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An Adventure

Cara"Great, we're lost." the girl says to her small companion. They had been wandering for hours, and have yet to find the place they were told about. She reaches down and pets the small, white cub that was sitting at her side, looking up at her. She looked around to see if she could find anything that looked familiar. Her heart sank when nothing came to view. "I guess we just keep going. The lady said it wasn't all that far, I just hope that I got the directions right." she said.

The young girl's name was Cara. She was the thirteen year old daughter of a wealthy landowner and very spoiled. She had heard tales of a mystical creature called a Bunny Dragon from her friend Sideara and wanted to find one of her own. Sideara's little Suki was the sweetest thing, and it just made it all the worse that Cara did not have one of her own. She held no ill feelings towards Sideara for having what she did not, but it did make her a bit jealeous. Poor Sideara needed Suki to keep her safe, or else the amnesia would take hold and Sideara would be lost to them all. While Cara was on her way home from visiting Sideara and Suki, she came across an elderly woman and asked her about the Bunny Dragons. The woman told her about a cave in the neaarby mountians where she had seen one as a child. That was so long ago that she doubted that there would be any left around, but Cara had to try. She started walking again, hoping that she would find the cave the woman had told her about. After a few more hours, it began to get dark and Cara started to lose all hope. Night fell, and she looked for a safe place to sleep. "Well, Snow, I guess we will have to camp out tonight. Father is going to be so upset when we don't come home." she said to the cub. Snow just looked up at her with love filling his eyes. He would do anything his mustress asked, and they both knew it. Spotting a stand of trees with a small clearing in the middle, Cara motioned to Snow, and the both went over. "This will have to do for the night." she said and began to pile fallen leaves to make a small bed to sleep on. It took a little while for her to fall asleep, but she enjoyed watching the stars through the leaves of the trees. Eventually, she fell asleep.

The singing of birds woke her at dawn. She sat up and stretched, then reached over to wake Snow. "Did you sleep well?" she asked the tiny cub. Snow gave no response except for a huge yawn, and tried to go back to sleep. "No, no, sleepy head, we must find the cave, remember. We are on a mission, not a lovely camp out." she said with a giggle. She stood up and exited the trees. In the distance, she thought she saw the mouth of a cave. "Look, Snow, over there. Do you think that might be the cave the woman spoke of?" she asked and started towards it. The cave was farther away then she had first thought. It took nearly an hour for the two adventurers to reach it. When they got there they were both exhausted. Upon entering the cave, Cara noticed strange markings on the walls. The looked like cave paintings she had seen in the few books they had at home. The pictures were of what appeared to be large dragons. This had to be the cave she had been told about. "We are here, Snow, we found it." she cried and began to dance around. "I guess now we just wait." she added. They sat down against a few boulders and quickly fell asleep.

Hours later, Cara woke up and looked out the mouth of the cave. What she saw surprised her. Intead of trees and foresty things, all she saw was desert. She stumbled to her feet and rubbed her eyes, hopeing that it would be back to normal when she opened them again. She opened her eyes and nothing had changed. "Well, I guess this is a magic cave." she said looking down at Snow. "I supposed we should go see where we are." she added, and began to walk out of the cave. "You don't want to go that way." a voice behind her says. She turns around, not sure what she will see. Luckily, it was just a young man and nothing too scary. "If you go that way, you will get lost and probably never be seen again." he said. "Thank you." Cara said. "Where am I by the way?" she asked. "Don't you know? You are in Albanugia, home of the Bunny Dragons." he said with a smile. "Really! You mean I found it?" she asked. "Not exactly, more like it found you. Follow me if you like." he said, and turned to walk farther into the cave. "The cave you wandered into is a sort of transport thing. It brings prospective bonders to Albanugia. It's kinda like a gate I guess." he said walking deeper into the cave. After a few minutes, he came to a door and opened it. Inside the room, there were three burlap covered mounds in the middle of the floor. The young man walks up to the mounds. Cara looks around and notices three other people in the room. I wonder who they are. The young man began to speak and she looked at him, but soon looked towards the floor where he had uncovered three eggs. They could only be Bunny Dragon eggs. She watched the eggs, even though they really weren't doing anything. Suddenly, she heard her name. She looked at the young man, and he was telling her that she was to take an egg. A Bunny Dragon egg! she thought. She stepped forward and took the egg. The second she touched it, she found herself in her room at home. Her eyes felt heavy, and she fell into a deep sleep.

Cara stretched in her bed. What a dream she thought. She reached over to pet Snow. "I had the most wonderful dream, Snow. We went to a place called Albanugia where I got a Bunny Dragon egg." she told the little cub. "I wish it hadn't been a dream." she added. She got up out of bed and imediatly saw the egg on the floor. Robin's EggShe drops to her knees next to the egg. "It wasn't a dream. It really happened." she cried as she wrapped her arms around the egg. "I think we shall call him Robin, after momma." she said. She took the covers off of her bed and made a nest to keep the egg warm. SHe placed the egg next to the fireplace, since it was the warmest place in the room. She smiled at the egg, then a thought crossed her mind. She looked over at Snow, "How am I going to explain this to papa?" she asked the cub, not really expecting an answer. Just then the doors to her room opened and in stepped her father. "Cara, dear, what have you been up to?" he asked and bent down to hug the girl. He stood and looked directly at the egg. "What is that?" he asked and looked back at Cara. "Well, papa, believe it or not, that is a Bunny Dragon egg." she said as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "Yes, well, what ever you say dear. How did you get the Bunny Dragon egg?" he asked. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." she said with a wink at Snow.


Name: Robin
Gender: Male
Bondmate: Cara
Age: Egg
From: Venium Mactare