr. (born 1954 Jul 19, Henderson co, NC).

1w. Ethan Ross CAMPBELL, born 1994 May 12, Henderson co, NC.

6t. Rosetta BAILEY, born 1911/12, NC; married ca 1927, _______ BRADFORD.

1u. Margie BRADFORD, born 1927, NC.

7t. Fannie L. BAILEY, born 1915 Oct 8, Yancey co, NC; married E. B. GIBBS.

1u. Bobby GIBBS, born 1934 Dec 24, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Sarah K. GIBBS, born 1937 Dec 30, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Maryline BAILEY, born 1921/22, NC.

9t. Glessie M. BAILEY, born 1926 Aug 11, Yancey co, NC.

10t. Maphra BAILEY, born 1932 Feb 10, Yancey co, NC.

11s. Birdie F. BRADFORD, born 1896 Feb, Yancey co, NC; married ca 1912, Thomas Paul WILSON (born 1890/91, NC).

1t. Newton WILSON, born 1919/20, NC.

2t. Pauline WILSON, born 1915 Oct 2, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Mary WILSON, born 1931 Oct 2, Yancey co, NC.

7r. Nathan Dempsey BRADFORD, born 1856 Aug, Yancey co, NC, died there, 1914 Aug 2; married 1881 Mar 20, Nancy Selina LEWIS (born 1851, Yanecy co, NC).

1s. Martha Melissa BRADFORD, born 1886 Jun 7, NC, died 1934 Dec 4; married ca 1906, John Washington PATE (born 1887 Nov 26, Yancey co, NC, died 1981, Landrum, SC) (see above).

2s. Nellie J. BRADFORD, born 1889 Sep, NC; married ca 1906, as 2nd wife, Nelson V. EDWARDS (born 1876/77, NC).

1t. Charles EDWARDS, born 1907, NC.

2t. Earl H. EDWARDS, born 1912 Oct 1, Yancey co, NC; married Sylvia WILLIAMS.

1u. Wain EDWARDS, born 1935 Oct 29, Yancey co, NC.

2u. Shirley W. EDWARDS, born 1937 Nov 14, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Garrett Sarron EDWARDS, born 1914 Mar 20, Yancey co, NC.

4t. Henley EDWARDS, born 1924 May 1, Yancey co, NC.

5t. Hattie S. EDWARDS, born 1910, NC.

6t. Elon EDWARDS, born 1916 Jun 22, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Ruby EDWARDS, born 1918 Oct 27, Yancey co, NC.

8t. Child, died by 1910.

8r. Alsa/Ailsey C. BRADFORD, born 1833/34, NC.

9r. Axey C. BRADFORD, born 1842 Sep 14, Yancey co, NC, died 1910 Mar 18, Unicoi co, TN; married ca 1869, Yancey co, NC, Silas WILLIAMS (born 1847 Feb, Yancey co, NC).

1s. William Garrison WILLIAMS, born 1867 Aug 29, Egypt, NC, died 1953 Oct 27.

2s. Cornelius WILLIAMS, born 1873 Oct 14, Egypt, NC, died 1940 Jul 1, Unicoi co, TN; married ca 1910, Erwin, TN, Eliza M. HENSLEY (born 1886 Sep 8, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1951 Oct 2).

1t. Harry WILLIAMS, born 1910, Unicoi co, TN.

3s. Samuel WILLIAMS, born 1877 May, Egypt, NC.

4s. Joseph WILLIAMS, born 1882 Mar, Yancey co, NC, died 1941, Unicoi co, TN; married Mille R. THOMAS (born 1870, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1950).

5s. Mack C. WILLIAMS, born 1884 Feb, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1963; married Texie HONEYCUTT (born 1893 Mar 12, Yancey co, NC, died 1971 Jul 23, Unicoi co, TN).

6s. Walter WILLIAMS, born 1898 Feb, Unicoi co, TN.

7s. Mary WILLIAMS, born 1870, Yancey co, NC.

8s. Nellie WILLIAMS, born 1875, Egypt, NC.

10r. Elendor/Nelley BRADFORD, born 1843 Jan, NC; married ca 1874, Henry C. RATHBONE (born 1844 Apr, NC).

1s. Henry W. RATHBONE, born 1873 Apr, NC; married ca 1917, Trissie RAY (born 1901/02, NC).

1t. Donald Alvin RATHBONE, born 1925 May 28, Buncombe co, NC, died 1968 Apr 20, NC.

2t. Effie M. RATHBONE, born 1918 Aug 6, Yancey co, NC.

2s. William M. RATHBONE, born 1874/75, NC.

3s. Mary Jane RATHBONE, born 1864/65, NC.

4s. Sarah Ann RATHBONE, born 1869 Oct, NC.

5s. Nancy M. RATHBONE, born 1871 Aug, NC; married ca 1887, as 2nd wife, Benjamin B. RIDDLE (born 1851 Jan, NC).

1t. Arthur RIDDLE, born 1888 Jul, NC.

2t. Landon RIDDLE, born 1890 Feb, NC.

3t. Lattie M. RIDDLE, born 1893 Apr, NC.

4t. Joseph G. RIDDLE, born 1895 Mar, NC.

5t. Henry S. RIDDLE, born 1897 Apr, NC.

6t. William B. RIDDLE, born 1912 Jan 25, Yancey co, NC.

7t. Sallie G. RIDDLE, born 1895 Mar, NC.

8t. Viola RIDDLE, born 1899 Apr, NC.

11r. Martha Ann BRADFORD, born 1846, Yancey co, NC.

12r. Naomi BRADFORD, born 1847/48, Yancey co, NC, died 1914 Nov 21, Bee Log, NC; married 1911 Jul 15, Yancey co, NC, John J. EDWARDS (born 1841, Yancey co, NC).

[1s. Elihu BRADFORD, born 1868, NC; married ca 1891, Naoma M. ROBERTON (born 1871 Feb, NC)].

1t. Hilliard M. BRADFORD, born 1898 May, NC.

2t. Monroe BRADFORD, born 1900 May 12, Yancey co, NC.

3t. Ella L. BRADFORD, born 1891 Sep, NC.

4t. Ellen E. BRADFORD, born 1893 Sep, NC.

5t. Pearlie J. BRADFORD, born 1896 Apr, NC.

6t. Jane BRADFORD, born 1900 Mar, NC.

[2s. Joseph Berry BRADFORD, born 1870/71, Little Creek, NC; married ca 1899, Yancey co, NC, Mintie EDWARDS (born 1880 Nov 24, Little Creek, NC, died 1952 Apr 29, Yancey co, NC)].

1t. Charlie BRADFORD, born 1910 Oct 7, Yancey co, NC.

2t. Loretta BRADFORD, born ca 1900, Little Creek, NC; married McKinley EDWARDS.

3s. [John BRADFORD, born 1873/74, Yancey co, NC; married 1894 May 24, Yancey co, NC, Sarah PHILLIPS (born 1868, Yancey co, NC)].

[4s. Robert BRADFORD, born 1875, Yancey co, NC; married 1898 Mar 19, Unicoi co, TN, Florence FOSTER (born ca 1878, Unicoi co, TN)].

[5s. Norman BRADFORD, born 1876 Dec, NC; married Hannah _______ (born 1876 Sep, Unicoi co, TN)].

1t. Mary Jane BRADFORD, born 1900 Mar, TN.

[6s. Hilliard M. BRADFORD, born 1879 May, Yancey co, NC].

9q. Naoma PATE, born 1822 Jun 6, Yancey co, NC, fl. 1900, Union co, GA; married ca 1850, Jeremiah W. RICH (born 1820 May 12, Buncombe co, NC).

