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Double Standards: Ever Wonder Why?

May 28, 2003

by Thomas Simon

Why is it that women complain when men leave the toilet seat up, but men don’t complain when women leave it down?

Why do women complain about men that only want one thing, but men don’t complain about women that want everything?

Why do women have the choice between abortion, adoption, dropping an unwanted baby off at a hospital, raising the child with a father, or raising the child without a father, but the only choice men have is to agree?

Why do women dress in makeup, short skirts, bare midriffs, and low-cut blouses but complain about men that stare at them?

Why do we pretend that men are the ones that abuse children when it is a well-known fact that women abuse children more than men?

If single mothers have it so bad, why do women initiate about eighty percent of divorces and routinely commit perjury to win custody?

Why do we have a Violence Against Women Act but nothing for men when women cause domestic violence just as often as men?

Why is it funny when a woman kicks a man in the groin but terrible if a man did the same to a woman - won't the man be in more pain?

Why is it terrible for a woman to be raped once but funny when male prisoners get raped over and over?

Why is a man a wimp if he lets his wife beat up on him but a criminal if he defends himself?

Why does women’s health get much more attention when men die about seven years younger than women?

Why do we complain about legislators being mostly male when they always promote women’s rights and never promote men’s rights?

Why is it sexist to have clubs for only men but empowering to have them for only women?

If women only make 72 cents for the same work where a man earns a dollar, why don’t companies hire only women and put the competition out of business?

How do police know who to arrest when there is a domestic disturbance involving lesbians?

Why do married women complain that their husbands don’t want to change a baby’s diaper but divorced women say their ex-husbands can’t take care of a child?

Why do men that don’t pay child support go to prison but nothing ever happens to women that don’t allow visitation?

If women-in-the-military is such a good thing, why don’t they have to register for the draft?

Why are we so concerned about girls under-performing boys in math and science but not concerned about boys under-performing girls in everything else?

Why do fathers have to pay the mother to take his children away from him in divorce?

Why is it legal for women to lie to men about who the father of a baby is to get child support, but a crime if she tells the same lie to the government to get Social Security or military benefits?

Why do women have to prove they spent the money on the children when they collect welfare but don’t have to do the same when they collect child support?

Why do we have to cut men’s sports that have fans to create women’s sports that don’t?

Why do women tennis players win the same prize money as men when they only play three sets and men play five - isn't that equal pay for less work?

Why is it called sexual freedom when a married woman commits adultery but called cheating when a man does the same?

Why are female murderers presumed to be mentally ill but male murderers presumed to be killers?

Why are there thousands of “father’s rights” groups but no “mother’s rights” groups?

Why do we have so many fathers groups fighting for more time with their children when there are so many social problems attributed to fatherlessness?

Why do men have to support women at the same standard of living following divorce when women don’t even have to cook and clean his new apartment?

If divorced women have it worse than divorced men, why do divorced men commit suicide eight or ten times as much as divorced women?

Why do we pretend that men walk out on their wives and children when women initiate about eighty percent of divorces?

Why is it considered sexist to have a couple of television shows geared towards men when there are several channels catering only to women?

Why are television moms always portrayed as wonderful and loving and television dads always portrayed as inept buffoons?

Why is it politically incorrect to say anything negative about women but funny to put men down?

Why are women without a job considered to be exercising free choice but men without a job considered a bum?

Why do feminists demand that women be equally represented in high paying and powerful jobs but don’t complain when low-paying, dirty, and dangerous jobs remain mostly done by men?

Why do we have to say “Chairperson” and “Congressperson” but its ok to say “garbage man” and “bad guy”?

Why do we always hear the phrase “innocent women and children” but never hear about “innocent men” or “men and children”?

Why do news headlines use the terms “student”, “spouse”, or “parent” when a girl or woman, or mother does something wrong but use the terms “boy”, “husband”, or “father” when a boy, man, or father does something wrong?

Why do feminists demand equal results for traditionally male roles but object to equal or shared parenting after divorce?

Why does the term “angry mother” sound like someone that needs our help and support and the term “angry father” sound like someone that needs to be arrested and forced into anger management classes?

Why is it that when men are more successful than women it's because women are oppressed, but when women are more successful than men it's because men are lazy?

Why are only women free to criticize other women without being labeled anti-women, but both men and women are free to criticize men?

