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Welcome to the Destiny's Heart Website!

This site is intended to highlight the fabulous photography of Mr. Lawson Clout. Within these webpages feel free to browse the gallery, learn about Mr. Clout, or even purchase some work!

Sunday, May 30, 2004:

I've finally been able to update the site a bit! Sorry for the delay. I have recently been given a heavy load to write at Khan's Press, and have not had much free time. I have uploaded 14 new piccies for you all and look forward to hearing some feedback! I will be trying to update further very soon, time permitting! Lawson appreciates all the good commentary he's received in the GuestBook and he loves all of you!
Many Blessings! Maggie McCall


I am juggling many projects currently, so more than likely you will see major changes in this site in the future. I will be adding more photos, more information, and, eventually a storefront. Until then: Please contact the webmistress at HER EMAIL for information on purchasing any of Mr. Clout's work, or for possibly hiring him for a project. Thank you for looking!


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