Photos from Kharkov, Ukraine

These aren't the best pictures, as I became very sick with what seemed like a weak case of pneumonia shortly after I arrived. So I didn't get out much during most of my trip. But if you click on the image, you will be taken to a high resolution version of that image, and can see how the women there look and dress. And this is nothing compared to what I saw on a Friday night before I left. Multiply it by literally 20, and you would have an idea of the quality of the women there. And as for quantity, contrary to what our government will tell you, in Ukraine, there are noticeably more women than men. Where as in the USA, there are noticeably more men than women. I heard a saying once that went like this, "He who is in demand, is in command." I think this may be one reason why the women of Eastern Europe seem to be the ones who compete for men. And is why in the USA, the men are the ones who compete for the women. And to be perfectly blunt, in Ukraine, I couldn't beat the women off me with a stick. Or it could be that in Ukraine, women still like relationships. One thing is for certain though, Ukraine is far better to be a man than a woman. Your value as a man will sky rocket as soon as you step off the plane, and will plummet when you return to the USA.


This was taken from the living room window in my apartment on the 4th floor. It was kind of an alley where I was staying at. I was amazed to see so many attractive women who lived in this one green building.
  Taken from the same window as the last picture. I think this building was abandoned though.


Taken from the main window in the apartment. I would stand here and watch the people walking by, even at all hours of the night. Its no wonder they are in such shape.
A couple of average girls walking down the street. As I said, these are not top notch photos, but at least it does give an idea of how much thinner Ukrainian women are than American women. Ukrainian women seem to take pride in their appearance, where as, American women seem to hate making men happy, so they purposely get fat after they get married, just for spite. BTW, Ignore the timestamps, as this is central time and Ukrainian time is 8 hours ahead. So this is in the evening, 1/21/08


From the same window. It stayed rather gloomy the whole time I was there. Snowed almost everyday, but really wasn't as cold as I thought it would be.
  A close-up of more people.


I didn't notice this until after I got back home, but if you look closely at the store across the street, you can see it's in our alphabet, which seems strange, as you never see stores in the USA with letters from the Cyrillic alphabet, or any other alphabet, for that matter.
I especially liked the way the girl in the red boots was dressed. I should have gotten some better photos while I was there, because up close, these girls look like super models and don't seem conceited either. In the USA, a woman can be a fat disgusting pig, and still have good-looking men fighting over her, which in turn, boosts her ego to the moon, which again in turn, makes her attitude even worse than her looks. (And smell!)


Again, here you can see a store on the right that isn't using the Cyrillic alphabet. And contrary to what the movies portray, virtually no one here speaks any English.