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The goal is to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women, and establish a limited government!

By instilling masculinity in men, we make men self-reliant, proud, and independent.

By instilling femininity in women, we make them nurturing, supporting, and responsible.

By working for a limited government, we are working for freedom and justice.

That women have other qualities is not interesting to men because we don't need them! Femininity will be the price women pay for enjoying masculinity in men!

This is the aim of "Men Going Their Own Way".

By holding this point of view, we are helping other men and, more importantly, we are helping boys grow up to become men.

This goal is to take away everybody's "right" to vote on other people's affairs thus rendering it impossible for political organisms and ideologies to impose their will on all people. It is not about reinstalling patriarchy or revoking female voting rights or making socialism illegal. It might have this as a side effect, but not directly, and not as a political ideology. Only the future will show what happens, and by going our own way we are preparing men and boys for that future.

It is important for men to have a practical approach to implementing our strategies.


We have 3 main strategies:

1. Instilling masculinity in men by:

2. Instilling femininity in women

We will hold women equally accountable to men and ignore and shun those who refuse to take any responsibility for their own circumstances. Thus we induce women to take a complementary position with men instead of a competitive position as is now the case.

Feminine qualities we need from women:

3. Limiting government

In order to be independent of society, and live within it, while at the same time work for limiting governmental influence upon our daily lives, men will:

It is those 3 strategies that come together in one.


This is the logo:

user posted image

Every man supporting this idea is welcome to use the logo in this or similar contexts.

What we do as activism or the way we behave personally are the main tactics.

  1. Use of a logo which symbolizes the strategy.
  2. Run one or many web-sites and fora that promotes this.
  3. Run one or more web-sites which tells the truth about feminism.
  4. Provide stickers, T-shirts, etc., with various statements such as "Chivalry is dead".
  5. Writing articles supporting our product.
  6. Producing music promoting our product.
  7. Hold international events and local meetings.
  8. Establishing mens clubs.
  9. Boycotting certain products.

You will basically be alone doing this. There is no organization supporting you. You just go your own way and do what you believe is right. You are never obligated beyond your own conscience. True masculinity is also about accepting the rights of other men and not letting them down for any short term personal benefits.

The mens movement does actually cover a much larger picture. By instilling masculinity in others, as well as yourself, you will actually be improving the lives of everybody, including women and children.


Take care brother!