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The coffin of King George VI is carried through London after the arrival from Sandringham, on the 11th February. The coffin was covered by the Royal Standard and above it was the Imperial State Crown on a cushion, alongside a bunch of white flowers from Queen Elizabeth, the new Queen Mother. The coffin is followed on foot by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, consort to the new Queen and HRH the Duke of Gloucester, brother of the late King.

The cortege moved slowly through London, from the Victoria Station to the Palace of Westminster and concretely to Westminster Hall, the remaining part of the historic Palace of Westminster. The gun carriage was pulled by Windsor Greys and followed on each side by officers from various regiments.

On the pictures above and below left, the coffin of King George VI arrives at Westminster Hall and is carried out of the gun carriage by eight officers. The Royal Family, joined by HM the Queen Mary, watches as the coffin is carried inside the Palace of Westminster. It was in the moment that the historic picture, that made the front page of the Daily Mirror the following day, was made. In it, three different generations of British queens are pictured.

The two pictures depict the magnificence of the scene at Westminster Hall during the lying in state of His Majesty King George VI. Over the coffin stand the Imperial State Crown, the King’s Orb and the Royal Sceptre, part of the magnificent British Crown Jewels. Over a quarter million people passed through Westminster Hall during the three days of lying in state and on the evening before the funeral there were still thousands queuing to pay their respects.

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