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Domestic Violence Advocates Exaggerate Statistics


Menstuff® has compiled the following information on misleading information about domestic violence.

The Women's Freedom Network, August 29, 1997 Press Release, For immediate release

New Justice Department findings show domestic violence advocates have exaggerated statistics, women's group says

On Monday, the Justice Department released the findings of a study, "Violence-Related Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments," showing that about 1.4 million violence-related injuries a year are treated in emergency rooms, far surpassing earlier government estimates. The study also shows that about 37% of violence-related injuries to women are inflicted by spouses, ex-spouses, or boyfriends.

Bonnie Campbell, director of the Justice Department's Violence Against Women Office, has said that the numbers provide "sobering proof" that domestic violence is underreported. In fact, according to projections from the study, 204,129 women and 38,790 men annually seek emergency-room treatment from injuries related to domestic violence. These are disturbing numbers. But they also show that domestic violence advocates, politicians, and the media have consistently exaggerated the scope of the problem.

The pamphlets, brochures, and other literature distributed by battered women's advocacy groups commonly assert that:

  • 20% to 35% of women who visit medical emergency rooms are there for injuries related to domestic violence;
  • battering is "the leading cause of injury to American women," or to women 15 to 44;
  • domestic abuse causes more injuries to women than rape, auto accidents, and muggings combined.

These claims have been repeated by major news organizations including Newsweek, Time, The Washington Post, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They have been cited by the American Medical Association and by the Department of Health and Human Services, by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and by President Clinton.

The new Justice Department numbers show that ALL violence is responsible for about 3% of women's INJURY-RELATED visits to emergency rooms, and domestic violence for about 1%. Since fewer than a third of women's emergency-room visits are injury-related, this means that domestic violence accounts for fewer than 0.3% of these visits. While it is possible that some domestic violence cases were not identified in the study, it is noteworthy that its estimates include not only positively established but probable cases of violence from injuries.

Statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control last March, in a report titled "National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 1992 Emergency Department Summary," show that the leading cause of injury, to both women and men, is accidental falls, followed by motor vehicle accidents. According to the CDC, 13.6 of injuries to women seen in emergency room are from car accidents -- a total of nearly 2 million, or almost 10 times the number of injuries from domestic violence.

Indeed, CDC numbers show that more than twice as many women visit emergency rooms due to being injured by an animal (459,000 a year) than by a male partner. The Justice Department report does confirm that women are much more likely than men to be physically harmed by an intimate partner. However, it shows that men account for about 16% of injuries from domestic violence, contradicting the common claim that 95% of abuse victims are women. The report also notes that the numbers should be treated with some caution because, for 35% of men with violent injuries (compared to only 20% of the women), the victim-offender relationship was not identified. It may be that because of cultural norms, men are reluctant to disclose that they were assaulted by a female partner.

Furthermore, the Justice Department numbers clearly show, as do other statistics, that the primary victims of interpersonal violence in the United States are men: in this study, men accounted for 60% of patients with injuries from violence.

"For years, claims about the horrific scope of violence against women have been used by the ideologues to portray American society as a violent patriarchy in which women are constantly under assault by male terrorism, and the greatest threat to women is the men in their lives," said Cathy Young, vice-president of the Women's Freedom Network. "The Justice Department numbers show what critics of gender-war feminism have been saying for some time: the numbers have been exaggerated to serve an ideological agenda and promote policies that create a virtual presumption of guilt in domestic abuse cases. Domestic violence, and the level of violence in our society in general, needs to be addressed. But there is no need to distort the truth or to foster division between the sexes."





Another great article showing female aggression


Familjevåld, The feminist view of domestic violence vs scientific studies

One of the most pervasive myths of our society is that domestic violence is something men do to women.

Solid scientific research reveals that domestic violence is something women do to men more frequently than men do it to women.

While it is true that men account for most violence outside the home, women instigate most domestic violence and they injure men more frequently and more severely.

The Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire, under grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, recently finished the last of three national studies on domestic violence. The first two studies revealed results similar to the latest study. Anyone who would like a copy of the latest study may order it from the University of New Hampshire (ask for document V55).

The data tape and documentation of the 1975 and 1985 studies are available from the Interuniversity Consortium For Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan. Original data is also available on CD-ROM from Sociometrics, Inc. in Palo Alto, CA.

The average results in the "severe assault" category, are reported below:

  • Wives report they have been severely assaulted by husband 22 per 1000
  • Wives report they have severely assaulted husband 59 per 1000
  • Husbands report they have been severely assaulted by wives 32 per 1000
  • Husbands report they have severely assaulted wives 18 per 1000
  • Husbands & wives both report wife has been assaulted 20 per 1000
  • Husbands & wives both report husband has been assaulted 44 per 1000

There are dozens of other studies that reveal similar findings. For instance:

  • Women are three times more likely than men to use weapons in domestic violence.
  • Women initiate most incidents of domestic violence.
  • Women commit most child abuse and most elder abuse.
  • Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely that they hit their female children.
  • Women commit most child murders and 64% of their victims are male children.
  • When women murder adults the majority of their victims are men.
  • Women commit 50% of spousal murders.

Eighty two percent of all people have their first experience of violence at the hands of their mothers.

There is much confusion about whom to believe in the debate about domestic violence. On one side we have women's shelter advocates and feminists who rely on law enforcement statistics. On the other side we have social scientists who rely on scientifically structured studies.