1r. Bacchus RICH, born 1858 Oct 28, Cherokee co, NC, died 1945 Jul 4, Fannin co, GA; married 1872 May 25, Cherokee co, NC, Mary Alda YOUNG (born 1852 Oct, TN).

1s. Pickens RICH, born 1872/73, NC.

2s. John Alexander RICH, born 1877 Dec, NC.

3s. Absalom RICH, born 1880 Mar, NC.

4s. Oma RICH, born 1874/75, NC.

2r. John RICH, born 1860 Jan, NC.

3r. Absalom/Richard Coleman RICH, born 1868 May, NC; married ca 1886, Luella _______ (born 1860 Dec, NC).

1s. John B. RICH, born 1886 May, GA.

2s. William Worth RICH, born 1890 May, GA; married Rosa BRAMLET (born 1898, GA).

1t. Edna Viola RICH, born 1919 May 11, Cherokee co, NC.

3s. Garlie RICH, born 1896 May, GA; married 1st, Josie GLADSON; married 2nd, ca 1926, Rady GARLAND.

1t. C. S. RICH, born 1922 May 17, Cherokee co, NC.

2t. _______ (son) RICH, born 1928 Feb 22, Cherokee co, NC.

3t. Sorris Kenneth RICH, born 1935 May 4, Cherokee co, NC.

4t. Nellie RICH, born 1928 Feb 22, Cherokee co, NC; married Carmel J. CURTIS.

1u. Thomas Crawford White CURTIS, born 1947 Jan 18, Cherokee co, NC.

4s. Dewey RICH, born 1900 Apr, GA.

5s. Carrie C. RICH, born 1888 Jul, NC.

6s. Mary N. RICH, born 1892 Jan, GA.

7s. May Belle RICH, born 1898 Apr, GA; married ca 1920, Dennis B. HYDE (born 1894/95, GA).

1t. Mildred HYDE, born 1923 Nov 10, Cherokee co, NC.

8s. Frankie RICH, born 1902/03, GA.

9s. Child, died by 1900.

4r. Jeremiah M. RICH, born 1871 Dec, NC; married ca 1891, Mary J. _______ (born 1876 May, GA, died 1900/10, GA).

1s. Benjamin H. RICH, born 1892 Apr, GA; married ca 1915, Gertrude B. _______ (born 1897/98, GA).

1t. Herbert H. RICH, born 1919/20, GA.

2t. Benjamin H. RICH, Jr., born 1922/23, GA.

3t. George T. RICH, born 1925, GA.

4t. Robert E. RICH, born 1928, GA.

5t. Amelia RICH, born 1915/16, GA.

6t. Rosie B. RICH, born 1917/18, GA.

2s. James L. RICH, born 1896 May, GA.

3s. John Elbert RICH, born 1898 Mar, GA.

4s. Homer RICH, born 1900/01, GA.

5-8s. Four children, died by 1900.

5r. Sophronia RICH, born 1855/56, NC; married _______ SMITH.

1s. Thomas W. SMITH, born 1884 Mar, GA.

2s. John H. SMITH, born 1886 Feb, NC.

6r. Rozena RICH, born 1857/58, NC, died by 1870.

7-12r. Six other children, died by 1900.

10q. Catherine PATE, born 1826, Bumcombe co, NC; married 1844 Jul 6, Washington co, TN, Ephraim TITTLE (born 1825, Erwin, TN).

1r. William A. TITTLE, born 1845 Mar, TN, died 1902/10, Unicoi co, TN; married ca 1881, Sarah Alice FOSTER (born 1862 Apr, TN).

1s. Frank TITTLE, born 1883 Feb, TN; married ca 1904, Blanie _______ (born 1893, TN).

1t. Willie TITTLE, born 1913, TN.

2t. Roy TITTLE, born 1916, TN.

3t. Stanley TITTLE, born 1923/24, TN.

4t. Gordon TITTLE, born 1925, TN.

5t. Myrtle TITTLE, born 1907, TN.

6t. May TITTLE, born 1911, TN.

7t. Mildred TITTLE, born 1919, TN.

2s. John A. TITTLE, born 1885 Jun, TN; married ca 1912 (div by 1930), _______.

3s. Isaac Eddie TITTLE, born 1890 Dec, TN; married ca 1911, Blanche _______ (born 1896/97, TN).

1t. Earl TITTLE, born 1919/20, TN.

2t. Cecil TITTLE, born 1926, VA.

3t. Donald TITTLE, born 1927, VA.

4t. Isaac TITTLE, Jr., born 1930, VA.

5t. Leatha TITTLE, born 1916/17, TN.

6t. Addie TITTLE, born 1921/22, TN.

4s. Walter TITTLE, born 1892 Nov, TN; married ca 1917, Lucy _______ (born 1900/01, TN).

1t. Luther TITTLE, born 1920/21, TN.

2t. Allen TITTLE, born 1922/23, TN.

3t. Lula M. TITTLE, born 1927, TN.

5s. Brady TITTLE, born 1902/03, TN.

6s. Eliza Arizona TITTLE, born 1886 Oct 18, Unicoi co, TN; married 1904, Thomas Ruffus LLOYD.

7s. Maggie TITTLE, born 1887 Jan, TN; married ca 1907, George W. MATHES (born 1888/89, TN).

1t. Clyde MATHES, born 1911/12, TN.

2t. Fred MATHES, born 1921/22, TN.

3t. Albert MATHES, born 1923/24, TN.

4t. Nevie MATHES, born 1913/14, TN.

5t. Pearl MATHES, born 1915/16, TN.

6t. Bertha MATHES, born 1917/18, TN.

8s. Fronie J. TITTLE, born 1887 Oct, TN; married ca 1910, Wesley GARLAND (born 1890/91, NC).

1t. G. D. GARLAND, born 1916/17, TN.

2t. Billie GARLAND, born 1923/24, TN.

3t. Earl GARLAND, born 1925/26, TN.

4t. Celia GARLAND, born 1913/14, TN.

5t. Catherine GARLAND, born 1920/21, TN.

6t. Irene GARLAND, born 1927/28, TN.

9s. Lula TITTLE, born 1894 Oct, TN.

2r. John TITTLE, born 1851 May 22, TN, died 1928 Apr 13; married 1873 Mar 14, Washington co, TN, Mary C. FOSTER (born 1851 Apr 1, died 1912 Mar 7).

1s. George Franklin TITTLE, born 1874 Jul 10, TN, died 1919 Nov 15; married 1897 Jan 11 (div by 1910), Rosa Anna SAULTS (born 1875 Sep 30, TN, died 1931 Feb 27).

1t. John Alex TITTLE, born 1899 Aug, TN, died 1970 May 12.

2s. Thomas Leroy TITTLE, born 1879, died 1881 Mar 1.

3s. Maria Lucudy TITTLE, born 1877 Feb 22, died by 1900.

4s. Lucy TITTLE, born 1878, TN.

5s. Minnie Lee TITTLE, born 1886 Jul 1, TN.

6-7s. Two children, died by 1900.

3r. Ephraim TITTLE, Jr., born 1872, TN; married 1st, _______; married 2nd, ca 1900, Ellen _______ (born 1865, TN).

1s. Cecil TITTLE, born 1895, TN; married Thelma _______.

1t. Ola Grace TITTLE.

4r. Lucretia TITTLE, born 1847 Jun, TN, died 1913; married 1866 Dec 18, Washington co, TN, Thomas Cicero OWENS (born 1848 May, TN, died 1930, Greene co, TN).

1s. James OWENS, born 1873/74, TN; married Rosie TAYLOR.

2s. William David OWENS, born 1882 Jan, TN; married Sarah CARPER (born 1882, TN).

1t. Roy OWENS, born 1904, TN.

2t. Thomas C. OWENS, born 1910, TN.

3t. Lawrence OWENS, born 1914, TN.

