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The announcement of the wedding of HRH The Prince of Venice, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, to Miss Clotilde Courau came as a surprise to everyone, as did the pregnancy of the future Princess of Venice. The Italian Royal Family, a major focus of media attention during the whole of the 20th century, came back to the limelight in late 2002, as the Italian Constitution was finally changed to allow the male descendants of King Vittorio Emanuele III back on Italian soil. An original visit of only one day, which included an audience with His Holiness The Pope at the Vatican, was followed by several tours of the country throughout 2003.

The Savoys were never generators of an unanimous feeling and they continue to generate very different attitudes, as it was revealed by their return to Italy. While anti-monarchists protested, some monarchists sang along and decided it was time to protest instead of rejoicing, by declaring that the new Head of the House of Savoy was HRH The Duke of Aosta, head of the lower branch of the House. The split between the Italian monarchists shall be avoided on this new website, consecrated to “The Glittering Casa Savoia”, where the last years of the Italian monarchy and the circumstances in which the exile began will also be untold.

Unlike most sites of the Glittering Royal Events Sites, this one is not meant as a detailed account of a single event but as a selection of glittering pictures from the various generations, with a special attention, nonetheless, to two of the events that marked the House of Savoy in the second half of the 20th century: the wedding of HRH Princess Maria Pia of Italy (eldest daughter of TM King Umberto and Queen Maria José) to HRH Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia (son of HRH Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, former Regent of the Kingdom, and HRH Princess Paul – born Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark); and the wedding of HRH The Duke Amedeo of Aosta to HRH Princess Claude of France (daughter of Monseigneur Le Comte and Madame La Comtesse de Paris).

As it happens with the other sites, the purpose of this site is to provide visual and textual information about the events that are described and pictured. We do not hold the copyrights of the images displayed in the website nor do we have authorisation to use them, but we do not seek to profit from this site and so we ask that if you are the original copyright holders of any of the pictures displayed, please contact the editors to negotiate terms of use. If you have any comments, suggestions or wish to notice any mistake, please feel free to contact us.

We do hope this website will manage to entertain our visitors as much as it has entertained us designing and preparing it. It would not have been possible, nevertheless, without the generous help of our friends Volker Liepert, Jos Hooghuis and Laurent Faubladier. To them and to all those who have supported our project, we want to give our most heartfelt thanks. Finally, we would like to dedicate this website to the future Prince of Italy to be born at the end of this year and to his parents, whose wedding, to be held at the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome, on the 25th September 2003, is celebrated with the launch of this website.

September 2003, the Editors

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