Why are feminists pushing for laws that prevent new laws from being passed that protect men from women, such as with domestic violence against men, false allegations by women, or paternity fraud?

Why is it that when a woman accuses a man of rape, the man's name is made public and he is presumed guilty, but when he is proven innocent the woman remains anonymous and the man is still ruined?

Why is it considered woman-hating or whining to point it out when women have something better than men, but we rush to pass new laws if men might have something better than women?

Why is it that we've had forty years and billions of dollars going into women's rights and men's responsibilities, but it's taboo in most circles to even suggest that maybe it's time to consider men's rights and women's responsibilities a little bit for a change?

If those who always side with women are feminists and those who always side with men are chauvinists, why don't we have a wing of a political party and billions in funding going to chauvinists when we have that for feminists?

For those who believe men had it better than women in the past and believe now it's time for women to have it better than men for a while, why don't they advocate whites being forced into slavery to blacks?

Why are men considered more privileged than women with so many double standards against men?

Thomas Simon

by AnubisRox

Hello all. I've been reading the posts in this forum for some time and have agreed (and sometimes disagreed) with the opinions put forward. I personally hate women not for what they ARE but what they have DONE! I've decided to put down my points of what I hate. I'm not trying to generalize but make observations. You're free to disagree and/or to add to these points. Its how I let off some steam before I have to go and endure the outside world and apologize about my shortcomings as a straight mixed-race male.

If men are afraid of commitment, then why are over 90% of marriage proposals made by men and over 75% of divorces filed by women?

Men are judged by how much they have to offer, women are judged on how much they can take.

Male sexuality is portrayed as something that's vile and repugnant.

Women who depend on men for their well-being (the golddigger type) have bad attitudes toward men because they feel you have to be able to "afford" her for her to respect you, and most of the time even THAT doesn't happen. But, on the other hand, women who do make a living for themselves have bad attitudes toward men because they feel they don't need anything from us.

Why can women "expect" things from men, but men have to "deserve" things from women?

The next time you see a girl looking sexy and seductive, and you think you've found the bomb, consider this:

When the hell did fat girls become Big Beautiful Women??!!

How can any woman feel they're too beautiful to get dates?! If you're that pretty you shouldn't have any problem asking a guy out, should ya?!

Today's women have no problem with the old-fashioned ways, as long as it's convenient for THEM.
Men who can cook and clean are considered great finds for women, funny enough these are the same women who are too independent to do these things for themselves.

Also, if cooking is "demeaning women’s work" the why are most of the world's best chefs men? Straight men I might add.

Women’s arrogance is seen as confidence. Men’s confidence is seen as arrogance.

Do you honestly think a sexually active guy is going to forget to take his birth control pill if there was one?!! WAKE UP!!!

Lesbianism is a socio-political statement rather than a lifestyle.

Women want the world to think that all men think about is sex. It makes women feel important and they don't have to respect male sexuality.

If a woman rejects a man, the man must have been lacking. If a man rejects a woman, he's gay.

If PMS can acquit a wife of murder, why can't testosterone acquit a man of rape?

How many times have you heard women say "be a man" or "he's not a real man"? You know that if a guy says "that's not how a lady should act" he'll be lucky to see tomorrow. Also, ever notice that "being a man" always means qualities that mostly benefit women?

If women want chivalry, they'll have to accept the lower status that comes with the territory. Chivalry was created with the thought in mind that women are helpless creatures that can't do anything on their own.

Want to talk about equal rights, ladies? Fine, meet with me after you sign up for Selective Service.

When did ONE or SOME men become ALL men?

Tired of women complaining about there being no good men? Maybe THEY should ask guys out for a change. And, yes, BEFORE Sadie Hawkins' Day!

Most women would rather kick a guy than kiss him.

A lot of songs you hear on the radio these days are about guys loving a girl and girls hating guys.

There are all of these girls' self esteem programs in America yet boys are going around shooting up their schools and successfully committing suicide more than 4x the rate of girls.

Women get arrogant when they have the advantage and get bitter when they don’t.

You mean there STILL is no cure for male pattern baldness?!! And don't give me that Rogaine crap! Do you know how many exceptions there are?!

How is a woman hitting a man a sit-com but a man hitting a woman a drama?

Women can only be seen as victims, not failures. Men are only seen as failures, not victims.