4t. Nannie OWENS, born 1916, TN.

3s. Martha F. OWENS, born 1867/68, TN; married Curtis BRACKINS.

4s. Mary K. OWENS, born 1869 Aug, TN; married ca 1886, James J. WHALEY (born 1863 Jun, TN, died 1910/20, TN).

1t. Thomas Calvin WHALEY, born 1888 Apr, TN; married ca 1911, Rachel _______ (born 1884, TN).

1u. James WHALEY, born 1911, TN.

2u. Dave WHALEY, born 1917, TN.

3u. Raymond WHALEY, born 1919, TN.

4u. Rob WHALEY, born 1920/21, TN.

5u. Sarah WHALEY, born 1909, TN.

6u. Mattie/Mary Bell WHALEY, born 1914, TN.

7u. Pearl WHALEY, born 1922/23, TN.

2t. Edward WHALEY, born 1889 Oct, TN.

3t. William David WHALEY, born 1892 Jul, TN; married Lucy _______ (born 1898, TN).

1u. James WHALEY, born 1917, TN.

2u. John WHALEY, born 1919, TN.

4t. Nathan H. WHALEY, born 1895 Jun, TN; married ca 1916, Kittie _______ (born 1882, TN).

1u. Joseph F. WHALEY, born 1916, TN.

2u. James G. WHALEY, born 1918, TN.

3u. Wallie R. WHALEY, born 1922/23, TN.

5t. John Hardin WHALEY, born 1898 Feb, TN.

6t. Jacob P. WHALEY, born 1900, TN; married ca 1920, Bessie L. _______ (born 1901/02, TN).

1u. Lewis E. WHALEY, born 1921/22, TN.

2u. Harold T. WHALEY, born 1928, TN.

3u. Josephine WHALEY, born 1920/21, TN.

7t. Jason R. WHALEY, born 1905/06, TN.

8t. Child, died by 1900.

5s. Nancy J. OWENS, born 1871/72, TN.

6s. Sarah C. OWENS, born 1875 Sep, TN, died 1951; married ca 1895, Jeremiah HELTON (born 1870 May, NC).

1t. William C. HELTON, born 1895 Aug, TN; married Olga C. _______ (born 1900, TN).

1u. Earnest P. HELTON, born 1918, TN.

2u. William C. HELTON, Jr., born 1919, TN.

2t. Millard F. HELTON, born 1897 Aug, TN.

3t. Isaac M. HELTON, born 1900, TN.

4t. John P. HELTON, born 1900/01, TN.

5t. Frederick R. HELTON, born 1907, TN.

6t. Ralph HELTON, born 1915, TN.

7t. Myrtle HELTON, born 1899 Apr, TN.

8t. Anna L. HELTON, born 1902/03, TN.

9t. Mary J. HELTON, born 1910, TN.

7s. Rachel E. OWENS, born 1879 May, TN, died 1951; married ca 1897, William OWENS (born 1879 Nov, VA).

1t. Willie OWENS, born 1904, TN; married ca 1927, Mary A. _______ (born 1907/08, TN).

2t. Charlie OWENS, born 1918, TN.

3t. June L. OWENS, born 1899 Mar, TN.

4t. Crecie OWENS, born 1900, TN.

5t. Jessie OWENS, born 1921/22, TN.

8s. Fannie OWENS, born 1885 Jun, TN, died 1962; married 1st, _______ MITCHELL; married 2nd, ca 1910, as 2nd wife, Phelix MILLER (born 1870/71, TN, died 1910/20, Greene co, TN).

1t. John R. MITCHELL, born 1908, TN.

2t. George T. MILLER, born 1911, TN.

3t. Henry MILLER, born 1915, TN.

4t. Sarah E. MITCHELL, born 1903, TN.

9s. Dora OWENS, born 1889 Feb, TN; married ca 1904, as 2nd wife, John BOWMAN (born 1865/66, TN).

1t. Agnes BOWMAN, born 1907/08, TN.

2t. Child, died by 1910.

5r. Rosanna TITTLE, born 1850.

6r. Matilda Jane TITTLE, born 1855/56, TN.

7r. Catherine Alca TITTLE, born 1857/58, TN.

8r. Elizabeth TITTLE, born 1864/65, TN.

9r. Hannah TITTLE, born 1866/67, TN.

11q. Marilla PATE, born 1835, Yancey co, NC; married Calloway MASHBURN (born 1823, Yancey co, NC).

1r. John MASHBURN, born 1852 Aug 8, Washington co, TN, died 1938 Apr 26, Unicoi co, TN; married 1874, Unicoi co, TN, Barbara Malinda HIGGINS (born 1850 Mar 7, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1921 Jan 10).

1s. Samuel Franklin MASHBURN, born 1875 Nov 8, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1904 Jan 31.

2s. William M. MASHBURN, born 1877 Feb 12, Unicoi co, TN, died 1972 Oct 15, Orange co, FL; married 1st, _______; married 2nd, ca 1912, as 2nd husband, Charity Elizabeth _______ (born 1879 Aug 29, NC, died 1972 Feb 9, Orange co, FL).

1t. Roy C. MASHBURN, born 1903, OK.

2t. Paul Edward MASHBURN, born 1914 Jul 23, FL, died 1984 Apr 30, Brevard co, FL; married 1939, Ruby Greer WILKES (born 1916 Apr 22, died 1998 Sep 2, Brevard co, FL).

3t. William C. MASHBURN, born 1917, FL.

3s. Thomas Melvin MASHBURN, born 1880 Nov 14, Unicoi co, TN, died 1968 Nov 30, Portsmouth, VA; married 1st, Bessie TIPTON (born 1882 Dec 14, died 1911 May 3, Flag Pond, TN); married 2nd, ca 1913, Estella CHANDLER (born 1888 Nov 4, Unicoi co, TN, died 1971 Feb 24, Portsmouth, VA); married 3rd, Ellen SHELTON.

1t. William Claude MASHBURN, born 1906 Aug 7, Flag Pond, TN, died there, 1994 Sep; married ca 1929, Pansy CRAIN (born 1910 Apr 21, Flag Pond, TN, died there, 1989 Jan 27).

1u. _______ (son) MASHBURN.

2u. China MASHBURN, born 1930 Apr 23, died 1972 Jun 4, Gregg co, TX; married 1st, Leona Ruth KYKER; married 2nd, 1967 Dec 16 (div 1972 Feb 25, Tarrant co, TX), Wilma Jean MORRIS.

[1v. Michael Jay MASHBURN, born 1962 Jul 6, Tarrant co, TX; married 1st, 1981 Jun 27, Tarrant co, TX, Dana L. PSALIDAS (born ca 1964); married 2nd, 1990 Apr 4, Tarrant co, TX, Nettie Joyce HICKSON (born ca 1958).]

2v. David William MASHBURN, born 1969 Jul 16, Dallas co, TX; married Mia Rhea FORDE.

1w. Casey William MASHBURN, born 1992 Feb 23, Tarrant co, TX.

3v. Dawn Cheri MASHBURN, born 1959 Aug 17, Dallas co, TX; married 1st, 1977 Apr 1, Dallas co, TX (div 1987 Jul 17, Dallas co, TX), Michael Steven SHRUM (born ca 1960); married 2nd, 1990 Nov 17, Dallas co, TX, Derrick James REPEP (born ca 1964).

1w. Christopher Michael SHRUM, born 1980 Nov 4, Dallas co, TX; married 1998 Mar 16, Tarrant co, TX, Tiffany M. SCHWEIKERT (born ca 1980).

2w. Summer Renee SHRUM, born 1979 May 9, Harris co, TX.

3w. Jessica Dawn REPEP, born 1992 Oct 15, Dallas co, TX.