Unfortunately, the results of scientific studies do not receive media attention. America's press is seemingly more interested in political correctness than scientific accuracy. Therefore, the public perception, and the perception of many well intentioned domestic violence activists, is radically skewed away from the more balanced perception of social scientists.

The typical response of the abuse shelter feminists upon first hearing the results of the scientific studies is to "shoot the messenger". You can almost hear their minds snap closed.

On the other hand, abuse shelter personnel who have not accepted the feminist "party line" are grateful to have accurate information upon which to implement rational programs for prevention, intervention, and treatment of abusers and their victims. What is happening at the abuse shelter in your community?

We could not find studies which compare the efficacy of scientifically based programs to programs based on feminist politics. However we are willing to wager that scientifically based programs are more effective than programs guided by feminist propaganda.

Domestic violence in other countries
We think it is important to note that there have been the same kind of studies done in many countries. There is cross cultural verification that women are more violent than men in domestic settings. When behavior has cross cultural verification it means that it is part of human nature rather than a result of cultural conditioning. Females are most often the perpetrators in domestic violence in all cultures that have been studied so far. That leads many professionals to conclude that there is something biological about violent females in family situations.

Researchers are now exploring the role of the "territorial imperative" as a factor in women's violence against men. Women see the home as their territory. Like many other species on the planet, we humans will ignore size difference when we experience conflict on our own territory. So, the scientific results that reveal the violence of American women are not unique to our culture, and do not indicate a special pathology among American women. World wide, women are more violent than men in domestic settings.

Below is a summary of the most recent and significant studies we could find about domestic violence in Canada. There were two waves of data collection. The first was done in 1990 the second was finished in 1992. This study was done by "Ms." Reena Sommer, a research associate with the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation. We emphasize the "Ms" to call attention to the fact that scientific studies of DV are dominated by female social scientists. Someone mentioned that the figures might reveal a gender bias as if all scientists are male. In this field many of the recognized experts are women.

Female Vs. Male Perpetrated Violence - as A Percentage Of All Respondents:
Minor Violence

  • 14.9% of females and 7.3% of males threatened to throw object
  • 16.2% of females and 4.6% of males threw an object at partner
  • 23.6% of females and 15.8% of males threw an object not at partner
  • 19.8% of females and 17.2% of males pushed, or grabbed

Severe Violence

  • 15.8% of females and 7.3% of males slapped, punched, kicked
  • 3.1% of females and 0.9% of males used weapon

A survey of couples in Calgary, Canada found that the rate of severe husband-to-wife violence was 4.8%, while severe wife-to-husband violence was 10%. Brinkerhoff & Lupri, Canadian Journal of Sociology, 13:4 (1989)

The propaganda problem and the scientific solution Abuse shelter advocates and feminists have severely distorted the DV picture and deliberately produce fraudulent statistics and disinformation. Even when they quote well-grounded statistics, they misuse the information. Here is an example: One of the favorite statistics quoted by abuse shelter advocates is that a women is the victim of domestic violence every 15 seconds. This statistic is deduced from a well-conducted piece of research which was published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, a well respected professional journal for marriage and family therapists.

The Abuse Shelter advocates arrived at this figure by using one of the conclusions of the study, i.e.; 1.8 million women suffer an assault from a husband or boyfriend per year. What abuse shelter advocates always ignore is another finding ofthe same study, i.e.; 2 million men are assaulted by a wife or girl friend per year, which translates as, a man is the victim of domestic violence every 14 seconds. This is typical of the widespread deception practiced by abuse shelter advocates. America's press establishment is a party to this deception and shares the blame for exacerbating the DV problem by perpetuating a false diagnosis.

Anyone who would like a copy of the latest study may order it from the University of New Hampshire (ask for document V55).

Women usually initiate domestic violence episodes (they hit first), and women hit more frequently, as well as using weapons three times more often then men. This combination of violent acts means that the efforts of finding solutions to the domestic violence problem need to focus on female perpetrators. We need to recognize that women are violent, and we need nationwide educational programs that emphasize the women's role as perpetrators. Other studies show that men are becoming less violent at the same time that women are becoming more violent.

Educating men seems to be working. Educating women to be less violent should now be the main thrust of public education programs. Any domestic violence program which accepts the "male abuser - female victim" paradigm is based on a false premise. These kind of domestic violence programs actually perpetuate the problem of domestic abuse and do not deserve to be supported by private citizens or government agencies.

Many government agencies, and legitimate charities, have been funding a feminist politica cause, rather than funding rational, solution focused, domestic violence prevention programs. What kind of domestic violence prevention program do you have in your community? Does the domestic violence prevention program in your community devote as much attention to violent females, as it does to violent males? If not, why not?

Let us quote from a book on the subject by McNeely, R.L. and Robinson-Simpson, G (1987) "The Truth about Domestic Violence: A Falsely Framed Issue":
"Yet, while repeated studies consistently show that men are victims of domestic violence at least as often as are women, both the lay public and many professionals regard a finding of no sex difference in rates of physical aggression among intimates as surprising, if not unreliable, the stereotype being that men are aggressive and women are exclusively victims."

However, part of the feminist agenda is to make men look as bad as they can. The American press cooperates with this libelous portrayal of men. The feminist view of domestic violence is part of the problem. The media boycott of news about the scientific studies is part of the problem. The scientific view gives us hope for solution. Please do your part to share this very important information with your community.




This is the most kick-ass myth dispelling I have seen so far that exposes the real truth to domestic violence. In fact, after you read it, you may get so angry that you shove it down the cunt's throat so hard, that you really would be guilty of domestic violence for a change! LOL