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.: welcome to our site

The Creator System is set up as a tool to help in the creation of maps and senarios for role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, Star Wars, etc.. You could create simple side adventures or full campaigns.

.: The Creator System

This will be the final release of  The Creator System. We will be adding more tile sets and will fix minor bugs but with all the other (paying) projects we have it's hard to keep The Creator System project up. We are a small company of programmers and artists who love RPG games (our president has been roling dice for 30 years now). In 1995 The Creator System started out as just a small program to help make maps and soon became part of our companys design line up. The first version called The Creator was up on the web in 96.  It was the first to use a tile approach to creating maps. In 1997 we update it to The Creator System. We originally had several plans for the system plus the addition of other RPG style games but sadly the projects went to the side as other work took precedence. Version 1 was to complicated with several bugs and had too much junk in it. Version 2 is more refined and runs smoother. All of us slowly took time in putting together a user-friendlier version plus we decided to once again put it up on the web mainly for everyone to use for free. Maybe someday when were rich and sitting on a beach in the Bahamas sipping Pina Coladas we will start up the RPG side of our company again, (We still have all the prototypes of our games and a killer one-of-a-kind combat system). 

.: thank you!

Thank you again. To everyone who loves RPG games this program is for you.

Justin Wade Gibson
Artist, Programmer, Musician and of course Gamer.

The Creator System © Copyright Gibson Graphical Studio 2006, All rights reserved.

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