3u. _______ (dau) MASHBURN; married James Deb BROWN (born 1929 Aug 31, Etowah, TN, died 1991 Jun 15, Johnson City, TN).

1v. _______ (dau) BROWN.

4u. Bessie MASHBURN, died 1991 Jul 24, Erwin, TN.

5u. _______ (dau) MASHBURN.

2t. Garrett Hobart MASHBURN, born 1917 Jun 6, TN, died 1982 Sep, Portsmouth, VA.

3t. Silas MASHBURN, born 1921/22, TN.

4s. Calloway MASHBURN, born 1883 Mar 30, Unicoi co, TN, died there, 1905 Jul 16.

5s. Mariah H. MASHBURN, born 1877, Unicoi co, TN.

6s. Margaret Matilda MASHBURN, born 1884, Unicoi co, TN, died 1956, Mars Hill, NC; married ca 1897, Nelson Hugh HARRIS (born 1881 Sep 22, NC, died 1973 Nov, Mars Hill, NC).

1t. Nigel HARRIS, born 1903, TN.

2t. Gustavus HARRIS, born 1906, TN.

3t. Douglas HARRIS, born 1908, TN.

4t. Decatur HARRIS, born 1912, TN.

5t. Hillard HARRIS, born 1914, TN.

6t. J. M. HARRIS, born 1920 Jul 26, Flag Pond, TN, died there, 1928 May 11.

7t. Alvin HARRIS, born 1923 Dec 16, Flag Pond, TN, died there, 1998 Feb 1.

8t. Orlia HARRIS, born 1917, TN.

9t. Child, died by 1910.

2r. William MASHBURN, born 1855 Jan, TN; married 1883 Aug 12, Catherine TILSON (born 1856 Feb 21, Washington co, TN, fl. 1930, Unicoi co, TN).

1s. James Calloway MASHBURN, born 1885 Dec 9, Clearbranch, TN, died 1969 May 30; married ca 1913, Lonie H. _______ (born 1891/92, TN).

1t. Harold MASHBURN, born 1914/15, TN.

2t. Vance MASHBURN, born 1917/18, TN.

3t. Mae MASHBURN, born 1923/24, TN.

4t. Martha MASHBURN, born 1923/24, TN.

2s. Rosie E. MASHBURN, born 1884 May, Unicoi co, TN.

3s. Melinda MASHBURN, born 1887 Feb, Unicoi co, TN.

4s. Rebecca Jane MASHBURN, born 1890 Feb 10, Clearbranch, TN, died 1966 Jan 8.

5s. Eliza M. MASHBURN, born 1892 Oct 11, Clearbranch, TN, died 1966 Jan 8.

6s. Dora Alice MASHBURN, born 1895 Feb 24, Unicoi co, TN, died 1964 Nov 5, Clearbranch, TN; married ca 1927, as 2nd wife, Carl Frank GUINN (born 1892 Nov 5, Clearbranch, TN, died 1975 Jul, Flag Pond, TN).

7s. Sarah Mandie MASHBURN, born 1900 Jan 16, Clearbranch, TN, died 1981 Jun 18.

3r. Nathan A. MASHBURN, born 1862, TN, died young.

4r. Robert W. MASHBURN, born 1865 Mar, TN; married ca 1885, Dorcas Elizabeth _______ (born 1868 Dec, TN).

1s. Cam H. MASHBURN, born 1886 Jan, TN.

2s. Isaac E. MASHBURN, born 1896 Jun, TN; married ca 1914, Bessie M. _______.

1t. Arthur A. MASHBURN, born 1922/23, TN.

2t. Bernie W. MASHBURN, born 1928, TN.

3t. Emma E. MASHBURN, born 1918/19, TN.

4t. Anna A. MASHBURN, born 1920/21, TN.

3s. Herman MASHBURN, born 1908, TN.

4s. Dove V. MASHBURN, born 1888 Jan, TN.

5s. Rillie J. MASHBURN, born 1890 Feb, TN.

6s. Cora E. MASHBURN, born 1893 Jul, TN.

7s. Nancy E. MASHBURN, born 1899 Jun, TN.

8s. Lilly MASHBURN, born 1905, TN.

9s. Child, died by 1900.

5r. George W. MASHBURN, born 1868 Mar, TN, fl. 1930, Bull Creek, NC; married ca 1885, Lucine E. _______ (born 1867 Dec, TN); married 2nd, ca 1908, Cora _______ (born 1891/92, NC).

1s. William A. MASHBURN, born 1889 May, TN; married ca 1910, Rosey J. FISHER (born 1894/95, NC).

[1t. Ena MASHBURN, born 1916/17, NC (adopted).]

[2t. Geneva MASHBURN, born 1917/17, NC (adopted).]

2s. Samuel R. MASHBURN, born 1891 Nov, TN; married ca 1919, Cora Lee CRAWFORD (born 1897/98, NC).

1t. Bobby Eugene MASHBURN, born 1929 Jun 11, Buncombe co, NC.

2t. Lydia E. MASHBURN, born 1923 Jan 2, Catawba co, NC.

3s. Arthur C. MASHBURN, born 1895 May, TN.

4s. Lorenzo MASHBURN, born 1903/04, NC.

5s. Willard MASHBURN, born 1916/17, NC.

6s. Lester MASHBURN, born 1922/23, NC.

7s. Elmer MASHBURN, born 1924/25, NC.

8s. Minthy J. MASHBURN, born 1886 Dec, TN.

9s. Mandie MASHBURN, born 1912/13, NC.

10s. Georgia MASHBURN, born 1914/15, NC; married Eugene FISHER.

1t. Wilson FISHER, born 1936 Jul 9, Madison co, NC.

11s. L. D. MASHBURN, born 1918/19, NC.

12s. Delta M. MASHBURN, born 1920/21, NC.

(1)13-14s. Two children, died by 1900.

(2)15s. Child, died by 1910.

6r. Joseph A. MASHBURN, born 1874 May, TN; married ca 1896, Mary R. _______ (born 1880 Dec, TN).

1s. M. Luther MASHBURN, born 1901/02, TN; married ca 1923, Nellie POORE (born 1907/08, TN).

1t. Clarence W. MASHBURN, born 1926, TN.

2t. Margy J. MASHBURN, born 1929, TN.

2s. Harvey MASHBURN, born 1903/04, TN.

3s. Vester MASHBURN, born 1911, TN.

4s. Ralph MASHBURN, born 1916, TN.

5s. Creola MASHBURN, born 1899 Jan, TN; married ca 1920, Charles R. PRICE (born 1881/82, TN).

1t. Ray PRICE, born 1920/21, TN.

2t. Rod E. PRICE, born 1921/22, TN.

3t. James R. PRICE, born 1922/23, TN.

4t. Martha H. PRICE, born 1924/25, TN.

6s. Lula MASHBURN, born 1908, TN.

7-8s. Two children, died by 1910.

7r. Jacob Lewis MASHBURN, born 1881 Jul, TN, died 1929; married Nancy SAMS (born 1887 May 2, TN, died 1976 Dec 17).

1s. Alvin MASHBURN, born 1904 Nov 10, TN, died 1959 Mar.

2s. Clyde MASHBURN, born 1909 Oct 8, TN, died 1967 Nov.

3s. Porter MASHBURN, born 1912 Jun 1, TN, died 1972 Oct, Erwin, TN.

4s. Edward MASHBURN, born 1917 Dec 25, TN, died 2005 May 20, Erwin, TN.

5s. Beckie MASHBURN, born 1906, TN.

6s. Ada MASHBURN, born 1914 Aug 6, TN, died 1984 Apr 24, Erwin, TN; married William Woodward RUNION (born 1914 Nov 15, died 1952 Jun).

1t. Harlan RUNION, born TN.

2t. Laura J. RUNION, born TN; married Lee Roy CALLAHAN (born TN).

