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Emotions Overtake Logic In Women

Written by Brett

To understand how these two elements go together, it is helpful to review the basics of a woman's nature. Women lack the masculine characteristic of a logical, reasoning mind. The masculine mind is more or less aware of its relationship to reality, whereas the feminine mind is simply flowing unconsciously with whatever forces are acting upon it at any given time. The feminine mind represents a kind of primordial level of consciousness that lacks the introspective contrast of self and other, which is necessary to the existence of ego. It is a pure unconscious animal. Whereas the masculine represents that form of consciousness which involves the perception of an independent self, which relates to the world on a consciously individual basis.

In very basic terms, we're talking about human/animal consciousness. Men, to whatever degree they are masculine, deal with their experiences in terms of their relationship as an individual entity to the rest of the world. In other words, they operate in a mode of awareness of causation. This is why men have a sense of conscience and justice and ethics that is built upon principles which are themselves built upon models of relation between the individual and the world. To put it another way, man's reasoning mind allows him to perceive reality and to differentiate between himself as an individual and other individuals. That is man's basis for developing the ideas of rights and ethics, and it lays the groundwork for ethical principles, i.e., recognizing the rights of others. Therefore men have a deep-rooted basis for knowing why it is wrong to murder, rob, lie, etc.

Women, to the degree that they are feminine, basically just flow along and respond to things in a spontaneous way. Their relationship to the world is one characterized by immediacy. They lack introspection. How often have you heard and witnessed the fact that women love spontaneity? Lacking in the ability to reason, women are dominated by emotions. In fact, to a woman, the act of experiencing emotions constitutes her level of consciousness. A woman thinks with her emotions. This is very bad. A woman can be crying one minute, and the next carry on as though it never happened. She is a chameleon, capable of the most astonishing transformations in personality. Only a creature with no real character could pull off such a feat. Women are pure, unconscious, emotional animals. What a woman craves most from a man is the ability to impart on her heightened emotional states.

Thus, we come to the answer to the question asked. A purely emotional creature loves drama. She becomes restless and bored quickly with stability and the routine. She wants emotions to be experiencing highs and lows, self-pity, love, anger, hate, jealousy, hate, jubilation, scorn, or many others and will find ways to have them. An emotional creature is not well suited for the realities of the world. For everything in the world that makes life possible depends on structure, planning, timeliness, persistence, long range vision, strength, dependability, and other masculine qualities. A woman hates these things, she hates any form of personal responsibility, and she thinks men were put on earth to provide them for her. Thus, being a whore is an easy path for her. She's lazy, and lying means nothing to her. She lies constantly and thinks it's really her due and her place to lie whenever it is to her advantage. So she'll gladly paint herself as shy, innocent or respectable one minute, and whore herself out for money the next. She will choose whatever strategy; marriage or gold-digging and whoring, offers the most money with the least effort or giving anything of herself.