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Built as mindless machines to fight in the Clockwork Wars, the warforged developed sentience as a side effect of the arcane experiments that sought to make them the ultimate weapons of destruction. With each new model developed in the factories of gnomish inventors, the warforged evolved until they became fully sentient. Warforged are renowned for their combat prowess, their size, and their single-minded focus. They make steadfast allies and fearsome enemies.

Personality: The warforged were created to fight in the Clockwork Wars, and they continue to fulfil their purpose with distinction. They fight fiercely and usually without remorse, displaying adaptability impossible for mindless constructs. Those warforged who awaken to find the Clockwork Wars long over struggle to adapt to the current age of relative peace. Some have settled easily into new roles of artisans or laborers, but many wander as adventurers or sell their skills in battle to various mercenary groups.

Physical Description: Warforged appear as massive humanoids molded from a composite of materials – obsidian, iron, stone, and darkwood – though they move with surprising grace and flexibility. Flexible plates connected to fibrous bundles of steel wires make up the body of the warforged, topped by a mostly featureless head.

Warforged have no physical distinction of gender; all of them have a basically muscular, sexless body shape. In personality, some warforged seem more masculine or feminine, but different people might judge the warforged in different ways. The warforged themselves seem unconcerned with matters of gender. They do not age naturally, and their bodies often continue to function as well as the day they were built centuries later.

Unique among constructs, warforged have learned to modify their bodies through magic and training. Many warforged are adorned with heavier metal plates than are standard, generally signifying their use as heavy infantry. This customized armor, as well as built-in weaponry and other enhancements, helps to differentiate one warforged from another.

Relations: As awakened warforged strive to find a place in society, they simultaneously struggle to find ways to relate to the humanoid races around them. This is made more difficult due to the common amnesia that many warforged suffer from; though their bodies may last for centuries awaiting repair, oftentimes memories fade after a century or two, leaving a reawakened warforged very confused. Many races are hesitant towards warforged, still recalling stories of warforged atrocities committed during the Clockwork Wars.

Gnomes, however, often gravitate towards warforged, oftentimes taking up the role of mentor or concerned parent to confused or overwhelmed creations of their ancestors. Warforged, for their part, are typically grateful for this guidance, and many grow attached to their “parents”, a tendency which more than one devious gnome has used to his advantage.

Alignment: Warforged are generally neutral. They were built to fight, not to wonder whether fighting is right. Though they are perfectly capable of independent thought and moral speculation, most choose not to wrestle with ethical ideals.

Religion: Just as most warforged are not inclined to align themselves with any particular moral or ethical philosophy, few show much interest in religion. Some warforged, however, have found a kind of answer to the questions of their existence by taking up the worship of a deity (nearly always Lunskor), though these few remain a small, if rather vocal, minority.

Language: Warforged speak Gnomish, since they were designed to speak with their creators and owners. Many also retain proficiency in ancient languages, though few ever recall learning such tongues.

Names: Warforged do not name themselves, and often require explanation of why other creatures require names for everything. Many accept whatever names others see fit to give them, and warforged traveling with humans are often given nicknames. Gnomes, in contrast, prefer to address warforged by their make and model names, or by their serial number, which is typically little more than a jumbled chain of letters and numbers. Some warforged choose to pronounce their serial numbers as a single word, treating the numbers as if they were letters. In this way, a warforged with the serial number of "53-V-3r" might call itself “Sever.”

Adventures: Adventuring is one way a warforged can fit into the world – at least as well as any adventurer ever fits in. A fairly large number of warforged choose an adventuring life to escape the confines of a society that didn’t create them, while at the same time engaging in some meaningful activity.

Gnome(Migdalia) Racial Traits

* +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma. Warforged are resilient and hardy, but their difficulty in relating to creatures, as well as their knowledge of their creation as a tool, rather than a person, makes them seem aloof and withdrawn.

* Construct Type. Though constructs, warforged are sentient. They gain the abilities below.

* Sentience: A warforged is sentient, and its clockwork “brain” functions much like that of a living creature. A warforged can be affected by mind-affecting spells and abilities normally.

* Constitution: Rather than being created from a solid chunk of metal, warforged exist due to a complicated series of wires, pneumatics, and clockworks. The level of detail present in a warforged rivals that of living creatures, granting the warforged a Constitution score. Rather than representing their health and stamina, though, the warforged’s Constitution score is a measure of how well crafted the warforged is, and how resilient to damage its inner workings are. A warforged suffers from critical hits normally.

* Constructed Body: A warforged does not have a true metabolism, and thus gains immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, effects that cause the sickened condition, ability damage, and energy drain attacks. A warforged is immune to stunning and nonlethal damage, as well as necromancy effects.

* The unusual physical construction of a warforged leaves it vulnerable to certain spells and effects that normally don’t affect living creatures. A warforged is considered to always be either a ferrous creature or wearing metal armor for the purpose of spells and effects that affect metal, and is considered to be a wooden creature for the purpose of spells that affect wood.

* A warforged cannot heal damage normally through resting. They are not living creatures, and thus suffer no effect from positive or negative energy effects, such as cure or inflict spells. The repair damage and inflict damage arcane spell lines are typically used to heal or damage warforged in this manner.

*A warforged responds differently from other creatures when reduced to 0 or fewer hit points. A warforged reduced to 0 hit points is disabled, just like a living creature. When his hit points are less than 0 and greater than -10, it is inert. The warforged is unconscious and helpless, and cannot perform any actions. However, the warforged is considered to be stable, and does not lose hit points each round due to bleeding.

* Medium size. As Medium creatures, warforged receive no special benefits or penalties.

* Warforged base land speed is 30 feet.

* Low-Light Vision: A warforged can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. It retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

* Darkvision: A warforged is able to see in darkness to a range of 60 feet. Vision under these conditions is black and white.

* Composite Plating (Ex): All Warforged receive the Composite Plating feat as a racial bonus feat, granting them a +2 armor bonus, a 10% chance of arcane spell failure, a maximum Dexterity bonus to AC of +5, and no armor check penalty.

* Light Fortification (Ex): When a critical hit or sneak attack is scored on a warforged, there is a 25% chance that the critical hit or sneak attack is negated and damage is instead rolled normally.

* Slam (Ex): A warforged has a natural slam attack dealing 1d4 points of damage.

* Automatic Languages: Gnomish.

* Bonus Languages: Ancient Alranian, Ancient Mohdrin, Ancient Vur, Basvek, Somvek.

* Favored Class: Fighter.

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