1u. Jeffrey Lee CALLAHAN.

2u. M. Renee CALLAHAN; married Kim Douglas ARWOOD (born IN).

1v. Brandon D. L. ARWOOD, born TN.

2v. Kelly M. ARWOOD, born TN.

7s. Laura MASHBURN, born 1920, TN.

8s. Pauline MASHBURN, born 1923/24, TN.

9s. Jessie MASHBURN, born 1925/26, TN.

8r. Fannie Mallisse MASHBURN, born 1853, Erwin, TN, died 1917 Jun 6, Taney co, MO; married Drury Leander SIMMONS (born 1822, McDowell co, NC, died 1898 Jun 6, Carroll co, AR).

1s. William Henry SIMMONS, born 1884 Nov 18, Taney co, MO, died there, 1962 Sep 25; married ca 1911, Dona Jane FORD (born 1887 Apr, Taney co, MO).

1t. James Ray SIMMONS, born 1913 Nov 20, Taney co, MO, died there, 1933 Jul 8; married Gladys KEITH.

2t. Donald H. SIMMONS, born 1914 Aug 12, Taney co, MO, died 1980 Jul 3; married Eunice ARNOLD (born 1916 Mar 31, Kissee Mills, MO).

1u. Gary Wayne SIMMONS, born 1939 Jun 16, Sacramento, CA, died 1994 Oct 26.

2u. Bill SIMMONS, born 1940, died 2003 Jun 6.

3u. _______ (dau) SIMMONS; married _______ COOK.

1v. _______ (son) COOK; married _______ GARRISON.

1-2w. Two daughters.

2v. _______ (dau) COOK.

4u. _______ (dau) SIMMONS.

3t. Bee SIMMONS, born 1919 Aug 24, Taney co, MO, died there, 1920 Jan 19.

4t. Fay Myrtle SIMMONS, born 1911 Apr 20, Taney co, MO, died 2002 Dec 17, Forsyth, MO; married 1931 Feb 26, Kansas City, KS, Barney Allen REYNOLDS (born 1905 Nov 20, MO, died 1996 Aug 30, Sacramento, CA).

1u. Ted B. REYNOLDS, born 1932 Aug 30, Taney co, MO, died 2002 Dec 10; married _______ GITHENS.

1-3v. Two sons, one daughter.

4u. _______ (dau) REYNOLDS; married _______ FARR.

5u. _______ (dau) REYNOLDS; married _______ SMITH.

6u. _______ (dau) REYNOLDS; married 1st, LaRoy HENRY (died 1989 Feb 12, CA); marred 2nd, _______ MUNTIFERING.

1v. Sherry L. HENRY, born 1962 Nov 3, Alameda co, CA; married _______ BROWN.

7u. _______ (dau) REYNOLDS; married _______ ROBERTS.

8u. _______ (dau) REYNOLDS; married _______ PERRY.

9u. _______ (dau) REYNOLDS; married _______ PRUETT.

2s. Robert SIMMONS.

3s. Thomas Matthew SIMMONS, born 1887 Sep 18, Taney co, MO, died there, 1979 May 3; married ca 1911, Pearl FORD (born 1888, MO).

1t. Dallas SIMMONS, born 1914, MO.

2t. Willard SIMMONS, born 1917, MO.

3t. Elsie SIMMONS, born 1913, MO.

4t. Ruth SIMMONS, born 1922/23, MO.

4s. Andrew Jackson SIMMONS, born 1888 Nov 2, Taney co, MO, died there, 1972 Feb 10.

5s. Jane SIMMONS, born TN.

6s. Emaline Lucinda SIMMONS, born 1875 Jul 25, Taney co, MO, died there, 1950 Dec 11; married 1893 Mar 8, Taney co, MO, as 2nd wife, Alva Ferdinand WOLF (born 1858 Dec 8, Syracuse, NY, died 1949 Apr 17, Forsyth, MO).

1t. Otto Otis WOLF, born 1906 Mar 2, Taney co, MO, died 1991 Mar 17; married 1924 Aug 31, Taney co, MO, Bessie Mae COLLINS (born 1906 Jul 6, Cedar Creek, MO, died 1972 Nov 11, Taney co, MO).

1u. Bill WOLF, born 1931 Sep 21, Taney co, MO, died 1988 May 10; married _______ MAYDEN.

2u. Erma WOLF, born 1925 Aug 31, Taney co, MO.

3u. Verna Madge WOLF, born 1929 Apr 30, Taney co, MO.

2t. Herbert Lee WOLF, born 1919 Dec 29, Taney co, MO, died 1996 Jan 12; married 1951 Dec, Taney c, MO, Adabelle CUMMINS (born 1923, died 1952); married 2nd, 1953 May 24, Hannah Rachel MORRIS (born 1929 Jul 10).

3t. Clara May WOLF, born 1894 Feb 1, Taney co, MO, died 1977 Jan 16, Harrison, AR; married 1910 Jun 13, Taney co, MO, John David RANDALL (born 1889/90, MO).

1u. Johnnie Garland RANDALL, born 1919 Aug 16, died 1971 May 10, Harrison, AR; married Leona GOUCH.

2u. Tressie Emer RANDALL, born 1922 Jan 12, MO.

3u. Mildred Lucinda RANDALL, born 1923/24, MO.

4t. Dora Ethel WOLF, born 1898 Jul 11, Taney co, MO, died there, 1986 Oct 15; married 1913 Feb 2, Taney co, MO, Frank COLE (born 1887/88, MO).

1u. Otis Ray COLE, born 1917 Jul 19, Taney co, MO, died there, 1990 Oct 25.

2u. Osie COLE, born 1920/21, MO.

3u. R. F. COLE, born 1922/23, MO.

5t. Bertha Matilda WOLF, born 1900 Feb 14, Taney co, MO, died there, 1988 Oct 19; married 1916 Nov 18, Taney co, MO, Andrew Jackson COINER (born 1894 Dec 15, Taney co, MO, died there, 1976 Mar 7).

1u. Erba Earl COINER, born 1918 May 15, died 1988 Oct 3, Eldorado Springs, KS; married Iona Louise LYTLE.

2u. Andrew Jackson COINER, Jr., born 1925 Oct 1, MO; married 1st, 1942, Josephine MOORE; married 2nd, 1945 Jul 13, Edith STEVENS.

3u. _______ (son) COINER; married _______ PERKINS.

4u. Beulah Charlotte COINER, born 1922 Jan 29, MO; married 1st, 1952, Virgle LEWALLEN; married 2nd, Ed JOHNSON.

6t. Rosa Leona WOLF, born 1902 Jan 14, Taney co, MO, died 1990 Jan 8, AR; married 1919 Oct 12, Taney co, MO, Levi S. EMBERTON (born 1898 Jul 25, AR, died 1984 Feb 22, AR).

1u. Garrett Lee EMBERTON, born 1920 Jul 1, AR; married 1st, 1941 Jun 19, Fern Yvonne ADELOTTE; married 2nd, _______ BOTT.

2u. Guy Andrew EMBERTON, born 1922 Aug 7, AR, died 1995 Dec 25; married 1943 Oct 1, Lucille KING.

3u. Alva Donald EMBERTON, born 1927 May 1, AR; married 1946 Aug 2, Mildred GLEN.

4u. Josephine Leona EMBERTON, born 1924 Dec 15, AR; married 1st, 1941 Nov 29, Raymond RENOLDS; married 2nd, 1959 Feb 20, John VAUGHT; married 3rd, Sterl BRUCKS.

5u. _______ (dau) EMBERTON; married James Doyle NORTON.

7s. Sarah Alice SIMMONS, born 1876 Nov 8, Taney co, MO, died 1974 Jun 28, Jenkins, MO; married 1900 Mar 3, Taney co, MO, Leon Clarence WOLF (born 1878 Dec 17, Ditt, MO, died 1963 Sep 13, Jenkins, MO).

1t. Alva Clarence WOLF, born 1900 Nov 22, died 1975 Mar 15; married 1920 Feb 1, Angie BROWN.

2t. Adell Viadel WOLF, born 1902 Feb 20, died 1972 Nov 2, Jenkins, MO; married 1st, ca 1919, Sarah LEMMONS; married 2nd, ca 1927, Trelouse LINKOUS (born 1908/09, MO).

1u. Robert WOLF, born 1922/23, MO.

2u. Carl WOLF, born 1928, MO.

3u. Opal WOLF, born 1924/25, Taney co, MO.

3t. Floyd E. WOLF, born 1908 Apr 16, Taney co, MO, died 1992 Oct 31; married ca 1928, Buelah LINKOUS (born 1910/11, MO).

1u. Venita Fern WOLF, born 1929, Barry co, MO.

4t. Rue Chester WOLF, born 1915 Oct 25, MO, died 1974 Mar 30, Jenkins, MO; married Erma EDGMOND.

5t. Delcie Matilda WOLF, born 1905 Sep 29, MO, died 1979 Mar 11; married ca 1919, Charles Thomas JACKSON (born 1897/98, MO).

1u. Leon JACKSON, born 1922/23, MO.

2u. Neva L. JACKSON, born 1920/21, MO.

3u. Alice Irene JACKSON, born 1923/24, MO.

9r. Naoma MASHBURN, born 1854/55, TN.

10r. Emaline MASHBURN, born 1858 Aug, MO; married ca 1874, James William SIMMONS (born 1855 Dec, NC, died by 1920).

1s. William M. SIMMONS, born 1877 Dec 28, TN, died 1937 Nov 15; married Martha Jane CLOUSE (born 1885 Oct 13, Erwin, TN, died 1969 Jan 21).

1t. Clarence SIMMONS, born 1906, TN.

2t. Harry SIMMONS, born 1918, TN.

3t. Dott SIMMONS, born 1920/21, TN.

4t. William SIMMONS, Jr., born 1924/25, TN.5t. Ellie SIMMONS, born 1909, TN.

6t. Virginia SIMMONS, born 1911/12, TN.

7t. Jennie SIMMONS, born 1912/13, TN.

8t. Rosa SIMMONS, born 1913/14, TN.

9t. Nellie SIMMONS, born 1915/16, TN.

10t. Beatrice SIMMONS, born 1917/18, TN.

11t. Velma SIMMONS, born 1927/28, TN.

2s. John F. SIMMONS, born 1882 Aug 12, TN; married Susie _______ (born 1888, TN).

3s. Henry SIMMONS, born 1884 Feb 19, TN; married 1st, Sarah _______ (born 1885, TN); married 2nd, ca 1920, Rena _______ (born 1904/05, TN).

1t. Wilby SIMMONS, born 1909, TN.

2t. Carl SIMMONS, born 1913, TN.

3t. Earnest SIMMONS, born 1916, TN.

4t. Chester SIMMONS, born 1928/29, TN.

5t. Ollie SIMMONS, born 1914, TN.

6t. Venie SIMMONS, born 1917, TN.

7t. Cora Lee SIMMONS, born 1919, TN.

8t. Wanda SIMMONS, born 1923/24, TN.

9t. Edith SIMMONS, born 1926/27, TN.

4s. Noah SIMMONS, born 1888 Apr 30, TN; married Annie _______ (born 1897, NC).

5s. Mary Elizabeth SIMMONS, born 1880 Feb 19, Erwin, TN, died there, 1936 Feb 25; married 1899 Jun 8, Unicoi co, TN, Charles B. TITTLE (born 1874 Jun 21, Erwin, TN, died there, 1924 Apr 20).

1t. James Frank TITTLE, born 1900 Jul 11, TN, died 1945 Jan 7; married ca 1920, Dortha _______ (born 1901/02, TN).

1u. Leonard TITTLE, born 1920/21, TN.

2u. Mary TITTLE, born 1923/24, TN.

2t. William Hobart TITTLE, born 1903, TN; married 1st, Ruby CASH; married 2nd, Eva PARKER.

(1)1u. Howard TITTLE, born 1926 Apr 1, died 1928 Apr 8.

3t. Russell TITTLE, born 1907 May 7, Erwin, TN, died 1995 Feb 24, Johnston City, TN; married Edna Belle BENNETT (born 1907 Oct 11, Erwin, TN, died 1987 Mar 8, Johnson City, TN).

1u. Russell TITTLE, Jr., born 1925 Nov 18, Erwin, TN, died 1996 May 2, Chattanooga, TN; married Stella McLAUGHLIN (born 1923, died 1973).

1v. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______.

1w. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______ ZEILKE.

1x. _______ (son) TITTLE.

2w. _______ (son) TITTLE.

2v. _______ (son) TITTLE.

3v. _______ (son) TITTLE.

4v. _______ (son) TITTLE; married Brenda _______.

1-2w. Two daughters.

5v. _______ (son) TITTLE.

6v. _______ (dau) TITTLE; married _______ HASTINGS.

1-2w. One son, one daughter.

2u. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______ PHIPPS.

1v. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______ O'SHIELDS.

1-2w. Two daughters.

2v. _______ (son) TITTLE.

3v. _______ (dau) TITTLE; married _______.

1-2w. Two sons.

3u. _______ (son) TITTLE; married Myrtle JOHNSON (born 1929 May 29, Erwin, TN, died 1989 Nov 7, Johnson City, TN).

1v. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______ KENNY.

2v. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______ COOPER.

4u. Ira Kenneth TITTLE, born 1933 Jul 12, Erwin, TN, died 1938 Dec 3.

5u. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______ MILLER.

1v. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______ RABB.

1w. Mary Elizabeth TITTLE, born 1991 Dec 18, Rossville, GA, died 1992 Jul 18, Durham, NC.

2w. _______ (dau) TITTLE.

2v. Dorsey Lee TITTLE, born 1958 Feb 28, Woodruff, SC, died 1991 Jul 14, Erwin, TN; married _______ THOMAS.

1w. _______ (son) TITTLE.

6u. Dwight Laverne TITTLE, born 1940 Jan 28, Erwin, TN, died 1998 May 27; married 1st, _______ KING; married 2nd, _______ WILLIAMS.

(1)1v. _______ (son) TITTLE; married Velma _______.

1-3w. Three sons.

(1)2v. _______ (son) TITTLE; married _______ DEDIOS.

1-3w. Three daughters.

(1)3v. _______ (dau) TITTLE; married _______ WEAVER.

1-3w. One son, two daughters.

(1)4v. _______ (dau) TITTLE.

4t. Cecil Francis TITTLE, born 1913 Oct 12, TN, died 1988 Sep 23, Elizabethton, TN; married Helen HAUN.

5t. Leonard Roscoe TITTLE, born 1916 May 25, TN, died 1987 Mar 20; married Maggie PARKER.

1-2u. Two sons.

6t. Ida Jane TITTLE.

7t. Rosa Pearl TITTLE, born 1906/07, TN; married ca 1928, Carl HARVEY (born 1907/08, TN).

1u. _______ (son) HARVEY.

2u. Stella HARVEY, born 1928/29, TN.

8t. Zella Mae TITTLE, born 1912, TN, died 1999 Sep 27; married ca 1928, Clyde PARDUE (born 1908/09, TN).

1u. Clyde PARDUE, Jr., born 1928/29, TN.

6s. Annie SIMMONS, born 1891 Apr, TN; married ca 1910, Will HUSKINS (born 1882/83, TN).

1t. Raymond HUSKINS, born 1913, TN.

2t. M. L. HUSKINS, born 1925/26, TN.

3t. Cleo HUSKINS, born 1914, TN.

4t. Gladys HUSKINS, born 1920/21, TN.

7s. Julia SIMMONS, born 1893 Aug, TN.

11r. Martha MASHBURN, born 1856/57, TN.

2p. William RANDOLPH, born ca 1785, Washington co, NC.

3p. Samuel RANDOLPH, born ca 1787, Washington co, NC.

4p. Thomas RANDOLPH, born ca 1796, Washington co, NC.

5p. Nancy RANDOLPH, born ca 1790, Washington co, NC.

5n. Sarah PATE, born ca 1721, Gloucester co, VA, died 1778, Williamsburg, VA; married 1737 Feb 17, William ANDERSON (born ca 1710, Ireland).

1o. James ANDERSON, born 1740 Jan 24, died 1798 Sep, Williamsburg, VA; married 1766 Feb 8, Prince George co, Hannah TYLER (born 1740 Dec 25, died 1803 Jan 12, Williamsburg, VA).

1p. William ANDERSON, born 1767 Jan 2, VA, died 1802 Sep, Norfolk co, VA; married 1788 May 15, as 1st husband, Ann LOWRY.

1q. Henry ANDERSON, born Norfolk, VA, died unm.

2q. Thomas ANDERSON, born Norfolk, VA, died unm.

3q. William Tyler ANDERSON, born 1799 Sep 13, Norfolk co, VA, died 1876 Apr 24, Princeton, NJ; married 1833 Dec 4, Catherine Jane DECKER (born 1811 Dec 6, Nilley Creek, NC, fl. 1880, Princeton, NJ).

1r. George Leroy Bartol ANDERSON, born 1836 Sep 8, New York, NY, died 1837 Jun 20.

2r. Leroy Hammond ANDERSON, born 1841 May 13, New York, NY, died 1905 Dec 14, sp; married 1878 Dec 24, Margaret Jane VAN DYKE (born 1842 Jul 26, IL).

3r. Robert ANDERSON, born 1844 Oct 19, New York, NY, died by 1860.

4r. Sarah Jane ANDERSON, born 1834 Nov 3, Norfolk, VA; married 1854 Jan 5, Lewis Springer WELLING (born 1827/28, NJ).

1s. Charles Leroy WELLING, born 1855, Princeton, NJ.

2s. Robert Anderson WELLING, born 1856, NJ, died by 1860.

3s. Laura Y. WELLING, born 1857/58, NJ.

5r. Julia A./Justine V. ANDERSON, born 1838/39, NY.

4q. Sarah Wilder ANDERSON, born 1789 Jun 5, Norfolk, VA; married 1821 Sep 20, as 2nd wife, Elisha Cowley WHITE.

1r. Robert John Price WHITE, born 1824 Dec 28, Norfolk co, VA.

2r. Nathaniel Elisha WHITE, born 1827 May 28, Norfolk co, VA; married Virginia A. _______ (born 1829/30, VA).

1s. Nathaniel A. WHITE, born 1852/53, VA.

2s. Jessie W. WHITE, born 1853/54, VA.

3s. Anna B. WHITE, born 1855 Dec, VA; married ca 1877, Adm. Albert B. WILLITS (born 1852 Mar, PA).

1t. Virginia W. WILLITS, born 1877 Aug, VA.

2t. Anna G. WILLITS, born 1880 Jul, VA.

3t. Jessie WILLITS, born 1887 Nov, VA.

3r. Elisha C. WHITE, born 1830 May 25, Norfolk co, VA.

4r. Sarah Ann WHITE, born 1822 Jul 8, Norfolk co, VA.

5q. Fanny ANDERSON, born 1791 Aug 1, Norfolk co, VA, died Williamsburg, VA, unm.

6q. Ann ANDERSON, born Norfolk, VA, died unm.

7q. Eliza ANDERSON, born 1800, Norfolk, VA, died there, 1802.

2p. John Tyler ANDERSON, born 1768 Sep 7, Williamsburg, VA, died 1805 Jan, Hampton Road, VA, sp; married 1797, Ann JACKSON (born 1774 Feb 6, Norfolk, VA, died 1811 Jun 14, Williamsburg, VA) (see above).

3p. Leroy ANDERSON, born 1770 Dec 6, Wiliamsburg, VA, died 1837 Nov 21, Mobile, AL; married 1st, 1798 Sep 23, VA, Nancy SHIELDS (died 1808 Sep 15, Williamsburg, VA); married 2nd, 1812 Feb 5, VA, Hannah Wright SOUTHGATE (born 1784 Dec 29, New York, NY, died 1860 Jul 23, Gainesville, AL).

1q. Dr. Leroy Hammond ANDERSON, born 1814 Apr 29, Richmond, VA, died 1863 Oct 3, Aiken, SC, sp; married 1863, Charlotte WHITSITT.

2q. William Henry ANDERSON, born 1816 Mar 27, died 1819 Sep 24.

3q. Dr. William Henry ANDERSON, born 1820 May 6, VA, died 1887.

4q. Dr. Washington Franklin ANDERSON, born 1823 Jan 6, Williamsburg, VA, died 1903 Apr 21, Salt Lake City, UT; married 1862 Aug 4, Salt Lake City, UT, Isabella Margaret EVANS (born 1840 Dec 19, PA).

1r. Frank Fuller ANDERSON, born 1868 Dec, UT, died 1920/30, Salt Lake City, UT; married ca 1907, Elizabeth W. _______ (born 1877/78, England).

1s. Robert F. ANDERSON, born 1919, UT.

2s. Margaret Elizabeth ANDERSON, born 1917, UT.

2r. Guy ANDERSON, born 1873 Feb, UT; married ca 1909, Amy A. _______ (born 1883, UT).

1s. Richard ANDERSON, born 1910, UT.

3r. William ANDERSON, born 1874/75, UT, died by 1900.

4r. Lawrence W. ANDERSON, born 1884 Jan, UT; married ca 1911, Esther _______ (born 1890, UT).

1s. Marc ANDERSON, born 1922/23, UT.

2s. William ANDERSON, born 1924/25, UT.

3s. Isabelle ANDERSON, born 1913, UT.

5r. Dr. Belle E. ANDERSON, born 1863, UT, fl. 1930, San Diego, CA; married ca 1909, Robert C. GEMMEL (born 1863, PA, died 1920/30).

6r. Hannah ANDERSON, born 1864/65, UT, died by 1900.

7r. Justine ANDERSON, born 1865/66, UT; married _______ McINTYRE.

8r. Mabel ANDERSON, born 1870 Apr, UT.

9r. Winfred ANDERSON, born 1874 Oct, UT, <9>fl. 1930, Salt Lake City, UT, unm.

10r. Sibyl ANDERSON, born 1877 Dec, UT, fl. 1930, San Diego, CA.

11r. Kathleen ANDERSON, born 1878/79, UT.

12r. Vivian ANDERSON, born 1882 Jun 7, UT, died 1953 Oct 20, San Diego, CA, unm.

13r. Child, died by 1900.

5q. Anna Margaretta ANDERSON, born 1799 May 14, Williamsburg, VA, died 1811 Dec, Richmond, VA, unm.

6q. Harriet Sophia ANDERSON, born 1800 Jul 7, Bristol, PAfl. 1880, Mobile, AL; married 1822 Apr 4, Norfolk co, VA, Henry ASHBURN (died by 1840).

7q. Louisa Virginia ANDERSON, born 1805/06, VA; married William H. REDWOOD (born 1806/07, VA).

1r. Leroy Hamilton REDWOOD, born 1830 Dec 27, Norfolk, VA, died 1896 Feb 14, Mobile, AL; married 1858 Oct 5, Bent Oak, MS, Julia A. COBB (born 1839, GA, died 1898 Jul 20, Mobile, AL).

1s. Almina C. REDWOOD, born 1859, MS.

2s. Louisa W. REDWOOD, born 1860 Dec 1, Mobile, AL, died there, 1885 Jul 25; married 1879 Oct 21, Mobile, AL, as 1st wife, Henry FONDE (born 1852 Apr 28, Mobile, AL, died 1914 Nov 28, Knoxville, TN).

1t. Dora FONDE, born 1881 Jul 22, AL, died 1962; married 1900, AL, Burgess LITTLE (born 1873, AL, died 1943).

1u. Corinne LITTLE, born 1901, AL.

2u. Ruth LITTLE, born 1904, AL.

3u. Dora LITTLE, born 1911, AL.

2t. Corinne FONDE, born ca 1883, died ca 1950.

3s. Mary REDWOOD, born 1865/66, MS.

4s. Augusta REDWOOD, born 1870/71, MS.

2r. Wilson H. REDWOOD, born 1832/33, VA.

3r. George E. REDWOOD, born 1833/34, VA.

4r. Richard REDWOOD, born 1834/35, VA, fl. 1880, Ascension parish, LA.

5r. Robert REDWOOD, born 1835/36, AL.

6r. John Tyler REDWOOD, born 1839/40, AL.

7r. Washington Frank REDWOOD, born 1845 Jul, AL, died 1929 Jan, Mobile co, AL; married 1872 Oct 29, RI, Ella J. THOMPSON (born 1854/55, RI).

1s. William A. REDWOOD, born 1877 Jul, MS, fl. 1930, Kansas City, MO; married ca 1915 _______ (died by 1930).

2s. Richard B. REDWOOD, born 1881 Sep, RI; married Janie _______ (born 1893, MS).

1t. Richard REDWOOD, Jr., born 1917, AL.

2t. Janie REDWOOD, born 1920, AL.

3s. Thomas Nelson REDWOOD, born 1886 Oct, RI; married Louise _______ (born 1888, MS, died 1920/30, Meridian, MS).

1t. Nelson REDWOOD, born 1913, MS.

2t. Billy REDWOOD, born 1921/22, MS.

2t. Nellie REDWOOD, born 1915, MS.

8r. James P. REDWOOD, born 1846/47, AL.

9r. Justina/Jessie V. REDWOOD, born 1844 Apr, AL.

10r. Julia REDWOOD, born 1851/52, AL.

11r. Louisa A. REDWOOD, born 1857/58, AL.

4p. James ANDERSON, born 1774 Jan 8, Williamsburg, VA, died 1805 Jun 15, unm.

5p. Henry ANDERSON, born 1779 Mar 29, Williamsburg, VA; married 1806, Powhatan co, VA, Sarah WILLIAMSON.

6p. Robert ANDERSON, born 1781 Oct 22, Gloucester co, VA, died 1859 Jan 25, Yorktown, VA; married 1814 Aug 18, as 2nd husband, Helen MAXWELL (born 1784 Jun 25, Louisa co, VA).

7p. Ann ANDERSON, born 1772 Oct 24, Williamsburg, VA; married 1795 Feb 22, Williamsburg, VA, George CAMP (died 1797 Feb 9, Norfolk co, VA).

1q. Julia CAMP, born ca 1796, Williamsburg, VA, died aged 10 days.

8p. Julia ANDERSON, born 1777 Mar 9, Williamsburg, VA, died young.

2o. William ANDERSON, born 1743 Nov 18, died young.

3o. Matthew ANDERSON, born 1745 Oct 6, died 1803 Nov 11, Williamsburg, VA, unm.

4o. Anne ANDERSON, born 1737 Dec 26, Gloucester, VA; married, as 1st wife, John MOURING (born ca 1735, Gloucester, VA).

1p. Thomas MOURING, born 1771 Sep 4, Gloucester, VA; married 1801 Jan, Gloucester, VA, Mary MARCH (born Gloucester, VA).

1q. John MOURING, born 1801 Nov 2, died 1820.

2q. Thomas MOURING, born 1803 Oct 8.

3q. James MOURING, born 1805 Oct 9, died 1821.

4q. William MOURING, born 1809 Sep 4.

5q. Sarah Ann Anderson MOURING, born 1812 Oct 7.

2p. John MOURING, born 1774 Feb 10, Gloucester, VA, died unm.

3p. Sarah MOURING; married 1st, 1783 Nov 22, James TOOL (born 1763 Nov 22); married 2nd, William LUCAS.

1q. James TOOL, born 1791 Aug 27, died aged 4.

2q. Frances LUCAS, born 1803 Aug 21, Gloucester, VA; married John FOXWELL.

4p. Anne MOURING, born 1767 Feb 3, Gloucester, VA.

5p. Mary MOURING, born 1769 Mar 4.

5o. Sarah ANDERSON, born 1741 Nov 26, died 1824 Jun 1, unm.

6o. Mary ANDERSON, born 1748 Mar 5, died 1822 Dec 10, Williamsburg, VA; married 1782 Apr 20, Henrico co, VA, Jacob WILLIAMSON of Powhatan co, VA.

1p. Thomas WILLIAMSON, born 1788 Oct 29, died young.

2p. Sarah WILLIAMSON, born 1785 Jun 27; married 1806 Feb 13, Henry ANDERSON (born 1779 Mar 29, Williamsburg, VA).

1q. Robert Carter ANDERSDON, born 1808 Nov 8, Williamsburg, VA.

2q. Leroy Henry ANDERSON, born 1810, Jan, Powhatan co, VA, died an infant.

3q. Leroy Henry ANDERSON, born 1812 Dec 19, died an infant.

4q. Charles Henry ANDERSON, born 1825 Dec 25.

5q. Mary Frances ANDERSON, born 1806 Dec 27, Powhatan co, VA.

6q. Julia Ann ANDERSON, born 1816 Feb 23; married 1833 Nov 12, Covington, PA, William Snyder RICHARDSON (born 1802 Sep 16, Hanover co, VA).

7q. Helen M. ANDERSON, born 1819 Nov 3.

8q. Sarah Henry ANDERSON, born 1823 Jun 14, died young.

3p. Frances WILLIAMSON, born 1787 May 9, died 1836 Aug 8, Shawneetown, IL; married 1816 Apr 4, Samuel BOOKER (died 1822 Apr 25, Powhatan co, VA).

1q. George BOOKER, born 1817 Feb 2, Scottsville, VA.

2q. Alfred BOOKER, born 1822 Apr 25, Powhatan co, VA.

3q. Louisa Frances BOOKER, born 1819 May 31, Powhatan co, VA.

4p. Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, born 1790 Jan 26, died young.

7o. Rachel ANDERSON, born 1756 Jul 9, died 1825 Dec 6, unm.

6n. Rebecca PATE, bap. 1723 Jun 23, Abingdon, VA; married George NEWELL.

1o. _______ (dau) NEWELL; married Julius ALLEN of James City co, VA (died ca 1799).

7n. Rachel PATE, born 1726 Mar 24, Abingdon, VA; married 1st, Robert ROBINSON; married 2nd, John WARRINGTON.

1o. Robert ROBINSON, died young.

2o. Thomas ROBINSON; married as 2nd husband, _______ BOYCE.

3o. John WARRINGTON, died 1829 Dec 28; marries 1802 Aug, Mary Theresa THELABALL.

4o. Nancy WARRINGTON, died unm.

5o. Sarah Hatfield WARRINGTON, died 1832 Jan 19, Norfolk, VA, unm.

6o. Rebecca WARRINGTON; married 1789 Feb, as 1st wife, William NICE.

7o. Polly WARRINGTON; married 1789 May, James H. MARSHALL of Hanover, later Buckingham co, VA.

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